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  1. I am going to look into the Great battles sim and maybe get it. I will have to catch up with you guys and fly with yall sometime. Have you seen the GT guys around any?
  2. By the way, it is great to see you guys still around and look to be pretty active! I got into doing some programming and got married which shortened my free time a bit so I had quit playing games altogether. What game are you guys playing for the most part now?
  3. Hey guys! Been out of the gaming for a while. This is Starky or a name similar to that who was in WW for a short stint. I was in GT in Rise of flight a few years ago and wanted to get back in touch with those guys. Fogel or maybe Grahamshere or any of those guys. Anyone know if they are in discord or what game they are active in now, or a TS or a discord server?
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