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  1. That's what Portland has looked like the last few days. We are about one mile from the start of the "warning level" zones. Green level 1 is "you best start thinking about what you want to save and where you want to go when shit starts getting real-er." Yellow level 2 (about 3 miles away) is "pack your shit and plan your exit route; maybe get a head start and beat the traffic." Red Level 3 (about 5 miles out) is "This is the Police - shit is real-real, why the hell are you still at home?" Thankfully the winds have stopped and temperatures have dropped considerably (only 63 today - yesterda
  2. Man, those Sandy Bridges really were/are a bargain work-horse. Best CPU series ever. Very happy you are able to still get good performance from yours. New display... I'd look real hard at getting the largest and fastest monitor available in your budget, even though it might not be at 4K. 2k would be completely serviceable at 34" x true 144mhz. 144mhz (regardless if non-Gsynch) speed is really noticeable regarding lack of ghosting -there is still some, but not near as bad as 60mhz)
  3. (A single tear of joy slowly trails from the corner of my eye) The water stains/streaks from the leading edges - nicely done!
  4. P-47D-22_WWBasicPack-4K.zip file updated to fix alpha "ripping"
  5. Won't save any time, but can you save to bmp (which isn't compressed but you get better quality than jpg)? Then port over to Photoshop, edit to your heart's desire, and save however you please.
  6. OK... so when you get 'excited' looking at hardware/hardware accessories, is that called "accessorousal"?
  7. I liked Moss; cutesy mouse you guide around a forested fantasy world. You can purchase it directly from the Oculus store.
  8. The forum has a pretty deep VR settings section. To start BoX in VR, make sure that the Oculus, app and Steam VR are running, then in the BoX launcher, click enable VR. Now, I've heard good things about the OpenComposit tool that replaces the Steam VR app (and its hefty processing overhead). However, there is some sorcery, and incantations you need to invoke... And support for it may be catch as catch can.
  9. Loved the no cut-scenes camera work, but lost me at "we'll lose sixteen hundred men, and your brother is one of them," when it was common enough to lose over 100,000 brothers, and cousins, and fathers, and uncles in the first hours of a battle. Regardless, I thought the movie was ok, overall.
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