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  1. Are down. No idea why it is crashing, but will ask Vaal. Have to wonder just how well he can access his messages. In the meantime, bout only thing I can think of is to run everything from server II.
  2. I wouldn't touch this with a 10 ft pole...but Cephas or Biker might... https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/73571-surface-editing-manual/
  3. hmmm, funny how sometimes you read things and just assume you know what they are going to say, and that's the way you read them. I didn't even know there was a master.cfg file. at any rate, I copied the wrong files.
  4. probably should pay attention to this: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/77538-problem-with-master-server/page/2/#comment-1171884 I have made copies of all 3 startup.cfg (drives d/h/i) and renamed them startup_030422.cfg, so if the need to edit the originals arises, feel free, but that just covers the server...individuals finding they can not log into their game might have to do pretty much the same thing on their end.
  5. all we need now is someone with the balls to do it....
  6. Craven, I have been waiting for you to finalize the "info" page, so the serverII stats page still has the old information. but, imho, the chances of a new pilot that might be joining serverII being able to find our stats page before they actually fly with us are pretty slim. Absolutely the best way to get info to pilots joining a MP mission is having that info in the sds file, so it shows up along with the mission description.
  7. 2 years of pandemic and now this. It really sucks getting old, but thank god I am not in my twenties.
  8. I had a ball last nite. Course, a lot of that had to do with getting to watch Craven shoot down Wolfe twice... Next time we fly it will just have to make sure i am not alone so much...
  9. ok, I just read it, and don't have a friggin clue as to what they are say to do...
  10. Great news! What I did notice is the "share" option is grayed out. this seems to be use full reading
  11. Cephas, do you put an NDB at home field? We have been flying some planes that have receivers, but we never seem to use them.
  12. Really sorry to hear about that Griph. The "knowing" part and having to wait it all out must be the worse thing in the world. We're all thinking about you.
  13. was going crazy trying to figure out why my plane was so distorted in the first pic.....then realized rain drop.. guess you didn't get the memo..."don't let the boss know I'm using his skin" and the smoke......would really like to know how many other pilots see smoke in that color. Mine is nothing like that, it's more grayish-black.
  14. this may or may not interest you: enlarge taskbar bout the only thing i hate about w11 is they took out the "never combine" option for items on the taskbar.
  15. even at my home, malwarebytes would block the stats page....think it was when I was using ei11
  16. checked my folder...this one: uk-meuse river 1944 sandbox (with dynamic-variable ai)
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