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  1. So the only planes that made any difference in this were the ju-87 and he-111 that were unopposed…. That is the plane set?
  2. I hereby proclaim this is an official air show, now go watch the little bicycles with the overly loud engines…
  3. See, can’t have a true air show without a boat…..
  4. If you have the gun pods equipped your bombsight is your gunsight. If bomb equipped it is dive sight. Bind gunsight mode to a button and when in gunsight that will flip view 180.
  5. Interesting they gave us the periscope and the ability to rotate 180 but didn’t give us the defensive gun. Same startup as the 262 so my voice attack still works like a charm. And 35 seconds of rocket boost……..
  6. Thenit isn’t an airshow, maybe a bicycle rodeo….
  7. Does this make WWBiker, Pugsly and WWSittingDuck, Uncle Fester?
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