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  1. Enhances the skip bomb technique, gives an idea of actual range using the Revi sight
  2. Does this work? I'll do up one for each who has signed up, in addition to the Hurricanes. Spinner and Tail Band denote flight colour, so far we have Blue and Red
  3. Wouldn't take much time at all, I have most of the stuff templated anyway, just a matter of transferring the layers. I'll see if I can get a prototype out today sometime
  4. The LAGG-3. I have Blue bands for blue flight, let me know if anyone wants one. Simple, your personal number on the rudder, flight colour spinner and tail band.
  5. Any of the skins I have made are on Haluter's, under "Wing Walkers Tusani Hurrikaani Mini Campaign Skin pack. They are under the restricted section, so you will have to enable restricted skins (uncensored).
  6. My first attempt... I have the original markings (non-PC) available, whichever way the sqn wants to go, I'm easy with.Let me know what numbers, text etc you want, I'll PM you the screenshot, and when you are happy upload to HSD.
  7. I'll be at the cottage as well, attendance will be sporadic at best during the summer. That being said, @WWGreyWolfe and I could complete the Schwarm, we're both fairly familiar with the 'cane. I'll see if I can scare up a WW Finnish Hurricane skin this weekend.
  8. During our flight this evening, a discussion arose as to range and angle off on the RAF Mk II sight (we were all flying Hurris). Attached is the book actually used by the RAF during WW2, called "Bag the Hun", as well as Angle Off Charts, diagrams of various aircraft at different angles off, and several different gunsights modeled in IL2 (done by Requiem) Based on the assumption that the guns are set at 250yds convergence (in reality you can set anything you want, but the RAF recommended 250 yards (230m)) the outer ring is either 30 degrees angle off (tgt speed 170mph or less) or 20deg angle off (tgt speed 300mph or greater). With the sight being adjustable for tgt size and range, all you have to do to determine if the target you see in the sight is at your set convergence (optimum range) is estimate the wingspan of the target (a known size) relative to the size setup at whatever convergence you have set. So, now in english... Lets say you set your sight for 250yards (230m), which is what you set your convergence at. Now, you set in target size (32 feet for a 109). Notice that the distance between the horizontal hash marks on the sight change as you adjust the sight. When you have set in 32 feet, the distance between the inter points of the horizontal hash marks represent what 32 feet looks like at 250 yards. It is a quick and easy range estimation tool, and proved deadly when used correctly. I think when talking about convergence, 20 pilots will give 30 different answers on what is best. RAF_Bag The Hun.pdf Angle Off Charts.pdf
  9. What... the ... hell... did... I... just... watch??? Season premiere of "Holy Moley" Pro mini-golf. Endorsed by Stef Curry??? I'm scarred or life
  10. The newer cards are HUGE! Mine takes up 2 and a half rear slots!
  11. Wow this is off on a sh!tty tangent Maybe I'll make a crap brown skin for the U2Vs
  12. If practice, try starting with 100%, fly the route, see how much you have left when you land
  13. Tried out the P39 tonight, never flown it before. Its quite the sports car! @WWBiker, sorry I smacked you in your I16, it was a perfect bounce (at least I had ammo this time @WWSandMan), I was horrified when you said Oh man, I just got hit! I probably should have spotted the unique shape, but I was fixed on the no lights. You can put a bevvy on my chit in the bar...
  14. I have been playing with this for a few weeks now, and it truly is much easier to manage all of the skins. Simply select the ones you want, they show up in your queue, download. No need to unzip, find the right folder etc. Also, if the skin gets updated by the artist/uploader, you have the option of updating it as well, as the app will see a date mismatch. You get the latest version that way.
  15. Found a new server that is starting up. It is based on the old Air Warrior/Warbirds theme of field capture. Might be interesting for a sqn night or two, a change from our normal missions, flying against human opponents. WB-CoE_maps_v6-june2021.pdf
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