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  1. I too enjoyed this. Well done Caphas!
  2. Thank you, I too like your works on this string. You got a good eye for colors. Salute
  3. I haven't done a screen shot edit in some time. I may do some here being the game quality is so much better. I do alot of modeling and photograph work in and old Jasc paintshop Pro .
  4. Thanks Guys, I went ahead and copied over DCS and tested it and it works. Deleted the c install and well got half my drive back. Thanks for the response guys. Salute Wolfe
  5. I'm always up for some DCS, I'm looking at the Spit Mk IX, and the Dora9. I have the mustang and P-47D. But mostly fly the F-18 and F-14. Salute Wolfe
  6. Im running out of space so Im copy and pasting my IL-2 and DCS to a new drive, My E drive. I found accouple of posting and doing a copy and paste works ,I hope as long as you update your desktop icons. If anyone has any thoughts on this I may need some courage before I delete them of my C drive. Wolfe
  7. Yea,Cool! Still waiting for someone to get a shot.
  8. Wow! well I glad you didn't loose you rig. See you soon.
  9. I'm a Tomcat Pilot, I can land and take off, Can't kill shit with jester.
  10. Thank You Craven, Your work is as always top notch. I am very happy with the look with this liveries. I'm sure we all agree, great job! Salute Wolfie
  11. Here's a couple more Liveries. Wolfe
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