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  1. Such beauty.... You're the man!!!
  2. I've subbed mover. Some of his videos are a trip. If I were in need of a full setup that's not a bad rig, but at 900 I still think it a tad high. I was able to get ahold of that DCS collective builder and after a PM or two, he sold me one of his 2 premade ones. He's decided to offer as a kit build for 300ish. I believe with his current design, one will be able to easily disconnect the controller head off and swap it over to a different heli model. Super cool idea. Anyways below is my current setup in all stages, including some close-ups of the collective. I really recommend them.
  3. If you like that game, Geezer, you may what to check out, PLEASE, DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING. https://www.forwardgs.com/please-don-t-touch-anything-3d
  4. Lemme know what you think. I've had an Oliva before but cannot remember what kind. Within the last year or so, I switched to a v-cutter. I used a guillotine for the longest time, then tried a punch. However I really like the v cut for 2 reasons. More draw than a punch, but less than a guillotine. However, unlike a guillotine, the cigar stays together. Seemed like the perfect middle. @Sand... I keep a small stash of cigarillos on hand... Romeos, Cohiba, Davidoff, etc... But I only seem to get into them on vacations where I'll walk around with one and be smoking like a champ.
  5. Skyrim and Fallout 4 are good games too. @Duck.. MYST was fun... Nice read but, that was literally the worst trailer I've ever seen.
  6. I love certain cuban cigars. But for what I can get... Arturo Fuente -Hemingway Short Story From what you described, Chunk, you might want to give it a try. Not a nub, but I'd be able just about smoke it all during a hockey intermission.
  7. WWBrinson


    BOOM! dinner. Awesome photos!!!!!
  8. Does it make the 'chhhhk' sound?
  9. Okay. Will do. I've been afk for a spell. I'm down to fly just about wheneva
  10. I hope you have a wonderful Birthday, Plague!!!
  11. Welcome back. I look forward to meeting and flying with ya!
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