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  1. Im in for Thursday,My power was not on for Tuesday.
  2. Cool Rig, brings me back to my helo days as a field mech.
  3. Well is a curved screen count? I have a 32 Samsung. The wigget in front of my throttle is a nostromo game pad, yes I have these buttons and axis also. I have TIR 5, no friggin floppy, where are you seeing this. the view through thr peddles is the side of my tower. all my controllers are seen in the game. dont use the software to manage you keys and axis, do it in the game. I had to slide to the right in the games key settings to see my Nastromo and any other controllers.
  4. I agree, The alpha can really get that real look to the painted and polished alum look. You do have to play with it to get the look on any skin.
  5. Thats my new callsign, Floppy Drive!
  6. This is the cleaned up pit after installing my Thrust-master Wort hog controllers. Salute Wolfe
  7. I did a check my sim and I can find the Bristol, check your pathway. I did the same thing on the Dr1 skin of yours and thought I could not see the skin.
  8. What is the pathway? mine is 1C Game Studios, IL2 BoS, data, graphics, skins and the AC folder of plane type.
  9. I would like to fit this in my pit and get the flight yoke back in the middle. I also ordered a Thrustmaster Worthog Hotas setup, But in going to for the time being use my CH Peddles.
  10. Wow, Really cool and busy sim to get into.
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