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  1. I had a stuttering problem on that map that led to me slamming into the ground on a staffing run, everything was fine until I was close to the ground and seeing my cannons hitting the target then I pulled up and the stutter began. Had it happen again later, though it didn't get me killed, it also was on a staffing run.
  2. Aaah bummer, was going to download and check it out today. Oh well I can wait.
  3. Modern technology is amazing, you should hook it up to one of those flip switches used for old sparky in the green mile. And yell "IT IS ALIVE!!" Every time you turn it on...LMAO.
  4. It's freaking awesome, thank you very much, can't wait to break it in.
  5. It should say " Autopsie vor mortem" Translation... Autopsy in front of death. It looks awesome no matter what.
  6. That's what I thought you meant, this Thursday, to test.
  7. That sounds fine to me Duck. What kinda targets we looking at?
  8. Now all you need is Gold 13 190D "Pre Mortem Autopsy"
  9. Yes, watched a documentary on it and it said the possibility of it going super Nova in our lifetime is slim to none, and slim left town. I was bummed! Still I will be paying more attention to it for the while.
  10. Could you imagine if that went super Nova in our lifetime, they say it would be as bright as a full moon for months. I remember many years ago when that comet went by us and was amazed at seeing one without a telescope, just imagine seeing that without the use of a telescope. Maybe we will get lucky and get to watch that unfold in front of us!
  11. Yes, but didn't you use a hammer and chisel to"cut" the grass? Lol...
  12. 39?? It's freaking 16 here and I work outside, 39 is t shirt weather here. Screw that -40 !!!!!
  13. "The old is strong in this one." . Anakin Skywalker.
  14. Happy birthday Griph, hope you have a nice one!
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