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  1. +1 on the movement to VR. If you are already looking to upgrade your monitor, I'd give HMD (head mounted display) some very serious thought. If you are happy with your current monitor, and are only mildly curious about VR, I'd skip for now. If you are happy with your current monitor, but are also very interested in VR AND have the disposable cash, I'd give it a try. Zed, thanks for the tip... just so happens I have a spinny thing on my throttle that is so-far unused... I'll see if I can employ that gadget so I don't have to move my hand too far.
  2. It is true that resolution is diminished in today's VR, especially if you are used to better-than full HD (above 1080 x 1920). Since I migrated from 1080 to VR, I am not missing as much as someone used to higher resos. So there is a give and take happening. Also, I have a very wide peripheral angle, one that approaches 180 degrees. Looking forward, I can still detect both of my shoulder-points, though they are out of focus. I also have pretty good flexibility in my neck, so looking backward, I can see nearly to my 6 position without much twisting of my torso. With the headset on, I loose a considerable amount of periphery, so I need to move my neck and torso much more than in real life. However, after about a minute of VR exposure, I seem to adjust to that limitation. While the Rift S has noticeable screen door effect (you are seeing the actual pixels, it seems), it is not too distracting to me as motion blurs that effect. I did find that I was able to pick out aircraft against the ground clutter better than in the flat monitor environment. However, ground objects were a tad bit more difficult for me to pick out, since I don't have the zoom feature (or figured out how to use it in VR yet). This was in lighting where the sun is low on the horizon. I'm not yet sure how much things will change in better lighting... either for the better or for the worse. Experience will be my judge. One thing that is WAY better is calculating/judging deflection shots, especially those where the target falls below the nose of your ride. It is amazing how 3 dimensions/depth perception can help your intuition when mentally calculating the blind shot. I think it has something to do with the constant motion of your view as you adjust your head height and lateral movement... It adds to your inherent sense of immediate space and time. Instead of moving my plane to get quick glimpses of my target, I was able move my body (to shift my point of view) while still maintaining a fairly constant flight path. So if you are a pretty good deflection shot in 2D, in 3D, you will instantly become expert! If you are struggling with this discipline in 2D, you will become instantly proficient. The change is >that< dramatic.
  3. Grats on the new digs, though I can feel ya on the enormity of the occasion. Best wishes for a smooth transition!
  4. Absolutely incredible! My time in the mission was appx 20 minutes. I noticed virtigo the first time as I merged with an nme in a counter rotating break turn. My head and eyes followed the AC up across the ventral line of the canopy as we were passing each other in a steep bank. My tracking was faster than my LaGG's turn, and I got physically disoriented. Even though I was expecting the visual, I actually felt the beginnings of g-force as the break began, then the bottom fell out of it as *actual* gravity reaserted itself. From that moment on, I fought to "normalize" my orientation. Fighting to reconcile VR with what was real. Quite a strange feeling.
  5. Boy, I tried, but uh, I have some "gettin' usetah" to get use to! Can y'all say "urrup!"??? First extended flight in VR, and I was ok until the last 7 minutes or so when I tangled with a 110 that decided to try following me home. I got the kill credit, but I at the end I just wished he killed me outright on his bounce. It was a pyric (Sp?) victory at most, as far as I'm concerned. 😯 I'm starting to feel better now, but boy, was >this< close to giving up dinner and tomorrow's breakfast. Maybe I can rig up some sort of "feed bag" but used in reverse... "Depends" for the face maybe? Eh, I'll figure something out!
  6. Hey all, small update to correct me262 sound issue and to make FC gunners and pilots easier to kill. Recommend updating while we are meeting At 530 pdt.
  7. Hey, Heroes, my pit is a mess right now - what with the arrival of Rift S, new keyboard, and Cougar panels... and some home furnishings I need to assemble - so I'll not be flying tonight. Givem he'll guys!
  8. This weekend? I thought it was next... 7/19 - 7/21...
  9. Thanks Craven, there are a few update packs I need to post once I get internet at the new place.
  10. OK, there are provisions for reading instructions: They are read out of order, and discarded as irrelevant to the current operation Read out of context so as to prove a contrary point of interest Scanned to get your wife off your back Read by accident and immediately forgotten There may be others, but these are the ones I use most often.
  11. Happy Independence Day!
  12. ... Maybe, but you told us, and we blab... So points off All around.
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