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  1. Happy Birthday Fawlty !!! Hope you have had a good day !!
  2. I believe what may be happening if your nvidia control panel settings are being reset to default is that when Win 10 updates, if you do not have the "allow windows to update drivers" disabled, it will install new nvidia drivers and this will reset all settings to default. This will only happen if you are using nvidia drivers that are a little older than ones available at time of the win 10 update. Here is a quick video, turn off win 10 other udates
  3. In case you have not seen this and have some things you would like to purchase. DCS Sale
  4. Great stuff, thanks for sharing Darkdiz !!
  5. Happy belated birthday Sandman, I hope you had a great day !!!
  6. I read also that this last fix addresses correcting aircraft shaking badly if the tail section is damaged. Hmm, I wonder if this is going to fix the shaking we encounter in FC also.
  7. Amazing difference in performance Sandman. I had just installed a Crucial 1 tb M2 SSD ( my first M2 ) for some extra flight sim insurance. I transferred Cliffs of Dover on it and find that things move along a bit faster for sure on this in comparison to my standard Kingston 500 gb SSD. Seeing your results explains why I reckon.---Thanks !!!!!----
  8. Glad to see you all are working on this distribution task Geezer, it is huge !!! I hate to say it, but until everyone gets on board with the seriousness of this, we ain't seen nothing yet----sadly !! On another note --- I hope the US is going to reach out and offer emergency aid and help to Honduras, Nicaragua being hammered by Cat 5 hurricane----
  9. WWSoarfeat

    FC Sunday

    Another great mission with the squad Fawlty !!! Thanks a bunch for providing these !!!
  10. Great idea of attaching pilot notes in cockpit , to the area photos are reserved for Diz. Looking forward to flying with you soon. In regards to learning to fly these planes I am of the opinion you always continue to learn so you will definitely not be alone in that journey, just jump on in on flight nights !!!
  11. Agree with you Sandman, I would also add, install one of these on your toilet in regards to toilet paper----- I did, they actually work great and pretty easy to install( family loves it as well, it's a game changer ), Bidet
  12. WWSoarfeat

    FC Sunday

    Thanks Fawlty, looking forward to another great mission !!!
  13. Nice post Geezer !! I believe there will be a sort of renaissance in regards to the work environment and other priorities as it applies to the family as a result of this pandemic. I also feel so sorry for young adults trying to establish professional careers. I had received a delivery from Amazon, and in talking with the delivery fellow found out he had been hired on with American Airlines for training as a pilot however has been dropped from the program because of the pandemics affect on the airlines. So for now he is delivering Amazon packages. I hope he gets ba
  14. I was watching this piece again over a nice cup of coffee ( one of my favorite ice skating sequences and couples), my family had to come in and watch again also. In that, just in case any of you have not seen this, I thought some of you may enjoy it. Yep, they got the gold for this performance-- incredible and beautiful !! Ice skating
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