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  1. I meant as far as the stats page is concerned
  2. Yes, what is in store for us? It's the start of the summer offensive.
  3. Happy b day! Hope it's a good one.
  4. I just use one throttle control (very basic) and engine select for individual engine control or all engines .
  5. Well allot of the controls are the same with say tanks and aircraft, starting engines, opening canopy/hatches, etc. But I believe that the personal controls are not carried over between the two. Aircraft ,like radiators and oil shutters don't applie to tanks and Visa versa. So as far as setting keys to different versions it doesn't matter, now as far as FC and the rest of the Sim I believe it's the same. You should be able to assign keys differently between the two versions. But I'm not 100% on that last part.
  6. I would think with it configured for bombing we wouldn't need escorts, but you're right it does need longer runways for takeoffs and landings. If escorts flew the 262 as well though they could keep up just fine.
  7. Looks like GOLD will just have to take that bird over!! 😎
  8. Very nice shots geez looks like your having a blast...... LUCKY
  9. And to think I thought Zed wouldn't want to fly the 262! I'm thinking next Thursday gold flight will try out the bird and do some ground pounding in it. Will have some time Sunday late afternoon round 4:30 ish my time in case you want to fly around for a few hours Zed. Anyone else interested more then welcome to join.
  10. Lol I just have you a little tink , was a good night though I got a little tipsy there at the end but did manage to shoot down a mig in my 110. And had no sound or control issues all night. Nice video.
  11. Downloading patch now...... Told you it would need one 🤣
  12. Duck, you understood correctly, I've never had flight control issues when someone else jumped in my plane midflight ,I found that one odd. As for the sound, I lost all sound of my plane and outside sound. Got pissed cause I never heard the plane that shot me down and killed me. Didn't even know I was being shot at. Didn't have any ts sound problems drift, it was all aircraft sound issues. Also I did try to shut down game and restart game after this started and it didn't make a difference in my sound.
  13. It's never happend before as far as the loss of engine control, I have had sound issues off and on but only when I fly on our server, it's never happend in any other server or offline our in any other game for that matter, but seamd worse last night.
  14. I had sound issues in the 110 as I believe Zed had as well, also when fry jumped into my JU88 I lost all control of my engines! Couldn't even shut down the engines and ended up bailing out instead of trying too land with them throttled up the way they were. I'm betting on a hot fix patch.
  15. Try looking in settings, might find answer there. I haven't tried the ww1 aircraft yet, least not the new ones.
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