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  1. The forum has a pretty deep VR settings section. To start BoX in VR, make sure that the Oculus, app and Steam VR are running, then in the BoX launcher, click enable VR. Now, I've heard good things about the OpenComposit tool that replaces the Steam VR app (and its hefty processing overhead). However, there is some sorcery, and incantations you need to invoke... And support for it may be catch as catch can.
  2. Loved the no cut-scenes camera work, but lost me at "we'll lose sixteen hundred men, and your brother is one of them," when it was common enough to lose over 100,000 brothers, and cousins, and fathers, and uncles in the first hours of a battle. Regardless, I thought the movie was ok, overall.
  3. That was one of my better moments...
  4. beware... those ROF skins will be VERY dark.
  5. Guys, Looking on the internet (Ebay, Amazon, Craigs List), used Oculus equipment is WAY more expensive than buying direct from the manufacturer... why the hell is that? Anyway, I gave it a good 7 months and just could not get beyond the queasies, so my Oculus Rift S is up for sale. New in October '19, it was $399.00... I'm letting it go for $285.00. I'll pay shipping if sold in the US. First come, first served. PM me.
  6. The video reviews for their Alpha yoke are all very positive, and there are a couple reviews that cover the beta release (Oct. of 2019) of the Bravo as well. I just like the number of on-device controls and the lever flexibility of their throttle quad.
  7. I'm holding out for the Honeycomb bravo quad, and will likely migrate to the alpha yoke when the bravo does hit the market So I get them as a package.
  8. Nah, butcher bird is a pussycat. Just don't skritch its belly. Or feed it from your hand. Or taunt it.
  9. Same... Not bored. Needed to put work in on the Zeusapalooza videos and calm my airsickness. I'm just not getting any better acclimated to VR and will need to just give it up. Going to order a new Track IR and go back to flat-flying again. May be getting rid of the RiftS, so keep your eyes peeled for family discounted parts at a later date.
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