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  1. That, Sandy, is the BIOS recognizing the internal ID of the monitor in sequence. The earlier the model of monitor (or sequence ID) the more priority the bios places on that as the primary output device. I see that in Windows a lot as well... a newly imaged machine often (50/50) will place the "primary" monitor on the wrong side until someone goes into the display properties and drags the wanted monitor to the left side of the dialog window.
  2. What if I wear pants, but no skivvies?
  3. ... but the walls on the other hand...
  4. As part of my recent guitar-building kick, I've run across techniques for image transfers onto certain medium. One of the techniques is to print onto decal transfer paper, then apply a poly clear coat spray to limit wear to the image. Perhaps that can help with decorations?
  5. I don't always apologize, sorry about that... Classic!
  6. Mask is basically a selection (I call it the "dancing ants" ... Or the dashed line that surrounds the item you've outlined using the lasso - or other - tool) on a layer. You can save a mask by filling the selected area with a color on a layer all by itself. You can then use that mask as quick reference and easy way to select that area so you don't have to trace the dancing ants by hand again.
  7. Eww... Getting all that pine-fresh scent all over!
  8. Is this where I splash a bucket of chlorophyll on Zeus?
  9. "... I only shot Navy once by accident." What about all the other times?
  10. Maybe it's the photo, but it looks a little uneven... Or were you going for the slightly asymmetric effect? In other words, ouch!
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