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  1. ... and less aggressive grass ...
  2. Very cool to roll your own and get constant gratification from your creations - whether in your hands, or looking at them while cradled in thier display stands!
  3. Super-way-effing cool! Do your creations serve time on stage, or are they mostly fully-functional man-cave wall decorations?
  4. Just don't do it like I would... With four bent nails and bailing wire (oh, and duct tape on the nailheads to prevent snagging your socks)
  5. Good luck on the renovations, hope it all goes well, and you're happy with the finished product!
  6. That's "slick". ( Insert groan here)
  7. Yes, recently bought a turntable and dug out all our old albums. Lots of Skinyard, Zep, Floyd, ZZ, Boston, Fleetwood, ACDC... And the occasional Neil Diamond, and Billy Joel. Truth be told, I really can't tell the difference between digital and analog, other than the occasional hiss, pop, crackle, or skip. Still, though, very enjoyable and brig's back memories of the day when you had to walk softly in the house and be close at hand to "flip it over!" Oh yeah, and that Tubes album that ended each sided with the phrase, "the Record stopped... The record stopped... The rec..." Until you did
  8. That is some cool shit! Another take on the IL2Skins site that was popular back in the early 2000's.
  9. You might be closer with 500MB, and I agree, notification would be nice. But I think their argument would be that the little red camcorder in the upper-right corner going away would be your notice... it's not a very noticeable notification, but it's notification nonetheless.
  10. 3060 is a better card than the 1080 (like I have and works a charm at my resolution - 19x10 {or full HD} - in IL2; steady frames in the 110 range). but if you already have a 1080, and it is working well, I don't see the need to shell out $350 - $450 for the 2060 or the 3060 ... unless you need the ray-tracing, or are upping your resolution to 2k or 4k.
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