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  1. It's behind my pilot seat, but get your own!
  2. Happy birthday friend, hope you have a peaceful day.
  3. Yes, my bad, was thinking today was next Tuesday...DOH... This quarantine is driving me crazy!
  4. We have are meeting tonight as well.
  5. I've had that happen to me from time to time in multi engine aircraft, For some reason they would unsink and one would throttle up and the other just sat there. Sometimes if you throttle back as the game is loading, it may not take and you may still be throttled up regardless of where your throttle tab is. For a while I had a habit of throttling up and back real fast as soon as I saw the cockpit.
  6. That's a pretty big baby step, going from any WW1 aircraft to a FW190 !! The 190 is a handfull even for a seasond pilot. You should practice with the ME109 f4 . It's a forgiving aircraft but a nice transition from open cockpit aircraft to the more modern closed cockpit. You may find out the hard way that the ground will kill you more then any enemy will in the FW190.
  7. It was a fun night, but a difficult one at best, many restarts due to different reasons, and one huge pile up on the runway witch was funny until SOMEONE started shooting leading to a few deaths, I won't mention Zed's name. First run was good, Gold hit Target with effectiveness but being a little rusty, I pancaked on a staffing run and hitched a ride back with frylock, Second run only got 2 88s off the deck and destroyed the target but there were a lot of bandits in the area blue and red had there hands full while Gold hit Target, Frylock got jumped as did I, Griph jumped in as a Gunner on my 88 , frylock went down with geezer on way back, I made it back to base with my #2 engine failing while I was landing but put her down safe. All in all a very interesting night.
  8. We will take off last, it's a co op so I figure at least one mullogan .
  9. I'll take charge of first sortie, 110's going in at medium altitude, Frylock will lead second sortie, Ju88's going as high as we can get, what do you think Zed?
  10. Looks like fun, I'll be there.
  11. We just got a confirmed case in Prescott, Well it finally made to us. I go into the hospital in Prescott in a few weeks..... Well shit!!
  12. Sounds like a good idea but there wouldn't be any targets left after I was done.
  13. Well my first thought would be the first idea rather them the later, if an attack is facing allot of flack, groups going in one after the other you stand a better chance of getting through it, timing and coming in from different directions should split up the defensive fire enough to be effective. I'm hoping I can join you but I've been in allot of pain lately and haven't felt good. I've also been watching documentaries on the Pacific campaigns and thought a different time period, The problem sounds the same, Midway was a classic example, they were all focused on one attack and didn't see the real threat coming from the other direction. Anyways I did pick up 3 gallons of lighter fluid from Costco.
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