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  1. Sounds good, wasn't planning on having kids anyways.
  2. No issues with AltSpace for me, still have it installed from last years meeting. I just made sure it's updated. Still have a few of you on a contact list. Thought it was entertaining. I'll try to pop a a little early to make sure I review the controls for movement and connect to Zed's world.
  3. I guess I've been a little confused on "Enhanced Aircraft Visibility" being used online. I always call it "Alt view, don't know why" but this came out over a year ago; around December 2019, see the discussion link above about "thoughts on aircraft visibility" We tried it out, discussed it, but in the end squad leaders decided to use the regular view since all the other squads and 90% + of all the online missions were not going to use Enhance Aircraft Visibility." I think we had events with JG1 and were using regular visibility. Of course mission builders still set the SDS as they wi
  4. Below is an older discussion. Things have improved since then but the same thing happens in alt or regular view. If a plane, train, ship is at a great enough distance. As you zoom in "all the way" the plane, train, ship will suddenly disappear. As you zoom back out, they reappear. Until you are close enough you can zoom in 100% in/out without the disappearing/reappearing. Both alt and regular view, but it's more dramatic in alt view. If your a pilot who zooms in all the way a lot, your more likely to have a plane, train, ship suddenly disappear if what your tracking extends to a great en
  5. check the layers, there should be layers for the detailed weathering. Make sure your painted layer is below the weathering and you have the layer set to be visible, "eye" is checked. Look at the layers in the video above in the post. You will see grime, streaks, stains, gun streaks, exhaust, etc. check/uncheck the eye to make the layer visible/invisible.
  6. Which plane is black and blue flying?
  7. Okay, so is it the Hurri?......... is this the new list? Hurricane Hurricane Hurricane LOL..
  8. Can we all agree on the MiG 3? (to start) be nice to focus on that plane for now. Maybe just add the planes on the list as an option so if pilots have trouble in any particular plane they can opt to switch. Those who have the Hurricane could get some Hurri time in. I know that's not exactly how the missions fighter groups are setup in terms of red/blue/black but some of pilots just don't have a lot of time in these planes (I know I don't). Doesn't matter which plane is better if your not comfortable flying it. / fun factor goes down as well... Most pilots probably already wa
  9. Haven't had time to fly them much to pick one as a prefered plane. MiG-3 / Hurricane / Yak-1
  10. Perfect! Installed the batch... guess I need to brush up on the P51
  11. I like Change O Luck... I'll leave the details up to the trusted skinning artist. Thanks!
  12. I've found the evaluation to be bias towards SRS without properly vetting the different options available in TS. In real life I've run operations, evaluating many software/program solutions to best fit the needs of the company and employees. Created independent DB solutions to bridge the gaps where software solutions were not available. Trained everyone on the new systems. All of it based on the factual pros/cons evaluations of the different solutions, longevity and support for any solutions, etc. But there was no voting system in the company just like the military. This is how we're doing it.
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