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  1. WWSittingduck

    JG1 Ghost Skies Results 2-13

    I can....been able to for a couples days...
  2. WWSittingduck

    Little confused

    lol...so i am a lot confused..... ok then, when I am in pwcg and pick Bodenplatte as the Campaign map, what might I be getting that is not in a Stalingrad campaign map,,,,just plane set??
  3. WWSittingduck

    Little confused

    PWCG 5.1 includes Bodenplatte. I did not know we have gotten Bodenplatte yet, and if we did, I have no idea what it is we got. Is it the area just north.northeast of Stalingrad?
  4. WWSittingduck

    Tuesday 2-19

    Believe it is my turn...if not, then next week. Plan to run a Stalingrad mission that has just been run on Thursday's. Am going to change it a bit to see if we can bridge the differences between coop and dogfight missions, and then make an attempt to see how pilots feel about the changes. Each pilot will have a named plane available at the airfield, and each plane will be limited to 4. If you land successfully at the airfield you took off from, then you do not loose any aircraft, and can fly indefinitely. But you will be limited to 4 deaths. Might give Gold 2 of 2 plane types, so they can have a different loadout for different target types, but they will still each have only 4 planes. Will pick planes based on last months preferred plane for each pilot. If a pilot wants to be sure they are in a specific plane, they should let me know by Monday. Will throw a couple "guest" planes in there for pilots not accounted for.
  5. WWSittingduck

    the update to the update has an update

    So we can go back to having warmups! Not sure what the homefield airfield means. Am guessing it is where you take off from.
  6. WWSittingduck

    the update to the update has an update

    great...we got kill notification back
  7. WWSittingduck

    the update to the update has an update

    part IV is available.......
  8. WWSittingduck

    JG1 Ghost Skies Results 2-13

    hmmm.....looking at it...we won????
  9. Dan, I think you would be a very welcome member of WW. We have had the opportunity to fly with you for a while now, and am sure the rest of the WW would agree with me. Bout the only thing you may have against you is knowing Phil......
  10. WWSittingduck

    Post your suggestions for improving this forum here

    Unless I am doing something wrong, the Squadron Business forum does not allow searching. No matter what I enter in search criteria, I get 0 results.
  11. WWSittingduck

    The Great War Forum

    that was amazing the information they dug up. The newspaper clipping?????????
  12. WWSittingduck

    What planes can we fly tonight?

    il2-1943 (gold) Spit MK.VB (Blue) Lagg-3 ser 29 (red) Spit Mk Ixe (white)
  13. WWSittingduck

    Looking for Recommendations

    if you want a practice mission: Made it a Multiplayer mission so all the available planes to fly in are in one mission. Enemy are all novice, and spawn one at a time. Kill one, and another random plane will spawn. Airstart. extract to your data/multiplayer/dogfight folder start the game and go to multiplayer>dogfight>continue>create server. Set your realism to what you want, and ppp axis novice enemy f should be there on the left, in available missions, dbl click it to move it to the right into the rotation, and start. When the mission is loaded, there is only one airfield in the center of the map. Click on that, select your plane, chose your loadout and hit start. If you get killed (or maybe I should say WHEN you get killed), just hit finish mission, and you can either pick the same plane, or try another plane. No need to restart the mission. there are also some ground targets close to where you spawn in if you want bombing practice in between fending off enemy planes. http://bhah.homeip.net:192/Old Fokkers/Misssions/ppp axis novice f.rar
  14. WWSittingduck

    Mission Builder on Crack....

    yeah, really.... are there 360 of whatever those are?
  15. WWSittingduck

    Looking for Recommendations

    S! I can always throw an air start plane in there for you till you get up to speed, which probably will not take long...

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