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  1. I think you are right. BT headphones just don't get along with a PC. Ill use mine as above methinks
  2. Well I just bought a bottle of Jim Beam, it came with free air pods, maybe I’ll give those a shot
  3. Anyone besides me using a BT headset (mine is a Bose Quiet Comfort 35)? How is it working for you? I'm having a whole lot of issues with mine, but reading the forums in various places on the net, seems its a Bose QC35 problem (doesn't play nice with PC)? Issues are sound randomly dropping out, if sound could be "pixelated" this is what I get (seems that not all of the audio is being seen by the headset, the audio sounds very low-sample-rate digital, not pleasing at all). I hooked up my wired headset, sound issues go away, I get decent sound. Problem is, this is a wired system,
  4. What he said. Pretty sure you need to do both though
  5. Is the unload cargo button the same as drop bombs?
  6. From how I understand it, the stabilizer control acts as a "lock-out mechanism" for the flaps. So, if you want to just adjust your pitch, the stabilizer does that as one would expect. The issue comes when flaps are needed. The stabilizer must be at +2(?) for the flaps to work (at least that's what I took away from Requiem's video in the subject). I could be WAAAAAAAY off here, but I have seen multiple posts on the IL2 forum about the JU52 flap system, almost always accompanied by the author scratching his head or with much wringing of hands. Whatever the case, the system is certainly uniq
  7. Can't say I disagree, and in fact I don't disagree. My point is simply that SRS is ALSO well suited to what we do, is quickly becoming the standard in the IL2 mega-verse, and has been adopted on many, if not most on-line servers. I think we would be doing ourselves a dis-service to disregard it because of well... because. For our bi/tri-weekly flight nights, TS is fine, it meets the aim of what we do. If folks want to setup different channels for wingman comms, outstanding, have at it. I have done that, and it works well. I just feel is was a sh!t-show on Saturday setting up TS at the
  8. I have my keybindings to the keyboard (for example, RCTL ' is my Push to talk. I then bind that to whatever button I need on the Warthog (in my case the MSP switch). For Wingy Whisper, it is the same button, but with the pinky switch on the throttle pressed (shifted). The actual command is LSHF 4.
  9. Comms discipline is something that is difficult to keep constant from one mission to the next. When I used to fly from the ship, my crew and I would always roll our eyes when some folks on the net would not STFU, even when doing a precision attack, someone would invariably come up and want to talk about the Admirals luncheon next week. So this is not a new issue, but there is a fix, I think its right in front of us (no not necessarily SRS) but maximizing the use of the tools we already have.
  10. I have no issues using whatever the sqn decides, if TS is not broken then no need to fix it (it is WAY better than Discord for what we seem to use it for). I personally use Whisper to talk directly to my wingman in flight, which lessens the often confusing myriad of comms on a main channel. If it is important, then it goes on the main channel. If it is wingman specific, it stays on whisper. TS Whisper AND SRS have the capability to talk and listen to 2 channels at once, Discord is single channel (or at least, I have not seen multiple simultaneous channels there). I guess in my setup I fin
  11. They had everyone on the main lobby to start, then we broke into respective flights. Of note, I tried to fly on the Air Attack Kuban Frontlines campaign last night, BSOD crash notwithstanding, it was a real goat-rope trying to get anything organized on Discord. Even after launching, it was very unorganized, and comms were the culprit IMHO. TS with Whisper is much better than Discord, and you know my views on SRS.
  12. No issues with that at all. As it turned out, most of us were on a separate channel anyway, so comms were not really an issue.
  13. Respectfully disagree. The pitch trim functions the same as the stab. BOTH game control defaults are RCTL up/down, pitch and stab control. Perhaps you have them mapped there for your own particular setup, but the game defaults are RCTL up/down for stab axis up/down, as well as Elevator trim (pitch) up/down Since no aircraft can have both, the game controls are the same keymap.
  14. The stab axis is the same physical buttons as for pitch trim, but also you need to make it a "held" function, ie it keeps sending the command as long as you have the button combination held down
  15. What he said. If our flights structure was constant, then individual flight channels is the way to go. Right now though, TS lends itself to having most folks on the main channel, and then specific individuals (contacts) on dedicated secondary whisper lists. I still think SRS is the way to go though, as it is SO easy to 1 - setup, 2 - change on the fly
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