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  1. You guys see anything wrong with setup for changing out the plane set? I've got the timer set to 30 seconds to test. When I finish mission after 30 seconds I get the same plane set as the original, but if I click on the map anywhere and then click on the airbase it gives me the second plane set.
  2. Just go some feed back over at the forum https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/65494-loading-me-mission-after-4501/ No Go, msnbin are binary I think this is the one your looking for Duck, updated to newest version fc dogfight practice arras v4.zip
  3. Thanks Robby, glad you enjoyed it. I was hoping we could split sides for the last objective, maybe next time.
  4. I posted a question over on the forum about doing a text edit to the msnbin file to get the mission to load, may come in handy.
  5. Ya your right , it's the msnbin file is causing the problem so renaming it doesn't help matters. This practice only works pre last update. I wonder if there is a simple text edit that will fix this. BTW have you had joining problems at all like we used to have uploading the mission file to the server. If not that's what I'll be doing from now on?
  6. I remember back in the ROF days that putting the mission file up created a lot of joining errors. We spoke tonight about taking the .msnbin file, copy it and rename .mission Let me know if it works for you, I've never had problems.
  7. Got it setup like this in the alterVisibility = true
  8. Ya, that's a difficult thing to do through text. Sometimes I write something and read it a few hours later and think well that could be taken in a whole different way.
  9. Looking for any changes to flying circus within the update
  10. Thanks Brian, didn't read the release notes here, looking for FC updates, so missed it
  11. Looks like you need to go into tools and resave all your missions
  12. Duck as you know I build missions the 2 install method. I just finished up mission 10 for Sunday and am trying to finalize it and upload it to your server. What's happening is I have no problem opening all missions with the preupdate build but the updated build (4.501)gives me a error message, not only on my latest mission but all missions. Any thoughts? Edit; Just over to the forum, looks like a mess
  13. Going to try something a little different for the mission this Sunday. I've been leaving slots for opfor on all my missions to date that haven't been used, so this week we fly as a team for the first two objectives. For the last objective we'll get a subtitle indicating a good time to split the group Allied/German as well as on ts3. The German side will be defending the allies attacking. The Germans will have the help of ai which I'll leave in, in case of a low turnout. If we get a good turnout this will, I think a fun way to finish up the mission and if it turns out I'll c
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