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  1. We drove down from Winnipeg to see my dad and step-mom in 2018, was a 3-day road-trip of awesomeness. Stayed there about 10 days, then drove back. Lot of alcohol involved, especially at the "Home Depot" of booze (Wine Express?). Spent a LOT of $ there.
  2. I have family in Tucson, just off of Ina
  3. Saw last night that the use of flares for position and other indications is quite useful. I spent most of today adding this mapped capability to my Thrustmaster System, if anyone wants it. All types of flares, along with personal weapon are there. Note, in WW2 AC, you need to have the canopy/window open in order to fire a flare. Probably preaching to the choir here...
  4. That would have been me (or the SE5 that attempted to occupy the same volume as me) last night
  5. Was that why we kept getting the server overload messages?
  6. I have one of those, hods all of my movies, but it is a red one.
  7. My thoughts exactly, even for a Russian plane. Seriously, this is a bug. You can't go from 1/2 flaps to full flaps without fully retracting flaps first. Raising flaps at low airspeeds is a recipe for disaster, even for the Russians.
  8. Exactly what I'm looking for, and opinions on if it is actually an issue (bug) or not.
  9. Hmmm, not me, I don't recall ever flying in a practice for a campaign. I never flew online IL2, only Aces High and the old Air Warrior (GeNie timeframe, 14.4/28.8k modems on the phone line...) In terms of actually flying the IL2, I don't mind it, it CAN be a lot of fun. I just like everything that is modelled to be done correctly. I really believe this is NOT correct, that's why I wanted a second opinion. I don't think experience flying it is necessary, the flaps sequence just seems really out of whack, even for a Russian plane.
  10. I had recently posted here in the 4.502 update topic about the flaps on the IL2 mod 1943. I got a reply on the IL2 Forum from -Ded-Rapidus (he is a tester) about it is a cleaning flaps function? WHAT is a cleaning flaps function? Makes no sense to me. Even on a Russian aircraft. Here is what I replied, perhaps some folks could test this as well (I know, flying an IL2 is like dating someone's ugly sister, but hey, sometimes we all gotta take one for the team...) ----------------8<--------------- OK, here goes (this SO reminds me of explaining un-serviceabilities in detail to th
  11. Seen, thanks. Actually looking for engine limits, landing speeds etc. Found them (sort of) in the cockpit photos. If you are flying the F2B, the photos install in a different directory, you just have to copy/paste them into the correct one (look in BristolF2B2 and BristolF2B3, the correct folders are BristolF2BF2 and BristolF2BF3 respectively).
  12. I'll have to clean up my office first...
  13. Interesting how you have your Track IR set up. I just have mine sitting on top of the TV. I feel a "show us your setup" topic brewing...
  14. Back at you and all of the American folks on the squadron (from N of the border, still recovering from OUR Thanksgiving )
  15. HBD!!! Have a (several) bevvies on my chit!
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