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  1. Holy shit, they are such a pain in the ass now. Was having some issues, so loaded the default bios settings and get rid of the o'clocking. Never even thought about the settings for the sata port my ssd was on. and the default bios set the controller back to ide, and not ahci, but the os still loaded (no idea why). Went to set it back to ahci, which is not a big deal, but the thing that changes it from ide to ahci also reboots the computer into safe mode. I have no friggin idea how to get the computer out of safe mode, and of course in safe mode, I have no browser. Luckily, my tv/monitor has "voice" so I asked my tv what to do... And legacy/native mode. I have no idea what this is. I sorta remember along time ago with keyboard and such, you had to set to legacy mode to use them, but now there is a setting for IDE drives too. Had to set the bios to legacy (which did not make sense) for all my ide drives to show up in the os once the computer booted. I still have 12gb of ram sitting next to me still in the package, and I am scared shit to put it in.
  2. 660 mb nothing yet on forum, so can not say what it is about
  3. oh man, I've been practicing my showboating all week long. I want to do some wannabe dub videos
  4. This will give you 2 weeks to study map. Like someone said Thursday, if you are lost, climb. imho, it is much harder to make out landscape at 500m. Put what I think are some of the terrain objects that stand out.
  5. Have shortcuts on the server for "quick" missions Syn_coop Default is the vanilla install, only planes available to fly are what he give us Syn_Coop Modified has just about all the planes added to fly in. There is a COOP Generator.sds all set up that will run missions named Syn_Generated1, 2, 3 or 4 [rotation] random = false file = "Cooperative\\SYN_Generated1" file = "Cooperative\\SYN_Generated2" file = "cooperative\\SYN_Generated3" file = "cooperative\\SYN_Generated4" Keep in mind, if someone comes along and makes a mission with the same file id, it will overwrite yours.
  6. there are a ton of things we can do...city fires/city smoke. We can have the base shoot off a flare if a friendly plane comes within xxx m of it. Can even have Aerostats i believe. I think the most important thing to do is make sure the map is available well before the mission. Point out the most obvious ground references. And again, some planes have beacon receivers, and there is a beacon at the airfield. This is from BoX forum, and looking at it, all Icy had to do last nite was look at his beacon dial, and it would have pointed the way home.....lol... All planes that have the capability, the distance to beacon part of the gauges work as intended. All seem to cut out around 90-95 km away from the beacon. German: 110 E-2: AFN-1: Distance is 0-25-50-75-100: Has Mag compass in gunner seat with P/S needle 110 G-2: AFN-2: Distance is 20-50-100: " 111 H-6/16: AFN-2: P/S needle Ju-88: AFN-1: P/S needle Hs 129/Ju-87/FW A-5: AFN-2: Hs 129 if added Ju-52: AFN-1: OBS Dial: Shows course heading to beacon: Kompass indicator: Line up the needle to center mark to fly towards a beacon. Soviet: Pe-2-35: RPK (if added) Gunner seat: OBS dial that shows the bearing from the plane to beacon (i.e. 0 deg to fly towards a beacon, 180 to fly away) Distance meter: (Left of clock) 7=0, 4=50 km, 1=90 km. Pe-2-87: RPK: OBS dial and distance meter. IL2-43: RPK La-5: RPK (if added) Yak-1/Yak-1b RPK (if added)
  7. oh well...wouldn't be the first time I've had to take a cold shower, Have to admit, this might be the strangest reason why
  8. I'm willing to sell it for 500.00 I take paypal..
  9. hey Plauge...might want to watch this.....7:31 into the video is especially intersting.....
  10. hmm,,now that would be great!!
  11. lol...thanks Fawlty. Hey, make you a deal, I'll retire when you buy BoX! (just kidding) I could retire any time I want. I havn't pulled a paycheck from work in almost a year now. I just have no idea what I would do if I didn't have work. Don't have to me it's a bad state of affairs, but I can not stand being bored.
  12. Actually, I was thinking about doing that (the burning). Unfortunately, you have to be kinda close to see these things. Anyone have a list of aircraft that had the beacon receiver in it? And, I realize I am on the fence here juggling fun factor with realism, but am thinking ahead for those times when we might find ourselves flying with others that do not have nav icons on. Hell, flying without nav lights is going to be bad enough for us, would be great if we had a leg up on figuring out where we are.
  13. Yeah, they were fun to fly with. Look forward to it. If I remember correctly they prefer axis, but occasionally fly allied?
  14. I've said it before, I have no idea how you people get by with ptt. If I had to remember to push a button you would not hear 80%of what I had planned to say..
  15. Believe Fawlty still plays Arma if you'r looking for people to play with https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/oldfokkers/infantry-barracks-f10/
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