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  1. This is pretty handy as a visual reference for both FC and BOx https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/58358-wwi-mission-editor-objects/ Download from Zooropa_Fly dropbox makes finding things a little simpler
  2. Ya I used to do it that way Duck but I much prefer having the group placed where I need it rather than moving it into location but it's not that hard to do. I started changing my activated opfor planes not giving them any formation but rather linking them spread out a bit individually. During that last mission towards the end 2 of the DR1's collided and this format will prevent that from happening, also they are way more aggressive being they aren't in a tight formation. Loose formation isn't that loose.
  3. Well here's my group files so far as a start, there will be more in the future I'm sure. What you may want to do is backup your mission folder where the group files are located, remove all your WW2 existing group files then extract these files into the mission folder. That way you can keep WW2 and FC separate. If or rather when I start doing ww2 missions I'm going to keep 2 folders for group files and switch them out depending on what I'm working on at the time. I could see things getting to be a real mess if everything is combined. Fawlty_FC_Group_04_20.zip
  4. Was looking for ways to reduce ground fire to an acceptable level after last nights blood bath. It seems setting a 2 seaters ammo to zero doesn't effect the rear gunner. I tried setting the plane to neutral both on it's properties and with a behaviour mcu and they still shoot so unless you want ground fire from a Halberstadt or a Bristfit don't add them to the base you want to attack. It'll be nice when 777 give us static planes like whats available for WW2.
  5. Just found this posted recently online I forgot to mention that, Checkzone and Proximity work on DServer Dogfights and coops. I'm going to check that out tomorrow
  6. Looks like you need a mission begin to target to check zone, don't have thought that
  7. Hey Zed, ya coops what I've been using for my testing with both ai and player (me), I'll work on it some more
  8. Have check zones for players not been working for a while or has it always been like this. I noticed Vanders mission builder uses them, is that suppose to be for ai only. I would like to reduce the amount of complex triggers being used due to the amount of resources they require but from what I can see it's about the only option. Any suggestions?
  9. No this pulled the view back further than what the default was at full zoom out, this works the same in FC as it did in ROF. I never liked the view being so close to the back end of the guns in the camel. A few guys mentioned this the first time we ran FC so thought I'd share the info. Remember this is only for the Camel and save the original file as backup in case something goes wrong.
  10. Dozen slots Driftwood, 4 Brisfits, 4 camels, 2 se5a, 2 Dolphins.
  11. Going to attempt my first FC mission for the group on Sunday. This is and will be my last dead is dead mission. I invested to much time into this to start over but in the future we will have a option to respawn in missions. With the number of ground objects I would suggest we all take bombs and avoid air contact at least until the first objective is complete. That may not be a option but lets give full support to the Brisfits. Player opfor has been removed for this dead is dead mission but will be available in future respawnable coop missions. * Make sure you set your fuel because all planes are set to zero. Doing this deactivates the home base ai in less than a minute. All allied ai is set the same and they will not be a factor in this mission. So if you see a allied plane there will be a player piloting it. * Also a heads up, set allied delay timer for bombs at 5 seconds or bombs will not explode if released at low altitude. Image has been lightened up to view our primary objective, actual will be earlier in the day so early dawn. Any questions fire away Look forward to seeing you Sunday evening.
  12. Thanks again Driftwood, great intro for me into WW2 Great Battles. Sorry we couldn't stay with you last night Zed. After getting jumped the whole idea of covering you went straight south or maybe that was downward into the ground. Robby up front and I briefly in formation heading south into battle.
  13. I'll give that a try, regarding the in and out of groups. What do you think of the no fuel idea. I'm just trying a delete after the mission starts for non home base friendly ai which doesn't give me any errors, so that's easy
  14. Mission builders, messing around with Vanders easy mission builder. Made a coop called Attack at dawn with an ample number of playable planes. What I did was make them all with zero fuel, we of course always check our fuel when we enter the sim but the ai won't go anywhere eliminating the problem of opfor ai not attacking players. A bonus to this is the friendly ai planes despawn in less than 60 seconds clearing the way for us to land at the end of the mission. I also went around and did the same with all friendly ai at different parts of the map. I didn't check to see if just deleting them would mess with the game logic so I changed their alt. to ground level with no fuel. I'll experiment to see if deleting them messes things up. When I add players planes I try to link them the same as what the mission generator has done but found a problem that the ME crashes when I try to use the "Find Target..." as per the image. Sometimes locating these targets is a real hassle or they're located at the other corner of the map. Does your editor crash as well? Hope the image shows
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