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  1. Quest 2 here. no that theory does not hold water, my long distance is as clear as the cockpit. you are running at a lower resolution, the gauges because they are closer appear more defined as they are larger (more pixels) than an aircraft which would have fewer pixels
  2. DH4. Began service March 1917 as the first true British bomber
  3. Added because if I got to fly it..... Anyone ever thought of welding two of these things together?
  4. II’m sorry Duck. We are full at the moment…. We’ll put you on the waiting list….
  5. Under settings, keybinds TA"NK CONTROLs You will see the following screens To control the gun you must T to get into the position and LSht-T to toggle the "Nestle to gunsight" Note that you can use the Joystick axis to control both vertical and horizontal movement of the gun barrel You "fire button works great Note there is a Stabilizer to lock the position of the truck for stable firing. Gunners and drivers may lock/unlock this (G) The truck WILL NOT DRIVE IF THE STABS ARE DOWN...
  6. How to be a ground gunner..... Step 1 Choose Be a Gunner from either the mission map menu or the menu in game after death. Choose the side you want to gun for, a selection of the positions available will come up, choose 1 Play like normal
  7. No purchase required, you can be a gunner if you want or jump in that old decrepit Panzer III I put at the other end of the airfield
  8. Driver info choose either of the two trucks, for the Gaz or the SD 10/5 choose the Opel Blitz skin (available here). For the SD choose any skin make sure you choose high explosive shells and NO shields as the ground targets can’t be seen with shields on your gear button (g) drops stabs to stabilize the truck (it won’t move with them down) parking brake is on to start. the gun cannot depress low enough if you are driving directly at target, they shoot low at least 45 degrees off the nose Cephas may be driving a panzer III so watch for that, split and flank ammo is unlimited, outside view is on Have fun
  9. Captain Hans Dietrich, recently returned from his command in Africa has proposed a fast strike force composed of converted Opel blitz trucks and SK 10/5 Halftracks we will be testing this for training purposes this Saturday at 7pm pst, 8pm mst, 9pm cst, 10pm est for about 1 hour. you do NOT have to own Tank Crew or the collector trucks, you can join as gunner or commander. Teamspeak in operation
  10. New Skin for the Gaz. German Ingenuity has turned the Opel Blitz into an effective land weapon, now being used by Die Rattenpatrouille Uploaded both here and Haluters...
  11. https://www.jibjab.com/view/make/neon-birthday-dance-starring-you-clip/d85dac90-1135-4210-8861-9a2436486573
  12. No panzers, but you can defend the bases with a squirt gun and a bratwurst…
  13. I am looking at a set of Tank Crew missions using the AAA guns based on “The Rat Patrol” series. as the aaa trucks can be used with crews of non owners, it should allow a few of us to run the missions. I am looking at Saturday nights for an hour or so. if this goes forward, where should the mission info and promotion go in the forum? Rattenpatrouille
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