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  1. Sorry Sandman, Manitoba land of 100,000 lakes and one ocean…..
  2. What you talking about Diz? Now is the perfect time to go camping, lots of open spots! And fish delivered direct to your site!
  3. https://www.jibjab.com/view/make/get-the-party-started-pink-bday-starring-you-ecard/85b18869-1874-4ee0-be84-684bdbee6f0a
  4. Personal skin now that template available
  5. We need the mosquitoes in order to do pathfinder duties using Oboe. Perhaps this could be simulated with a large fire set at target, giving a bombing point to allow better aiming from 5000 meters…
  6. Congratulations to the USA team for their convincing win…here is the trophy and your bolts back. Next year, HP O/400
  7. Any chance of getting a practice server up, or the mission to practice the starts?
  8. Diz Canadian Team plane has been built with all new parts and titanium bolts on the wing roots. Please remove any trees from the nearest vicinity of the track
  9. Click Racing skin as the category AND WingWalkers as squadron, that way they are easier to find and if a WW doesn’t want those skins just unclick Racing in the category when pulling up skins
  10. thank you all, will link accounts but…. Steam doesn’t have pre-orders! So will have to wait for Churchill to come out…geesh.
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