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  1. Those sub pens look FABULOUS!!!!!!! Can't wait to knock them down! Also with the POW camp, wasn't that a movie called Mosquito Sqn? The actor that played in the Man from UNCLE played in it as one of the pilots, they had to bomb the wall to free the POWs if my failing memory serves me. I have the DVD at the cottage
  2. I’m at the cabin rn, so I might get back to it later this week. Quite the light show going on right now, as a line of t-storms pass’s through
  3. Due to a bug, the cockpit photo of the AR-234 and ME262 won't display, even if selected. However, here is the AR-234 photo for when it gets fixed. Its also in the vault, usual renaming applies custom_photoAR234.dds
  4. Still working on it. At least I managed to get both engines started, taxi, and airborne (granted only 15 seconds before crashing, but no one was watching…) MAJOR remap needed, especially for the Jet boosters. I had initially thought they could be bound along with the firing rockets, in my setup, not the case, as to fire rockets it is a pulse function, and the jet boosters are a hold function. I ended up double-binding the booster with the Blip function, which is also a hold function but will never be on the same aircraft, so safe to do so. Still trying to sort out all of the bombsight/gunsight stuff, and the fuel pump/indicator stuff. Fuel dump is one way, on only, so beware. More to follow as I discover it
  5. Diz's Mossie (WWDarkdiz - MosquitoMkVIs2) is now available in the vault, and should be up on HSD once curated. Huge shout-out to Wolfie who did the engine cowling
  6. Spent another several hours trying to sort this one out. Still not sure what all of the new fuel system bindings are for, new aircraft? C47? B-25/26? Are they for existing aircraft (Aux fuel tank jettison for example)? Fuel dump is still one-way, but at least I managed to figure out the periscope, turns out it is the Nestle to Visor command. Many of the bombsight commands are double-bound with other gunsight commands, with new commands, such as Bombsight tgt height, Plane TAS, Gunsight Twist (no idea what this is). I counted more than 20 new binds, or double binds over the last 2 updates. The Jet take-off can be double bound with firing rockets, as in reality, that is what you are doing, and the Jettison Rocket command can be bound with the Jettison stores command. Another note about the 234: The cockpit photo does not work, even if it is selected, so no cockpit photo until this is fixed I guess. Got at least one engine started, the other one just caught on fire, so that is still a WIP. Many questions remain, Diz's issuance of the airworthiness certificate still a ways off...
  7. Best case is that it will take me many more sessions to get the keys properly and logically bound. I'll get to it... sometime...
  8. Ok, if I were responsible giving this an airworthiness certificate, it would remain grounded. At best, I would consider this to be at the mid-beta testing stage, certainly not at the release stage. In the real world it would be in the Developmental Test and Evaluation (DT&E) phase, nowhere near the Operational Test and Evaluation (OT&E) phase. Spent quite a while trying to figure out the gunsight system, still no joy, the periscope/bombsight, even with all of the gunsight buttons bound, and even with keyboard inputs, does not work, or at least I could not get it to work. Many more control bindings listed, 0 explanation as to what they do (many gunsight bindings, some double-bound, others not, many fuel system bindings, some double bound, some not) With Gunpods equipped, with or without bombs, bombsight cranked as far up as possible (80 degs), can't fire 20mm. Took the bombsight out, cannon fires somewhere ahead if in cockpit view. Periscope stays where it is, have never been able to look through it, let alone control it. WAY too complex for the average pilot to figure out (you have to have this equipped, but not that equipped, then bind this key and that key, then it has to be Tuesday, but if its raining, it has to be Thursday... you get the picture). Tried engine start (same as 262), never successful, even trying it manually with ignition button bound. Engine simply quits, no light off Contact Altimeter seems to work, at least it can be set Drogue works as advertised, first press to deploy, second press to release from the aircraft Fuel dump can turn on, but cant turn off (handle remains out, so the toggle does not work), it drains until the engine flames out Never got to testing the rocket-assist, but the jettison works (same binding as Jettison Stores for the spent rocket pods on the 51 etc) Aux tank jettison I never tested, I suspect it may be for other aircraft Other issues are there, but I don't see any point in listing them Final grade for this is a strong F for Frustrating. MUCH work to be done, I will not be flying it any time soon.
  9. So how do you get THAT (periscope) to work?
  10. I have mine set to light up in sync with any sound. I used to be of the opinion that the lights were kind of pointless, but my opinion now is that the chassis lights a - help you see the inside of the system, and b - with the lights synching with the sound, it REALLY helps when troubleshooting (ie lights on, then the computer is seeing and processing sound, likely a speaker/headset issue). This has helped me on several occasions
  11. Never even got it started, discovered a few missing bindings for fuel tanks I think I might need that could help
  12. For those of us who use this app, there is an update out which includes the Mossie https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/71086-il-2-dials-instrument-panel-app/page/4/#comment-1192760
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