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  1. Couple more skins on HSD, and a few just about to be uploaded to HSD, all in the vault and catalogued
  2. Serves me right for once again being a lumberjack, and turnfighting at low altitude
  3. 2 more skins uploaded into the vault for Zeus-a-Paloosa, also have their own skin pack. They are also in the vault and catalog
  4. I probably can, the orig is jpeg though, I can probably convert it
  5. Seriously, next summer, just let me know when you want to come up to the lodge, lots of room ...and bring spare livers...
  6. She'll need to bring her own spare liver...
  7. If anyone uses IL2 Dials, it doesn't seem to work in the update
  8. Ya, light pollution sucks, but there is probably some post processing that can address most of it
  9. Hmmmm, just a thought, if you increase your ISO to around 1600 (or even 3200), at F2, focus manually at infinity and set your shutter speed from anywhere from 8-15 secs, you might get more of the lights, as the sensor has longer to "see" them, and will terefore have more "data" to work with. This gives you more options in post-processing. I got this info from various pamphlets/books/magazines etc over the years, the settings are buried in a notes binder I have out at the cottage. I also have notes on Milky-Way, lightning, and general astro-photography, for the most part, they seem to work.
  10. Last night was arguably the most spectacular Aurora I can remember. Greens, reds, dancing across the sky like an out-of-control-tornado (hmmmm,,,,, aren't ALL tornados out of control?????)
  11. … in the vault and catalog
  12. Couple more skins on HSD, 2 for Geezer and 1 for Cephas. I'll get around to putting them in the vault tomorrow
  13. You are MOST CERTAINLY welcome, I'm free all next summer (closing her down in a week or so)! Bring a spare liver, you'll need it
  14. In the first sortie, I forgot to add the in-wing 180 rounds MG/FF, it was still catastrophic for the bombers
  15. I quite enjoyed the 2 sorties I did last night. Is it me or do the A5 cannons absolutely SHRED the B-25s? I have seen it where multiple hits do very little damage, but last night a few hits from my 20mm were catastrophic!
  16. Was great to see you back!
  17. The only key binds that are essential is PTT and radio ch up. If you bind these 2 it will work. Obviously not as efficiently as possible, but at least you can switch channels. Stay on radio 1, leave radio 2 on CH1. Message me if you want help setting it up
  18. Timed exposure, 8 secs, f22 for the first, f3.5 for the second, Pentax K3 with 18-135 f3.5-5.6 @18mm
  19. Newest update is out, apparently includes Flying Circus planes as well! https://dellywelly.itch.io/il-2-dials-server https://dellywelly.itch.io/il-2-dials-client-windows I THINK he will be putting out a small patch in the near future, as on the Discord channel there were some very minor bugs reported. For the most part though, it is quite nice, especially for those of us who have the secondary cougar screens
  20. Me410A1 is in the vault... In the planes/Me410A/Textures folder, change the custom_photo.dds to something else, copy the file below into the folder, change the name to custom_photo.dds. If you want to avoid it being replaced when there is a major update, once you change the name, copy ONCE AGAIN the file below into the folder. Then when the file gets overwritten during a major update or reinstall, all you have to do is rename the file to custom_photo.dds custom_photo410.dds
  21. Yup, just saw that. All skins up to date in the vault and catalogued
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