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  1. Sorry late response... What Woods said, good on my end too.
  2. Thanks guys! Spent the day at work, only to come home to beautiful, new, laminate flooring. Jill really did pick a great looking pattern... Old, reclaimed, barn wood. So new carpets upstairs, and laminate on the main floor; biggest projects are behind us. Now we can start updating furniture so that every thing pulls together. Have one more room to do up with speakers... Think I'll go in-wall for the front and center speakers, and ceiling for the rear surrounds. But that will be after tax season, I think... Will see if we can splurge on the 82" TV. Still have a few smaller projects on the list between then and now, like painting the pit-room... It is an awful shade of lemon-pulp yellow, and I hate going in that room right now. Funny how a color can destroy one's happy-mood. Any way, thanks again for the well wishes, everyone!
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  4. WWDubya


    Looks like older recordings/tracks are not fully compatible with this update. But other than that things appear to be working OK, so far. My machine is still not back in full working order after packing it away for the carpeting, and I have yet to fully test with my controllers and stuff. So there is a good chance I'll still be grounded tomorrow. I should be able to attend the meeting, just not flying.
  5. Folks, I've updated Base WW skins for both versions of the FE2B and HalberstadtCL2. They are not in the DL area yet (need to get screenshots and stuff), but they are available in the FTP vault area, here https://www.wingwalkers.org/vault/wwskins/GreatBattles I'll update the DL area as soon as I get screenshots, and also provide working WW .PST templates.
  6. Looks like 5.36GB update is ready now... DLing as I type this.
  7. I've an older device that can't update beyond Android 6, same issue. Was thinking it was because of my way-outdated OS, so didn't chime in earlier.
  8. Nice run, Gold! If I may ask (this is for each flight), have at least one of your flight mates get in the habit of recording when you cross into enemy lines. When the evening is done, rename the recording in the game, then go to the recordings folder and zip up the recording file and it's associated subfolder, then post it in the downloads area. This way I can pull it down and make rock stars of you using game footage!
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  10. (Dub sneaking off to the laser ink-removal clinic)
  11. Yes the ones in DL are updated to il2- BoX standards. I forgot to mention... If you copy from RoF, the skins will also be much darker in Il2- BoX.
  12. You can, but there may be small differences in paint coverage... Milage varies between models.
  13. Thinking Red would like the LaGG, MiG, and Yak7b, Il2 (but I think that guy, is not avail until later). Craven, Sandy, your thoughts?
  14. Dub: Red, any slot Any single engine (except U2) that can carry bomb load Prefer ground attack/flack suppression. Can provide air to air support. Not good in turn fighters.
  15. Gah... Thursdays are going to be shot for me until just after Thanksgiving. Work has a months-long project where I need to work late Thursdays, and then again on Sundays... This has not only killed any Thursday flying I might want to do, but has also pretty well nuked my Sunday Seahawks fix.
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