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  1. We were about 6k ft below you... after directed to fly west 262, we were seeing bogies above us as we fly west, catching a glimpse of a P51 here and there. The were called back to the lake midway. Wolfe was a bit ahead and got nailed by a A3 B&Z, moments later I spotted the bandit at our high 6, break left, then we had our little dogfight. We tied up the bandits around the lake, so that was all good, allowed Gold to have more time achieving the objective. Could have worked out a little better, perfect mission for all the mishaps and mayhem... As Axis was marveling at the destruction... Gold quietly achieved the goals in the background. Lets just pretend we did all of this on purpose; it was an enemy fog of war distraction strategy created by evil geniuses in some deep dark government basement while playing IL2; that's how I'm going to tell the story around the campfire, LOL.....
  2. Planes disappearing when zoomed in is only when the plane is too far away. So if your using the "alternate view in custom realism setting" you can see planes at a greater distance and are more likely to see a plane disappearing when zooming in all the way. When your in not using the alternate view, your more likely to never see those planes at a greater distance to zoom in too. If you can zoom all the way in and never lose the plane as long as it's close enough. TIP: Just zoom back out a bit after you zoom in all the way to catch those planes, otherwise just know if your zoomed in all the way and can't see it, it's probably too far to worry about until it gets closer. Scan at different zoom levels. TEST: Fly with a group of bombers, let them extend so you have to zoom in to test. Keep zooming all the way in and all the way out as they keep extending away. At some point, you will see they disappear completely when you zoom all the way in and reappear when zooming back out, close your distance, they no longer disappear when zoomed in all the way. I don't like the "alternate" perspective but using it I can dogfight much much better. Always catching bandits on my 6 as I roll and look over my shoulder. In regular view I have to check twice as much because the timing is much quicker, objects in the mirror are nearer than they appear. In "regular view" I end up zooming as I get near target area or as needed, so it feels more like the "alternate view" with a little tunnel vision. I almost wish there was a blend, I don't want planes showing at great distances, but I wouldn't mind having them appear a little closer at "near to moderate distances." Picky, I know. Setting your default zoom home/insert and your pilot view zoom might affect the zoom disappearing plane issue. I use trackIR. I always set my pilot view zoomed out all the way. Then use the default zoom / home key / to zoom in for a default zoom. Every inch of view i set my default zoom to using the "home key" is "how much I can zoom out using trackIR;" "when I lean back in my chair." If I leave the default zoom "home/insert" zoomed all the way out - Leaning back in my chair with trackIR does nothing.... What's the point? - if you set your default zoom so your zoomed in quite a bit already, as you zoom a plane will disappear quicker. Disappearing planes in multiplayer Pretty sure the disappearing planes in multiplayer - seeing guns firing with no plane, or they just blink out etc has nothing to do with the zoom levels or default alternate view and more with the MP network code. Never happens in single player. Talked about on the forum. Graphic settings I don't see that affecting default/alternate views as much as it's just the graphic settings affecting how things are drawn, at what distance, and detail. I remember back in the day when half the squad played delta force.. low res sniper trick Found out why some Snipers were so dog ass crazy good - Found out they were lowering there graphic settings so the screen was so pixelated they could see the black dots/players anywhere on the map, shoot the dot, kill the player..... nowhere to hide. Here's a post with a video showing the issue - Make sure you watch the video full screen 1080 or you may not see the plane in the video. Solutions - IL2 devs need to work on this a bit more 😉
  3. Sortie 1, managed to cover Navy, was hoping to drop through the clouds as I followed his fight down then break but got nailed.. that was a hot zone, fun watching the tracks. I said Navy; your six is clear, I'm staying on your six, worked perfect...... LOL Sortie 2, was with Duck flying north as we tried to navigate are way to Ivan and cover Sandy, ended up just north, Duck got hit, 4 verses 1 I split S and the fight was on... engage A3 and was getting angles, saw a second 109 and broke off to start switching off, then realized I'm screwed... as I saw #3, didn't know there were 4 until I watched the track. Went on for about 5 mins..... got stupid and hit the eject button on accident as I was skidding along the ground, pilot hopped out and killed himself. 21 minutes in the mission, I was out.. Great engagement but no cigar ........................................................................... Got excited, getting some angles... Oh crap, more.... F##Ck, I'm screwed, run forest runnnnnnnnnn...
  4. That sounds like a graphics driver issue. I know a lot of folks don't like to update to the latest and greatest for valid reasons. I tend to keep mine up to date or 1-2 versions behind. So I'd look at that. Not sure if the resolutions or if using the TV monitor is an issue. I think you said your using a 4k TV monitor at 60hz. Have to experiment a bit to see how the performance and graphics are affected. I use 1920 for in game and a 2k "different monitor" when using ME. 2k is much nicer to work in, 1920 is clunky and zoom isn't as nice, blurry text, hard to read the map. I haven't messed with the Bodenplatte/Rhineland maps, they are more intense... I'll load them up and see if I have issues. Crashes - seems to me, if I start to copy/paste groups/mcu's, etc. and get carried away without saving my mission I'll get a CTD. Moving too fast and not letting the program digest my request. So I try to keep up with the save as I go. I think it's a memory problem. Same reason they don't have an "undo" to back step, sucks up a ton of resources. Kind of like using Photoshop and clearing your cache for the bazillion steps it saves. Things start running slow as you do a lot of editing in large files. Not filling up your main hard drive helps. I use the 50% rule, keep the main drive 50% or less capacity. Hence I moved XPlane and DCS onto a backup drive and my computer is all happy again. I had a recent crash, I had been editing for 30-40 min, no save, crash...... grabbed a tissue to wipe the tears and move on, LOL.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. No worries, maybe someday they will allow different photos like different skins then we can have multiple maps. Only works if you have orders in advance and the orders don't change last minute. Or/If you know your using 2 planes for the different routes then you load up the custom photo map for each plane before the mission. That will work every time for now. or / sticky post-it. Training Skins with notes One thing I'm going to do after the campaign is take the time to make training skins. I did this in X Plane. Type the notes on the wings of the aircraft so all you do is glance out the window. So when I don't fly something for 2 months I can pull up my pdf/notes and use the training skin and I'm good to go... If your flying a plane for the first time having notes on the wings really works well... Basically set it up as a single layer anyone can add to there personal skin, just drop it into your skin template. Same with aerobatic trainer skins, I put all my entry speeds on the wings.
  7. Sounds like a Thursday night test to see how the overwrite/cache works in game when switching planes or re-planing same plane. Back to the Spit IX... Gotta love how you can do a negative push in the Spit over other planes... 15 sec in, I'm turning inverted as a bandit climbs and starts to shoot, I just maintain the position and push forward on the stick to put myself outside the bullets line of fire as opposed to turning away from it, other planes just to respond to well if you do that, not the spit, she likes it. Had to ring out the engine to see how she does...
  8. Thanks Zed... That would be cool if you could use voice attack and switch maps on the fly in flight. If it's alt/tab run the command verses drag/drop/yes to overwrite it's a wash. Now if you could choose multiple maps using voice command, map 1, map 2, or map 3 etc, and have it update in cockpit while flying, you have may attention. 😉 Trick will be which plane/planes are flying? do you say P51 map 2, spit 9 map 1, etc... Or do you setup multiple commands to cover the 2-3 different planes you might be flying, say map 1 and it overwrites it for all the planes you setup batch files for. I'll do the basic test, leave the folders open then alt/tab drag drop as needed to see how it works, if it's okay... then get jiggy with da .bat unfortunately none of this sounds user friendly for the average user. Sounds like the job for a 3rd party mod
  9. You mean for having different routes/orders in the custom photo? I was thinking about that. I need to try creating a shortcut to the graphics/planes and another shortcut to my custom photos folder. Then try placing each route in it's own folder so I don't have to rename the custom_photo.dds on the fly. Idea is - fly one sortie with route 1 / then land / re-plane / before you choose your plane / alt-tab out of the game / drag & drop to overwrite the current custom photo with the new route / then choose the same plane with photo and see if you get the new route/custom photo. If route 1 and route 2 use different planes we just add the custom photo / route for that plane. Is that what you were talking about? / or am I in the far left field catching butterfly's when they let me out of my padded cell for some exercise.
  10. LMAO, thanks Duck, my biggest fan... I think you will find engine management much easier in the Mk.IX since we can stay in combat power for an hour. Notes are the first 1.5 pages and everything you really need is on the fist page... The other pages are the "in game briefing specs" so you don't have to open up the game to check that information against any outside resources like old manuals and I can add notes if I want. I added km/h to mph conversions to the game specs. I wish they would always put both in the game, they do for some specs. Why give me km/h when the gauges are in mph is beyond me. Game settings allow for both so put both in the specs. Cool, that's supposed to increase roll rate and speed at lower altitudes. Haven't tried it yet... waiting to get more time/hours in so when I do try it I'll notice the differences more.
  11. I'm hoping flight simulator 2019 has Arizona on the map, always been a dream to fly a sim in my area... and recognize stuff... Recently I removed both XPlane and DCS from my dive so I won't be flying those for a while... ran out of room.. If XPlane gets to a better place I might squeeze it in and just load minimal areas. For now it's all IL2.. room for skins now. I'll ask the IL2 Dev's the Grand Canyon... 🙂
  12. Here are my notes on the Mk.IX / includes in game briefing plane specs and km/h to mph conversions Easy engine management Spitfire-MkIXe-Specs-Training-DW.pdf No more mixture adjustments... Since the latest patches they removed the mixture auto rich/cutoff lever. After a little research I guess they opted for the earlier carburetor version... Found some manuals here - https://ww2aircraft.net/forum/threads/spitfire-manuals.9050/ Found the info below in the Spitfire IX, XI XVI.pdf via the above link. Early Bendix-Stromberg injection carburetors | no Idle cutoff lever The idle cut-off valve on Bendix Stromberg carburetors is operated by moving the short lever on the throttle quadrant through the gate to the fully aft position. On early Stromberg carburetor installations this lever is not fitted, but the cut-off valve is operated by the ring (37) which on other aircraft operates the slow-running cut-out. Hope it helps...
  13. Duck, might try clearing your cache for both browsers and then flush your dns command prompt, type ipconfig /flushdns Restart your computer and see if that makes a difference. Otherwise it could just be a service problem between your location and the host that will go away when they fix it.
  14. Yup, speed/alt... P51, continuous, 2700, 46", typically I'm anywhere between 180 mph to 450 mph....... Here are my personal notes for the P51, its a PDF but you should be able to select all the text and paste it into a word doc if you like, no protections. Contains all the "in game specs" for reference as well as my modified startup notes. P51-DW-NOTES-Plane-Management-pgs1-10.pdf I recommend reading the old P51D-K training manual, lots of great info you can try applying to the IL2 P51. copy/paste link into address bar, it will add the https:// wiki.hoggitworld.com/images/8/83/North-American-P-51-Mustang-Pilot-Training-Manual.pdf I'm starting to love the 51........ starting, slowly...
  15. Sandy, here's our P51 vs A3 rolling sissors, I started at 12k ft... https://youtu.be/9DTCK0z1XfM?t=23 Covering Navy - https://youtu.be/h_Qkx-CbgNs
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