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  1. Loading it up right now Sandy, off to the ME for my next mission Btw it was about 25g in size
  2. Decided this morning sitting down to start a new mission for Flying Circus it's time for a break. I've been hosting every other week and mission building for over a year now. Going to be taking the summer off and see how things look at that time. The sim is in real need of a FC update such as new maps, planes, objects etc. We've gone through all my missions twice now I can't do it a third time. Duck, all my missions on the server are up to date with the latest patch. There's about a dozen of my better missions available , if you sort the folder alphabetical they are from 1 to 13
  3. Flying British, Spawn in and wait for the ai Brisfit to take off. Escort the Brisfit over the lines to Lens for a photo recon. Brisfits in the mission will only be available to players after the photo recon objective so as to eliminate confusion. This Bristol standing ready will be our escort duty
  4. Going to throw in a N28 for Sunday. In ROF as in real life it was a horrible plane, wish we had the N17 but GB is more late model planes and the n17 was pretty much replaced by mid 1917
  5. Hope you had a great Birthday Duck
  6. Had a few to many unchecked delete after death balloons and planes that got by me, causing last nights server overload. It didn't effect the game play but don't like seeing the messages. Made adjustments and uploaded to the server. Fun having Cephas prowling around ready to bag a unsuspecting player. Sure adds to the mission. Didn't get to talk to him but makes it more realistic. Cephas, did the task messages work OK for you so you knew where to be? Thanks guys for joining.
  7. German pilots are back on the menu. CYA then.
  8. Hey Sandy, ya I put this dlc on my list yesterday, looking forward to it. Wow 100g, Glad I put Arma on my 1tb ssd. We're starting a WW2 mod next week called IFA3-AIO Lite. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=849019768 (bottom of the mod list) One of our group Inf-Guy is hosting a mission based on the Normandy landing. I have a search and destroy mission for the week after on the Channel islands. Just finished setting this up for a supply drop yesterday. Starts at 1min. I can see a North Africa tank battle coming our way in the nea
  9. Not available yet, they're saying second quarter, so pretty soon
  10. Can't wait to start mission building for this when it comes out. We played a bit of Unsung but this looks so much better.
  11. Won't be able to host this Sunday so will have to pass it off to someone else. I'll be ready to go for the next round though, so have fun.
  12. Welcome Terry, great to have you onboard.
  13. This Mark Felton has some great vids The last original DR1 triplane Destroyed in WW2
  14. Terry here's a colour chart we were talking about last Sunday
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