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  1. Wow, separate buys… they sure know how to gouge you
  2. So I bought FC3, only to find out that the A-10A included therein is a “mid-fidelity” cockpit, so no clicks with the mouse. The A-10c DLC is over $100 Cdn, so waiting on a sale or Christmas for that. But does the download include the A-10 tank killer? Or is that separate? What do I get for a C-note?
  3. Time to get my watermelon green paint can out… Hopefully I can have something on Haluters by Sunday, back from the cabin Sat evening
  4. One of the things that always made me unhappy with FC in general was the fact that you could not sneak up on AI. Many victories were due to stalking your prey, coming up in their blind spot (under the tail) and then letting them have it from (fairly) close range. I have been the victim more than once on AI sneaking up in that same blind spot, the first indication I have is tracers flying by. Is there any way to model that (not the tracers flying by my cockpit) but the stalking your prey aspect?
  5. I'm good with whatever, the skins idea is appealing
  6. I have added several F-16s to the mix, Chunk 1 to 4
  7. WWDarkdiz

    DCS Flying

    If any DCS-flyer is interested, Wolfie and I have been TRYING to figure out the F14. Some days are better than others... Anyhow, I created a mission that I have been running on my rig in Multiplayer (I host the mission, clients put in my IP and join). I added several common aircraft (FC3, F16, F14, F18 etc), 12 ground targets and 2 air targets (I will likely add more of these, maybe some that fight back...). There is an AWACS, and 2 tankers. SRS is also available, but we do most of the comms on Discord (I created my own Discord server). TS would be easy to incorporate as well. So, let me know if you want to fly a bit on DCS, perhaps we can hook up. Discord link expires after 7 days or 10 uses https://discord.gg/MsVKUTyf
  8. Can't wait! Been almost 2 years since I strapped the pads on! Last minute instuctions from the "coach"! (Outdoor hockey tournament, we actually won that year!) Pre-game Pep-talk.mov
  9. ...a duty (albeit sad) I was honoured to do. Although I never met him, he was a fellow aviator, both virtual and in real life, and for that... S!
  10. They are already up on Haluter's. Note though, there was a glitch on the server, so you may have to delete the HSD.db file (its in the directory where you installed HSD. That will cause a reload of all of the previews, and you will have to opt in to the restricted skins again.
  11. High-speed Anti Radiation Missile. Why do they call them MISSiles if they are supposed to hit?
  12. Full LEFT trim, lots of Left pedal, eases up once you get some ground speed. No more than 25% pitch to taxi, but remember to go to 100% prior to your t/o run
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