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  1. Will not be able to make it---my mom had a car problem and I just got back from doing the repair------ pooped !!! have fun !!!
  2. I had a grandmother ( we referred to her simply as "granny " ). My dads mom. She was magical. Everything granny did , gardening, cooking , canning you name it---it was magical. Her flowers grew and were more beautiful than anything we had or probably will ever see. She cooked vegetables that even the most stubborn eating kids like us would chow down and beg for more. Her biscuits were unbelievable, her chicken and dumplings ( no one has come close to the texture and taste of hers ) Needless to say her cakes and pies were not fit for mortals --ha !!! She grew muscadine grapes and made wine with them. She shared this with us and it was again --magical. The taste,smells and sites to these magical moments at granny's still come to me in dreams. I wish I could have expressed how much they all really meant to me. Thus, in regards to Fawlty, the analogy of his mission building to grannies cooking is quite a compliment and a sincere one at that. Sometimes my train of thought doesn't come through properly, so I apologize if in my first post it appeared as maybe a joke. Canned Goods
  3. Looks like a winner---thanks for creating this mission Fawlty . A scratch mission from you is like a scratch cake or pie from granny --- 🤤
  4. I am with Chunk---- I was wanting to watch the return of the booster on the barge just about as much as to watch the spacecraft launch. Pretty cool stuff !!
  5. PCpartpicker has current builds they do and it shows the cost and has links to all the parts and also all the parts they use in the build are of course proven compatibility, Also, depending on what your needs are, they have different price builds ( budget, enthusiast, modest, magnificent ) . I also have my headaches with pc"s, I was replacing a laptop screen and in putting the new one in, it cracked ( and I was being very careful----------- ) Evidently just the slightest pressure on the wrong spot can cause these things to crack, or I am just way too heavy handed for this type of job. Oh well, as Geezer says, you just gotta find that "ZEN " place.
  6. Yep, it looks like they are going to try again Saturday afternoon, @3 ish EST------ afternoons in Florida at this time of the season is going to be tough to work around thunder bumpers and such. Looking forward to the launch whenever though.
  7. Just a quick heads up that the new space craft x launch is proposed for 4:30pm EST ( weather permitting ) In honor of this Fireball XL 5 first private space craft and crew
  8. Yeah Duck things definitely could be worse. Interesting from what you posted I went to pcpartpicker to check some things out and all they had listed for some good build guides was in stock. You may be interested with their build guide because they show what builds they did that had excellent compatibility. Here is a link to an example pcpartpicker build guide
  9. Hey Chunk, I have not seen pot mod for the CH Throttle Quad, most likely because of the way the design is. That would be nice though !!! This guy also has hall sensor mod for CH Prop Thottle Pro Throttle to Hall sensor
  10. Geezer, These are easy to troubleshoot and repair. I fixed my CH Fighter Stick, rudder pedals and Pro Throttle ( I am still using the throttle ) For me, the problem with the jitter you are describing was the wire terminal connector to the pots was just a little loose and all that was needed was to use something like needle nose pliers to pinch the wire terminal connectors a little tighter on the potetiometer post connector. Whenever I opened these things up I go ahead and clean the pots with this stuff pot cleaner ( it takes just a very brief squirt in the opening in the pot that leads to the internal pot disc. On the throttle and fighter stick I just went ahead and soldered the connecters at the pot terminals to insure a good tight connection. This was also a recommendation by Bob Smith on the old CH forum. If you solder the terminals just don't hold the soldering iron tip too long on the pot or it may damage it. As Fawlty said, and I offer the same if you need a spare pot let me know and I'll send one over. I believe if you just carefully squeeze the terminal connector together that should work. Time for this repair --- @ 1 cup of coffee !
  11. Beautiful looking area Fawlty !!! Nice furry friend also !!!
  12. Man, I just barely made it in and noticed nobody on TS. Good idea to cancel , I am pooped, Diane definitely treated well and has had a good day breakfast via Ben ( my son ) and supper via me... Finished with a nice mineral salt bath before her shows at 9 pm come on, this was my only salvation to flying---ha !!! you all take care !!!
  13. You also ,are a "cool dude" Reaper !!!
  14. Very nice read---thanks Sandy !!! I love this quoted from the article--- Prine’s not one to give advice, but when pressed, he offers the following counsel to fellow songwriters, struggling or otherwise. “Keep it to what you know about, no matter how small or simple you think it is. If you stay in that box, you’re going to wind up writing something bigger than the box, but if you go outside of it, then you’re just guessing and you’re in outer space. Keep your antennas up and your gear clean because you never know when [the songs] are going to come along. I still don’t know where they come from after all these years.” This advice is not only for songwriters--ha !!!
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