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  1. Lot of fun winging Brin, first time flying the RAF S.E.5.a, I like that plane....
  2. I'll just be happy flying paper planes over water.... 😉
  3. I'll fly on Saturdays when I can.....
  4. The basic coop edit was a single setting change in 2 command cover mcu's from medium to low, no need to fly it, nothing really to test, just something to consider when using cover. I'd just run the wind at your back mission since you've been working on it.....
  5. Teaser Video and mission files, files go in your mission folder for SP A3, F4, and Spit V versions / enjoy... ~S~ DW-Moscow-Lake-Patrol-Stranded-Destroyer-A3-F4-SpitV.zip
  6. As my groups are starting to gain life, I started testing different mcu's, so I tossed in cover. As a single mcu it requires some additional logic and mechanics tied to it. Maybe a trigger to deactivate the cover mcu if we enter the cover area. So if we saw the same planes pooling and moved to intercept like we did, before we could engage or try, the cover deactivates and all hell should break loose. LOL. Now you have 8 enemy fighters together turned loose on hopefully low priority waypoints and ace level with there usual aggressive behavior causing our comms to start blowing up 😉. Or even better, we are simply seeing the bombers in the same area and approach the bombers; it deactivates cover to turn the AI loose as opposed to waiting for them to figure it out. stupid ai....puuh I spit at you stupid ai, do what I tell you! I admit my playing with ME has caused strange ideas for testing, like I had a momentary lapse in judgment and thought "what if" I put about 12 bombers over my airfield as I start my engines, bombers are out of fuel, set to shoot air and ground target, at the same time I have AAA and ships defending. What happens? I'll tell you what happens, LOL, everyone bails out, parachutes everywhere, planes are shooting at my plane when they can, ships and AAA are shooting planes, shooting the guys in parachutes, ever see artillery hit a guy in a chute, LOL, I did. Planes crash landing, left a couple planes with tiny amounts of fuel, little extra time to shoot at me as I try to take off. You know, create a little unforeseen mission entry madness,
  7. I hear you there, I try to make experimenting part of my free fly time... Thanks Zed, I'll tinker more, but all settings seem to have the same overall results when I changed those settings, there flying high covering. Red flight allied/axis both use the command cover set to medium/groups checked. So might try changing it to low but I'm betting they will still pool above the clouds. Bombers took off, those were the bombers below we started chasing after most of blue went down, so red was in the clouds, bombers below. I think some did come down when I started chasing bombers, but without know AI behavior, pilots will see and go after the AI covering the clouds, at least that's what we did. Great distraction and now an AI tell. AI pooling/circling in a flock above, means there are probably bombers flying below, ignore the fighters, look for the bombers, let the fighter come to you. But you have to know this. I'm not sure what you do other than set red to a longer path so they stay in the area or set a timer to turn off the cover command at some point.
  8. Hey guys, I noticed last time when we were flying blue we ran into 8-10 planes that gathered high above the clouds circling. Wasn't much blue could do with them. Command Cover seems to make this happen. I'm not clear on expected behavior of command cover but when I added it to my flight groups in an effort to make a wing cover the lead, "with absolutely no understanding of command cover behavior" All my planes ignored the waypoints and headed for the clouds. Removed cover, and normal behavior came back. If expected behavior is to circle high above the clouds and not engage, that works, and could be handy to use if you randomly activate it for a short time then deactivate. Looking at the map it looked like red flight of 8 has a command cover for bombers. Would maybe removing the command cover allow red fighters to be more interactive in the mission?
  9. That was a lot of fun and teamwork played out nice. With the added groups between base and target, basically all groups are needed to keep gold alive to target and at target. It would be fun to try it again and make sure everyone leaves together with red leading the way the first time out. I think there was a nice balance in pilots taking off, flying to target, and pilots at target or around target. Meaning as the AI came in, humans were scattered on the map so the AI stay scattered balancing the engagements. My theory is that if our timing is that too many pilots are at the airfield for too long throughout the mission, or any location for too long, then any AI flight paths coming near the airfield or any location we're at, that becomes a place the AI gather and stay; as long as we stay. One way of possibly countering this is to always make sure we have 2 bases far enough apart, if one is starting to get the gathering of AI, we can take off from a second base nearby but but away from any AI flight paths, then proceed with the mission. Basically clear the areas where AI gather to allow them to move onto there routes and bring the mission back into balance. Or wait for everyone to clear the airfield before coming back into the mission, no humans on the active, AI move onto there route. Might have to sit in the waiting room for 5 minutes after all humans leave the airfield to see the AI proceed to there next WP. That's my theory for the day.
  10. Congratulations Brinson! You survived!
  11. Flew with Duck tonight to review, this is worth the 10 mins for reminders, I had a lot of stuff wrong for the startup, but this clears everything up.
  12. I saw that! Cool, I think Brin is thinking, I16, ummm, I need to fly Blue 😉 At least I know my radiators is mapped now. New to ME, I'm curious, is it possible to have extra slots in the flights for humans only, if a human doesn't pick the slot it won't put a plane on the map? Thought it might be nice if there were extra red/blue slots.
  13. I vote for anything you think has the least amount of headaches and an admin interface you enjoy. 🙂
  14. The way they seem to have it setup is it's up the the user to only edit in the child theme what doesn't break when updating the parent theme, then never update the child theme or it wipes out your customization. So you can choose to totally customize and document your changes for a child theme, then update that child theme and replace customization post update, or only customize cosmetics or specific file and only update the parent. Not the best system unless you can copy the parent, remove everything accept the folder and files you can customize safely. Then only add styles/code/etc. to the child theme that you customize, it inherits the rest. Now you have a nice clean child theme with only the changes you made. Much easier to manage and update anything that might still break in an update. Usually class name changes or additional classes for more flexibility, so you just update and add the css classes as needed. But it does seem best to just find a nice clean regularly supported and updated theme with a GUI that will do everything you need, KISS method right... Do these themes offer a place within the theme settings to add custom styles? Usually there's a lot you can accomplish with that and not fuss with child themes, just keep a backup of your custom CSS. you get all the fun Sandman.
  15. Is there a place you can add a custom style sheet for the default theme that won't be overwritten? Usually they provide ways to add custom style sheets or child theme's etc., not always. Could be handy for changing the look, just stay away from structure styling and you shouldn't break stuff. 😉 But if its separate you can have some fun, remove it when your done if not happy, etc.
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