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  1. That's why I called it Stabbie Stab. I've got tons of footage I need to make into various montages. Good duels, head chopped, heavy cav kills, killing heavy cav, etc...
  2. Sometimes the music I'm listening to lines up with the game with no editing. https://youtu.be/uy6R6d54rk4
  3. Falcon are the flagship of awesome computers, but you're right. They're super pricey. Aside from the cost, the thing that makes those attractive is the biggest downside to building your own.... Customer Service/Tech Support. The guys at a place like Falcon know more about computers when unconscious than I ever will. You build it you are your own customer service/tech support.
  4. With the CO and Duck upgrading, I got the bug too and checked to see if there was any way for me to simply upgrade the cpu from mah' i7-7700k to the i7-9900k. However with the MB I have, it won't work. So, I was running the CPU at 4.9 GHz, but decided to press a tad harder on the pedal. I OC'd to 5.0... She may burn, but all seems okay and stable. So.. I will ride her till she burns. Then I will have an excuse with the missus to upgrade. So, mabye going for 5.1 or 5.2 in a month or two.
  5. I hear that Drift. They run/avoid. Not totally unrealistic -I see people do it all the time. It is what it is....
  6. yeah... I have yet to hear back on either email. I like that setup Sandy, but I need something that I can break down and stow quickly.
  7. There are some lag issues... But yeah.. The first time I boltered and he said, "Bolter? Man, I'm STARVING!" I wanted to turn around in my seat and punch him.
  8. Okay... Well... Lets go flying!
  9. I updated the mission on the server: 2 f14's and 2 f18's were moved from the carl to the George Washington (supercarrier).
  10. Great outcome !!!! Can you wear contacts?
  11. Is JSGME pretty straight forward and simple to set up?
  12. WWBrinson


    First, I'd contact the original email provider where the DCS account was registered to and see if they can use an alternate method of verification so that you can log in. If that isn't productive, I'd contact the DCS peoples and explain your situation and see if there is anything they can do to help. While your waiting to hear back from them, I'd look for any screenshots (like a receipt, key, or something) that would prove you did indeed buy a module or map (as opposed to getting a key from some rando online).
  13. There has to be, Geezer. Game is brokens for many armchair avaitors.
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