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  1. II./JG1_Vonrd


    It's not difficult to adjust them so that they look proper. I use Photoshop... Gimp may slightly different. Simply up the brightness and contrast and saturation... saturation sometimes needs a bit of fiddling to avoid "neon" colors.
  2. II./JG1_Vonrd


    Here's a link to our "Consolidated Skins Downloads" http://forum.jg1.org/topic/5560-consolidated-download-links/ We do have a link to Wing Walkers skins there but it is probably outdated. I surmise that your skins download link is in process right now.
  3. II./JG1_Vonrd


    Here's the current plane set (but it's not writ in stone): Planes: - Model: Bf109e7 - Model: Bf109f4 - Model: Bf109g2 - Model: Fw190a3 - Model: Bf110e - Model: Ju88 - Model: Ju87 - Model: Ju52 - Model: He111h6 - Model: I16 - Model: IL2Mod42 - Model: P40 - Model: Yak1s69 - Model: Lagg3 - Model: Pe2s87 - Model: SpitfireMkVb - Model: P39 - Model: A20
  4. II./JG1_Vonrd


    Yeah, the idea is that the sever controls all the rules... there is no "Honor System" preventing (hopefully) any heated arguments about rules infringements... if the server allows it, well... it's allowed.
  5. II./JG1_Vonrd

    Our New Wing Walkers Home

    Congrats Wing Walkers... it looks Awesome!
  6. II./JG1_Vonrd

    Flying Circus

    I'm hopeful about FC but I seriously miss being able to individually customize the controls curves (which Jason has said is NOT going to happen in FC)... Boo
  7. II./JG1_Vonrd

    Flying Circus

  8. II./JG1_Vonrd


    Salute Wing Walkers! Sorry that we haven't been flying with you guys for a while. RL commitments (Overtime at work) had limited my personal availability but I definitely had a great time flying with you and all JG1s who were participating agree. For the past few months JG1 Shulte (Moxy) has been hard at work adapting the Coconut engine to use for a Ghost Skies inspired tournament and I have been helping as much as my limited abilities allow. We are now pretty comfortable that it is working quite well but we are in need of assistance in confirming it's readiness (and we are looking for opinions and suggestions) so we were hoping that Wing Walkers might agree to do so. We have not reached out to any others at this point. Here is the preamble to the "Presentation" document: Salute Welcome to the JG1's "Ghost Skies" dynamic campaign tournament, revised by JG1 for the "Battle of Stalingrad series" using Coconut's "Dynamic campaign system"! JG1's Ghost Skies, is an immersive campaign with missions that are centered around the core concept of a single "life" for pilots or aircrew. Regardless of the situation, survival should always be a priority. Our campaign features Coconut's expansive logistics system that ties into both the air war and the system controlled ground war. Team commanders must manage and coordinate air operations to support their ground forces. Victory is determined by meeting objectives, and not simply accumulating points. JG1's Ghost Skies runs a 2-hour mission once a week. Mission night is Wednesday, from 9:30pm to 11:30pm ET. Campaigns are run on our custom modified map of Coconut's SSC and Sturmovik campaign, a dynamic campaign system developed by Johann Deneux, AKA Coconut's The missions are dynamically generated and based on the previous mission's results. Every action that each player takes, will directly affect the course of the campaign. If you are looking for a challenging online experience that rewards teamwork, tactics, and strategy, we invite you to check out JG1's Ghost Skies. Here is a link to the Presentation as well as a map for the battle area: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4fvu568xeqj2hyh/AAAZbeOpv6h0q11XGsFNV5Q0a?dl=0 We currently are testing on Wednesdays officially starting at 18:00 PST (but it usually doesn't start on the dot as people tend to straggle in between 18:00 to 18:30). Please let us know if you have interest. Vonrd EDIT: Oh... BTW ... the new Website looks AWESOME! Congratulations!

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