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  1. Finally had a chance get a grip on the G2 and rpm sweet spots for taxiing/flying Maybe we can try this for pulling off the line to the taxiway, then 90 degree pivot turn. Basically full brake, set the RPM, then 3,2,1, release brake to roll or pivot turn. Should simplify starting together. Pivot turns - brake, set throttle to 1500 rpm, while holding both toe brakes, full left rudder, (don't touch the throttle, leave it at 1500 rpm) then release right toe brake to pivot, full brake and center rudder to stop (still not touching the throttle) rinse and repeat for more turns, throttle ba
  2. Sad news, I'm speechless, my heart goes out to Tim's family... RIP Icy
  3. Thanks for the setup help Zed... I wouldn't mind trying this if everyone is on it at the same time. Would like to close out TS and just use SRS, can't do that unless everyone is using SRS. Then try it with my keyboard plugged in to see if I have volume issues TS. Just need to tweak the adjustments a bit for volume once were all on and give it an honest try to see how it works. I think the big benefit with SRS is more public multiplayer. I need to try that. No need to figure out any public TS, just join and communicate, or at least try... pending native languages of course..
  4. Here go, mid air crash track.. TACK DOWNLOAD
  5. Below are the current tank base locations, I layered the maps of what each side sees so they don't line up great, works for a reference. Original map only had the 2 tank bases intended to pop into enemy territory only and start working on objectives. Never thought anyone would drive from enemy territory back to your friendly territory in search of 1 or 2 human tanks... Objectives test - I'd like to have you guys drive into the middle of the factory with all the buildings, then start hammering away at the buildings. "Maybe I should set a couple tanks with unlimited ammo so you can g
  6. Question 1 - is it possible to make an enemy tank base capturable? I know another server has it, it has a flag pole in its center you have to sit by for about a minute before it’s taken, of course you have to destroy all the defenses first. Then it becomes your new tank spawn. Yes, just need setup some objectives or make it part of the current objectives. Once completed the tank base is neutralized or changes sides.. I'd have to look at the flag option, sounds like capture the flag, but the answer's yes. Question 2 - For the tanks it needs more ground targets, Zed and I ran tigers a
  7. Time to make a new mission but wanted to know how the tank fields are working out for tank drivers? Also, should I go ahead and make sure the tanks for each side only have Allied only / Axis Only tank options? I have all the tanks for boths sides to try and maintain the fun factor for players choice but it seems to cause some confusion from above. Any suggestions for Tanks... Tank field locations Do you like spawning near an AI tank platoon? Max distance to objectives for tank drivers? Tanks for your feedback...
  8. I have an updated Reka mission, wasn't around last week to upload it. I need to test it since it's a Moscow map. Checking for effects/height post game update issues. Seems I still need to go through and reset the effects to "set to ground" which is a bummer. Plus it ran the last 2 Tuesdays. Adjusted fighters timing to be more aggressive, extra tank fields, etc. Last test before I move the pieces around for a new map. (Maybe next week or anytime after.)
  9. just logged in to check, Didn't get any message. Though I have run into time when I'm logging in/out multiple times over a short period suddenly I can't login. Says clent's not ready or something. I think Zed said something about how many hours you use it type of thing sets off the personal/commercial use thing...
  10. Icon properties description, very bottom box where is says "Description:" default it says "Icon Desc"
  11. Some things will be 50 meters below ground. I tested the aerobatics bridge map single mission and some of my stuff like cranes was sunken so I did the above and it fixed it.
  12. So do you wear your suit every time you fly? Had to ask.
  13. So we have to fix all our Moscow maps, I tried this on a couple maps, fix seems to works fine... otherwise my stuff was underground. Sheez, I have quite a few moscow missions... Other improvements and fixes 61. The residual inertia in the first-person non-VR view of the gradual zoom at maximum zoom and maximum zooming speed option when not using a mouse for looking around has been addressed; 62. The contours of objects against a clouds background have been minimized by using special tech; 63. The lowest cloud quality setting still causes significant artifacts on the aircraft visibl
  14. It's official, you win the flight sim nut of the year award... be cool if you had a wrap around screen. You should empty the room, leave just the pit and paint the room to look like your in the sky, dim the room lights based on sim time of day...
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