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  1. All you American lads have a grand Thanksgiving! I hear you eat Turkey. That seems odd to me but one must keep an open mind. In Canada, we eat Beaver Tail, Sugar Pie and a dish called poutine which is French Fries topped with cheese and gravy. It is an instant heart attack. Actually, we eat turkey too for Thanksgiving but it must be bilingual.
  2. Happy Birthday Sandy. Hope it is a great day.

  3. Gosh man. Lots of logistical hurdles, but it sounds like a new dawn is coming soon.
  4. Powerful stuff guys. Covid-19 came to my school Thursday and to my class. My kids are out for two weeks. My buddy’s dad died from it last week. Only 72. He had dementia, and he had to go in long term care. He contracted it there. It’s everywhere in Toronto. 503 cases today. Met a man yesterday, who really believes there is too much government control over Covid. We need more.
  5. God bless you Icy. No more Swastikas. I am putting your logo on my tail. Respect. Salut. Groucho.
  6. Icy’s wife sent a message. You might have it already. Apologies if you do. Tim passed away a few minutes ago. Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers. He enjoyed flying with you all. he isn’t suffering anymore.
  7. Salut! Apologies. The entire family came down with the flu. Bedpan city here. Groucho.
  8. Salut! Boy do I think understand. My knee operation made me realize having good health is a blessing. Sorry for bumping in. Hope you get better soon. WWGroucho
  9. Salut! I am flying. Groucho.
  10. Happy Birthday Icy. I hope today is a great one for you. I am looking forward to flying with you again. Salut!
  11. This story is about one young man who was part of organization that greatly helped win World War II.docx
  12. Salut.

    Hi Icy, I cannot wait for this to heal so I can train with you again. If you find the bastard who did this to me I will pay you a finder’s fee.




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    2. WWGeezer


      I'm just glad the doc's numbered your leg so they didn't fix someone else's knee instead of yours.

    3. WWCraven


      Plague, that must look familiar, flying with yer pants down, now you have Groucho doing it too😁

    4. WWPlague
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