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    Tanks....you're welcome

    Had a great time last night with Wolf Sandy and Craven. Good to get some flight time in on a off day.
  2. Who told him about the naked liver run?
  3. Yes Welcome aboard. some of us have over a 1000 hrs in the game and still do circles on the runway and hit stupid shit like .......trees, reventments ,control towers,other aircraft. uum that's all the things ive hit in the last month..., So no matter how you look at it your no different then any of us!! LOL !! You are MORE then welcome to take your time and hone your skills with a friendly and helping group of guys. We don't hold too much against anyone........lol.

    Tuesday 2-19

    Im game for the change up , sounds like we may be heading in a new direction. im liking the change up. we should also go back to flying without navs and aircraft id before shooting. Cept for training. Those that may have trouble with aircraft id, we have some training missions we can run.

    JG1 Ghost Skies Results 2-13

    I also have problems with the link.....but that's fine. I do think we should keep hitting there northern base, Try to knock it out, Then if they shift there forces..i.e. da humans, Then we shift south and go after tanks or whatever. Jabo flight should go in ahead of Gold and soften up aaa to lessen bomber losses..........As Super Chicken allways said.."It was a dangerous job when you took it Fred"

    Tanks....you're welcome

    I will be on later today if anyone wants to screw around with tanks or anything else. I'll jump on ts just in case.

    JG1 Ghost Skies Results 2-13

    I remember dropping 8 100k bombs on what looked like a refinery, they all hit within the fence line.

    Tanks....you're welcome

    Well ZED I'm glad we could get your view fixed , or at least working better then before. Your aim now is a hell of a lot better when you can see the Target. Lol.

    Tanks....you're welcome

    I will be on later round 4 my time, going on noon where I'm at now. Will be screwing around with tanks. Anyone wanting to run a few your more then welcome.
  10. WWICYtheDEAD


    But we never gave the Russians the bomb sights when they were lend least to them, they used there bomb sight, witch is why the gauges are imperial and bomb sight metric.
  11. WWICYtheDEAD


    I believe I have the problem fixed with the headset, thanks for asking. As for that setting, I believe that that is for your hud when you have icons on. I'm pretty sure that's the only thing that does. I was on earlier as well in a A20 and noticed I was at 5000ft and bomb sight said 1500 m I think. Something like that.
  12. WWICYtheDEAD


    Ok I guess I got in here late but what's going on now? I read the forums and yes they are not getting what your asking. But I think the info on the left tells you what to put in on for the right. It doesn't tell you everything you may want to know but it gives you the basic info in bomb sight mode.
  13. WWICYtheDEAD


    Gold flight will still be working on level bombing and formation flying so any map where we can do that yet still have enemy in the air is fine by me.
  14. WWICYtheDEAD


    Well shit, won't be able this Wednesday , lady's car is gone down, and I have an ear ache from hell. Went and dropped altitude today to just under 4000 ft. Then drove back up too 5600 and my ear can't regulate the pressure. Happens every time. Will be game for next week.
  15. WWICYtheDEAD


    Are we doing this tonight? 2.6.19 If so what time our time. Meaning your 5:30 is my 6:30.

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