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  1. Spent a good part of the day in bumper to bumper traffic getting my wife into Boston for her second shot...in a friggin snow storm. wtf...it's the middle of April.
  2. no wonder you are always seeing things I don't downloaded the bmp before I read the entire post at first...I saw 4... then I read the end your post...looked harder, and can see 8 I have no idea where you are seeing 27
  3. Cephas g6 is a collector plane. Not everyone might have it. G2 comes with Stalingrad, and am pretty sure everyone has that. A5 comes with Kuban, and again think everyone has Kuban, but that is a guess.
  4. (just pulling your leg Robby...)
  5. I know nothing about fish...but that looks pretty big....
  6. thanks....never would have known... Will do it at work Sunday..
  7. Am planning to put up Wood's Reka Lama mission. We can fly Allied on it to practice up for the Holland map. There are plenty of ground targets to shoot, as well as a good supply of enemy AI. It is also a good mission for a light crowd. Wood: Renamed it v1A, as it did not have the Tempest, and wanted to have it in there for those pilots that might want to fly it....
  8. Have to admit I am not happy that we seemed to have dropped the "limerick" requirement for new recruits... But, as Biker's sponsor, feel compelled to implement it. Pretty simple Terry....all you have to do is make up a limerick... but,,,it has to use the following 5 words in it.. Bike (or biker) Goober Squadron Happy Life Take your time....has to be done by July 1st.....
  9. Very glad to see you get on board Terry! (cool bike..)
  10. I'm looking at all this completely different. We've been flying this game for what..6 years now, and alt visibility came out about 4-5 months ago. Up to about a month ago, in all that time, I can never remember someone saying "the plane right in front of me I was just looking at disappeared" who knows...that may stay the same with alt visibility on or off..
  11. wow...pci4.0...super fast! congrats!
  12. yeah...what craven said. I could be wrong, but believe loosing planes when you are zooming in is going to happen to some extent with alt vis on or off. I'm just hoping with it off, I don't have to stare intensely at a dot to make sure I don't loose sight of it, which in most cases, seems it will happen anyways. have to believe how we see planes is set up the same way how we see terrain detail. won't bore you with the details, but this thread explains it pretty well. fyi, we can not edit that terrain.cfg anymore. it was replaced by a encrypted file. But seems like there is a
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