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  1. Don't have it yet, but interested.
  2. Welcome Driftwood. And thank you for coming aboard. I now bequeath the care of Goober to it's new rightful keeper. Good luck with that. (Heh heh heh).
  3. In a church band. That's why you rarely see me on Thursdays, that's when we practice for the following Sunday.
  4. I use a timpanic guage to get close then by ear. It doesn't work very well on the Rolands LOL.
  5. Sorry they're so big. My two sets. Great tune Icy.
  6. I wonder how they get to master from the splotch on a rock level....
  7. Music technology was so much better back in those days. Nowadays we have to use microphones when we record. Maybe they just hide them better back then...
  8. Happy New Years pilots!
  9. I use both TIR 5 and HTC Vive. Depends what's happening for which I use. If I need to be able to see the secondary monitor or use the keyboard VR does not work well in that so I use Track IR. As far as wearing glasses with the VR set, my son who is very nearsighted has to wear his glasses under the VR set. Sneak
  10. BOS BOM BOK Fw 190 A-3 added to list 12/5/18
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