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  1. JG5 IS HOSTING A MULTI SQUAD FLYING CIRCUS BATTLE. It will be on Saturdays in September there are mission objectives and advancements along the battle lines each week. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/53265-black-september-comes-to-flying-circus/ go fill out the poll there for preferences. I chose switching blue red sides each week, but the majority seem to be going for one side every week....
  2. There are three settings for cover From mission editor and multiplayer server manual (P.239): "Priority The priority of the coverage. Low–The covering objects can also attack nearby enemies. Medium–The covering objects can maneuver to defend themselves from attacks. High–The covering objects do nothing except cover the object requiring protection."
  3. I am loving this plane and Zeus has grown a mustache!
  4. Bristol Bomber Gold Flight Livery, place in both directories II and III brisfit_gold.zip
  5. To zoom in VR I have slaved my zoom (in settings) to the right mouse button. Works like a charm! As for the seeing enemies at range, I find the notice is about the same as flat, because the movement is more pronounced and noticeable. The ground targets don’t move as quick so it takes a little more staring, but the zoom really helps there. As for buy now or later? That will always be a question as it will always changing, although the basic is laid out pretty good now. My thoughts, if you are going to spend some money on new monitors etc, buy VR instead unless there is a game that is non vr you want to upgrade for. Most games now either use steam vr input or VORPX.
  6. Numbers 1-4 for Gold Flight on the Halb Place in Both directories, the 160 and 200 HP versions. Thanks go to JG1 Vonrd for painstakingly put the skin layers apart.... Halb_Gold_WWX.zip
  7. Congrats Brinson, you may now officially put your muddy boots up on Icy!s table! S!
  8. What! You better not have scratched MY bomber!
  9. Oh have fun getting the vr going and enjoy! Going to be an easy night, according to Duck, we only need one bomb....
  10. When you choose the bomb load out it is a drop down menu on the bottom right. Under 300 feet 5+ seconds. Over 300 anything
  11. Don’t worry Icy. Zeus is colour blind so he will shoot at gray flight if they get too close...
  12. Don’t need it already read it, but the experience Thursday night was exactly this. Duck and Brinson trying to take down the Bristol, then Icy slips in the knife from behind....
  13. WWZed


    None, no bombers in picture
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