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  1. I would say your best bet at this time is to pull out your hard drive and put some tannerite in it and then carefully put a.308 round into it and watch it disappear. It will for sure get rid of the problem Ooh and it will make your PC disappear as well.
  2. Yep we got tore up on that first flight, Lost one transport shortly after heading out, then lost the ai lead inbound to airfield, I watched him just blow up into pieces then I got ripped open and lost two engines and put it down in a field a few hundred yards from the runway. Out of the 6 aircraft only two managed to land and unload. Second run in the 110 went better, found the tanks and managed to destroy two of them and return to base.
  3. Spoke with frylock yesterday, he's been sick but says he should be gtg for tonight's supply run so we should have a good showing .
  4. I think as far as I use the Ju is I don't use them, it has such a low speed for take off and landing they don't seem necessary .
  5. Your more then welcome to join in wherever you feel comfortable. We're always glad to have you aboard .
  6. S! Yep it's in my hanger getting washed out, had a green jumper and he chewked all over the back.
  7. Hey I knew all about the beacon....I just wanted to do it old school. Yes that's it... Ooh yea, duck you got a kill about an hour after you left...
  8. Happy birthday running late will be in a bit late.
  9. Copy, saw your other post right after I posted that response..
  10. What are you thinking Zed?
  11. Yes sorry about that, i haven't been feeling well the last few days, got it coming out every opening, That might have been A TMI statement, also didn't know we were still doing wendsdays . As for Thursday I'm open and didn't have anything in particular. Would like to bomb the hell outta stuff tonight though.
  12. Stuck working late today in Flagstaff, might not make it in time tonight.
  13. Griph go to the settings for the quick mission and put in only tanks and trains, that way you will only go against tanks and a passing train, The ai enemy's are pretty stupid at the moment but it's good for Gunner practice, I usually take apc and He rounds though Zed says all the rounds are the same at this time. Though I have noticed that HE rounds blow up trucks with one round and ap rounds tend to go through and kill the truck without blowing it up.
  14. No there terrain is ok, I was getting hit from somewhere I couldn't see, every time I got near the tree line I would get hit by at least three different targets. My track would be takin out and id sit there looking until I was destroyd. Never did figure out what was hitting me. Though the amount of hits I was taking in such a short time told me there was more then one enemy.
  15. Sounds good to me, would definitely increase the pucker factor when attacking a Target protected by humans!! On a side note.... The map we were on was next to imposable to take with tanks! Me and Zed we're getting hammered before we got anywhere near our Target, I tried all night and only killed one of the defenders. Plus it seemed we were getting hit from all directions.
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