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  1. WWZed

    Dec 10 AAR

    But you didn’t. The aircraft were damaged on the airfield and you lived... mechanics are pretty good at the airfield, well you did lose two but....
  2. WWZed

    Dec 10 AAR

    0Left our northern base at mission start in Ju-52 and flew north-west to Timashevskaya as rendezvous point with Gold. Radio chatter was not great as aircraft seemed to be crashing into the ground, trees, various bumps in the runway etc (suspect enemy sabotage, they must be getting worried). After a few circuits of the city I decided to head south west to Popovicheskaya where an abandoned airfield was used to land, get out and stretch my legs and let the paratroops get out and have a pee. Frylock flew into the area and after about 20 minutes of waiting on the other elements of gold decided to go after Ivan airfield alone. I took off from the abandoned airfield and headed for Ivan when Fry radioed me to tell me the hangers were down, the aa was suppressed but the runway was intact I flew to the abandoned airbase at Staro-Nizne and landed, doing a good impression of a rock while waiting.... Geezer then was headed in to Ivan in an A-20 with escort. I cranked the engines up once more and headed for Ivan Gotthere in time to see Geezer do a textbook bombing of the runway, looked like a sieve when he was done. Flipped 180 and flew at 500 over the airfield while having Zeus kick the paratroops out the back.. watched as 12 perfect chutes wafted onto the airfield. Turned the aircraft east and headed for home 2 hours for the one mission... lost - nothing, not even one bullet finished mission with paratroop successful drop.
  3. Or do you setup multiple commands to cover the 2-3 different planes you might be flying, say map 1 and it overwrites it for all the planes you setup batch files for. In voice attack you set it up with prefix. Command prefix map2 then command mustang. Would run appropriate batch file..
  4. Nope doesn’t work like that. The .dds file is read once when you load plane. Changing picture in flight shouldn’t change textures already loaded
  5. Easily done. Write a quick batch file that copies the one file from a holding directory to the plane directory you want with the -r parameter. In game and only when in main menu choose that batch file and run it (easily done in voice attack too). When you go back and choose planes and accessories from mission the new photo is ther example of map2.bat copy c:/holding/map2.dds c:/il2 sturmovik/data/graphics/planes/p38j/textures/custom_photo.dds -r
  6. 2 miles out on approach to Winnipeg runway 31 is my house.
  7. Tested on iOS, win 10 and used chrome and ie. no issues
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  9. WWZed

    Dec 3 AAR

    Took off in an A-20 from Bolonaskaya as #2 in a flight of 2. With the sun coming up the steel props shone like beacons for everyone to see. Headed for the river depot target. 1/2 there got a 109 beginning to shadow us. Zeus kept him at a longer range while he toyed with us. Close in to target he attacked and got lead, I also received enough damage to start my engine on fire. With target in sight I dove down and dropped bombs on target, unsure of results as I was busy bailing out. Aircraft crashed and I chutes right into the middle of the explosion. after a 20 minute break, I took an A-20 from Gelendzhik and flew north towards target. Got jumped about 10 miles north by 2 bandits and went down in the mountains sortie three left from northern base and headed west for targets. After about 25 minutes flying was jumped by two bandits who flew in close to finish me off. Zeus shot one in the face and he corkscrewed into the tail of the plane, I belly landed in a field safely sortie 4 was an easy flight to Ferry A-20 from Gelendzhik to Boro. Landed safely destroyed 1 river ship and possible depot building? shot down 2 enemy aircraft (well Zeus did) lost 3 A-20 respectfully submitted WWZed
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  11. Don’t worry Geezer, we’ll just make you another one...
  12. Happy South Thanksgiving all!
  13. No problem Icy, sorry about shooting you down times while in my U2-VS....(never piss off the guy in control of the stats!)
  14. I don’t think the b-25 or 26 will be in a pack, but I’ll bet on collector plane on the side
  15. And to keep the skies safer I have added a tank base with an SU-122 to keep ICY on the ground... it has three positions so two more can squeeze in.
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