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  1. Salute All!!!!! Seen it: thoroughly impressed, makes me want to jump back into the canvas cockpit: if the puter would let me. Tried the Flyboys Game, it's ok. Graphics were good, smooth. But, it at least works on this puter. (Really thinking of getting an old puter just to fly again) S! Fuchs.
  2. S! Flying buddies.... I've become so enthralled with this game, and I want to know if anyone else is participating. If you are...look me up ongame: Verreuckter Fuchs.....(sorry Fate, spelling was always an issue for me)
  3. S! Dragonrider....and Fate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, so far flying Ils 2 I've crashed more planes than historically were built. And for some reason, I'm having a devil of a time with RB and my puter...curse you Gates!!!! But, Fate, I'm trying to get up to caliber so the Goons can ride the skies again....
  4. Well, now that I have acquired highspeed again, I've dusted off the chaps, and the whip...noooo errrr wait...I've dusted off the flying goggles, leather helmet dusted off Ils2, and forgotten battles, and even RB...not that it goes well on this new system...*sigh*.... I'm living in Kitchener/Waterloo/Cambridge for the longest time now.... Hope to see you all in the skies soon...once I get back into shape....Did someone make the runways shorter??...
  5. A funny thing happened to me.... I was sweeping out the Kitchen here in domesticville and I stumbled across an old broom....it brought back memories for this ole hangar sweep...so I figured I'd drop a line and say....HEY...doesn't anyone sweep around here?????? Fuchs in Ontario, Canada...Salute Wing Walkers!!!!!
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