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  1. The mugs are only 1.50 each if we order 5000 of them....
  2. Micro Center Chicago ILL (located in byobc ??) Micro Center Westbuy NY Micro Center North Jersey Shore NJ they have the Oculos Rift S in stock...and I want one...
  3. why do i know there is one of these lying around somewhere...
  4. ok.....when did Old fokkers hand out certificates?? and...how come I never got one>>>>> and..I was serious about the mug....how do I go about that...
  5. you know, I wouldn't mind one of those...... does the candy come with them???
  6. everything ordered, with the exception of the Oculus Rift S. it's kinda exciting...but putting 15 some odd years of computer stuff on a new system is a royal pain in the ass. Bottom line is not too bad, considering the system. Have to believe this will be my last.
  7. fyi Gold flight...we were at the wrong airfield for the 2nd objective. There just happened to be another town there, and there was also another destroyed bridge there, but had we gone east to the next airfield, we would have seen the targets. But had we taken a better look at the map, and we should have seen the style of the airfield did not match the style of the airfield where the target was located.
  8. Pilots that went with clear sides...did you go plastic/acrylic, or did you go tempered glass...
  9. until

    Syn Generated mission with Airfields and Enemy AI on both sides.
  10. Nothing up as of yet, so will do the honors. Syn generated @ Moscow. Airfields and enemy AI on each side. Each side has 3 pretty much equal objectives to defend and defeat. If one objective is not defeated within a certain amount of time (60mins), that side gets a penalty in the form of a reduced plane set at their airfield. Another penalty is received if no objectives are defeated after another amount of time (35 mins) Axis first penalty results in this: 109F4 (4) 190A3 (4) 110G2 (2) Axis second penalty results in this 109F4 (2) 109A3 (2) 110E2 (2) Allied first penalty result in this: P40E1 (1) MIG3S24 (3) SPITFIREMKVB (2) YAK1S69 (1) LAGG3S29 (1) PE2S87 (2) Allied second penalty results in this: MIG3S24 (3) SPITFIREMKIXE (3) PE2S87 (2)
  11. Hey Don, regarding TS and Craven having to pay for it. Just to let you know no one is using the TS you have setup for OF that I know of. When we play Arma, DCS, etc. the group have their own.

    I may not make it tonight for the squad meet but will try to make it later for the flight.

    Talk soon.....B 

  12. think this was resolved, but if people want to know what should/should not work in each type of mission AND on what kind of server, this thread explains it. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/62208-check-zoneproximity-triggers-bug/?tab=comments#comment-951263
  13. ahh...the need for speed...
  14. my best guess, copy everything from your install except data/graphics/skins. Anything else you might be copying that you don't really need is not that big in size. Should you need the default skins folders for all the planes (with nothing in them), you can always get them off my server. 3rd party apps is iffy, cause this did not work for Craven (but it should have) after you have the files on the new computer, from data/updater/3rdparty, run the the apps in there (dotnet, vdredist and directX) let me know how it goes, cause this is what I am going to have to do eventually.
  15. Robby, yes, have been to that site. Trouble is...60% of the parts (at least the newest ones) are out of stock... Geezer..https://www.ebay.com/itm/5V-1A-US-Plug-USB-Wall-Charger-Charging-Travel-Power-Adapter/143494126546?hash=item2168ea9bd2:g:vKwAAOSw1tVeV6M6 I used to charge my headphones/e-cigarettes on the computer...now I use just these.. While I'm thinking of it...how come no one has the brains to come up with charger docking stations for wireless keyboards and mice yet....seems like a no brainer to me. this is where I am at right now....if the ver2 video card is not available when everything else has come, will go with the other one.. power supplies are almost impossible to find. pretty much the same thing Geezer ordered.
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