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  1. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/officials-warn-not-to-plant-mystery-seeds-delivered-across-us/vi-BB17vn0N
  2. Sandy, I think if i tried to answer your questions, i would screw it up...so deleted it all. Big advantage (imho) for SRS, is say you are going to do some server raids. You join the WarZones server. if Warzones has an SRS server up, then you are automatically connected to that srs server when you join their mission. You decide you don't like Warzones, so you move over to Flugpark. If Flugpark has an SRS server up, then you are again automatically connected to their SRS server when you join their mission. Flipside...let's say WW has a game server up and is running an SRS server as well. We invite some DD pilots, or JG1 pilots to join our mission. If any of those pilots have an SRS client running, they will automatically get connect to our SRS server when they join our mission. again, imho, for groups running "events", this is going to work pretty good. no need to make sure anyone and everyone has TS addresses and passwords. For squads (like us), that for the most part join our own missions.....I think TS works pretty good... ahh...I see Zed is crashing my party...
  3. yep....but not the kind of deal where he gets out of jail....just a cell where he isn't getting ass fucked everynite
  4. obduction....anyone played that? I can't do shooters...switching guns, ducking, evading,,,,just never had the whatever it takes for those games.
  5. hmm,...missed this cause it was stuck in the CLOD post. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/63707-50-off-summer-promo-codes-are-here/
  6. Looks like I will have to wait till 2022 to play Firmament, but am sure I will spring for it when it comes out. I loved MYST. A Cyan game in VR should be great. Firmament (pc mag)
  7. Yeah, with all the enthusiasm for SRS, did not want to make any too many comments, but I have yet to see how it would be a benefit over TS on a normal squad nite. For those folks who jump on servers all nite I can see where it is a god-send.
  8. dumb shits..... sorry, I get pissed when people do not make the effort to make sure their instructions are clear to others... when they took the screenshots for the tutorial, they were testing SRS tp make sure it worked remotely, hence the info in the screenshots is not only wrong...but circled...
  9. well...hopefully that is controlled by a server setting (which one I have no idea). Right now, if you know our srs server address, you can connect to it even if 1: there is no mission running on the server, and 2: even if you do not have your game loaded.
  10. IF: you have iSRS on your computer and you run either my sds from server 2, or your sds on server 2 ( i added the srs info to that sds), you should automatically connect to sds when you join a hosted mission...
  11. that is what I ended up doing. Pisses me off that they put the in the tuturial.... I have no idea what this is, unless you are asking if SRS is installed on the server, in which case it is. All you have to do is add the IP for the server into your sds (copy from mine on server 2)
  12. i think the only setting that is really important is under settings, the auto connect promt set to off. If set to ON, when you join the server, a window pops up asking you if you want to connect. If the game window is on top of the pop up, you will not see it. the ip address in the general window is not important, you really do not have to worry about it. If you wanted to talk to people already in a mission, and on SRS, but you did not want to start the game, then yes, you would need to tell it what address to connect to. i am not sure if the server can be set to have everyone that joins go to a specific channel. Right now it seems that when you join, you have to click on channel 1 (or whatever channel everyone is using)
  13. or, I could just open up the archive and delete stuff (which I didn't really know you could do) managed to delete a handfull of historical skins. thought anything starting with zzz was non historical, so deleted them all,,,then noticed in some of the lists some of them are listed as historical. at any rate, unless I missed something, the skins in the individual planes zip files should be all historical (according to the OP)
  14. according to the OP, most these are historical. imho the skin pack went all to hell when he started adding individual pilots skins to it, but mute point, cause the new links go no where. the complete list of skins included can be seen here, in the first post. (somewhat accurate) https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/55631-apologises-for-my-disappearance-fc-discord-channel-and-fc-skin-bundle-update/ for example, here are the alb d5 skins included: Note there is only one non-historical skin. JG1 did manage to get a lot of their skins included in some of the other packs. ( Pfalzd3 is a perfect example) his notes on the camel are not correct. The folder contains a lot more than what he indicates. When I get a chance, will delete all the non-historical skins and re-zip.
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