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  1. I'll be on early today if anybody else wants to screw around in tanks. Probably be on action dogfight/tank server
  2. Looks really interesting from either side, I'm game for running it on Thursday.
  3. I could probably due some Saturdays so count me in.
  4. I'm good for whatever, didn't have plans for tonight other then bombing the hell outta something.
  5. Gold flight hit targets and made it back to base.. With help from blue and red flights,, was hairy but fun all in all. Thanks to blue and red flight for the escort..
  6. Welcome aboard, now get yer damn boots off my desk!
  7. Geezer, in the future maybe throw the German Hs-129 in a mission, I know that thing is rough to fly but I don't think it's ever been used.
  8. Gold flight isn't what it used to be????? If gold flight doesn't get to target its cuz blue flight isn't what IT used to be!!!! AAAAAAAgh Mike DROP..........
  9. I've screwed around with that already but they still won't go off unless they fall for more then 3 sec.
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