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  1. I'd wish you Happy Birthday Tharn but that was over a month ago, so no Happy Birthday for you
  2. That would be one main download and two fixes for the original download.
  3. IIIIIITTTT'SSSSS Tuesday time far another GB update At least I got a 900mb plus update During the weekend we were able to build and test 4.006c hotfix that addresses the problem of certain Direct 3D functionality support by the AMD graphics cards. This problem caused serious graphical corruption in our sim. In addition, it also fixes other bugs that have been found: 1. Graphics corruption on AMD cards has been fixed; 2. Hit effects (on the ground, water and buildings) are correctly recorded in game tracks; 3. Sun reflection off a sea water surface made more uniform; 4. The audibility of 7-8mm bullet hits on the own aircraft has been corrected; 5. The excessive audio volume on the water hits has been corrected; 6. Hit sounds were balanced by the volume and distance; 7. AI-controlled tanks use the ammo specified in a mission file; 8. An MG firing outside can be heard inside a tank; 9. Bf 110 stabilizer won't break off after rapidly pushing the controls in opposite directions (or joystick induced signal noise spikes); 10. Hits on Bf 109 tails produce correct visual hit effects; 11. 30 and 37 mm hits on non-metal aircraft parts produce correct visual hit effects; 12. Yak-9 and Yak-9T rear landing gear doors look correctly when damaged; 13. Photo in the cockpit corrected on Sopwith Camel and Pfalz D.IIIa; 14. Inscription “ФН” ("FN") on the La-5FN engine casing is no longer inverted; 15. La-5FN doesn't have a hole on the rotor head anymore; 16. Bf 109 F-2 gunsight won't be covered by spilled oil when the canopy is; 17. Bf 109 F-2 sun glare on instruments won't look too yellow; 18. A graphical artifact looking like a thin line above some tree crowns has been removed; 19. Repair, Rearm and Refuel using spawned service vehicles was fixed. Our team continues to expand and improve the project and its quality.
  4. Handy tool for writing mission Briefings http://www.unit-conversion.info/texttools/text-to-html/
  5. Didn't even realise that line was in the sds. I hate not having control over how the mission ends. I remember back in the early days of ROF when we didn't know bugger all about the ME trying to figure out how to rid ourselves of those mission end MCU's from borrowed Vanders missions. Duck arrived shortly after and we got better at hacking.
  6. Ya from what I remember, when I went to a g-sync monitor I had to go display port because hdmi didn't support refresh over 60 hz at 1440 res. or something like that. I can run this up to 144hz https://www.newegg.com/p/N82E16824260333 It's a lower end gsync monitor but good value for the price
  7. Group files updated, first post
  8. Had a look at that mission this morning Geezer, did a search for the mission end with no results. If you get a chance Duck, see if you can figure it out. Being most use Vanders dynamic builder it would be good to know as he may have added something new to his latest update.
  9. We have completed all objectives in the past, even last week without the quick count down and finish. Did you grab his latest version Geez? maybe he's added something new but I don't see a count down in that image pointing to a end mission.
  10. The only way I could get this resolved Duck was to empty the dogfight folder, start the game/multiplayer check to see if anything was available which there wasn't. then paste the missions I wanted back into the dogfight folder. Everything you mentioned had no effect mtree, eng files etc. but it was good advice. There had to be something in there that was incorrect but I couldn't find it.
  11. Ya I was finding by the time I made all the adjustments it would be just as easy to have some templates made up and fill in the blanks. I'm going to keep them the same format as Vanders with regards to objectives but add a bit of spice such as destroying moving targets before they reach their destination or you get a mission fail type of thing. He also uses the same area on the map and being we have only one WW1 map it's going to look pretty stale after a while. Besides I love mission building, almost as much as flying them. That's why I liked Arma, the creative aspects and possibilities are endless in that milsim. To bad it wasn't a bit more stable. If two things fired off at the same time one would fail and that could screw up the whole mission.
  12. Ran into something different that I need help with. I started a new Vander dynamic mission and called WW_Faw_4. Decided to start a new one built from scratch using the same name. Deleted the Vander mission from the dogfight folder. Now when I go to load the mission I have two versions in the multiplayer launch and I get the original mission loading even though the Vander mission has been deleted. Does any one know where this Vander mission is being stored and how to get rid of it. I could always save my scratch built mission with another name but I'd like to know a fix for future reference Here's a shot of the launch menu
  13. Just remembered something else Geez, Vander groups these Airfield's/Flak batteries with his dynamic builder. They don't have anything to do with airfields except maybe to defend but they are loaded with flak guns. I just removed them all. I'm making up 3 templates, north, mid and south for the WW1 map with balloons, flak guns influence areas etc . All I need to do is add objectives, opfor planes, airbases etc. I think it will be easier than sorting out these dynamic missions and give us different areas on the map to play and more ability to get creative. I'll share them, Once they're done.
  14. Is 'Translator Mission Objective' success/failure a factor for Stats? I was going to use it for the primary objective only BTW, when you put a 'on killed event' on a train for being destroyed does the whole train have to be destroyed cars and all or just the Engine?
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