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  1. interesting...I target linked my command damage off the complex trigger.... you linked yours off a mission begin. when I did it your way...i got 2 flares...(in my mission)
  2. yeah, things are definitely messed up with balloons. If I use the command damage, and tell the balloon to shoot one flare..i get nothing. but if i tell the balloon to shoot another flare 2 secs after the first...i see the second flare. I have no idea why it won't shoot that first flare. In your group, there should be 3 flares...how many do you actually see?
  3. at first I thought it might be the height of the flare mcu...but changing it did not help then I thought it might be the balloon could not shoot flares because it was traveling a waypoint..so I put a delay on the waypoint timer....did not help....but as I got closer to the balloon...i shot at it...and as soon as i hit it..the friggin thing shot a flare..
  4. hmmm........ try this. Balloon is shooting a flare every 2 seconds after complex trigger goes off. if you take out the command damage, there are no flares. mp mission FC Balloon test 2.rar
  5. should have taken a screenshot of this. Mozilla stop sending my mail. It said there was a problem with my certificate (????). It said something about someone may be trying to impersonate me. I had to click on a box that said "add exemption", which I really didn't want to do, but I needed to get an email out. Anyone have any dealings with this in the past?
  6. Happy Birthday ICY! We're all thinking about you. Get well as soon as you can!
  7. Fawlty see if this works for you. I linked the complex trigger that starts the balloon coming down to a command damage set to damage>minor. Appears if the Balloon is slightly damaged, it will shoot flares coming down. I did not try this with a 2 balloon set up...just one.
  8. Nice mission Fawlty.., This is me and my Balloon
  9. Thanks to Craven for sending me the .mission file for this. Squad had a lot of fun on this mission. Don't believe we have enough players to fly both sides, so it will be Axis only. This mission was the first time I flew as Gold. Wish Icy and Fry could be here......
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