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  1. WWDubya

    Looking for Recommendations

    Recommend setting the same buttons/levers/switches for all aircraft. Since each AC has slightly different names or slightly different ways of operation for each control, you will end up having single control/command assignments for multiple operations. (i.e. propeller RPM and propeller pitch could be the same control/command). Also note that some AC will not allow sliders, or rotary controls, but all can be assigned to a button or keyboard command. Flaps are one of those instances, as some AC flaps can be finely controlled by use of a wheel, but other AC have step-controls (either down or up - or perhaps up, combat, landing, fully deployed - and are controlled by a lever or button. In this instance, find a control method that works for all AC (flaps, for me, is a hat switch... I can press/pull and hold until desired setting, or I need to perform several press/pull and release operations; all dependent upon the specific AC I am flying at the time). Also, breaks may be best served if on the throttle or stick. Some folks prefer the rudder pedal method, while others (like me) prefer hand controls. Hope this helps!
  2. WWDubya

    Alpha Layers

    Can we push back to 4:30? Misjudged timing of dindin readieness.
  3. WWDubya

    Alpha Layers

    Dropping off... wanna try for 4pm PST?
  4. WWDubya

    Website Theme's

    Using Brave as well.
  5. WWDubya

    Alpha Layers

    I'm on right now.
  6. WWDubya

    Alpha Layers

    Craven, What I do is set the refectiveness of the entire alpha so that the overall look is what I want. Then go to the layers with parts I want shinier or duller and select those parts with the selcetor tool, go back to the alpha and use the brightness/contrast slider to darken/lighten the gray value of that specific selection. it is picky work and you can find yourself time-sucking away an entire day because,"Ok, just this one more small detail."
  7. WWDubya

    Super Bowl 2019 - Food Is on!

    Maybe I should share batch #2
  8. Dub's scratch-made Sticky-Buns. Had to the test them to make sure they were OK.
  9. WWDubya

    Latest changes - File Vault, Paint Shed

    Hey Sandy, REALLY appreciate you kicking this ball forward. Think it's got enough momentum that I can have you stop uploading the skins now (taking me a while to grasp the basics of the DL operations, but your quick tuts this morning opened my eyes a bit wider). There are some house-cleaning items I'd like to do and it looks like we are stomping on each others toes. For the time being, I think it best to use the Browse>Paint Shed option to get the skins anyone may need immediately. In the meantime, I'll work on the house-cleaning items I have on my list, in regards to presenting the Skins in the Downloads area. This will take some time, but hopefully the end product will have a fairly uniform and clean appearance. Once that is done, then maybe we can nuke the Browse>Paint Shed items listing, and rely completely on the Browse>Downloads feature. You can see what I have in mind in regards to the Fw190-A3 download.
  10. WWDubya


    You can find our skins by clicking on the "Browse" button and choosing "Paint Shed." They are dated by last upload. Go ahead and let them overwrite any WW skins you may have.
  11. WWDubya

    Our New Wing Walkers Home

    You might try clearing your browser's cache.
  12. WWDubya


    I like that the "rules" are controlled and maintained by the map design and mission mechanics. A pilot's only concern is flying to support the day's mission objectives.
  13. WWDubya

    Looking for Recommendations

    Lots of folks at Il2 forum recommend that for starters. I've the saitek x52 with ch pedals, but that is more expensive without any added benefits. The TM offering will get you off the ground just fine... That and the Track IR. Don't forget a comfy headset with Mic.
  14. WWDubya

    Our New Wing Walkers Home

    The WW is strong in this one. Great to see that you are getting active again! Been a long time since we've flown together.

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