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  1. Happy Birthday! Hey; I think it's one of Navy's sons birthdays too... LMAO
  2. Thanks Duck, you should put the commands in the mission briefing... Then put how many seconds you set the RRR for. My experience is if I set it for 20 sec. Then it takes 20 sec to rearm after you press the keys, but not with reload. Quirky.. RRR is a bit different in each plane which makes it a pain in the ass... never had to hit LALT+R after the engine was started, doesn't seem to work all the time... but that's kind of how it is with the different planes pending damage. Sometimes I get the sound, sometimes not, but allowing it to have enough time is most important. Another update so I'll be interested to see what changes there are. Here is the big RRR post with lots of info...... COOL GIF..
  3. Looks great! Your call on the artistic decisions...🎨 I'll be wearing if for all F4 occasions ~S~
  4. I think were in the movie Ground Hog Day.... 😉
  5. @WWNavyGunner Springs - This might be helpful - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmT9YJTIru8 Sticking - Future help - https://youtu.be/55Jz-yum8OM
  6. Couldn't agree more........... ~S~ Duck
  7. I agree, this is new. Duck I wouldn't worry about it and leave it checked and save yourself the time... we know what it is so no big deal. Did you read the other post left about the exact same thing. Question is if you uncheck the box, maybe you need to add the additional delete onkilled command with a timer to delete? I never see this but my planes are activated not spawned. Not sure that makes a difference. Or I just don't kill pilots that often. Maybe this weekend I can take one of those interceptor groups and drop it into Lapino for an aerobics dogfight practice map. See what happens in Single Player.
  8. Helps balance the color for his pit with the yellow stripes, Navy's an Interior Pit Designer Decorator... That or he can't remember where to place his hand and the arrows help as a reminder, LOL, now that's funny, I don't care who you are! If it were me, I'd leave the arrows, just to drive people crazy with confusion.
  9. He's talking about plane death, for all I know he means pilot death and I assume both the life and death of the pilot and life and death of the plane (plane is broken in pieces or explodes) is the pilot in or out of the plane when that happen. Obviously if the pilot is in the plane then he dies when the plane crashes hard or explodes. But what I see is when the pilot is dead, a timer goes off, then deletes the plane/pilot, no matter where the plane is. If the pilot is alive, in the plane or in a parachute the plane is not deleted unless it crashes and explodes, breaks into pieces, etc. But if the plane is in tact for some planes at least, the plane stays on the ground/map until the pilot hits the ground. Videos, you can see the - plane is deleted before it crashes... pilot dies (we assume), plane vanishes about 15 seconds later. I watched AI pilots bail out, I16, lands on the roof of a building, in tact, burning (funny!), does not get deleted until the pilot in his chute hits the ground. Then both are deleted in a few seconds. Pilot bails out, plane crashes in pieces, plane is deleted, pilot stays in the air, pilot hits the ground, deleted seconds later. We would like the delete after death of pilot/plane to not delete the plane until it hits the ground or is blown up, in pieces, then delete debris seconds later, but that could be problematic like the pilot that lives on the ground or not enough damage to the plane prevents the plane from being deleted and you to get a new plane spawn. I thought that was a previous problem you mentioned? Planes don't always re-spawn? The looming question! - Is this a spot on our face that's been there for years and we just noticed it this morning when looking in the mirror? LOL Or? Frankly I didn't notice this myself until the last mission post RTS. For what ever reason it seems to be more prevalent. Pilots are getting better and killing more AI pilots with head shots? Maybe they made the death/deletion more aggressive to save resources? Did PW change something that would cause this? I'm not seeing anything obvious when comparing past intercept groups with your current maps. Any difference in plane damage - I don't see plane damage as a factor since deletion seems to be based on the death of the pilot. Question Will unchecking the delete after death and adding the mechanics with a timer to a delete command fix it by just setting the time to 1-3 min. Aren't both planes in the videos the same plane/model? More tracks needed, just stop recording 30 second after you see a plane vanish will make for a quick track review. Then see which planes this is happening to.
  10. We were chatting on TS about different ways you might do this... I'm good for some fun racing around a track with as many pilots as we can get, heck, make the track work for bombers, then as far as a more serious track, competition based on time. use the flight record to get a track time from start gate to finish gate. I kind of do my own little aerobatic red bull style track for practice. It would be hilarious to see 12 pilots trying to race around a small track... mayhem at it's finest.
  11. Remind me to never go to the movies with Sandy, LOL........... to funny
  12. Duck, here is a cleaner look at a disappearing plane, even got the pilots name, LOL Just watch from 15m 51sec pilot view to see then switch to enemy... dogfight.2020-01-14_15m51sec-SLtYakorToporov-Vanish.zip Notice when the bandit gets shot his "icon" disappears, I assume that is when the pilot is killed, then about 15 sec later the plane disappears. So that seems to be normal unless it use to be the plane had to crash after the pilot was dead before respawn. Glitch, logic change, not sure. Maybe we just never noticed this as the pilots get better with kill shots? Duck I posted this on the IL2 forums with the other video... Hope this helps.
  13. Here you go Duck, 12m, 20sec, make sure you go to enemy view and you can watch the plane vanish before it hits the ground. From what I can see watching the other AI, as long as the pilot is alive the plane doesn't vanish unless it crashes and explodes or breaks into pieces. If he bails out and the plane crashes in tact, it doesn't vanish until the pilots landed. Watched and I16 crash in tact and sat on the roof of a building while the pilot floats down. dogfight.2020-01-09_vanishing-plane-12m20sec.zip
  14. Wish I had the track or maybe some of the guys remember which plane model disappeared and if it's always the same model? lagg-3, la-5, mig3, p39l-1, p40e-1, i16
  15. Sorry, thought I did, I'll take another look. I've seen this a few times, a couple with Craven who shreds the plane, kills the pilot then poof, plane disappears. Just seems if you kill the pilot/plane it deletes it immediately. I read your post on IL2. Did PW change how this is handled eliminating the extra logic to delay the deletion to save on performance? I assume it still give the kill to the pilots, just looks weird. Could just try un-checking the box for delete after death and see how long the planes stay... According to IckyATLAS they don't stay indefinitely.
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