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  1. At 200% I counted 57 dots, but at regular default view I could MAYBE make out about 5.
  2. Sounds like it was an interesting mission. I was kind of p!ssed I had BRAND NEW SYSTEM issues, I could talk, but not hear anyone. I didn't change anything from Sunday, where it appeared to work as advertised. Still not sure what it is, suffice to say its back in the shop.
  3. A friend of mine has one, says its weird at first, but kind of cool, especially when you fire cannons.
  4. Picking the beast up today, but the currently-being-renovated man-cave is not ready, renos in progress. Going to attempt to turn it into a 'pit. Keeping the current rig going, but I go black after Tuesday, back up when renos done.
  5. I can't make it, have fun
  6. Not sure if I can make it tonight, company coming over... host duties... maybe they leave early...
  7. Oh, sorry I didn't mention, or if there is a misunderstanding... The poop bags are so you can carry Goober's lunch (filet mignon etc) I recommend investing in some nitrile gloves and lots of TP for that "other" job...
  8. Welcome aboard fellow Canuck Here is Goober's leash, his dog bowl, a small supply of poop bags... Make sure you feed him on time, he has a preference for filet mignon, medium rare to medium, with the occasional shrimp or crab leg on the side (de-shelled of course). *Diz heads back to the bar, plotting a way to make new recruits fly hot-pink-skinned planes...
  9. That Raven silhouette could easily be used for nose art. Love the contrast. The highland cow is an interesting composition, rendered here in black and white. For me, it really makes the subject pop, especially the eye, where the glint draws attention to (what I think is) the photographer's reflection. It is also nicely framed by the fence posts. Both of these, IMHO, are poster-worthy, well done
  10. Now that I have a machine on its way that can actually handle DCS, maybe here is another method of draining my spousal "free time" account and making sure my bank balance stays around $0.00...
  11. All part of overall SA, air picture. Realizing that there is "something" (a dot) on a specific bearing doesn't let you off the hook for maintaining your 360 deg scan sphere. Remember, that bad guy who crept up on you also started as a dot...
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