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  1. Ah.. M2.. I hadn't seen that before. Never mind, carry on.
  2. Is the Crucial P1 1TB 3D NAND NVMe laptop memory?
  3. If you want to do any VR gaming down the road, I think you'd be better off with a 1080. In my opinion, depending upon what you're planning on doing, it may be easier/cost effective to go with a prebuilt. That is unless you are going to cannibalize your old rig for parts to save money (like re-use your PSU, case, fans, drives, etc.). You can get a pretty beast rig for just shy of 2K. for example: https://www.newegg.com/p/1VK-01JD-00K07 Also before you pull the trigger, check various forums to see if Nvidia is getting ready to drop a new card as you know that decreases prices on the other stuff. The video card is going to be the most costly part of your build. I like the Samsung 800 series SSD for hard drives.
  4. Happy Birthday, Dubya!!!! I hope you are having an awesome day with many more to come. Salute! WWBrinson
  5. We're not the only ones experiencing it. From the little bit of digging I did it seems the in game setting for vsync may be the culprit. I'm gonna goof around with it tonight and see if I can smooth things out. One post in there was about the Prokhorovka map not running as smoothly as others. Apparently that map is super detailed. Anyways. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/54334-in-game-vsync-causing-mega-stutters/
  6. I watched a few of the youtubes on Draco, including his accident video. Ego and getthereitus claims another one. If he waited an hour he would have been fine. Guy's ego didn't want to face the airfield by aborting/postponing due to weather. That plane should have even been started up at that point, let alone on the runway. Glad no one was hurt other than the wife's broken nail, the pilot's scraped elbow and bruised ego. I agree with all the comments above. Nice that he owned it, but what else would he have said? Guy loses all credibility with me (like that matters) due to the fact he wasn't alone. You want to go compete in some reckless STOL comps? Fine, whatever, have fun. But the second you have passengers aboard, I'd argue that their safety becomes top priority, not the pilot's ego -even in big bad draco.
  7. Those look great. Are you using any post production software?
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. Are you using a USB hub or is it plugged directly into the motherboard?
  10. It was fun. I picked up a few things, and tried out a tactic or two for defensive maneuvering. Definitely different from AI. The more I fly the Yaks the more I like em. Navy and I had a full power, top speed, head-on collision. The fireball was spectacular and I don't think there was a piece of the planes left.
  11. That grumman goose... That'd be one fun plane to own/fly. I really enjoyed flying the missions for that in flight sim x. Draco, No!!! I was surprised after watching the crash as to how much damage that plane took. I do that in the all the time in IL2 and only lose an aileron. Glad they're all okay though.
  12. I popped in their TS & logged in on the 14th about 1:30 their time. I didn't see anyone on... Am I bungling up the time?
  13. Hmmm.. Appears I missed it. Sorry.
  14. Mountain flying is fun! "AI ... ...managed to navigate the mountains fairly well" @ :30 in heh.
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