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    Icy's Screen-shots

    Tim "WWIcyTheDead" Owens thoroughly enjoyed grabbing screenshots from playing the IL-2 Great Battles series. Here's a small sampling of the images he kept and shared via his Steam account ( https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197985542138 )
  2. I flew it on a couple times while On training mission with Groucho
  3. I think it’s still the infection, there running out things to check, just got back from having an MRI hopefully I’ll be out today or tomorrow
  4. I’m back in the hospital
  5. Was wanting to fly around tonight, anything planned?
  6. Hope yours was better then mine, lol happy birthday buddy!
  7. I was hoping for the gloss but the silver is just fine, I know the Germans didn’t have the gloss. Your work is outstanding Craven thank you.
  8. Well I’m back in the hospital, guess it was more then just not feeling well, possible sepsis, 103temp ,throwing up, lightheaded dizziness, bad shaking and  nightsweats!   
     probably will be grounded For another week, but I’ll be back as soon as my orders clear. 
    WWZED has command of Gold until my return to base!


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    2. WWGroucho


      That is good news Icy!

    3. WWChunk


      That’s great news Icy, now kick that infections ass!!!

    4. WWBrinson


      Damn man!  I'm glad they figured out what was going on and they were able to antiboitic ya.  Heal up so you can get back up in that beautiful pixelated sky.

  9. Happy birthday buddy, been feeling like shit all week but look forward to flying with you again!
  10. Sorry guys can’t make it tonight, having a bad day with throwing up and a migration from hell!!
  11. Happy getting old day, hope you enjoy it!!!
  12. It sucked i Ran outta clouds to hide in!
  13. Exactly, you don’t want to expose yourself to an inbound hog!!! Unless you want to Die!
  14. Sandy and Duck owes my a new HE111 , sorry for killing you both, but damn what a ride it was!!!
  15. It’s painted on to confuse the enemy as to what side there looking at, it’sa fake canopy!
  16. NO WAY??!!?? My guitar hero has passed? Holy shit I thought he would live forever!!
  17. We would be glad to have you Chunk.
  18. Geezer would be Garret Morris, lol
  19. I’m thinking maybe Geezer wants in on this as well, Sorry Craven, didn’t know this would spread like a wildfire. I’ll text frylock and see what he says. He says yes also.
  20. The historical version looks pretty cool and would work just fine. As far as the rest of the group, if they go shiny they should have there personal numbers on them. IMO Did some checking and bar color would be the same as number on aircraft. Whoopsie
  21. Ooh, and are there any bombing kill markings?
  22. Call me crazy but how bout polished aluminum like the P-38 , looks beautiful so far! side markings would like Gold 3 ,black bar 3 + -
  23. Yes your right, maybe Duck suffers enuff ... lol
  24. Aren’t you and wolf in the same channel anyways Duck?
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