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  1. hmm....guess I will have to throw some clouds in the mission tonight.... Cephas ducked out on me (again.....), so am going to put up the same mission as last Thursday, but will have a slower version of it if there are not a lot of bodies.
  2. Ok, I can see the screen door effect if I try, and know what it is...the space between the pixels on my display. But even with the limited number of pixels, my cockpit is super clear and sharp. So I assume the reason distant objects are not as sharp as they might appear on a good monitor is because the game is not drawing them in the same level of detail you might get without VR. Which leads me to believe if I were to get a better VR unit, it would not necessarily make distant objects any better. Is this correct?
  3. I have no idea of how the DIII will fly if and when we get it, but ihmo it was a much better plane than the D5 in ROF
  4. thanks...am doing server 3 now...will get to 2 later..
  5. rumor has it the ai level (novice thru ace) does affect the distance they are able to "spot" enemy. How true this is I don't know.
  6. One of the neat things you can do in VR is move outside your plane, and watch your pilot. It's one of those areas of the game that someone spent a lot of time paying attention to detail, but seldom gets noticed. Was also impressed by the "underlayer" gun detail that exists before they added the padding and the cocking levers.
  7. Somehow I think anything you can come up with will be just fine. Now, I might think differently after a nite of having to fly a dr1....or a camel
  8. ok, that's 3 so far, so guess will just play it by ear.
  9. This is a tad old, but every so often I browse for a telescope that is too big for me to consider carrying. Was kinda shocked when I found this info. I know there are a handful of pilots out there that have some level of interest in astronomy, so thought they might be interested in reading this: Meade is now owned by Orion Telescopes and Binoculars
  10. This would have been more explanatory had I take a screen shot of device manager prior. These are pretty popular cards...they work and are cheap. Trouble is drivers for them get messed up after a W10 update. If you have one of these installed, and in device manager, you have 3 listings for that one device, you may need to update the driver. Of the 3 listings, I believe (but am not sure) they one you have to right click on and select update drivers is the Renesas USB 3.0 root hub. If your system is like mine, after the driver is installed, the other 2 listings for the card will go away, and all you will have is one listing. In the pic, I have 2 cards installed.
  11. sorry for being so totally useless last nite. If I get controls to work on any of the default tanks, going to assume the will work on the collector vehicles?
  12. Will run WWFawlty 6 v2. Will put the N28 in for those who wish to fly it. This is the mission where I believe we fly south of Douai in search of the Red Baron.
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