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  1. https://twitter.com/RCAF_ARC/status/1306337064124739585/video/1
  2. So weird, second time flying this map. Frame rates drop to 8-12 and it feels like flying a jigsaw puzzle. Bombs drop late, flying almost impossible. Not sure what is going on, sorry about leaving but I have to fix the issues.....
  3. Voice not optimum tonight, so I enlisted Zeus https://www.jibjab.com/view/make/super-freak-rick-james-starring-you-ecard/b942265f-6e84-409e-adf8-bfdb417a8d87
  4. Ok challenge accepted. Get me that Heinkel H-16
  5. Consolidated Fleet model 11.... with Kilnnex R5. Exported to China as a trainer
  6. WWZed


    Just flew it from Thompson Manitoba to Churchill, No problems what so ever And he has around 15 skins included with it! I hope they all match this level!
  7. I'm betting on the AVRO 643 Cadet. they had 5 of them in training capacity
  8. WWZed


  9. There is a gimp dds plug-in works like a charm https://code.google.com/archive/p/gimp-dds/
  10. Gimp with dds plugin... just sayin
  11. Open your game folder and go to "\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Moscow\data\graphics\Planes\Me262A\Textures" (in case of the 262). Now delete or rename the file called custom_photo. Copy your newly created .dds file into this folder and name it custom_photo.
  12. WWZed


    Ok there is a way to put all your commands on your joystick, very convulsed though. You have to choose everything in the joystick and then search for what you want, tthhen save under a new name not default.... woosh https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DXdGaRgnhU
  13. WWZed


    Tokyo Airport, middle of night, Live time, traffic and weather.... Took forever to find runway 22, but with the look down GPS in the cockpit wasn't too bad. Took off easier than an HE111 Sounds in cockpit are awesome with the creaks and whatnot sounds...
  14. WWZed


    McMurdo Station Antarctic 12:35 PM (sun is only above horizon for 2 hours in a Dreamliner....
  15. WWZed


    The first screenshots at top were of the B.C. mountains on the way to Prince George. The bottom shots were of Arizona where I parked in Icy’s back yard if you want a particular place or airport just let me know, the sim literally has the whole world i flew over the aircraft boneyard out on Tuscan and it was wonderful...forgot to take a screenshot though also any one else that has it I would like to fly group flight, so let me know.. at this point the only thing that really sucks is VR (SEPTEMBER) and the key mapping
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