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  1. Happy Birthday! Looks like you got a couple threads for your big day so you must be special. 🎂 Sorry I'll miss the dirty B-Day song tonight! I'm going out with the family to celebrate my mom's b-day...
  2. About 4 min in... dogfight.2019-06-18_18-26-13_01b.zip
  3. Duck, later today when I take a work break I'll do a quick review to rename and add small description for the tracks I recorded. In one track when you and Navy were working on Navy's view issues and I flew to target then did the recon for the convoy and didn't see it, LOL. You can see in the track at the bottom of the screen the convoy which shot me down seconds later. Another track you can see the bombs hit the target, I pick up the bandit, Navy dropping in between me and the bandit, smooth, then later you can see gold/red ingress/rtb, and another with multiple bandits. Personally I like the higher number of bandits! If wings know this; then there more likely to be proactive in checking each others six as opposed to tunnel vision on what they think will be the last meal of the night. I'm not used to see this many bandits, probably could have dragged several towards any wings heading my way, didn't think about it.
  4. I purchased 4 items from them. VKB MKII stick - worked okay, took 2 months to settling and would not auto center without the software, most people said it centered out of the box but mine wanted to pull to one side. CH Pro Rudder pedals - worked out of the box, a little noise when I left rudder. CH Pro throttle - bought a new throttle from .org since the old was a bit noisy, the new one would stick in the center and the gauges in my plane would start hopping when I tried setting the throttle in the low range, it was worse than the old one. I had to send the new throttle back for a replacement, they gave me a hard time trying to say it was fine, then finally they saw what it was doing and agreed to send a new one back. I was doing aerobatics and needed my throttle to be consistent, kept hopping right in my perfect fuel flow range. The new one worked perfect out of the box. (seemed like the first throttle was stored/or/shipped improperly, the new one they sent in an additional box with packing stuff to keep the box from being compressed in shipping. I could tell something was funky the first time I moved the throttle.) VKB MK II Pro - came with a bent pin and the grip was different from what was advertised, couldn't get it to work. They sent a new one and it worked perfect out of the box. (again, second time they shipped it they put it in an additional box. I swear the first one they sent was a return they repacked with a different grip) After I had to sent back the stick and before it arrived; they sent me an email saying they didn't know if they would sell me any more hardware in the future do to the high return rate, LOL. No apologies for faulty products, I had to pay to have it shipped back so I ended up spending an additional 30-40 $. In all the years of buying flight gear, I've only had to send 2 items back, both with .org. I haven't purchased anything from them since. Would you purchase from them again?
  5. I'll go with the CH Pro ASAP, extra buttons will come in handy, not sure how it will work as another USB device. Need to change out my current "USB headset/Mic" for a standard headset with a jack. That will free up my USB for the quad. http://www.mypilotstore.com/MyPilotStore/sep/4946?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI0ZnslMXz4gIVl9dkCh0WOwm9EAQYAyABEgK0VvD_BwE I'm going to setup a different table for my sim pit, been waiting to finalize my TIR and minor adjustments for my peripherals so I know how to measure things out. I really wanted the throttle quadrant off to the left of my throttle, stick to the right as is; and then leave space between my throttle and stick so I can mount a yoke at later date, one I can pop on/off. I may order the VKB combat grip fist for extra buttons, extra springs, who knows how long these will last. Hopefully that will give me everything I need in the way of buttons, I'll keep moving towards hands on only so when it's time for VR the transitions will be easier. Thanks again for the input...
  6. Thanks guys for the input. I was looking at the CH throttle, but never using a quad I wasn't sure if there is something I overlooked. I'll try the keys and single throttle for now.
  7. Looks like one of my great grandfathers wooden toys he made. Preferably more modern, and works well... never used one and wasn't sure how temperamental they are. How do you guys fly 4 engine aircraft? Found a cool one for only $600, LOL.....
  8. So I think the time has come to pick up a throttle quadrant for multi engine planes. I'm not sure how it will work with my chpro throttle, I need that to stay connected for my buttons. Any economical suggestions?
  9. I use Track IR, I'm about a year or so from trying VR.... but I'm trying to make my TIR feel like VR, kind of like a photographer going crazy trying to take a close up of the beginning of a rainbow... just need to drive a few more miles, were close, I just know it.
  10. so as part of testing the new patch, and I'm engaged with this bandit, I forgot who flew in on my right for bandit 2, I discovered Icy's guns work on the bomber since I could hear them hit my plane at 2:30 followed by, sorry, sorry, chuckle, sorry, LOL... I think when they say wing me they don't mean wing me as in try to take my wing off... now after I lined up on your 6, I admit my trigger finger was feeling mighty itchy with you in my sights. Pretty funny stuff.
  11. Seemed like everything was work better last night with the update, not sure what the overall status was for everyone. Any problems? Brinson's server worked great. Thanks! Brin, I watched the track on our exchange with the bandits. I totally blew it when I followed the bandit down in a BnZ and thought I could nail him coming out of the zoom and put myself on your wing. That didn't work at all. All I did was blow my smash, miss my shot, and watched the the bandit pull away. From that point on I was low and slow in the fight and couldn't find my way up to help you. I did see the bandit on your six suddenly appear as I looked up and was watching your fight. When I do something stupid like that, just come down and use me as live bait, LOL... I can be a worm on hook when needed. I'm liking my new profile, for checking my 6, just need about 10 more hours to get comfortable with the zoom difference.
  12. No cubs hanging out I hope, there so cute till mama comes running......! Awesome shot, what are they eating this time of year? Campers?
  13. LOL, yes, it's seems I am annoying, Post a longer video of your engagement. What's your convergence set to. You can hit your targets, I see you do it all the time. I couldn't hit anything until I could finally fly and track the bandit offensively at will, then I had to see what distance i was most comfortable pulling the trigger and noted how big the plane was in the site, then kept changing my convergence up/down until I finally figured out 240 was my spot. So from 400 meters (long shot) to ramming the bandit with my plane, I have a good idea where to put the dot. (I use the Mig3 to setup where I shoot since it's easier to get into different firing angles and track and shoot) I setup my TIR so I could lean forward and look over my nose for the deflection shots that were almost a snap shot, I think more than 30 degrees is a snap shot? TIR is also setup so sitting up, raising my butt cheeks, will raise me up in the seat so as I lean forward I can lift myself up. But after looking over the nose where I could see my shot and get a better look at the bandits flight path, then put the dot where it needed to go and hit the target, then I'd lean forward and back until I could shoot a little better without leaning forward and looking over the nose of the plane. But when in doubt I can look over the nose. My sight moves according to how I move with TIR and I have to always make sure I center TIR before I line up a shot then move and it works pretty well. This is why i keep adjusting my TIR profile. My last change for tracking and targeting bandit is I have to change my Z - zoom in TIR to shorten the distance I have to move to zoom in. Worked perfect when looking forward and zooming along with my progressive eye glasses; but when I would look to my 6, I would have to lean back and the graph in TIR then uses the graph for looking forward and zooming in. So I would have to lean "way back" to get a look at my 6. I just changed this sacrificing the more comfortable view when leaning forward to zoom in. So all this just to look anywhere/everywhere and all I have to remember is center TIR to make sure my gun sight is centered, then move my head/body to see the bandit and the gun sight is pretty accurate as it moves/floats with me. Pain in the butt to get use too. I hope my Z graph is my last freaking change so I can just focus on flying. I wish others would post videos of there engagements from there perspective. Best videos are in flight recordings, not tracks, so it's more accurately represented. Otherwise tracks work fine as long as you don't change the view while previewing. Event then there not completely accurate.
  14. I can't go to youtu.be, it redirects me to youtube.com, do you have a really old account or an actual youtube account? Maybe clear your cache/hisory. I just go through my google account so maybe that's different. But I do have to go to the studio/beta. post the link to your video here... Make sure you published your video and didn't just upload it then check the advanced settings, should be defaulted to allow embedding. If you chose unlisted or private instead of public it changes the settings, private will only show when logged in or for anyone you send the link to.
  15. So Duck, your not flying tonight but your going to load a mission? Icy, glad to hop in/out of gunner seat. From all the problems happening Tuesday, it didn't seem any problems were really common between pilots. Maybe the sound with Zed? I think Craven had some binding issues?, I had to reset my mixture axis to inverted again, Navy had issues getting to the menu to finish and pick a new plane, Duck and I saw the flashing patch of forest, etc. Should be easy to test, I'd use a different mission, if no problems happen, then load the same mission as Tuesday, no problems, maybe it was just the night, problems with one mission only, it's the mission, problems on both missions, likely it's the game or mission editor conversion problems. I wasn't sure if I was flying tonight, but I can hop in for an hour and play gunner leap frog for testing if needed. Just let me know....
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