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  1. Geezer, I used this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-WxvRRgj3o for startup. One difference is he says to bring the mixture to cutoff then as the engine tries to start, move the mixture to auto run, some guys put the mixture to full so the engine just starts then move it to auto run, skip all that, just set the mixture to auto run from the start then leave it for the flight. Throttle one inch, yes, move it up about an inch or the engine won't start. Rudder pedals / toe brakes - I assume you have toe brakes on your rudder pedals? If so, map those to the axis for toe brakes in game. They should not be braking when you move your ruder pedals forward, sounds like a mapping issue. I have one button that applies all brakes for planes with no toe brakes, but this also works for planes with toe brakes. Then planes with toe brakes I use my toe brakes to apply left/right brakes, or I can use my button which applies both toe brakes at the same time. I always have elevator trim mapped to my joystick hat, use it all the time. I recently picked up a throttle quadrant so I mapped one of the levers to my rudder trim which works great for the P51. I don't have my aileron trim mapped. hope that helps.
  2. LOL, I'm always the first one to my own crash site... Test was in Winter, probably why the engine lasted so long. I haven't had any issues in the Winter, "yet." Throttle is sensitive, so if you over throttle you break the engine, could be delayed after a few "woops, full throttle, jerking the throttle..." I think this is one of those planes you "ease the throttle/rpm up and down" be nice or Kitty throws a hissy fit..
  3. P-40 Couple tips that may help someone, or just ignore. Engine modes: Nominal (unlimited time): 2600 RPM, 37.2 inch Hg Combat power (up to 5 minutes) 3000 RPM, 42 inch Hg Take-off power (up to 2 minutes): 3000 RPM, 45.5 inch Hg Maximum Possible power (prohibited by flight manual): 3000 RPM, 56.0 inch Hg I bought the Logitech/Saitek pro throttle quad so I can fly this thing properly using an axis for mixture and prop rpm. Huge difference. Most of you probably already have axises for this. Easy engine management - kind of easy... Once I set the mixture to auto rich, lining up the prop rpm lever with the mixture lever is 2600 rpm so it's easy to quickly adjust between 2600 and 3000 rpm without staring at the gauge, then make small adjustments as needed. After that I'm just keeping my manifold between 35-37 / 2600 rpm, when I need more power I leave the throttle set and just increase the RPMs. At "36 inch/throttle, increase RPMs to 3000," the "manifold pressure increases to 42 inch without moving the throttle." So small throttle adjustments as needed when climbing and diving / then work the rpm lever to increase power as needed and keep the manifold under 42 inch always. Watch the oil temp, Take off, 3000 rpm / 45 inch, gear up, then just pull the throttle back to 42 inch, then pull the rpm lever back to line up with the mixture lever and your quickly in the green, fine tune as needed. Idea is to cut back on throttle adjustments. Combat power test Finally had a chance to test the 5 min combat power. 3000 rpm 42 inch / I tried to keep it at 41.5 inch (5 min limitation) Engine lasted 10 min / level flight / radiators closed / winter time / "Close radiators when your over 175mph in any weather, then keep an eye on the oil temp." 11-13 min / manifold pressure and rpm gauge needles started to jump, oil temp started going up, and the engine seized. I'm going to stick with 30 sec to 3 min max as needed for quicker recovery. Same thing I do with the Mk.V and Hurri to keep the engine and always have some combat/emergency power available throughout my flight. fun stuff.......
  4. Well after more time in the P40 I think will need altitude and mostly attack bombers, maybe the hurris can cover us a bit, unload on bombers, RTB, let the hurris finish them off, rinse repeat. Just so much you can do with the P40 from what I see. Attacking fighters will probably be lucky moments of opportunity for me. I'm going to try not saddling up and sitting on any bandit, just drive through, take a shot and keep going. If I live long enough. I would leave the prop PITCH set to auto and just use the prop RPM lever. Keeps it simple using it the same as with the spits, hurri, etc. Only thing I typically found handy with manual prop PITCH is like in a F4, coming in too fast, switch to manual prop PITCH to help slow down, has a pitch clock indicator and no prop RPM lever. Then back to auto once you slow down or you roll over and crash on base to final. Some like it when taxiing. P40 manual prop pitch is basically if the auto governor fails which is not modeled. Found this if it helps - https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/44844-p-40-propeller-pitch/ Kind of like the mixture, auto rich normally, auto lean to save fuel, only reason to manually adjust mixture is if the auto/governor fails, don't think that's modeled. I'm skipping the flaps (kills speed) and stick with trim only... trim nose down grab speed, nose up as needed to keep E. This will be a challenge - I'll probably bitch and moan, then cry a bit in flight, but I'll try to keep that internalized. This is my forecast for thursday... Sorry Diz, I scratched your skin.
  5. I'm still getting used to gauges, throttles touchy, she's a different bird that's for sure. Not a lot of power to save my ass in a pinch when your about to hit the ground to push the plane through a maneuver. Been practicing in the quick mission, summer so I can get used to the oil temps rising, then I'll switch to winter. One tip (Air Combat Tutorial) is close the radiator shutters "all the way" when your speed hits "175 mph or above." In summer the oil temp goes up a bit so you have open up a bit as needed. So if your maneuvering and your speed goes up and down below 175 mph check the oil temp. I thought the shutters just stay completely closed all the time in the winter? Haven't tested it yet. Do you have "engine warmed up" on in the server settings? I just don't have enough time in yet, hopeing after tomorrow I'll have a clue. Challenging... You can have my old lawnmower engine, should see a boost in power.
  6. Fun mission, a little short for me due to stupidity. I'll bone up on the P40e, a bit different, has both prop rpm lever and prop pitch 3 way toggle, which is set to auto but you can switch it to manual. So I'll leave it to auto and just use the prop rpm lever unless there is an advantage to using prop rpm in conjunction with the manual prop pitch. Didn't see a prop pitch clock/indicator like you seen in the German planes. Something new and different to get confused about. might help P-40 Simple Engine Management || IL-2 GB - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TqSy6H8hGsA
  7. If you like flying the Yak 1, I'd spend the $5 on the Yak 1b... canopy makes it much easier to see what's going on.
  8. " Less work for Cephas " I think if you ran this again without changes "maybe dumb down gun accuracy on tanks sniping Gold, " but you might be surprised how the mission works out 'without a bunch of mission tweaks and changes. and you will never know if we don't run it again pretty much as is. As long as Gold knows where the target area is and bomber escort stays with the bombers. I'd be up for flying it again next Tuesday... dumb down whatever is sniping bombers, and let it ride. I really enjoy flying bomber escort. Thanks Cephas ~S~
  9. Managed to kill 4 with the loadout, of course taking out the 4th plane with my prop helped, had no bullets left, then did an emergency landing. Cephas, there's a playlist for the Hurri dogfights, uploaded 4 shorter videos when we flew the practice mission.
  10. Thanks~ Mission worked great, I was reading about all the Hurri's shot down by 109's and 110's, so my brain was in the wrong place. I probably should have read the article from the mission post first. Good grief, they only had 12 Hurri's... Don't mess with Finland, feisty. I have no idea what the strategy will be in mission as far as team work, or how it relates historically. But I would recommend climbing and patrolling from a higher altitude.
  11. Totally agree, I've been setting to 180-200 convergence... I was a little confused on why why the practice targets are russian planes instead of German planes, even the optfor? Personally I'd rather practice on planes I'll be shooting down in the missions. I was using the Quick mission, scramble, 10,000 meters away, Hurri vs 2 ace G2's and 2 ace F4's at 1500m. Then takeoff, fly a circuit climbing to 8,000 ft before flying my heading, keep climbing to 10,000 feet + to start the hunt. Managed to take out 2 bandits, then land. But the bandits didn't die immediately, just did some damage and moved to the next target, did damage until I went winchester and RTB. Bandits dies before I landed. Good exercise using the minimal ammo.
  12. I didn't think this was running until July? I won't be able to make it tonight...
  13. That was my plan, stick with Gold... I can stay on Gold channel. If we use the gold/red/blue channels I can switch flight channels as needed, but I'm not setup to switch to the lobby.
  14. Black, Gold escort, mk.v works for me! have to dust off that spit, been a while... if your locking fuel an loadouts, let me know what those are, thanks...
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