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  1. There’s no reason to insult the Mossie with a pink skin..
  2. Ok and when gold wins, red can never fly it....
  3. I’m sorry, the Mosquito has already been detailed to Gold flight, you may look at it from a distance but no touch!
  4. 272 Dear friends, Earlier this week we have published update 4.506 that brought the new aircraft for the Battle of Normandy and many important improvements, but the preparation of this update did not slow down our main development. Soon we'll be able to show the first teaser screenshots of the new map, while today we have for you several of the unique buildings that you'll see in the Normandy and Southern English coast cities - Royal Hospital Haslar (Gosport, Hampshire), Abbey of Saint-Étienne (Caen) and Bayeux and Rouen Cathedrals. We are also glad
  5. Zeus doesn’t like getting out of bed at 04:30
  6. Uh, have I been voluntold for a special mission?
  7. I’ll send you the Ft Garry Horse skin for the Sherman
  8. Zed in for Gold. Will volunteer for troop drop, but up to the boss if he wants me to knock sticks in the river instead.. if paratroops, please equip plane with a few extra mre’s. Zeus gets hungry and I don’t want gnawing on a troopers leg.
  9. Yes Tacview counts your bullets and trajectories, number of hits, burst amount and shows trajectory in 3 dimensions
  10. 4-0 for the Jets against the Flames..... what? No one said what game, now did they?
  11. Canadian JU-52 for flying the north. Us Canucks only needed 1 engine.... (JU-52-1)
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