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  1. I apologize, after looking at the skin last night, on server I went back and checked my colours again, I had the blue pantone incorrect by 10, therefore it was a little bright. Reloaded corrected paint.. WW SE5A Billy Bishop.dds
  2. Shoot, that is a little bear, try our white ones up in Churchill Manitoba, puts all other bears to shame (even the Kodiak). They come ashore for the summer when the ice melts and then don’t eat for three months(well unless they get a tourist). Spent the best vacation of my life up at the research station there, if you went out you went out armed or with a bear guard. The scientists used to jog in the morning with two of them riding bikes and rifles over their shoulders.. During the hot days they just lie down in the tundra rocks and you could be on one in seconds... if you can do 35 mph in under 2 seconds, you might outrun them. Halloween is a weird time up there, ice is forming and the bears gather at the shore. Kids go door to door with an armed adult and the police force is all out patrolling for bear alerts.
  3. Yes gotta watch them RAF hobbits, they are a sneaky (and well armed) bunch!
  4. Happy Birfday! C967E3C7-22A7-4084-8E52-8CD3F88399F1.mp4
  5. I am claiming Billy Bishop's SE-5A skin for my own. Top Commonwealth Ace (72 kills), Canadian and YES he did have a Z (pronounced Zed) as his personal identification Letter.... Made with WW ID on the tail as per regulation 45-8903WW subsection P. File now colour corrected.. WW SE5A Billy Bishop.dds
  6. Zeus is good to go! 5DFF4F10-13B1-44D2-9CE8-69596C89EC25.mp4
  7. Change the voice in the command itself, it is in each “Say” command. As long as you have the rpm limiter on, you do get the overheat warning at startup, but that is normal
  8. Make sure you choose the RPM limiter in the aircraft screen or you will be like Icy, hair on fire!
  9. Here ya go! Put this command in your VA profile, say "Start Engines" and wait for each engine to get to 10,000 RPM, advance our throttle until the locks open and Voila! you have started your engines! Download file and choose import profile from the VA menu. Copy the command into whatever profile you use for the 262 Start Engine ME 262-Profile.vap
  10. So that proves it. You need a steady hand and nerves of steel, Gold’s main attributes. Take those cannon out, fly with 1/4 tank, extra armour out, no ordinance, she gets up to 920 mph in shallow dive. 950 and those stubby things on the side come off.... 720 mph with cannon and bombs in level flight, was over target and home before the aaa boys had taken the canvas off their guns!
  11. 2 engines =bomber. You can have any 1 engine jets. Blue can have the rocket powered ones
  12. You need to ask permission from gold flight to fly that bomber, you better not of scratched her! (710 mph with bombs in level flight and 755 without). Biggest problem is checking the scenery to see where you are, you are moving so fast it all looks a blur!
  13. Oculus Rift with x-56 Rhino HOTAS and voice attack
  14. It is pc based on windows 10 as well. Preliminary reports show you need upgrades to the Xbox to fly it, specifically a VR setup so you will be able to click switches etc. For those flatlanders (oops I meant flat screen people) you should be able to use those mundane muggle type controls, like a keyboard etc.... us VR people will be flying it in the cockpit.
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