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  1. Heh... This guy is pretty beast and the price seems good too. I'm not sure if you part it out it will be any cheaper. https://www.ibuypower.com/Store/Gaming-RDY-LCIBG203
  2. 3 questions then. Are you going to build it yourself? If so, are you going to recycle parts? Lastly what is your price range?
  3. Will do try it out when I get home from work in an few hours. Your perseverance is amazing.
  4. Sorry, I missed this. I thought we were going Friday... *guess I shoulda checked the forums.
  5. I'm going to use Lt. Werner Voss' Dr. 1 skin. Pretty. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/39358-fokker-dr-1-wwi-skins/?do=findComment&comment=665139 FDr1_WernerVoss_V1green.dds
  6. Hahah... Indeed, Duck. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Plague!
  7. That must have been pretty sweet. It sound like you're having fun.
  8. That sucks. At least none of your equipment got zapped.
  9. Homework done, Zed. I watched it this last weekend. I enjoyed it. The Frenchmen messing with the Germans. The pretty girl in it playing 6 other pretty girls.
  10. Awesome. Thanks for putting that up there. Line of the year.... "I think I'm on fire."
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