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  1. True story... I've gotten so used to the PTT button that when I need to interject "wit" at my wife during a NetFlix movie, I actually squeeze my trigger finger (my PTT button) as I'm doing it!
  2. Duck... I think you were LaGG #2. If so, did you get the message about friendly fire just before you went down? If so. it could be due to tagging the train. For whatever reason, it's faction-markers were showing as gray neutral. That might be what was happening. I just read somewhere in 777 forums that neutral can do that.
  3. F2 gets your external Shft-F2 gets next friendly external CTRL-F2 gets next enemy external Alt-F2 gets different camera locations for currently viewed F2/Shft-F2/Ctrl-F2 aircraft
  4. No doubt Coconut is burnt out trying implement wants and needs from the peanut gallery. ... You give folks good thing and the requests come harder and faster!
  5. In game, rename the Track to something more memorable. Close game, go to recordings folder. Select the new filename and the folder of the same name. Rt click on selection and choose send to, and click compressed zip file. Copy that new zip file to the vault or download section in the forum. Reverse that process when you want to extract the file to watch it in game.
  6. Hey Drift, You already have Bodenplatte on your hard drive. With the Great Battles series, if you buy one module (BoS, BoK, Tank Crew, what ever) you get everything, but only have access to those items you've purchased. So if you plunk down $ for Bodenplatte, all you have to do is activate the key, and the available items included with Bodenplatte will unlock and you can now use them.
  7. Haven't used spinning disks for over 5 years now. Even if you do not upgrade motherboard, you will notice a good performance boost... Even if SATA II. All programs load faster... Only slowdown is loading missions pushed by remote host sytem (limited by network speed).
  8. In my experience, that's the normal view I have after about 7 minutes of flight. Just saying.
  9. OK, that desrves a direct pass to the missus! Let's see what retort she has in store for us. 😛
  10. Might be late... In shop getting battery installed.
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