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  1. damn...do i really live such a boring life?
  2. This topic came up briefly when flying sunday, and it brought back some great memories. Went back thru the OF's website to find what I could. Geezer would present missions 2-B run with incredible cartoon introductions. I hope he will find the time to dig out some of the "KA-BOOM" ones...and if possible, include the storyline... This is from a April 12, 2015 mission: Any island with this many ground targets must me haunted! I told Fawlty that it was all about marketing, if he wants to get more attendees he is going to have to juice it up a bit. Not sure he is fully supportive of my marketing campaign....more importantly I have real low confidence that Duck will be able to complete the "Women Eating Cobra Plants" Mod in time for when we fly this mission on Tuesday April 21st at 6:30 Pacific (not this Tuesday....next Tuesday!) Lots of targets and storylines, we will all fly as a group on the German side.
  3. Damn handsome man there.... is that a floppy drive????
  4. I hope Zeus baked you a cake..and not a can of dogfood with a candle stuck in the middle...
  5. yeah....remember most of that.....maybe not from that source, but it was a really good video. did not do the windows update cat. thing (3:04 into the video) am pretty sure I see exactly what he shows 7:18 into the video, but clicking on any of the executable in that folder do not give me audio manager, but will try again when I get home. am looking at a post now that say's "Realtek stopped posting new audio drivers on its website and now uses Microsoft update.", so maybe that wil help
  6. yeah,,,it is...and have installed it (and other versions several times)...trouble is even after installing it I don't have the realtek manager..
  7. yeah...sorry....i was thinking about that...geezer's gonna open up that mission and sh*t.....
  8. this is one of those things where you say you are saying you are seeing something, but no else sees it so they don't believe you. notice the "rainbow" shaped light ring on the field off my left wing as I circle.
  9. thanks! would like to grab either you or Geezer for a bit some nite...you know..so maybe you can tell me all the things you SHOULD HAVE told me but didnt...like htf to center... shut down the computer 3 times cause i was in the hanger in vr, but thats it...no menu. Had no idea the friggin thing was behind me knee level but in the mean time,,,if I am in one of the setup apps, or demo apps...and want to get out....how do i do that??? Other than raising the googles and closing the window on the pc.
  10. hmmm...probably not... have them set up, but think i need to set some things up... have a zillion questions, but only 2 are important. it came with a video adapter...if my card has a big port should I use it, or is the little port better for some reason. how do I shut if off...seems like when I take if off,,it will shut down, but then i look at it, and it is on again..
  11. http://bhah.homeip.net:192/BoS/SynKuban.rar
  12. sorry geezer...just saw this post...(am looking for your vr recommendations) as soon as I have this set up...will do
  13. no guarantee it will get included in 2004.
  14. Anyone with W10 build 1909 have this? And if so,,,how did they get it installed. I've followed a ton of guides, and none of them worked for me. Fact that I use headphones, and don't need it are irrelevant....I was pissed when I noticed it was missing..
  15. so, going to assume when you hit the ptt key, it takes the mic away from VA? also curious, if pilots are using PTT and VA, when they set up a whisper, do they have it so they have to hit 2 keys (one to ptt, one to whisper), or does the whisper key do PTT also.
  16. lol...sorry fawlty...was going to do this other day, and noticed I forgot to put something on this computer, and got completely side tracked.. this is my bos profile fwiw http://bhah.homeip.net:192/BoS/BOS copy-Profile.vap i use a joystick key to start listening when I push it down, and stop listening when I release it. the same key down/key release mutes/un-mutes my mic in TS... so unless i press the wrong key, which never happens, no one hears me giving commands.....
  17. ok,,,,this may be one of those things that is user dependent....different people like different things...does not mean one is better than the other... so guess I will have to get around trying both, and see which one I like better...but am going to start out with steamVR
  18. Mine should be here for tuesday. Have Steam VR. What else do I have to do in order to play the game with it..(other than check the box....)
  19. opps...sorry sandy...did not see your post... Hurricane is on sale....worthwhile plane to have ???
  20. for those pilots who have been whining cause they don't have it..
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