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  1. Rgr Diz, I'm pretty sure everyone was seeing the same thing. On a positive note you won't see them anymore.
  2. Checked out that mission from last night Duck and checked "delete after death" for all opfor planes and everything else. I'm amazed how much of a difference it made after I checked the tick rate on your server this morning. I would say the rate dropped to half from last night. Going to check my groups to make sure in the future we have smooth game play. Just a heads up to any of our mission builders out there.
  3. WWFawlty

    FC Sunday

    We're flying German
  4. Don't know much about this plane Duck but if it can be made to look (I guess not preform) like a WW1 bomber well maybe. Those halberstadt's aren't bad but the U-2VS (Production began in 1929) may dominate. It's to bad 1c didn't go with the DFW. I was just looking at all the planes we had in ROF, wow what a difference.
  5. Thanks guys, it's been another quiet day of avoiding people, mission building and dog walking. PERFECT!!!!
  6. Just talking to Tom, Duck. He just bought FC and will probably be joining us on Sunday evenings, like me he's not much for the Russian Steppe but Normandy's going to be another matter. Diz look forward to flying with you soon. Good timing for you on FC etc.
  7. And I'm not talking about the middle one Epic games I've got both of them, and not the middle one....
  8. Fun mission last night Duck, I had a look at the mission in the ME this morning. The 4 barges were set up fine so I guess no credit is given for a kill. I'm sure in the past there was, so maybe some new patch 'fixed' them but good. Where did you get such complex logic for that mission or is that your handy work.
  9. Lots of trial and error in this line of work Duck. I usually try to keep alt the same for all wp's and attack mcu around 900m (alt) as well keep them in a straight line. My attack ground is usually about 20m (hit zone). It doesn't take much to throw the ai off. As mentioned keep the wp before the attack mcu at least 2km out Did you get everything working?
  10. Hope so Robby, that damage model is really lame.
  11. I agree completely Groucho, there seems to be a lot of people living in a alternate universe these days.
  12. Ya I've done some tests with FC bombing runs, the WP needs to be 2 km out for WW1 planes any less and they turn to realign which equals a drop that takes forever. I usually have at least one ai enemy bombing run per mission. They did a good job at that base near our home field on Sunday
  13. WWFawlty

    FC Sunday

    We be flying Allied this week as per.
  14. Remembrance Day to honor those that lost their lives in conflicts. A couple of pics taken last year pre covid in Ottawa. I guess it was pretty quiet today.
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