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  1. This sadly is my reasoning for distancing myself from the squad. #4
  2. Have a great day--- Happy BIrthday !!!!!
  3. To a great pilot and really nice "humble" person !!!!
  4. Thanks for all the great missions Fawlty !!!!! Have a great safe summer !!!!
  5. Worldly pedals indeed !! Interesting how fast they get to you, mine took 3 days.
  6. Pfizered here--- Two weeks as of yesterday since our ( Diane and I ) second shot. Sandy--- Diane got sick after her second shot . She had felt bad the night of the shot and had a fever of 101F for two days and was pretty run down. Ben ( our son ) told her the same thing Duck said, that the ill effects means it's working for you--- Can now visit my mom and dad without having to wear a mask---they have both had their second Pfizer shot three weeks ago. Thing are looking hopeful---- finally !!!!
  7. Sandman---- you are in for a treat !!!!! Congrats !!!
  8. I have my damper set at a pretty high dampening ( +18 clicks ), and have the pedals spring strength set pretty strong and as far as centering goes it gets close enough to centering for me and I just use outside visual clues as well as the the occasional glance at the turn coordinator ball for insuring coordinated flight. I sure do like it this way !!!
  9. Very well then , shall we go together ---
  10. I have been thinking the same thing Craven. You go first !!!!
  11. That man looks too serious to be climbing on ladders --- Seriously though this system works great and so far I have not had any type of grade limitation ( spent another 6 hrs on this ladder---- having to repair/replace more wood on the house than I thought, the painting is the easy part !!!
  12. Well I l found something cool to use when painting your house if you are on a hill or unlevel ground and using a ladder. I hate having to paint the side of our house because of the hill we are on . I was looking for a safe way to level the ladder in situations like this and found this provision ladder levler . Unfortunately this thing cost on average @ $ 120 and Diane says my life is just not worth that . So, I had a brain spasm and thought of my car ramp. It is same shape and all so put it to the test and this works great. Just be careful and test before really putting a lot of trust in this but so far so good. If I get injured I will be sure to post accordingly
  13. I sure wish you the best with all this Biker !!! Man folks, I forgot this was Tuesday meeting, I have been painting the house among many projects going on now and between this and trying to maintain my fitness routine, I am really pushing my limits so that when all is done it is about 8:15 pm EST when I hit the shower and try to recap the days events so to speak. I stayed in neutral a bit too long last night and lost track of time----- can I blame it on age ???? But really sorry to have missed this event !!!
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