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  1. I've taken that ferry a number of times. #10 Looks like very familiar territory Chunk, 👍 nice
  2. Duck, did 1c/777 Stalingrad ever make it possible to run the game and the mission builder at the same time to be able to check for errors as we did with ROF? That was the main reason I stayed clear of mission building for this sim, there's no way to run a mission without some error screwing things up and there's always going to be one or more even with premade compositions. I feel for you.
  3. Hope you had a great Birthday Dan, Cheers
  4. Plague has seen lots of them little buggers playing Arma
  5. Geez, I remember seeing these when I was in Duxford a few years ago. Don't know if the scenery will be as interesting as our flight over the San Juan islands but the planes are a lot more interesting than the 172. Enjoy
  6. Ok I have BoX, call her quits I'm just too busy with Assetto Corsa and Arma3 mission building. Besides I bet you've been doing a great job with the MB keeping everybody entertained.
  7. Ya planes are fun to use in arma3 mission building, bombing runs etc. but not much to fly. Heli's on the other hand are a blast. Insert, extraction, support, great fun calling in an Apache and watching it do it's thing in the heat of battle.
  8. Happy Birthday Duck, hope all's well with you. Did you finally get to retire?
  9. It's beyond me how some of these guys can get the times they're getting. We all find a few in a race that we compete with and it's lots of fun with a dozen + cars racing around the track.
  10. If you mean purchase the Ferrari pac on sale. You purchase it at humble bundle then use the code on steam if you want to save a few $. They are a legit company, delt with them for years. You can buy at steam but double in price. 11 drivers online tonight so it should be interesting, some very good drivers, I'm in trouble
  11. Your going to love it. When I was there, mid week in Sept. there was hardly anybody around. Flight in a Tiger Moth, wow great experience.
  12. Hey Sandy, what we are racing is a free excellent Grand Prix Legends mod for Assetto Corsa, here's a video to give you an idea. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=1CKfMYwNrso The only thing you may not have is the Ferrari dlc for assetto corsa On sale right now for $4.60 cdn probably $4 usd https://www.humblebundle.com/store/assetto-corsa-ferrari-70th-anniversary-pack All the info for installing and dropbox downloads are on the forum. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/oldfokkers/ac-gpl-mod-install-instructions-t4230.html Got to warn you though, these JG1 guys are amazing drivers.
  13. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/oldfokkers/f1-1967-season-begins-monday-feb-25th-1800-pst-t4235.html
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