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  1. Driftwood

    Looking for Recommendations

    I'm in the same boat, 6-7 months into IL 2 after 20+ years of being in a flight combat sim. Biggest thing for me is making sure my TrackIR5 works smoothly so your not fighting it. Freely looking around is nice. Other buttons worth mentioning are the radiators, spitfire has a 5 position lever open close, others have radiator wheels, then open and close cowling on the FW 109 A-5, etc. So they can all use the same buttons to open/close. Don't make the mistake I did and make sure they all use the same button for open and same button for close. I had the spitfire the opposite of the others and would accidentally close the radiator and blow the engine. Same with the H-stabilizer and trim can use the same buttons, make sure they use the same buttons for up/down. That's my 2 cents. Here's my current setup... Flight Gear: Gladiator MK.II Pro Joystick | CH Pro Throttle | CH Pro Pedals w/ toe brakes | TrackIR5 | TrackClip Pro
  2. Thanks guys, it's been fun, challenging but fun. I'll watch out for that Phil guy, real trouble maker there. 🙂 Being a WW member sounds good to me, as long as I don't have to eat raw liver; run naked through time square.; or well, you get the picture. In the video I managed to hit a couple things before the super nova sage of my flight, AKA, crash and burn.
  3. Hey guys, I really appreciate Phil's invite and WW's allowing me to fly on Tuesdays. Fun group. Still a lot to learn as I demonstrate the finer points of how to quickly burn up an engine, over shoot a runway and turn a plane into a seaplane, crash into mountains and the list of my many other skills goes on. But these are all things I'm very good at. I'm working my way through the rest of the fighter planes to make sure all my mapped buttons work and setting up my cheat sheets. Spitfire fly's great if I remember my rpm and boost settings. One of these Tuesdays I'll actually get to RTB in tact. Thanks again Wing Walkers Driftwood
  4. Driftwood

    For a different perspective...

    Your crazy... 🙂
  5. Hey, anyone know which planes will be available tonight so I can warm up. Thanks, Driftwood
  6. Driftwood


    I'm still learning, but DCS brings back a lot of memories of my old jet sim days. Of course all my skills are gone after 20+ years. I'd enjoy flying DCS with every one.

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