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  1. Howdy All, Hmm page has changed, looks nice. Sorry for the dissappearing act, and the lack of comms. I have been out of country TDY Bahammas (however the hell you spell it) for a good bit and regular old TDY in FL around. Things have gotten beyond buzy. My new compressed work schedule is 16 on 8 off, Except weekends where we are dividing 4, 8 hour shifts amongst 3 Techs. Yup I'm still a tech, Job descript says otherwise. I haven't felt like doing anything when I'm off and at home. TV sucks, on the computer all day so,, books, sleep and the occasional movie. I'm sure you've seen the stuff about the Hatians, so I'm sure my work routines, routine will take a differnet venue. I will make the time to keep in touch. S! ALL Mark aka Weasie.
  2. Howdy Hmm My knowledge on specific MFg's is pretty limited. Recommendations.. Cisco ,, very expensive. So is HP, Nortel, 3Com, and Lucent/Transcend. SMC and Netgear cheaper but typically used more in the home SOHO environment. By a minimum of a 10/100 autonegotiate nway switch. Stackable, gigabit, GBIC, or expansion modules prefferd. Look at the backplane bandwith of any switch you plan on buying. The backplane should have enough bandwith to accomodate all ports in Full duplex + any expansion modules that it might be using. Otherwise it is "blocking" regardless of what the documentation says. So in a 24 port switch you should see a typical backplane bandwith of 8 Gigs or so if it is a non blocking 24 port 10/100 full duplex switch with a couple of Gig expansion modules. 3Com gets a little shady with their marketing at times. Many of the cheaper switches don't have the details that I consider important included with the documentation. Most of the Big names include crap that you will probably will never use but most definately will pay for. The 3Com 4400 SE is a pretty cheap switch as 24port switches go. 8.3gb backplane 24 10/100 auto negotiate, auto MDX ports 2 modules in the back. It can be stacked up 196 ports. There are 100 mb FX, Gig, SX, LX and 1000base T modules. No GBIC modules. It's a managed switch. It runs around $600.00 or so. S! Wease
  3. Howdy Norton System works should be on everyone's computer:) I've been using Nortons tools from Dos 5 up. It works better than the MS stuff, is safer, faster, more control etc. Some of the schtuff that comes with it I never use and don't care for. I use Speeddisk and Clean sweep. Ghost, Antivirus, and wheelbarrow full of other crap come with System works... It's pretty damn cheap too. Get the Oem version from someplace like Newegg. I think my 2002 version cost $12.00. My only complaint is the installer is a bit too automatic, for me... S! Wease
  4. Howdy It doesn't sound good Dee. I have never had a pot go bad in a ch anything. I've had wires break (no axis) and cables brake, (no workey). Does it calibrate ok or does it drift after calibration? Have you tried unplugging and plugging it back in? My calibration gets screwy every now and again and I need to kill it. I had to do the same thing with the X-45 too, a lot more frequently. Send an e-mail to CH and see what they say. They usually get back to me pretty quick. S! Wease
  5. Howdy Sensei, I hope you can get this crap figured out soon.. hehehe http://home.fuse.net/mmz/index.htm Basically you can do about whatever you wnat with the throttle.... Figuring out how to program it is another thing all togheter. I screwed around about three days getting the throttle to work both pitch and power on the same axis for a 109E.. But other planes required a completely different setup and 1.1B came out.. So I said Fekk it too much work. I pretty much had no clue wtf I was doing either.... S! Weasel
  6. Howdy urppp my appologies if you thought I meant you were building an arcade box. Just throwing the name out of a very reliable, long life, heavy duty, switch manufacturer:) S! Weasel
  7. Howdy Sensei, if your building your own, spend the extra $ and get cherry switches and buttons. Their equipement used to go into most commercial arcade machines and will definately hold up for the use you throw at it. Digikey and Newark both sold cherry switches, I think mouser does too. Alternatively, find out who runs the local malls arcade and see if you can buy crap off of their busted machines. The buttons usually last longer than the unit. orr....check their dumpster ;) S! Weasel
  8. Howdy Why do I always get the shaft.... S! Weasel
  9. Howdy I made these BMPs to help with programming my stuff. I started with the BMPs you can DL from CH and modified. Anyway I use them to figure out how I want something programmed or to get the in game cmds to match the controller stuff. S! Wease
  10. Howdy My appologies for being a dick in my response. Reading it today it seems like I was.. Long days' at work, and being anal about Klipsch speakers makes wease a knucklehead.. Sorry Schwann and all S! Weasel
  11. Howdy Sheeeze loweeeze, If I was dead I just rolled over after reading that sentence... Which Klipsch Speakers only work correctly with digital audio? What sound card does not have chips that can't handle digital audio.. What is low resolution? What is relative in relatively low resolution? Are you comparing something to a turntable or magnetic tape? Klipsch Speakers are not German. Paul Klipsch was the founder of the Klipsch speaker company. He's been making world famous American speakers for many, many years. What makes a Klipsch Speaker not work. Have you ever auditioned Klipsch speakers? How old are you? No harm meant, Klipsch speakers are a tad bright to the young. Your Z-680's are on the bright side as well though. Lastly,, Do I know you? Just wondering? S! Weasel
  12. Howdy I like!!! MuchoGrassyass!! They have a cool WW2/Retro Teenage mutant ninja turtles look. thanky thanky thanky~! S! Weasie
  13. Howdy Oops I forgot.. The Fbdaemon gets picky with what you call your missions. Keep mission names lowercase and short as possible. Attached is my Lvov map set. I tried to keep it somewhat historic. I wanted it to be goal orientated so thats the reasoning for the plane numbers etc. maps 1-4 are OKL offensive. If the Blue side wins, the lines move and the Blue will proceed to the next map set or in my series back to map 1. Map 5-8 are Red Win. Reds have to win map 1 and the "decision" map to get the lines going in their favor. I have two "decision" maps that move things around a bit. Red starts out purely on defense. Their only goal being to shoot down all of the blue. They have the plane numbers to be able to accomplish that. The Blue must work on ground attack or they won't win. The first couple(1,2?) maps have a lot of static planes in the red hangers, so The blue can try to weed them down with high alt bombing. The Reds have to win the first 3 maps before they get the initative and get rewarded by having Blue Ground goals. S! Wease
  14. Howdy FBDaemon Setup.. Download the Dameon. http://www.greatergreen.com/il2/bbz/ When I last checked there was a bug with the version 1.4z. The bug prevents ships from working as valid or winnable goals. Install to a folder on your Hardrive. When you first install it you will have the EXE, and two folders. You have to dbl click the exe to get it to make other files. You will need to enter the location of IL2FB and the "LOCAL" IP address of the computer that you are hosting the FB server on. * If you screw up Don't worry,, you can edit the ini file later. It creates a file called FBDaemon.ini Next look in the folder called "sample config files" Copy superusers.txt to the main FBDaemon folder. This is the file that lets you as the Admin administrate with FBdaemon functions as opposed to FB console. You need to enter your local IP address Tab then call sign. You can give others ADMIN priviledges, but unless they are on your local subnet they need to login to do anything. Next you'll want to log all IP's coming and going onto your server,, at least I want that.. In the main FBDaemon folder create a blank text file called iplog.txt. You will have to turn this on manually once. You start it by entering in the chat window " You can log all ingame chat by creating a file called chatlog.txt and starting it the same way. This does cause hardisk activity though.** Now for the Meat of FB Dameon..... Remember the and ? We are going to create a New one.. I'm including the FBD entries from my LvovV1.map. Ok thats a lot of shit... Lets bring it home. Red=60:60:0:50:10:15:0:0:1=LvovV5.mis This is the meat.. These are the Objects that Red has to defend. Planes and Pilots 60:60 are always winnable objectives. Regardless of the other goals you place in this line, if you kill all of his pilots or shootdown all of his planes the Blue side wins. The next six goals are as follows :wagons:aaa:tank:artilery:car:ships: The last portion is the potatoes. Anything you enter in the above areas, are considered goals. The last item is how many are required for a map change to occur. So using my example.. If the Blue side Kills 10 tanks or 15 artillary pieces it wins and forces a map change.. Ahhha,,,, But what is the name of the map that it changes too, if the blue side kills the tanks, artillary, pilots or planes? If you guessed LvovV5.mis YOU IS WRONG! LvovV5.mis is the name of the map that is loaded if the Red side wins.. Confusing yes.. but maybe only for a 2ounce weasie brain. Ok I explained the Red side, the Blue side is the same deal,, just remember about the map load,, ok? What is all this crap right?
  15. Howdy Mission brief Properties 101. How to make Briefs that appear to one side only etc. Example will be map 1 of my Lvov Series. There are no Fbdaemon entries in this. n == a return This is the name that appears in your DF map location list. This is the discription that appears to the right when you click on the name of a mission. I like to put reminders here, like set difficulties to external view for AI AC, or remember to set short Icons,, whatever.. Everything below here is the briefing that appears. This is the briefing that appears for everyone before they click a side.. It is only available once per connection, so If you want people to see it make sure its included on each sides briefing. The Briefing starts with the and ends with . If it is not very long you want to put enough returns into it n to keep the briefs for each side from being cutoff. I usually use 20 returns. It needs to be at least as long as the number of lines in each each sides briefing. This signifies the begining of the Red Brief. It ends with,, you guessed it Put important stuff here. examples follow /applications/core/interface/imageproxy/imageproxy.php?img=%7BSMILIES_PATH%7D/icon_biggrin.gif&key=64cd7b7a0036899205810ec0a5b90ed7121d5889dd92733089c47c9758b7f4ae"> Yup the Blue sides briefing. More bullshyte that I included in the briefing S! Weasel
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