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  1. will do.......for THIRTY DAYS only.....if it takes longer for that to settle in looked for another base...they just do not exist on that area of Stalingrad...
  2. curious..what were you old graphics settings, and what are your settings now... and if you are noticing any differences,,,which are the most notable.
  3. could be a million things... if you are putting all these hotkeys in your "default" profile, make sure you are in the "default" profile when you are in ts..(self at top>hotkey profile>default)
  4. hmm...ok...that might be a problem for some then. Icy, yes. you get a message saying rearm started, hit rearm to stop the process...same with refuel, so you can avoid 100% fuel loads if you want, but you have to be quick...refuel is a lot quicker than rearm. Even after my counters look full, I wait till I get the "re-arm complete", or something close to that..then I start my engine. still a tad confused...if I set one mission to rearm in 1 second, and I set another mission to rearm in 10 secs, what will be the difference between the 2?
  5. glad you mentioned that...….I have no idea what those numbers represent. (considering reheal is instantaneous)...
  6. yep...another birthday month... Happy Birthday Sensei... Make it a good one, and give all those assholes your always complaining about a piece of you mind...if anything else, it will end up to be a birthday to remember...
  7. this was fun, learning how to make an animated gif from a video file... Some confusion other nite about rearming. Pilots were landing at refuel/rearm base, but taking off without any guns. 1: land at proper base within maintenance radius. 2: shut off engine, plane should repair automatically. 3: to refuel (you all know this already), RIGHT CNTL F. If you do not want a full tank, be ready to hit rctrl f a second time to stop refueling. 4: to rearm, RIGHT CNTL A. This take a lot longer than refueling, and you should wait till you get "rearm complete" 5: start engine. Your guns are now loaded with new magazines, but you do not have a round in the chamber. You have to put that first round in the chamber and confirm it was done. to RELOAD (put a round in chamber), or fix a jammed gun (FC ONLY) the default command is left alt R. On the bf109's you should see the indicators spin like that are on the cool animated gif I made each time you hit left alt R. If you do NOT see them move, then you more than likely do NOT have guns.... on planes that do not have that spinning indicator, when you cock the guns, there is a distinctive sound it makes, might be different for different planes, but you should hear something when you try to reload your guns.
  8. ok...that really did not make me happy..... that "e" drive....that must be the M2 drive..right??? hell, you can always re-assign drive letters....call it "c"
  9. just about everything you got is on my wish list (heavy heavy emphasis on "wish") noticed that case comes with optional front "mesh"... Have to admit, I am not a big fan of glass sides....they look great at first..then you are looking at cobwebs, dust etc etc..
  10. might want to consider AS SSD benchmark. not a stress test, just gives you an idea of how fast that m2 is running. Can not guarantee it will work on an m2 drive though. https://www.guru3d.com/files-details/as-ssd-benchmark.html stress test are always dependent on personal taste. I used Prime 95 when I overclocked my system. You are not overclocked, so can't see why you should really have to push things. would make sure you are watching your temps https://www.guru3d.com/files-details/coretemp-1-rc1.html (Coretemp) https://www.guru3d.com/files-details/real-temp-3-70.html (Realtemp) am sure you will read somewhere about OCCT for stress testing also...
  11. was looking thru key settings. afaik these look new. am hoping the radio volume one works this time. Have no idea how the contact altimeter settings would be use....have the bomb explode above ground?
  12. Hey Navy, owe you a thank you. I had a "shim" on my joystick spring a while back, but for a reason I can not remember, took it out. Listened to you talk about how your new stick helped with stalls, so I put it back in. It does make a big difference (so far anyways...) Am keeping up my speed in turns a lot better now, and am not tip stalling the split second before I get ready to shoot. Am able to get much closer to the planes I am trying to shoot at. Still can not figure out how to do a climbing banked turn without having my leading edge slats extend...that always slows the shit out of me.
  13. Guess Coconut is still at it... After having to watch all his hard word go down the tubes, thought for sure he would pack it in....
  14. Oh... I had no idea and denied that friend request because I didn't know who it was, oops! I'll send you a request. Somehow I think I also would have denied that request ...….
  15. I certainly hope your taking pics as you progress...….
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