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  1. I too had a lot of fun, an olde but fun mission.
  2. Hey Cravin, not a big deal but is there a way to make me a custom skin for the me110 in all aluminum skin? With the wasp nose. If not it’s all good.
  3. I too love Hitchcock and his work, Vincent price was another fav for horror movies.
  4. I would have only painted your roof red outa love geezer!
  5. Now you know I would’ve dropped dead on any trees on fire! Though trees are one of my worst enemies next to cranes and ship masts !

    Tues 9-15

    Thank you sir.

    Tues 9-15

    Looks like a train hunt! Are one of those icons a train station?
  8. It’s all good Duck, once I found out I hit the ones with engines attaches and focused more on the buildings.
  9. Hopefully I’ll be on tonight -Thursday- the side affects of the chemo are taking a tole on me. It’s like having a really bad hangover without the alcohol.

  10. Happy birthday buddy, hope it’sa good one!
  11. There’s no way to change size of the font?
  12. Chemo has me feeling like shit most of the time now so I may be absent from time to time. I’ll still make Tuesday’s a priority as best I can.

    1. WWGeezer


      Understood.  Happy to have you whenever you feel up to it.

    2. WWGroucho


      Salut! Fight the good fight man. You are in our prayers boss. Groucho.

  13. Depending on how I feel will try to be apart of this one!
  14. Three words to destroy a mans ego

     is it in?

     Three words to destroy a woman’s ego

     I don’t know!

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