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  1. Thanks Fawlty, but that will not work for this problem. Not sure why it works out like this, but with the new update, the .msnbin file has errors. The mission file for that mission does not... So while renaming the msnbin file .mission might allow me to open up a mission, it will still have errors, and get kicked by ME.
  2. Can't believe everything on the web, But if it is true, hope it means mine will go up in value..... https://vrscout.com/news/facebook-end-sales-of-oculus-rift-s/#
  3. Know a lot of pilots do not put both of these up on the server, just the msnbin file This is fine, except when we run into the issues like we did on the last update. If someone wants to re-run an old mission, they need the mission file to resave.. just something to think about
  4. Fawlty, are you going to run with Alt visibility on or off?
  5. is there still Gold there? I would think the townspeople would have gotten a little rich with all that gold flowing downstream....
  6. lol...... I guess the degree of sarcasm in my post was not obvious enough
  7. or...just delete the msnbin file, and open up the mission in editor from the mission file, and resave least that is all I had to do with Thursday's mission. Has a lot to do with weather conditions....if the mission has no haze, there should not be an issue
  8. Alternate visibility (still that in sds but called enhanced visibility in settings) Can't say I saw any differences running the mission with it OFF, as we have been doing. With it turned on, from what I saw, you could defiantly see a plane far out a lot better, IF you were flying around without being zoomed in. Trouble I was having is habit kicked in, and the second a see a plane out on the horizon, I would immediately zoom in on that plane, The more zoom, the less distinct the plane would be. This would all go away once that plane was at a certain distance from me,,,,not sure wha
  9. 3 cheers for Novus... Sandy...is there a limit to how many themes we can have, or would just prefer to keep it at a minimum.
  10. done would like to try both the new alternate visibility on and off....see if they did in fact improve it... another setting people might want to fiddle with is in settings>game>map scenery distance...
  11. i got nuttin' Anyone with any suggestions? With a new update, anything anyone want to see?
  12. ditto!
  13. grandsons were over, so put them on the VR roller coaster. While one was playing, we could watch on the monitor in full screen. When I play IL2, i get that split screen on the monitor....no one looking over my shoulder could watch while i am flying (at least not well)... Is this because Il2 is a steamvr game vs an Oculus game?
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