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  1. AHA!!!!! Figured it out, a really neat trick. Apparently, for some reason, probably when I was troubleshooting my rudders (still haven't got them 100% fixed, but can duplicate the disconnect) I bound autolevel left and right turn to the same axis as the wheel brake L and R, rudder toe brakes, thereby double-binding the axis. Since the toe brakes are only used on the ground, this seems to be an elegant solution to a problem that didn't exist. Works like a charm, keeping it
  2. Nope, toe brakes are on an axis. My autopilot L/R turns are mapped to LSHIFT z and LSHIFT x, while my wheel brakes are mapped to "," and "." as well as rudder axis x and y (toe brake). When I hit the toe brake in flight with Autolevel on, the plane banks in that direction, and stays in that attitude, even if I release the brake. To regain level flight, I have to hit the autolevel turn key which levels the aircraft. Normally, I have to press and hold the autolevel turn key to keep the plane in the bank attitude, and release it when I want to go level again. More research required... Weirderer and weirderer...
  3. Was tooling around in my newly-skinned 51B, and notices a peculiar phenomenon... When flying in autolevel, if you press either the left or right toe-brake, the wings roll in that direction 30deg (apx), and you turn in that direction, exactly the same command as autopilot turn left/right. If you release the brake, the aircraft will maintain the banked attitude, and you either have to turn autolevel off, or recenter the autolevel. Anyone else notice this?
  4. HUGE shout out to my wingy @WWGreyWolfe. *Diz to Wolfie on WhatsApp: Hey dude, can you unf%ck this skin, and get everything to line up? I'm useless at this sort of thing Wolfie to Diz: Sigh Results: Uploading to HSD now, I will put them directly in the vault
  5. Sigh, haven't managed to even get out once this year
  6. I'm only running at 60hz, can usually spot tgts at max range. I have the 40" Samsung, granted, running at 1920x1080. I DOUBT I would get the same success on either of the 32", they are only running at 1360x768, still at 60Hz. When I was running the 40" off of my old laptop, if my failing memory serves me, I didn't get decent range at all. That leads me to think it may be in your game settings? Here are mine...
  7. You can also use the magnet to “hang” the TIR camera below the mount, and then in the TIR software rotate the camera 180 deg. Puts the camera well below the top of the monitor. That’s what I do
  8. Im SOOOOOOOOO jealous. Unless you like winter camping, here right now is not the time nor place...
  9. Not going to be able to make it, on the ice at 1945, probably not back until 2130 earliest
  10. Didn't know whether to react with "like" or "sad", so I compromised with "thanks". I always loved that show, although I never saw it live, I saw the movie well over 100 times, and would often sing to myself while driving in my old Pontiac Parisienne, with the cassette tape plugged into an 8-track adaptor. I had just started dating when Bat out of Hell came out, my lady friend and I at the time would sit and listen to it over and over. Fond memories
  11. Now that I can suck back and have a look at these, I see one of my displays has a green LED, and one has a red when powered on. Tried powering the green one off, LED goes red, then back to green when powered back on. The red one does the same, but when powered off, the LED goes to green. Power back on, it goes back to red. The red one also has an option for sound, green one does not. LUA file took a bit of trial and error, but it is pretty close now... 1_Screen+2xMFCDs_below.lua
  12. On a related note... FUCK YEAH! Got a cheap ($30) GT-720, after much cursing and "GODDAM WINDOWS" quotes, all 5 Monitors up and running!!!!!
  13. I see a mission with 3 WW'ers per Gotha, flying deathstars!
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