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  1. Odd , I only had a 24MB download.
  2. Never seen a bad movie with him in it. One of my favorite Actors, I’ve seen all of his movies, including his TV show bosom buddy’s from the 80s
  3. Fun fact.. the only reason the Ferdinand was changed to the elephant was because Ferdinand Porsche fell out of favor with Hitler towards the end of the war and he wanted his name strikin from the records.
  4. Spent a few hours flying the 47 and it is a fun bird, a lot more forgiving then the D version. Not as fast but better over all climb. the elephant is a freaking rolling bunker! Slow as dirt but it has a cannon on it better then the Tiger! Ran it against 5 T34s and after getting hit at least 20 times I one shotted then one by one! p.s. the elephant and Ferdinand are the same tank, only difference is a bow gunner.
  5. Happy birthday to you my friend! Hope you have a nice day.
  6. Hope you all have a wonderful 4th of JULY!! And don’t fall for the “safe n sane “ fireworks, I always go for the” dumb n dangerous “
  7. How funny, it made me think of WAR GAMES as well.... The only way to win is to not play. A great movie for it’s time.
  8. WOW, that is a beautiful surrealistic painting......ooh wait, my bad!
  9. Jeez remember when intelevision had cutting edge grafix ? And a decent computer took up an entire floor of a building.
  10. Hope you have an awesome day Sandy, enjoy yourself!
  11. WW2 aircraft with a WW1 feel, he really likes the wind through his hair!
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