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  1. Ok... Where'd my recliner cushion disappear to?
  2. Not to ring my own bell, but... ... I just learned how to tie my shoes!
  3. Just found out today that the keeper of the low-end melody for ZZTop, Dusty Hill, passed in his sleep last night, at the age of 72. Thanks for 50+ years of unique Texas-sized bluesy rock!
  4. Rt clk one drive in your files explorer, select "always keep on this device". This will leave the original copy where it was found while also synching them in the cloud.
  5. No kidding... Here in PDX, we having record highs with high humidity... a very drippy 117 at my house yesterday. Popcicles and frozen margaritas did not help much. That and our HVAC piddled the floor, so we doing it all old school this week.
  6. Y'all heard it here... Chunk is a big fan of Metamucil! Personally, I'm all-in on dried Turkish apricots (or water-mellon when it's in season.)
  7. Some (most) AC models do not have the coding for reflective/mirror finishes, no matter how much you work with the alpha layer. Most Russian AC were constructed with wood and cloth, so there was no need to add that bit of coding. Germany didn't polish their metal bits, so no need for the coding there either. So as a skinner, that limits some of our more outlandish ideas.
  8. At some point, early-on, I imagine he said to himself, "lm sure I'll share a good laugh about this with the guys down at the cantina..."
  9. Ok... Just looking out for the security of my friends!
  10. Hey Duck, this is a public facing topic... You might want to redact your address and PM Mike the info.
  11. Folks, really sorry to have dropped the ball on the vids... I'll not be able wrap up with the captures that Duck helped me with (sorry for all that, Duck). Life got really complicated all of a sudden, and all my attention diverted to family needs. Probably means just the occasional visit from me for the foreseeable future... Lurking, with a sprinkle of snide remarks just to let you all know I loves yas.
  12. Does setup include the patented WWChunk decking screws driven into hardwood flooring feature? (somewhere a domestic partner screams murder)
  13. Vault, zeusapalooza, 2021. One of them is a TS recording... You don't need that one.
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