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  1. Greyhoun d is a win! See it if you can..
  2. I think we should dedicate one night of flying to try it out. Seems like a good way to coordinate flights just like when they had flight ground controlling stations in WW2. Would be nice if IL2 was looking at some sort of Air Marshal type thing for overall coordination of a mission.....
  3. Thank you, sorry border is closed....
  4. So... who the f is wwsreamer? I know who WWScreamer is BTW
  5. There is a newly created world in altspace for WingWalkers to meet, it is open all weekend as an event (WingWalkers meetup) and as it is public you can go explore it. go to events page - all and it should be on first page. Enjoy! Especially if you are in VR. Make sure you go to settings general and turn fly on....
  6. Gold still has gold, those are yellow
  7. If you like ViR and like trains. Derail valley both on steam and oculus. google earth must have trucks. Truck simulator or European truck sim roller coaster extreme. Oculus No links just search em in oculus or steam store
  8. ere ya go! 2 keymaps for the x-56 3 VA profiles, 1 fighter, 1 bomber, 1 ME262 starting profile Screamer.zip
  9. I have an x-56 but don’t use a profile. I have just mapped my buttons in the il2 key map
  10. And we have some night skins for the U2 IN THE PAINT ROOM. Not historical but better, and make sure you pick up the Tiger Moth skin as well....
  11. They got tanks in this game? Lol. Yeah I will dust it off and update it for the new tanks. Battle of the Bulge mk2 coming up. Welcome back @WWBrian I will introduce you to Zeus one night so he knows not to shoot you down. He still gets confused with @WWGreyWolfe
  12. Ps, that ship looks like a torpedo target if i have ever seen one. Hint hint hint
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