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  1. WWGreyWolfe

    Wolfe's Artwork

    Well let me start this off, I would love to see any and all photos and artwork all of you. Salute Wolfe
  2. Will Im in for the Spit Mk V and Fw 190 A3
  3. So as of 1700 PST I had a conversation GenMarkof_J11, those of use interested on flying with JG-1 show up on JG-1 TS3 at or around 1800 PST, 2100 EST. This is tentative but its a good possibility. Salute Wolfe
  4. I have, a young lad I was. I need to watch it again. I remember very little. Wolfe
  5. I love the scrimmage with the JG1 squad, I look forward to it. Salute Wolfe
  6. Well here is the screens I took on the lost arrow. I found that once I bring out the menu its out the next time Im in game. Salute Wolfe
  7. Salute My squadron mates, I had a problem last nite with my game and I was glad I have members here that tried to support me with it. I still hung in there and fly my missions but it was eating at me. I posted a help request on the main forum for this game and got a quick response, Thanks for that. Ill share my problem with you all but I'm surprised no one had a similar problem. I got that last up date, what a week back. I found that in multi play that I was not able to go into my aircraft setup to adjust my fuel, weapons or livery. it just pushed me to the splash screen with the plane of choose in the hanger. there in the lower right corner was a accept button. just above that button is a left arrow and how i did not see this I'm still puzzled. So this is what happens when we get up dates, the little thing changed and put me in a tail spin. Well I'm fixed for now. I'm sharing because its what we do as squadron mates. Salute WWGreyWolfe
  8. Who's talking about Wolfe ? Wolfe
  9. Nite Wolves,....... I like it! Wolfe
  10. Salute All, Im really going to miss this weeks flying. My sisters chemo is going to tie me up tues throu fri. I will hate to miss any flying but family calls. Salute Wolfe
  11. Ok sounds good , send a PM and we can get email and address together. Salute Wolfe
  12. Is it USB?, I have the complete set and I think it would be a good idea to have a backup. let me know if so. Salute Wolfe
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