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    Guys, many thanks for your moral support, much appreciated! --Manfred
  2. mjahn-ww


    Sorry, to clarify, MSFSAddon took the C-47 down after I complained about it, so they are okay as far as I am concerned. It is the site identified in my avsim link that continues to offer the unauthorized portover and ignores posts or mails. --Manfred
  3. mjahn-ww


    Good morning gents, first post on this site. Took me awful long to find the name of the mascot, but got there in the end with a bit of sleuthing. On a slightly sourer note: (beginning to learn this emoji business, at my age!) my name is Manfred Jahn. I was and still am, responsible for the exterior model of the FSX and P3D C-47 and its many variants, and a lot of other stuff such as the interactive vocal checklist. So I suppose I am the one who should answer the challenge in the quote. The truth is, I was wholly disgusted to see the Dak being offered as an unauthorized, pirated, an
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