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  1. Happy Birthday Zed, Lean cut, my favourite
  2. We fly Flying Circus as well
  3. Yup that's what I was thinking Duck, thanks
  4. Thanks guys grabbed both. Do you guys control this by deactivating TS/ activating voice attack with a controller button and then reverting back after button release. I was thinking about setting that up with CH software, control manager. I usually don't use TS push to talk, I don't think it drives anybody insane when TS is setup properly.
  5. Just purchased VA on the current Steam sale, I always find it's easier to learn a new program by looking at someone else's work. So if someone could share a profile I'd very much appreciate it. I had a look around the forum but didn't see anything. edit, there is this one but DL limit reached so no go
  6. Have a great Birthday Dan, Always been a pleasure being online with you, be it Arma, ROF, Insurgency, DCS, FC, GB, Assetto Corsa and more over the years. Enjoy....B
  7. I guess if FC is based on 1918 the planes we have are not far off what was being used except for one huge omission, we don't have heavy bombers!! By late spring of 1918 the DR1 was just about history, MVR was just about ready to move over to the Fokker D7 the plane of choice. Albies were getting outclassed,the Pfalz D III was just about obsolete. Allies for the most part using Camels SE5a's,Spad 13's and Brisfits. So if you think of this sim as a spring to the end of the war we are pretty well supplied with the majority of what was being used. We do need heavy Bombers though.
  8. Guess the one important detail I forgot to add was mission building for FC. As most of you know my interests lie with WW1, although with the large number of proficient mission builders we have in the squad I'm sure we can expect some more outstanding WW2 action as Sandy has suggested. When we get the Normandy map I may take a shot at it, just hope I don't have to buy it. On that note can you build missions for a map you don't own, I'm sure they have a way of blocking it or everybody would be making missions.
  9. This time we have a modified version of May31st as posted. Our last outing we missed two of the 4 objectives. The objectives we missed were the destruction of the observation balloons along the allied front (not at the airbases) and destroying the HQ at Acheux. I've modified the train and convoy objectives being we did complete that part of the mission. As with the previous missions allied slots are available to play as opfor.
  10. Not a stranger to a number of us as we do battle in Arma 3 every Wednesday, along with Insurgency Sandstorm and Wreckfest. It's good to be back into flight simming again I must say. Good thing we're retired, wouldn't have time for work at this rate, eh Bayo
  11. Great talking to you tonight Brian, Hope to see you in the air with us soon, preferably on the same side I am. 😉
  12. Probably go to walmart Duck and get it for $5
  13. You and me both, I was surprised to see that. Maybe it was awarded for showing up and supporting those poor buggers.
  14. until

    I will have a mission prepared, details to follow
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