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  1. I got the trailer...will let you know what I think...
  2. You got to be shitting me..... Took a picture of the bad M2 Evo, and submitted my RMA. This is the reply I got: Hello Donald, From the provided serial number S4EWNJ0N117690W we can see that this is an Lithuania unit. Samsung warranties are region specific and any service on the unit would need to be performed by Samsung of that region. The product that was sold to you by your retailer is a grey market product. This means the unit was imported into the USA, however the unit was only meant to be sold within Lithuania. If you wish to be refunded or have the unit exchanged p
  3. If not, there is a very good chance you are going to find out exactly what they are this year.
  4. you ever wish you got the quest instead? (stand alone)...
  5. Good info. What I have always done when I feel my deflection shooting is going awry is pretty much the same thing you have here, but in a more "observable" manner. I do a single player mission (so I can slow down time) with aiming help enabled. I can toggle the aiming help with the "icon on/off" button (I). When I start to close on a bandit, I slow the game down. When I think I have a firing solution (pretty much based on what you wrote above), I quickly toggle aiming help on, and see how close I am to where I actually should be shooting, and then try and figure out where
  6. ok...maybe I am missing something....exactly where do you put these things?
  7. ok, bit the bullet and took the Evo m2 out, and system still booted up. Now the other drive is C. Gotta bunch of shortcuts I still have to change targets to, and it still boots slower than hell.
  8. thanks plauge...but the last line: You will not be allowed to change the drive letter for a partition in which system has been installed. Even thou I told the bios to boot with disk5, because it looks for that "unique ID", I end up actually booting the os on disk1 (c drive). I just gotta bite the bullet and pull that old M2 drive. Good news might be, I always assumed I my boot times where still slow cause I copied whatever errors existed on the new drive. I didn't know I am still booting to the bad drive. Those problems might go away when I pull it.
  9. I've been thinking of getting one of those adaptors. I know eventually I will have a bunch of m2 drives lying around....just like I got a slew of mechanical drives lying around But I did find this interesting. Even though I copied C over to another drive, and told it to boot to the new drive...it is still going to boot to C as long as it is still in the system. Lessen I do a lot of things I don't want to do right now. What's happening in your computer? It is quite clear that both partitions labeled "System Reserved" in your computer are set to "active". This m
  10. this won't last long (the auction that is...) https://www.mercari.com/us/item/m52917638546/?ref=search_results
  11. it's not really "un-used", (if you are talking about the 93gb's). Samsung recommends you "trim" the drive 10% to increase longevity.
  12. So my 278.00 evo plus M2 (talk about getting screwed...) drive is running like shit. I took my latest recovery image for the Evo drive, and put it on one of my IBM M2 drives, and am booting off that. But the eve plus is still my "C" drive, and as long as it is in the system, seems like I can't change that. Right now, the Evo shows up as the "Boot/Page File/Crash Dump" drive, but I think that is because it is "C". When I pull out the EVO to RMA it, and change the drive letter of the IBM drive (now I) to "C", anyone know if it will become the "boot/page file/crash dump" drive?
  13. there is always this trick. Hide a truck in the buildings, and decide how many trucks you want to get destroyed before the block is considered killed. Fawlty used this a lot in ROF.
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