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  1. Sheez, 2 other pilots shot down and captured... Hope your well Brinson!
  2. ch pedal resistance would be cool, something for a better feel no real resistance that would damage the pedals. no 3d printer but was looking at using pipes that slide together then insert a spring so it's like a cheesy piston. Plus I would sound like a kid coming down the street on a pogo stick in a dogfight, should liven up comms. Somehow I think your project is way cooler.
  3. You can make this adjustment in game. While in game / press ESC / click Basic Settings / Adjust, gamma, FPS, Volume, tech messages, etc. click Accept and your good to go. Really handy, I use this to turn tech message spam on when needed, off when I'm done.
  4. Thanks guys, I don't think it's a cheat, was curious what other pilots think about this type of edit. Thanks again...
  5. Thanks Robby, works great. Finally had a chance to give it try. I think the original current.map is setup to mimic head movement limitations (blind spot), you know, all in the name of realism. I'm curious as to how this affects those with VR or if VR users had this full range of head movement. (is it considered a cheat by some pilots? Removing the blind spot). It does smooth out the head movement very nicely. I'm going to decrease my dead zones and see if I can remove that stuck view syndrom. I think Fawlty mentioned using pause to steady the view when needed, I created dead zon
  6. Great mission - That was a lot of fun Blue covering Gold to and from the drop zone. Yup, thank you blue, it was a swarm of blue like I've never seen... Track and Tackview https://www.wingwalkers.org/vault/Driftwood-Tracks/DW-2021-0202-Kub3-02-GoldDrop-BlueCover.zip
  7. Thanks Cephas, I didn't get that from the post. Instead of using the % of damage to a factory. I setup a factory with 10 buildings / when 8 of 10 destroyed/killed, the factory blows up / stacked icons show 1-10 on the map / as each building is killed/damaged; icon for that building deactivates / so pilots can check the map to see total factory damage any time by looking at which buildings still stand. Plus messages for each building as it's destroyed. Details can be seen in the Objective groups in the "reka lama blitz 1941-43 tanks 50m2" mission flown xmas eve.
  8. I'm trying to follow this post and understand what exactly the issue is? I thought using the vehicles/or/fake vehicles in buildings was a technique for buildings without damage models? I did a lot experimenting with this based on Ducks previous descriptions of using vehicles or trains, etc in a building which was fun. I downloaded a random artillery group that was pretty cool and used fake vehicles. No issue with those. Is it just your having an issue with the counters not working properly when multiple bombs are going off and damage is not being counted properly for buildings so y
  9. SRS came up when IL2 added to the game. I remember we tested when Zed/Duck installed it on the server; but the squad agreed it was not needed to replace TS. Plus all members don't have SRS installed and some are not willing to install it. ~ So the SRS idea is DOA.~ Thursday nights typically are nights everyone stayed in the lobby with the options to go to a seperate channel if they were practicing something else. Tuesdays pending the mission we would typically go into the separate channels. It's only been since the last meeting we started staying in the same channel as an effort to a
  10. I think the comms setups are situational, my 2 cents. Channels - usually channels are used, so the channel whispers work best if pilots are in channels. Contacts - I think this would work great if everyone's in the same channel and you need to whisper to specific wingmen and edit it on the fly. SRS - only works if every pilot is willing to use it - works great if you go into multiplayer server that has SRS setup.
  11. Quick note, When you change the channel name Gold to Icy-Gold; anyone who had whispers setup for the Gold channel will no longer work since "Gold" no longer exists. Thanks...
  12. Will we be able to fly Russian or German, German only, alternate each week German/Russian, or? Only request is to post plane availability a week or so in advance to allow time for plane familiarization if needed. Thanks, looks fun.
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