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  1. when I hit "enter" for chat, my game reacts like I paused my trackIR , and stays like that until I hit enter again. I checked my key bindings, and enter does nothing else other than chat. Is this the way it is for everyone else?
  2. well....if he would just stop getting himself killed...
  3. could not help but notice you are 3rd on that server.....
  4. Pretty much same mission with some ME errors corrected. In case Gold wants to level bomb, intel maps.
  5. damn, no way can I commit to Saturday. It might turn out I am free all Saturday's but I don't know that till Saturday..
  6. assuming nothing else is planned: will look at the body count. If there are enough of use we can run the latest sd/wood pw mission. If it is a light nite, would like to run a wood modified coop mission early, then re-run last tuesdays (wind at our back & friggin subtitles) mission.
  7. oh yeah....the 110's that shot us up at the end. Whew....would never had thought those fighters were suppose to be covering those bombers...
  8. I would look to see what the bombers do first. Could be they just did not take off...but we will find out Tuesday, cause we are flying the Russian side... Those same planes will be on our side now. Considering they were flying in friendly territory (for them), my first guess would be something happened to the bombers they were suppose to be covering..
  9. Yes, I think we should. We never got to number 2... we can do 2....and if we manage to make it thru 2, we can do 1 again...
  10. Had a great time last nite. Granted we did not cover Gold all nite as well as we should have, but it's hard when the skies are swarming with enemy. What I thought we did very very well was come to each others aid. Seems like everytime I got in trouble, a couple of fighters would find me, and get me out of a jam. As always, how the mission played out last nite is not the same way it will play out next time it is run, but did like how it played out. There were lull's. then a bandit, then 2 bandits, then 4 bandits, then a lull..... and oh yeah...f**king subtitles....
  11. well,, I was thinking about it..but..
  12. I love it when you talk dirty.....
  13. any reservations about not waiting for the next generation of VR coming out?
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