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  1. Oh Chunk, regarding Arma 3, your missing lots of fun. Myself and a number of WW's get together every Wed. Bayo, Warmonger, Plague,Varg,and a number of others you may not know. I create a mission one week Inf_Guy does the next. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=849019768 Geez regarding Steam, I think it;s absolutely great, I've been on for 15 years. I just reinstalled DCS to fly the spitfire I purchased over the last sale to fly around Normandy and went with the Steam install, your not missing out on anything. Software is automatically kept up to date and if you remove things then later reinstall your addons etc. are all auto loaded. If you see a few of the guys playing something on your friends list just right click the name and join.
  2. Found what I used for disabling MS store for win10 home. Note this info is for both the Uninstall & Reinstalling MS store. Use at your own risk, backup advisable. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/disabling-microsoft-store-in-windows-10-home/cc839241-bd98-4476-98db-d86f0be9dd2b?auth=1
  3. I figured I,d only need to do it once so forgot the procedure for deactavating it. I do remember it being different for win10 home or pro. I did both, two different computers. Sandy, I guess you could say why in the world would team speak interfere with the ch manager map change but it does. It gets a little to complicated to figure out, I just use a work around after figuring out what was causing the problem.
  4. When I say changing profile, I was referring to changing maps. Not changing the profile within the map. Since deactivating microsoft store in windows 10, I haven,t seen any of those buttons greyed out Chunk. Don,t need no stinking store Jg1,s forum has a sticky regarding CH controllers, it was the last post where I got the info regarding MS store. (8th fix) https://forum.jg1.org/topic/5375-fix-ch-products-control-manager-after-windows-10-creator-update/
  5. Driftwood; CH manager works great with win 10. You will notice that you can't change profiles when team speak is active. I just close it change up a profile then restart TS. It's been that way for quite a while now and has nothing to do with win10. I use the prothrottle for movement in games such as Arma 3, Insurgency Sandstorm etc. and need the software scripts to do it, similar to the pic. Software works just as well as in win7.
  6. Glad it worked out Chuck. I read so many topics on CH manager conflicts in the past but they must of been resolved over time. I did axe out windows store though because that could cause problems. The procedure for that is different depending whether you have win10 home or pro. That may not be needed either but if you run into problems consider it. Cheers
  7. Ya mines getting up there as well, but funny enough when I'm playing anything I don't feel like my machine is lagging. The Asus GTX 1080 is helping alot. Windows 10 sure makes life easy, I thought my older CH equip. may have been a problem but it's working with the software just the way I want.
  8. Hey Geez, it's that time again I see. Regarding backup, what I do is use one of these usb3 enclosures with a spare ssd or 2.5 drive I have lying around. Using Acronis True Image, as Duck mentioned above and clone drive 'C' every few months. Just about every large hard drive/ssd manufacturer has Acronis available for free for download on their site. It's never failed me. Lots of folks doing upgrades right now, I must resist!
  9. I get the same thing Duck with my CH gear. When I need to load a new profile I have to leave TS to do it. A TS update about a year ago created this problem.
  10. I'm taking my time redoing the win10 install Chunk. I'm using one of those docks with a new ssd, Unplugged all the present ssd's in the computer and loaded a fresh install of win 10 on to the clean docked ssd. I can work at my own pace to get everything working the way I want and still jump back to win 7 when needed by just plugging in the original ssd's. I almost thought this may be a good time to buy a new system but I can still run anything the way I want so no. My Ch software stuff apparently doesn't like win 10 so I'll take my time to get it working right.
  11. If you had a unused version of 7 you could go to 10 using the serial numbers. If not save the frustration and grab 10oem
  12. Ya I bought one of those dell refurbished optiplex 3020 strictly being used for wed browsing and MS office, to replace a loud older laptop. Pulled the 500gb hd threw in a extra 500gb ssd I had laying around loaded win 10 using the creation tool and have a speedy little unit with win 10 pro for less than $200
  13. Duck, I just updated 2 computers one from 7 the other 8.1 in the last week via a usb stick for free. Dont need to burn a dvd. Downloaded win10 off the MS site. https://www.zdnet.com/article/heres-how-you-can-still-get-a-free-windows-10-upgrade/ Im sure youve got it figured out . I found this kind of handy when 10 refused to update on another system
  14. Hey Thanks guys. No RV trips for this guy, boating or flying around the San Juan's (even if it's digital) you bet.
  15. I've taken that ferry a number of times. #10 Looks like very familiar territory Chunk, 👍 nice
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