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  1. Flaps on the 52 are slats and just about useless. Don’t bother rekeying them. Your cowl vents are the six faucet looking controls in front of copilot. You will see them spin when you get the right control. The right set is cowl vent, the inboard set is oil rads. And correction the proper key for your doors to unload is your canopy button..
  2. You have a canopy command you must use to unload the cargo. (Open and wait) And tell your gunners to fire at will from long range.
  3. Well his hockey team just got dropped from playoffs so his secondary treat source is now gone. He’ll be real hungry by Tuesday!
  4. S! Ju-52 pilot here. Zeus loves the high rear gunner position and doggy treat holder on the sides. Warning to enemy pilots, the treat dispenser is automatic for each kill and he knows it!
  5. Sold. 500 Canadian, you deliver!
  6. Zeus gives a hearty aye aye!
  7. Happy birthday duck! Zeus did this for ya
  8. Just chose push-to-talk in the hotkey setup (bottom choice). You can set as many as you want
  9. Is that just helicopters? Don’t fly choppers cause they don’t fly. They just so ugly the ground rejects em.
  10. May have need for one in our war against jg-1. Would like to practice paradrops and evasion against boche fighters download my skin so you can tell I am ours!
  11. May be a little late getting there tonight, but will be there. Duck could you put a ju-52 on the Soviet side somewhere tonight?
  12. Dora 9 Panzer III Sherman 109 K4 Forum Link
  13. Ok Here they are, Generic profiles for Fighters and Bombers. You use Import to put them in Voice attack. ww PROFILES VA.zip
  14. I use two buttons on my joystick, one for ts one for va. In VR it is almost indispensable. And if you really think about it, the pilot never closes his own manual canopy, the crew chief usually does except for the sliders.
  15. I am working on 3 voice attack profiles for generic use in IL2 Below is a list of the commands I am going to map to Voice Attack. If you see anything that you want added or will never have a need for just ;et me know. The VA will use the default keys for the command so if you have remapped your keys let me know AFTER the generic ones are done and I will customize it for you.. FighterBomberTank
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