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  2. I couldn't imagine loading up a mp3/ogg music file or song list on a server. Would be cool if someone was into the Spit V and like doing some aerobatics together, I'd make a light MP mission with music. But for adding media triggers for ogg files of recording of our fellow pilots famous quotes to go off as needed. That might be fun, but those would be tiny ogg's. I have a lot of notes for the server and at some point if time permits for WW groups tests I should have some MP missions to try out. Then I'll work through the server SOP. Seems most if not all the problems are simple. Save the file to the main directories and upload or make sure you create any sub-folders on the server that are needed prior to upload. Anything to avoid manually editing the sds file or other files unless absolutely necessary as with media file paths \ in the list file. KISS for SOP - keep is simple stupid for standard operating procedures. For now there's no time for WW group tests so I'm focusing on the little stuff, SP missions, stuff I can apply later to MP.
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  4. Thanks, I have to experiment with the 10 variable bit rates ogg uses, quality verses actual file size and total file size that starts to affect performance regardless of mp3/ogg file type. Still experimenting and getting experience in terms of mission performance trade offs.
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  6. Now just strap a knife and a gun to the oscillating fan and it's a full blown Icy setup....
  7. Thanks Zed, I was looking at this at https://windowsreport.com/combine-audio-files/ Might play with that but I like just picking a few songs and the order, that and triggering the songs separately or allowing them to overlap. But was going to experiment with combing and file size, performance benefits for just having song list I can choose from for any given length of time. Currently I have a report link from the media mcu to deactivate it once the media stops for each file. Not sure how that works with the combined song list. More tests. Great info, thanks.
  8. I'm setting up the mp3 music in an audio folder so the file names are music-1, 2, 3, etc. then a sub-folder with some favorite music. All I have to do is delete a audio track, copy what I want from the sub folder to the main folder; rename it, go fly. Only drawback is any previous flight records will play what's in the folder. You'd have to remember what you flew too for a track and replace the files before watching the track or not care. But for entertainment, drop in a song, rename, go fly. Volume is set for 30%, so volume has to be edited in ME, it ain't perfect, but it works.
  9. Well this was a fun test. Added an mp3 to the mission, so the sound in the video is what's in the mission track. An old 2 track acoustic recording I made a few years back. Pretty cool for flying to music... I like to pop in some heavier music for dogfight practice. It's quirky when viewing the track, you can't adjust the recording or it will mess up the timing of the music which is a bummer. Manage to make my first skin. Dang alpha layer was a little tricky at first, smooth sailing now. Updated: 4.5 minute video and you can see (correction) 3 stupid AI go smashing into the ground, ones a bit hard to catch as it speeds into the ground in the background at about 1:04 in the video. Blackout fever I guess. So between 1:04 - 2:52, 3 AI in less than 2 minutes crash because I'm flying low... Pre-patch, AI crashing didn't happen so fast, and typically I'd just practice touch and goes while the bandits come in and not engage until they started strafing the runway as I was landing/taking off without crashing. Fun seeing dirt kicked up next to the plane. Now that I can fly to a soundtrack... I'm going to make some simple Aerobatic SP missions and set the mp3 to trigger on an adjacent runway, might have to pop colored smoke and have some WW AI fly in formation for kicks It's a bird, it's a plane... it's a pilot who's lost his mind.
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  13. @WWZed Hey Zed, just checking in to see if this is affecting your mission for tonight? I checked back on the forums, seems to be unit specific until they patch it.
  14. Of course nothings definitive (didn't mean to sound that way) other than results between different components, the link I sent was for reference and some price comparisons. I like looking at the specs they have for the high end and budget machines built for the hard core simmer. If I can find a refurbished rig from a reputable place, that's always been my biggest savings. Especially for lower end stuff. Used graphic cards from friends who like buying the latest and greatest every year helps. Years back worked for a place where part of my job setting up the computers and networking for 10-12 employees. So fixing and buying pc's etc. I found a gold mine at the time, before windows vista (the nightmare). Refurbished HP pcs from Costco of all places. I was buying brand new refurbished pc's for 700-$800 that were selling for 1700-$1800 on the shelf brand new! People bring back pc's for the smallest thing. As fast as they would pop up on the website, I'd run down and buy it. 8 months later happy employees all with there new rigs saving $10,000, literally. Windows Vista came out and I wouldn't touch a refurbished pc with that OS, the OS is why everyone was bring back the pc's. Took me 4 months to shop for the right monitors for my budget, saved $500 for waiting, so I get it. Good luck with the build/buy, lots of great deals if your not in a rush...
  15. 🙂 you deserve it... I do think buying the 1070 is a little like throwing good money after bad, I'd bump that up. Ask your wife nicely, flowers, honey may I 😉 When I go budget I typically cut corners on things I can upgrade 6 months, a year, two years later, add memory, extra drive space, make sure the MB can handle it, make sure I have enough power so I expand and not have to swap out the power supply, etc. SSD a must. 32 gigs of memory is more the norm... I remember going form 8 to 16, then crap, need to go 32 and when I picked up the Asus notebook it had 64 gigs which is great for my work, but that's probably overkill unless your doing a ton of multitask graphics stuff. Sim probably doesn't know the difference. okay, that's my 3 cents on how to go bankrupt buying a new rig.
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