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  1. Just the thought of cranking the game up wth inent to fly. I can watch youtubes of in-game footage, and watch tracks, no problem, but as soon as I touch the flight equipment, I get wonky. Its a "head" thing right now. There may be a physical element to it as well, though not positive until I can get prescription lenses for the Rift. I hope that gets me over the hump.
  2. Seriously looking into this. https://flyhoneycomb.com/ They are based out of Montgomery Field in San Diego. Watched a couple of youtube reviews on the yoke, and I'm impressed. The throttle set is due to release early-mid 2020 and this is what I'm more interested in... modular configurations, lots of buttons, looks sturdy... Not cheap, but still competitive with some of the high end sticks, for the two product together.
  3. Hijack alert. I'm still struggling with the nausea thing. It is all in my head, I know. And how do I know? I start feeling queasy settling into my desk with the intent of launching the game! If I'm heading in to pay bills, or do some painting, I'm fine... As soon as I tell myself, "OK, you can do this," I break into a light sweat, and my eyes start jiggling. Not a pleasant thing, recogonising that I've psyched myself out so badly. I'm such a puss...
  4. Even with the OEM you can do a reinstall on anothe machine... just make sure you dereregister the old macine at MS (call service desk) first. On a fresh machine (new drive) you'll want to order the thumb drive version, because there will be no way to connect the pc to the internet without an OS. From Amazon or NewEgg, filter by "sold by Amazon/Newegg" and shipped by the same. This way you don't get caught up with questionable 3rd party sellers.
  5. Oh, one thing I do want to mention; do your best to route your cables through the back side of the motherboard tray so that there is as little as possible interruption of airflow. Its not always possible to do that due to limited cable length... In that case, do what you can to tie them down as close to the tray as you can. Cases generally come with a stock of cheap zip ties... use them. 😉
  6. Just a quick note to wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving! I'm already wearing my Turkey-day stretch-pants, warming up the belly with cheap coffee and even-cheaper Irish cream, while I start dragging out the Christmas decor... later I'll fall asleep in front of the Detroit game; and while the Cowboys play, I'll wake so I can start getting in the way in the kitchen! Happy Thanksgiving all!
  7. Geez, Keeping this below $100 (not incl. tax) These three I'd recommend. I have the Corsair product. Mine is a tad loud, but that is because I went WAY overboard on the push-pull configuration and number of fans in the case - with 10. With your new case (and not doing any overclocking) you won't need that extreme, as it has great flow as long as you opt for the mesh front panel. I recommend you mount the 240 rad at the top of the case (fans in the inside) and forcing the air up and out the top. Some folk don't agree with that (wanting coolest possible air through the rad), but with the flow you have in the case, the air inside the case won't warm much beyond ambient room temps before it is forced through the rad anyway. In keeping with the CoolerMaster theme https://www.newegg.com/cooler-master-masterliquid-ml240l-rgb-liquid-cooling-system/p/2YM-0004-00015?Item=9SIA0ZX70W7892 & (Basically the same one without RGB, but you pay for the privilege of NOT having pretty lights) https://www.newegg.com/cooler-master-masterliquid-240-lite-liquid-cooling-system/p/N82E16835103252?Item=9SIAG7R7RV6109 Corsair https://www.newegg.com/p/2KY-001T-00027?Item=2KY-001T-00027
  8. Oh, and if you are getting SSD, get at least 1TB in size... That way you don't have to worry about disk space. I've run pure SSD for the last 7 or 8 years, and never had less than that in my primary drive. Had one go bad in that time, but I've had three spinning drives crap on me in a similar span of time prior to going solid state. So if you have reservations regarding SSD longevity, don't worry about it.
  9. Can never go wrong with more RAM, but 16GB will do you just fine. Just be sure you get the fastest RAM your MB will handle, coupled with the lowest CAS possible... 3200mhz with 15 or lower CAS is what I'd shoot for... That's just to the high side of mainstream.
  10. Dev Diary 235, they are working on fixes for planes disappearig and tank turret issues. Not sure if they are specifically touching the exact issues you are having, but may be related. They are saying possibly by year's end.
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  13. Thanks, Craven! Lookin good!
  14. Is it Thrust Master that has the three piece set, T16000?, for right around that price range? There are several folks in the IL2 forum who have it and seem happy with the product.
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