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  1. Just slip one of the candidates a buck to take the job, LOL. hope to see you airborne soon...
  2. I've been enjoying all the pics, hope to have a chance someday to make a trip like this. Standing on the grounds of history tends to put things into more perspective.
  3. Well Blue flight wasn't much help......
  4. Thanks, I hope to get a good one, seems to be hit and miss with product constancy these days. So I try not to get excited until its up and working... Actually I don't think I'll need to move my TrackIR stand, maybe up a touch. It's setup for a larger monitor which cleared up the viewing flip out problem, just don't have the monitor yet. So the stand is farther back and higher than my laptop which is on blocks to center it in my view. Once I move the laptop the monitor should sit right in front of the TrackIR stand and still be below the TrackIR camera with room to move it forward or back for comfort, just like my laptop only no blocks. Laptop crowds my controllers so my thumb hits it when throttling. So this solves a lot little space problems. Next it's build a new desk/stand for my controllers for comfort, current setup is as fancy as my TrackIR stand. Can't wait to get rid of having the laptop in front of me. Goal is to have my work desk setup with keyboard/mouse/monitor then the sim setup with it's own kb/ms/monitor and put the laptop between the 2 so nothing ever has to be moved and much of the stuff can stay plugged in. Might effect my work since I'll be able to hop on for quick flights with zero setup, LOL. Now hunting for a 24" work monitor... need a sale.
  5. Thanks Duck, I'm glad I bought the BoM, nice to have the map for practice.
  6. Thanks for the maps and info, Another nail biting evening of "don't crash the plane, it's the only one you gonna get!"
  7. So after all the research and hemming and hawing over what I can get for the buck I pulled the trigger on a cheaper deal. If it turns out it sucks I'll just return it and drops few more bucks. But I read some good reviews with PC mag and some review of users, g-sync working out of the box, etc. Not a super fancy stand or a lot of options with monitor settings. I need another monitor for work so couldn't see making the gaming monitor work for both. So a cheaper gaming monitor and hunting for a good monitor for work which is more $$$. VR in a couple years with a new tower and better video card. Top picks..... Model:PG258Q - ASUS - ROG Swift 24.5" LCD FHD G-SYNC Monitor $546 my top pick... but with tax, warranty, ummm... $$$ Model:AW2518H - Alienware - AW2518H 25" LED FHD G-SYNC Monitor $469 Model:PG248Q - ASUS - ROG Swift 24" LCD FHD G-SYNC Monitor $400 AOC - G2590FX 24.5" LED FHD - $250 but on sale for $220 $312.00, with cable and replacement warranty, shipped to my door on Thursday, assuming all goes as planned. Hopefully it will good enough to get the job done. Can't wait to have more screen real estate... Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution 1 ms response time 144 Hz refresh rate 24.5" LED monitor FreeSync and G-Sync Technology compatible 2 HDMI, VGA and DisplayPort inputs 50,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio (1,000:1 typical) 400 cd/m² brightness
  8. I'd enjoy having the maps and knowing what planes are available for the flight the week before or for the weekend before we fly. Fires or smoke would be cool. I know! stay with the bombers, LOL. But typically that's not how it goes so I'll try to use the flares a bit more as needed. I always forget about them until Duck fires one off. As I fly the maps more I get used to the areas but Moscow is a pain, its like looking at a Jackson Pollock painting.
  9. I'm getting comfortable with using my keyboard to quickly pick and fire flares. What if we just check when we RTB and see if someone is taking off or coming in, whoever is taking off circles the AB and fires off flares to give a bearing to AB? Not sure how many grids away this can be seen or how it affects thing in PvP battles by giving away a position. Maybe do something like; get the RTB pilots heading, then fly away (5-10 sec or?) from the base 45 deg left/right off the RTB pilots heading and fire a flare. Nav flash works great to identify if only one person flashes at a time and we know who's flashing, What do we say? Navs Off / Two, flash navs / etc. Navs On / Two, flash navs / etc. Flicker - everyone start flashing lights at the same time, LOL, what ever works... "Random thoughts, by Mr. Crappy Pilot Skills"
  10. The word is "Automatism" having to do with Muscle memory - auto response. Something I'm working on since I've changed my stick hand position and trying to fix bad habits. Same reason pilots can't explain and break down how they do what they do so well after 500+ hours of flying, they just do it. This made me LOL, so true...
  11. I Tend to forget the small stuff in the heat of the moment. not relaxing is my killer. See the target, miss the target, if I focus on my gun sight movement more than the bandit; then the sight will steady. At first I could't get near the planes, over the last few weeks I started running into the planes. For this flight was flying without my secondary guns for the first time. (this is for you ole salty's with aiming skills) Typically I use the small guns to take pop shots and gauge my range, try to wound them followed by drilling them with the secondary guns in combo with primary. Kept pressing my secondary button and nothing happened of course. Duck had mentioned this in another post. I tried moving the triggers to the throttle but I ride several buttons on my throttle, ride the zoom to catch bandits going away, trackIR center, default zoom level. Kept losing site of bandits performing HnR/HnC attacks. If the bandit is an angle fighter they come right back around and I can keep them in view. But the bandits using energy tactics I lose as they fly off or I'm doing the same to extend. They just vanish unless I follow them with the zoom and see which direction there committing to. If I just ready my hand to shoot so my finger is resting on the trigger and my thumb is on my secondary weapon it limits any movement. Trying to make this my permanent grip. Trigger on the throttle makes perfect sense, but all heck brakes loose when I try it. I'll see if I can figure out a button on my throttle to fire both primary and secondary at the same time and try to work it into my flow.
  12. So Craven has been kind enough to help get me on the path of simple brevity last Sunday. This will be long row to hoe. Guess I should really work on my aim or get a bigger prop to just grind and chip up the bandits wings. Really this is just a fancy technique on conserving ammo, yea, that's it, that's what I was trying to do. Brinson, you asked if I recorded this so here it is.... of course 10 minutes later I was oiled and my engine cut out.
  13. Happy Birthday Duck! Another Aries, I knew there was a reason I like you.... another year and time goes faster. Hope you did something fun! crazy work day, running late for the Tuesday festivities.
  14. Yup, I set up 2 many buttons at first experimenting and I had thumbs, fingers, and elbows pushing to talk, so I switched to voice activated. May need to go back to push to talk if my AC triggers the comms based on my comms breaking up. But I think that is more due to when something is downloading and my windfall of "lost connection" over the past week or so. Prior to that I never had a problem with voice activation. Don't use external speakers which doesn't play nice with voice activation. I need every button I have for the darn plane......
  15. Thanks Craven, Duck sent me a note describing the folder/files I should have, I extracted the files again (I think I botched the first un-rar-ing) and they were all there as opposed to the 3 actor folders, dropped it in and it works. I just renamed the original radio_OLD and kept a separate backup. Seemed a little quiet but will test later with my headphones. Looking forward to some help from the radio in my native dribble. The only time I read the messages is when I'm offline dog-fighting and need a little direction. "tested it and seems to be working great for me now" voices could be mixed out a little better but it's nice actually having English dribble in my ear...
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