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  1. Sorry I missed the full mission Fawlty, lost joystick control... wondered why the plane just sank into the ground...
  2. Sure; any Tuesday after the 14th works. Need a little tinker time with the mission...
  3. Sounds good, Going to try and be there, how many pilot slots?
  4. That works perfect, pretty slick! I need to get caught with all the new skins everyone's made... I'm behind.
  5. I always prefer a pit/desk side by side if you have the space... So you sit or spin in that elliptical chair while shooting arrows at your model ships that are decorated with handmade jewelry? Sounds dangerous... interesting hobbies. 🙂
  6. Thanks again for the feedback, that helps. I’d like to fly the mission a couple more times without changing the planes to help me finalize the setup for default groups. Then I can quickly make up groups based on model/year, etc. Next mission – (12 willing pilots) We can start with Adler to Sochi, then go to Maikop. This way Bombers get a clean crack at bombing the targets before major enemy resistance. Start the mission off with a big bada boom. Will be easier to cover Zed, Zeus and company. Then finish up with the mountain mayhem. I can raise and thin out the clouds a bit, put the Dr. Evil mountain top target in the valley. Then shoot for 12 pilots, 3-4 bombers minimum and see what happens. I’ll try to remember to add a note for target altitude, but the icons on the map are over the target, white areas are “mountain peaks.” This will help me settle on how I want the base vanilla groups setup after a couple tests, then rinse and repeat to crank out groups for the different plane models and group by WWII timeline, etc. Then it will be easier to experiment setting up a mission as Sandy/Griphos described. As far as stuff like AI low in the canyons as opposed to seeing them at higher altitudes or number of fighters around the ships, targets, etc. That’s random and depends a lot on human behavior and what the AI see. If humans are spread out, the ai will be more spread out, if humans circle a target, AI will pool as they get to that spot in there route. Humans leave, ai go back to the routes. I’ll raise the clouds high enough to increase visibility flying CAP above the mountains and see how the AI respond. At least when bombers aren’t around… ~S~
  7. Sorry for the slow response, having a little family emergency... Thanks for the feedback, copied for my notes. I'll comment more later. ~S~
  8. Thanks for trying out my mission tonight, wish we had about 4-5 more pilots, I'll be making a few changes, not too much and next time will start from Adler and attack Sochi first so the bombers get a nice clean initial run at there bombing target and start the mission off on a high note. Then finish out the mission in the mountains. I'll set mission end for 2.5 hours or check when the last ai's fuel runs out. Quite the workout. Now you know there was going to be a video right! 😉 Come mr tally man, tally me bananas, no nav lights and me wanna shoot-ya down... sorry about that! Checking out the scenery...
  9. German Shepherds, really smart dogs, not very disciplined...
  10. My folks dogs, Ben and Lucy; always fly in formation when making all decisions... LOL
  11. Warm up for tonight, if no one was planning on any pre mission tests or has any objections... Mr. Rivers Death Race 2020 Air starts, tanks, etc are available, all allied/axis planes available for both sides. I was going to start this at 5:20 pm - mission ends in 40 min Main mission will start at 6 pm. @WWSittingduck If I run this, should I put it on WingWalkers 2 so it doesn't create stats for mayhem? Or is better performance running it from WingWalkers 1? ~S~
  12. Updated mission info - see first post.
  13. Test servers up again, I'd be curious as to how the tanks work out trying to attack Sochi...
  14. MISSIONS UP, will run run twice - 4 hours - Anyone testing mission feel free to shut it down. Changed time of day so you can see better. If you don't fly out of Maikop, you can avoid activating the first half of the mission, go coastal, just take a tank, fly out of any coastal airfield, then it takes about 30-40 mins before coastal activity. Tank Test - You can drive the tanks around at the second target immediately... If you fly out of Maikop and follow the route, go to the mountain CAP area, have fun.
  15. just what it says; Red and Blue escort Gold, but Red as support can choose to take bombs or not take bombs to support Gold and Blue as needed. That's up to Red, Red may get pulled away, may not, but Blue's priority is stick with Gold to get them to the first target. We all escort gold, red has options...... Everyone follows the route to first target.
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