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  1. does not happen here... I would assume your toe brakes are also assigned to level flight left/right turn, or they are mapped to kick in a L-shift x/z
  2. so, serious question..is this a brain thing? After I put up the above post, I went back to the picture to find more planes, and I could not see anything, even thou I knew where they were. Little by little, they started showing up...
  3. wtf 16 really? I thought I might be doing pretty good at 9.....
  4. you know, you should really be on Etsy, or Ebay,..,.. I had the same issues, but solved it with pvc. Can adjust camera position up/down, right/left, backwards/forwards and camera rotates on it's post. Since the picture I have moved the TV forward about a foot, cause I figured out small dots on the screen are next to impossible to see when the screen was 3 feet from my eyes
  5. those were grabbed from a recording, and didnt want the time-line bar at the bottom in there, so cropped them.
  6. Great mission tonight. Flying thru that double layer cloud formation was a lot of fun. Vertical development in the cloud layers now is outstanding!
  7. Salute! Thanks for stopping by!
  8. pure speculation here, but think it's safe to assume when bombers went in for a run, they had plenty of intel and recon info which may or may not have factored into their ingress route heading. So, if there are targets that are well suited for a High alt level bombing run, would be nice to have as much intel on that target as possible. Know well before hand what heading to target might maximize the damage.
  9. I might have missed this post...can you point me to it (if it is a different app)
  10. ahhh....not entirely true. I do like flying Gold for the same reasons you do....I don't seem to get killed as much. But do want to keep working on my fighter skills, especially my spotting ability. Winging with Cephas is a two edged sword....your chances of getting jumped are greatly reduced, but at the end of the nite my eyes are killing me from trying to see all the shit he is calling out.
  11. I know some of you can do this in your head, but I can never remember which way (+/-) to turn that dial, or subtract what from what. Was going to make up another one of those paper dial things, but was also hoping to find an app to run on my kindle. Didn't find an app, but did find this web page. https://spiff.ddns.net/il2bcalc/ So I run it on the kindle, and set my dials accordingly. A20 @5k up. wind @4ms. Forget the loadout..think it was 4 250's and 8 100's? manual drop
  12. Sounds like a lot of fun. These ground objects we have to destroy, are they on the front or in fields?
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