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  1. Cool...maybe we get to sing to you tonight.... Going to have to find a dirty version of happy birthday..
  2. Ahhh,,,twins....my favorite fantasy.... Good eye Icy.... considering what a pain it was to get that to work, glad it was noticed.
  3. Ok, color me lost... Feb 18, 1942. We are now at Novoye Selo. It is a somewhat familiar location. Dugino is not that far to our north, Gzhatsk is off to the north-east. but, it is February now.....
  4. lol,,,,far from that...trust me..
  5. Is anything on the table for tomorrow?? Not sure if Geezer is still trying to get knighted.
  6. oh...now you are really trying hard to piss me off....
  7. Zed, finally got the thing to start, but still get a "engine one/two overheat" (but engines still start), at the beginning...this normal? and, htf do I get rid of your male voice? I changed it to default in my profile, it tests ok, but when I am in game, I get the wrong voice.....
  8. oh,,,,,guess that is why my engines have been overheating, and blowing up on takeoff.....
  9. this is more a reference for me, but can be used for others. list of objects that do not have accurate damage models. I suppose they can be used if durability is dropped very low,,,,2000 to 5000 graphics\blocks\industrial_block_smallwarehouse2_300x100.mg graphics\blocks\vl_factory.mgm
  10. Salute! I actually might try and fly this plane now.
  11. On BoX forum. If my brain was 10 years younger, I would consider reading it, but will leave that up to others, and if anyone has any comments about all this would be interested in knowing what. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/49629-3000-steps-condensed-into-one-simple-performance-guide/ as much as I despise "mike", am also interested in his thread here https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,59488.0.html
  12. What i would like to do is review Gold's drops, and the subsequent damage they cause (visually). I watched a couple of Gold's drops, and was supervised at how little damage was visible when I returned to the factory (i believe you were with me then). I know for sure one factory object Icy liked has a terrible damage model. It is next to impossible to tell if it has been destroyed or not passing over it. Want to see if there are more of those kinds of objects that I have been using. will have to do a poll on air activity....there was some testing stuff in there that did not get removed, hence the large amount of ai. I can see maybe leaving it as is, but not have them all ace...
  13. Wish I had looked at the CH before I got the Saitek (Logitech) Frigging Saitek quad, when the levers are down, stick over the desk (unless the mounting is modified), which makes them very prone to getting broken off. But, did notice there is 90° of movement in the Saitek vs what looks like 15° on the CH. Not sure if that is a concern. Pricing is the same. 120 for 2 Saitek
  14. if anyone took a recording, would appreciate it if they could send me the tracks./
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