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  1. And if you pick up my skin, you have a tiger moth trainer!
  2. And what are your balls used for, rather than something to polish with a microfibre cloth?
  3. We’re good, thanks for asking.....
  4. As for the arm there are no collider built into the turret model because of the size and the need to rotate the gun. Guess they had to decide on realism on arm clipping or realism on arc of fire. Arc of fire wins in my book every time
  5. The lower turret gunner position is sized for Zeus, stay out of it!
  6. The 14 containers are inside, can only be dropped after landing. The 6 are wing mounted(!) for air drop. Paratroopers only get out in the air
  7. 18632 1035 posts Location:Moscow Posted 20 hours ago Update 4.503 Dear friends, Less than two weeks (wink-wink) have passed since the previous update and we just released another - 4.503. It doesn't contain so many changes, but it adds a new aircraft to the Battle of Normandy Early Access - Bf 109 G-6 late. With the MW-50 injection system engaged, it was a formidable machine capable of confronting the Allied fighters of that time. Normandy map and Battle of Normandy Career are still in development according to the development plan, but you can alread
  8. No but you can borrow my yard in about a month.....
  9. And your attack area is set for 1000m?
  10. 400 meters is minimum height 1000 meter attackArea MCU minimum as the c47s pitch up when they drop their cargo At least 5km difference between Waypoint MCU and the attackArea MCU.
  11. That is not real ice skating.... this is....
  12. My dad, 435th RCAF. Mechanic and rigger with electrical specialty. Pictures from Sydney NS and Iceland RCAF. Yes that is a uboat kill on the fuselage. He was ground mechanic for it not pilot.....
  13. Yeah, she is rock solid in the air and landing. The next update will probably break it...
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