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  1. MC202 is a collector plane, and is 19.95 now. my guess would be some would not be willing to buy it at that price if they don't have it, but just a guess.
  2. hmmm....you see a couple posts that says "update", and you don't even bother to look to make sure it's for BOX..... that took me a while to figure out...
  3. no sure I understand the difference between the 2. as always...am willing to fly whatever you put up.
  4. I took a look at Macrium Reflect, and am running a backup of my boot drive now from the trial version. Looks like it is going to take about 33 mins to create an image of 380gb onto an ssd in a usb 3.0 docking station. keeping in mind, a complete evaluation can not be done unless a full recovery is attempted AND successful, which I am not going to do. For anyone who is not familiar with backup image software, the initial settings might be confusing, but the help website does a pretty good job of walking you thru the initial settings. Without a doubt, the most important step in backup software is creating the rescue boot media. It can be a usb stick, or a dvd, but in the event you loose your os, you need to have something to boot to so you can access your backup files, or your backup image. Macrium has all the settings I needed. first is this one: By selecting Create an image of the partition(s) required to backup and restore Windows. Using this option will choose all the partitions required to boot Windows. This may include hidden system partitions that are essential for Windows to start and run. It allowed me to select either Full, differential, or incremental backups. I always do full (only cause I do not how to restore from the other 2 options) It allowed me to schedule. I set it for once a week at 2am it allowed me to set the number of backup images to keep, I selected 2. Price is not really that bad, 70 bucks, and is a one time shot...no annual fee. At any rate, this is not an endorsement for the product, just tossing out the information. But do think it is worth looking at.
  5. it appears Acronis dropped perpetual license agreement july of this year. I would never consider a "pay every year" thing. will look around for alternatives.
  6. make sure you know the FILEID of the mission. You do things a little different (understatement...), and your mission title is sometimes not the same as the file id. Personally, I try to always make sure they are the same. in Editor...file > open > and in the open dialogue box, start typing the file id of the msnbin file you want to open, and it will list all the files in that folder that match up what you have typed so far. When you see the .msnbin file you are looking for, click on it...
  7. ?? why can't you open the Thursday msnbin file in editor (from the server) this is what we ran last nite (renamed xxxxx v1) Late 42 African Convoy Interdiction v1.rar
  8. saw a segment on 60 minutes about some of the recent cyber attacks. Did you know you can buy a "Cyber attack kit"? It's pretty much turnkey. You put it on, and let it start just perusing the web looking for vulnerable sites. The seller gets a cut of whatever ransom it collected from their products, even if they are not the ones who attacked the site. At any rate, have been doing "off site" backups at work for a long time, which just means I do a monthly backup to a drive in a docking station, then remove the drive when it's finished. Granted, you can pose the argument who is going to attack a bakery, or a mom and pop shop, but this software does not (to the best of my knowledge) distinguish between large and small companies. So decided there is no reason to think my home computer is safe, and ordered a 2gb mechanical drive, which should hold 2 backup copies of my most important drives (OS and Downloads). As soon as it gets here will start doing backups to a removeable drive. This is one of those things that when you are sitting there going "I should have done this or I should have done that" it is way too late.
  9. yeah really....that looks scary.
  10. not really sure if this has any thing to do with the topic, but it appears it does.... https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/73128-toe-brake-weirdness-any-ideas/?tab=comments#comment-1109687
  11. Geezer, if you start to go thru the steps of UPLOADING a skin in HSD, you will see all the information a user has to enter for just one skin. Multiply that times the god knows how many squad skins (ie the GOLD 2 SPRING) we have, and imho, it is just too much work, even for a handful of willing pilots. But it is a manageable solution for personal skins...(ie, those skins unique to one and only one pilot)
  12. Wish to extend a warm welcome to our newest full member. A pleasure to fly with, and a pleasure to be around him. Salute!
  13. that 98gb was a carry over from my bad EVO plus. Samsung recommended "reserving" (or something like that), 10% of the drive, which they claimed would prolong drive life, so I did it. When I restored the image file to the new drive, it gave me an exact copy of the old drive, which included the 98gb partition. For sure will talk to you about the diskpart.com more. Hate seeing 98gb just sitting there, but I doubt I will ever need it on my boot drive.
  14. Happy 4th to all! The Boston Pop's will be doing their event Sunday nite, and I will be watching it. Will have Fawlty's #4 all set to go for those who want to fly.
  15. just keep in mind, with w10, you have to include ALL the required partitions on the os drive, and that is not just the active/pagefile/crashdump (think i got them all) partition.
  16. I'm more than willing to switch to a p40 if that is what you might want to fly sandy....bout time I learned how to fly it (i don't even own it yet..)
  17. Acronis on work computer and at home. I'm definitely one of those fans who want to have a complete backup image of my systems in the event of a failure.
  18. ah....ok... on average...how many humans have to spawn for the mission to play out as intended? We had 4 allied and 2 german last nite. we got the first objective, but nothing popped up after that..(including ai opposition)
  19. Was going to fun thru your missions in order, and there is no WWfawlty_2v2 on the server......
  20. probably just the grumbling of a long boring retirement you are hearing...
  21. yeah,,,just noticed all little blurb's on my Angry Duck avatar... So, I'm a NEWBIE now????
  22. Some very very nice images there Sandy! I really enjoyed that mission. Real life has been going at the speed of light, and needed something that was very relaxing.
  23. some nites I could spend hours just sitting on the deck..
  24. you know..first time I read that I thought you said a banana....
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