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  1. Sorry to hear that it didn't sit well with you. Some games will do that some aren't as bad or nada. The only time my stomach did some flip flops was during a hard bank or barrel roll but I even got used to that after a while. It's just that your inner ears aren't experiencing what your eyes are telling it and the mismatch goes to the gut. But your brain does sort it out, it just takes longer for some.
  2. Yes everything there is trigger only. The kit's pads are mesh heads with triggers underneath the mesh and the rims are triggers as well with separate assigns.
  3. It's a sound baffle. You see them a lot in smaller churches where they want to tone down the drums a bit. In the first picture, my son is playing the electric set, out in front of the church's acoustic set inside of it's sound baffle. In the second picture I am on my acoustic set, in the sound baffle. As for the dog in the corner, he was just sniffing about. He liked hanging out in the garage as I played thru my headphones it wasn't loud in the garage itself.
  4. I just got my Thrustmaster TPR set in on Wednesday. Really like the feel and accuracy of them. WWSneaky
  5. Well we've made the move. Still ALOT of boxes to go thru. My gaming rig is up, including VR. I have the updated game but haven't launched yet. Still many things to do to keep down the wife agro. I had company stop by the other night, or I would have made the meeting. Has anyone ever considered capture the audio and posting it for no-shows to stream? My 1946 squad did that. S! Sneak
  6. Thanx, I think. What I was actually trying to let folks know is that I am doing the real estate dance and will be pretty busy and may be out of touch for the next 5 or 6 weeks getting packed and moved over to the new place. We have been thru the inspection on the new place and tomorrow is the inspection on this house. Sorry about the audio, I'll work on that. Sneak
  7. Don't you need to back up the actions file for the current game before over writing it? At least to start, for each profile and anytime a change is made...
  8. I did several versions and addons.
  9. I am not a hobbit (well armed, or not) though some might say so...
  10. Also HTC Vive here, but eyeing Rift S. Spousal survivability might be pressed a bit.
  11. Thanx Zed. Will have to give it a go.
  12. Thanx for the birthday wishes. Had company over so I had to miss the flight. Hope all went well. Sneak
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