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  1. Ah to bad Sandy, I think you would have liked this one. We had to sling in some Lavs to the AO and then the real fun was going to start. Enjoy your evening.
  2. yikes, not so bad when it's been added over the years You should have this when all's loaded. If I see you around later we can check things out
  3. You probably know this already but presets make life easy if you go from one group to another or run with no mods. My A3 collection is used for our Wed. group. I was on with SimHQ a while back and they use a completely different set but all I had to do was click on their tab and was ready to go. Best not to have any other mods running than what we use because they could cause conflicts.
  4. Good missions Terry, it was fun trying out some of the Entente planes I haven't used in the past. Till next time
  5. Sandy here's a link to the mods we're using https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=849019768 It's substantial but we put them all to good use. You also need the Arma 3 Creator DLC: Global Mobilization - Cold War Germany I'll pm you the TS and pw we're using set up for us by Varg. Let me know if you have any trouble with the above link.
  6. Don't know how many years we've been getting together on Wednesday nights for Arma 3 but it's a lot. A number of the weekly regulars you guys know are Plague, Varg, Tom and a few guys you don't know. Everyone's welcome, let me know if your interested. The mission I put together for this week involves locating Russian rocket launchers that hit our airbase mid island of Altis. A few shots. Our Briefing Officer More briefing, not for us Pre mortar Chinook vehicle drop post mortar
  7. Sounds like fun Terry,thanks for supplying the mission. I take it we'll be flying via your server? Worked great last time. I'm all set with a mission for next weeks foray.
  8. I think you've been doing a tremendous job on these missions Cephas. I enjoyed the night mission last week. The spot lights and the explosion effects at night looked great. I think as a mission builder your timing of events over 2 hours has been very good, not having to much action all at once then nothing. The structure with designated objectives, very nice work. Great job.
  9. "fluctuating wholesale price" Never heard of anything so ridiculous.
  10. Hey Terry, you and the guys are always welcome. Every Sunday night at 1800 pst. is always our Flying Circus time. 1800 pst Tuesday's for WW2. Duck, weird you having problems with the ME crashes, don't know how to help but if you want me to check anything, let me know.
  11. That is Bizarre, I can thankfully say that's never happened to me but it's good to know there's a possibility of it happening. I'll backup from now on during mission build.
  12. Nice work on this Cephas, I was eventually going to set up the light off at lower RPM, nicely done. That timing issue "CHARDLY" I've run into before nice find, and I went with your mini joystick numbers as well, feels good. I think Bob Church wrote this software for CH but I see he and the forum isn't around anymore. He wrote the mini joystick script for me many years ago, I wanted it for Day of Defeat a WW2 shooter back then. I still use the prothrottle instead of the keyboard today for Arma 3 Thanks
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