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  1. Damn... That's too funny. Typically Flies Straight into you.
  2. Ah no. no. no. I only knew him for a year but I was proud to call him my friend. I will miss him and think fondly of him every time I see a tank. goddamnit.
  3. I'm sorry I missed it. Happy belated birthday, Chunk! I hope you had nice day.
  4. Happy Birthday, Icy! I'm beamin positive vibes your way and hope you get outta there, if not today but soon. I'm getting that 'tank' itch, so get back and well go blow some stuff up.
  5. Craven... That 110 looks really, really good.
  6. Happy Birthday Boss!!! Have a great day!!!
  7. Thanks for the misson, Zed. That was fun!
  8. Thanks, Chunk. That made my week. I'm glad you're enjoying it. I'll keep up with the restarts. I don't know how to keep stats in DCS. Maybe I'll see you on. Cheers!!!
  9. Anthrax is up and running 'Through the Inferno' on the Syria Map. A few additional A-10II and UH-1H have been added for now. I'll restart it when I can. It will probably be up for a week or three.
  10. Never mind. I need to do some memory adjustments.... I can't get CA up tonight until I shuffle some stuff around and I gotta do something else. this evening. Sorry, Chunk!
  11. What were your impressions of the Map? I've yet to 'fly' there. This afternoon, I'll look for one of those 'through the inferno' missions... If those magnificent bastards have made one, I'll add some extra aircraft and slap her on the Castle Anthrax server. I'll leave it up too and restart it daily for a week or two.. I had been running the Normandy Map.... Freaking brutal for the UH-1H...
  12. I haven't been 'flying' IL-2 much lately, so I attributed much of my poor gunnery Tuesday night to that. However, what I did notice is I had problems with determining the range of an aircraft. Airplanes far away appear much much larger and closer than they actually are. That caused me to second guess many firing solutions, and every head on pass. After I noticed this, I didn't even bother with ranged shots (where I in the past have been able to score occasional hits). Maybe your VR was screwing with you like it was me? What settings are you using for distance spotting?
  13. Noice... I have 3. Don't see that everyday. After a 'base raiding' 3 asshole/greifer/trolls that had been a pox on a server, I left them a message for when they logged in next. Optic for the flashlight.... 3000+ hours and 3 only screenies... I do have 2 videos.
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