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  1. Dawg !!! I believe this guy has the same sign on his plane as I do---- right Craven ?? Thanks Brinson !!
  2. What a night !!! Like stepping into a yellow jackets nest, and I did get stung a few times to say the least !!! This for me was an interesting change from our regular missions and was very intrumental in honing my skills during a true furball . Situational awareness is and has been so important but I learned last night I was dilinquent in checking my six more often. Also found not to fly straight and level too long ( not hard to do in the DR1 !!) . I still need to learn the habits of the DR1 much better and am going to work on that. So, for me this mission was really gr
  3. Looking forward to it Terry !!! Thanks for the time you put into this !!!
  4. Nice write-up and education on this Griph !!! Explains a lot !!!!
  5. Hmmm, a very good example of one of many variations of , " Power Corrupts and Aboslute Power Corrupts Absolutely "
  6. Griph, I hope this stuff will move out soon and temps normalize. We just got through only two days without power and since on a well, we were without water also. Bad thing about the first storm was it was not predicted to be that bad so we didn't have the water we usually prep for. This last storm that was predicted to be so bad for us did not do as much damage as they expected and we did not loose power at all. My thoughts on this was the first storm cleared out most of the weak dead tree limbs, trees so this one came and the stronger stuff held up well. Just a bit longe
  7. Hey McGoun, You all jump in anytime ---you are for sure a welcome guest !!
  8. Hope you have been having a great birthday Diz !!! Here's to many more to come !!! -S-
  9. Sorry to hear this, What a great gift he left to us through his music , peace !!
  10. OOops --missed this post, Hope you had a great day Griph--- Happy belated birthday buddy !!!!!
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