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  1. When you get a chance, open up the axis settings in IL2 and see if the settings changed, or change and accept the changes, then set them back and see if it keeps your top and bottom dead zones. Mine wants to keep the top dead at 0%
  2. Can you make this thread and any thread on the malware warning private?
  3. My work, but it's mostly all wordpress based. I manage a dedicated server with about 100 sites and do design work. I'll use the word managed loosely since we are at the mercy of the web host support and services. So I have a lot of empathy for what Sandman is going through. But over the years I get thrown a lot of stuff that I have to do a crash course in the plugin/software, then be a detective to figure out what/where the problem is, whatever it might be. Can't tell you how many times I say, "no, I don't do that and know nothing about it" then I get my elbow bent and go do it. Paid of course. Paid to learn, sounds good to me. So I might be the "before you go pay $150 per hour for a programmer, let me take a look." because they didn't need a programmer. Like with the malware, I've only had to deal with that a few times. Typically I setup a security plugin, brow beat customers/clients into better passwords security and practices, then never have a problem. But some run there own and ignore the risk, won't happen to me type of thing. And there right most of the time. I knew a guy who used 1000 for a password on everything, really, that's like the first nano second of a password breaker program, LOL. good grief. So this situation has a lot of factors that make it really hard to pinpoint a problem without cooperation from several companies, host, google, any company that is providing you with software and themes. Everyone's response is "you did it." and 80% of the time, you didn't do anything and it's just a circumstantial change in someones file, update, new security change, etc. Hosts break my sites all the time, but I know they have a hard job trying to keep servers healthy and secure. Most of the time I can resolve it quick but I've had many times I've spent "hours" troubleshooting a problem only to find out the server was blocking or deleting a file needed for the site to function because of security change, then they change the rule or white-list the safe file, etc. I've never had to deal with the malware message, so I'm very interested to see how this plays out. always a learning experience.
  4. I absolutely agree! If you can scan a site, and declare your find, then can you notify me or allow me to have the specific details of the problem. I spent all day last Tuesday cleaning up a WordPress site infected with malware, I'll spare you the full details. But there were no warnings or blocking of the site. And this was a "full blown malware virus which infected the customers computer. He let his antivirus expire or he would have been fine. Once the WP site was infected, anyone who went to the site and clicked on anything initiated the attack. Norton's blocked it. So I'm not sure how they go about scanning what sites or how long it takes for the message to kick in.
  5. Perfect, I can focus on the 4 planes for the next 2 weeks. My WW lesson plan.
  6. thanks, I just need the % # your using for the top/bottom DZ... so I can try it out.
  7. Thanks! Helps me budget my practice time in each plane... I dropped these into a PDF. WW-COOP-07-08.pdf
  8. I like where this is going, LOL. Sorry, yes, dead zones only. I was trying to set a top/bottom dead zone but it only allows the bottom, keeps setting the top to "0." Basically so I have about 1/2 inch of pedal movement at the bottom so I don't accidentally depress the brakes. Then 1/2 inch at the top so I don't have to extend my foot fully for full brakes. I tinker with it some more.
  9. Hey guys, I'm using the pro pedals toe brakes but the curves seem a little odd in how they react. A bit sensitive to engage. Can anyone tell me what settings your using for your toe brakes curves? thanks,
  10. https://youtu.be/GqeCmL2gS6M It's a lot easier to land when I can follow someone in.... still did a little pond hopping on the landing. If you figure out what planes were flying next Tuesday, let me know so I can put those in my practice rotation. Thanks,
  11. Your welcome, very frustrating situation I know. Unfortunately the blacklist is not going to go away until what ever is triggering it is removed and everyday it's not removed will make it harder to get off the blacklist since they track how fast it's resolved. I'm not clear what your employees stuff has to do with the web server files? Or if changes made will immediately remove the warning which makes it difficult to troubleshoot. I would look closer at yandex reporting the iFrame virus or simply ask your host if paying the $40 for the month means they will scan, find, remove/fix the problem. A $40 fix and blacklist removal would be cheap. I'd think it would be in there best interest to not have a website on there shared server that's blacklisted for malware. Maybe contact Invision Community support and report your having issues since you updated the software to see if there have been some similar issues. Pain in the butt stuff...
  12. Thanks, I had just finished a little morning Yak-1 practiced and setup for work to start my day. Started the sim back up and sure enough another small client updated. I'll try to remember to run the sim again about 4pm to avoid the pre-flight update. What are the blue flight aircraft choices tonight? I was assuming this is practice for your campaign testing. I thought the choices were maybe the Yak-1 / or / P-39L? Thanks!
  13. Forgot to add the positive note of all that found the site clean. Has to be some bad script lurking in the site. https://sitecheck.sucuri.net/results/wingwalkers.org Website Blacklist Status Domain blacklisted by Google Safe Browsing: wingwalkers.org Domain blacklisted by Yandex: wingwalkers.org Domain clean by Norton Safe Web Domain clean by McAfee Domain clean by Sucuri Labs Domain clean by ESET Domain clean by PhishTank Domain clean by Opera Domain clean by Spamhaus
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