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  1. 'Nuther skin uploaded, in the vault and cataloged. Should be on HSD in a day or so. WWDarkdiz - MC202s8
  2. I have them directly plugged into the back of the motherboard
  3. Pretty sure I have the "Tied for First Place" Ribbon in the Low Altitude category, otherwise known as "Who put that $%&*ing tree there?" or the "Best use of an Aircraft in Lumberjack Mode" Award. Just found out that the F/A-18 ALSO can be used as an excavator, especially on short final
  4. ... F-18 now in my hangar. Not sure when I will have time to figure her out, what with the A-10C still waiting for some TLC, the Apache on the horizon, and the F-14 needing some front-end presence. Flew down-town Vegas yesterday in the A-10A (only plane I have properly mapped right now, besides the F-14 RIO seat) since I also got the Nevada map. Pretty neat, love the "names" on the hotels!
  5. I like the British A-G idea, with all Brit plane-set. It doesn't have to be "historical" per se, maybe a IL-2 1946 era mission set with the 262/Arado (when it gets released)/D9/109K14 etc vs the Tempest/Typhoon/Spit 14 etc. Have we ever used the 262? I can't recall.
  6. Possible, but it seems too random. I could see if there was an overwhelming download or CPU/GPU process that suddenly kicked in, or something that overwhelms the control inputs so that they end up in a cache somewhere. Seems that others are experiencing this as well.
  7. Was in Blue flight with Wolfie, Duck, Cephas and Mainz, and were kept busy all evening with multiple interactions between the German base (Borki) and the Italian base (Rjev). I-16s, Migs, LaGGs, P-40s and IL2's were all encountered, and for the most part we managed to hold our own. Those IL2s are tanks, both Cephas and I spent most of our ammo on one, I observed pieces coming off of him during a close firing pass with my 20mm, but he stayed flying. Died several times from not keeping a sharp lookout on my 6 (got separated from the flight). Was a bit disappointed that I kept HAMMERING several aircraft to no avail (observed multiple hits from both cannons and MG at close range), yet on at least two occasions absorbed very few hits but still died. The last death was a controller problem, even the log did not record any hit from anything. The official term is "Controlled Flight Into Terrain" as my controls input froze, and I made an impressive divot in the ground, was VERY frustrating. This phenomenon has only (in the last week or two) reared its head, I really don't know what is going on. I checked the forums, apparently there are others experiencing this as well, controller input lag. I feels like the aircraft has stalled, so the controls (pitch and roll) are unresponsive, and the scenery goes by as one would expect. However, in this instance the throttle (ALL controls) is also unresponsive, and based on the flight regime I was in there is NO way it was a stall (gentle right, descending turn). The controls remained unresponsive for 3-5 seconds, during which time I have input control deflections to correct, all the way to full left deflection. Suddenly, the controls "catch up" and I snap to the new controls position, however, by then its too late, I am at about 15' off the ground, nose still down Notwithstanding, this particular mission is one of the better missions, constant action, and the outcome is never certain. The way the bases are laid out makes it relatively easy to get back into the fight quickly.
  8. Still random lock-ups, did a sfc /scannow from the command prompt, couple of corrupt files repaired, full anti-virus scan, drivers and Win updated, still had a lockup (GRRRRRR) Back to the drawing board... BTW, if I suddenly am not responsive and/or disappear suddenly, that's likely the cause
  9. I have had the pleasure (?) of being on the receiving end of some of his missions. I'm usually a pile of goo at the end, meaning they are VERY well done
  10. I’m normally there, but was absorbing pucks. This particular Sunday we had the late game, which only happens on average once to twice a month. I live in envy of our mission builders, I have tried to figure that particular part of our game out with little to no success, so I’m sure glad we have the folks on our sqn who have taken the time to master it. S! to our mission builders!
  11. I might, but am wondering how your Windows 11 upgrade went
  12. I tinker with it, have made a few missions for Wolfie and I to fly in the F-14. It seems much easier to use than the IL2 ME
  13. Another hard stop... I wonder if it has something to do with the TPM bios? Thats the only thing I changed, I don't recall installing anything else, or one of those insidious Windows updates...
  14. Couple of hard stops still on-going (computer completely freezes, display freezes). Updated 1 NVIDIA GeForce driver, disabled several apps (Nahimic? Something to do with MSI graphics, and CTIIO (registry edit for this one)) Fingers crossed...
  15. DAMMIT!!!! Early Access pre-release now delayed until "end Jan 2022"
  16. On the ice tonight, good luck guys
  17. ... In the vault and cataloged
  18. All shut down power boxes are now unchecked. Event viewer (I didn't know it existed) has several red items, mostly error, 1 critical, something about CTIIO. When it happens again I will note the time
  19. The last 2 sqn nights, I experienced a strange phenomenon, I'll try and describe... Flying the F2, In a relatively gentle descending right turn, prepping to go to guns on an I-16, my controls completely froze solid, noting, no input recognized for about 8-10 secs. I was not in a stall situation (sometimes when in that regime of flight the controls ailerons will skid but the throttle, rudder and remaining controls will be responsive), all of my controls were momentarily dead. They came back as quickly as they departed, and seemed responsive. However, I lost the quarry. Tonight, flying the Hurri with 20mm, strafing flak at the Opfor airfield, same thing happened, this time on multiple occasions. Complete dead on the controls, then they suddenly come back. Possible reasons: 1 - Lag? Zed told me that my internet provider was experiencing random "brown-outs" in my area over the past few days. Possible culprit? Maybe, but in the past any lag I have seen didn't present itself like this. Also, the terrain, gauges and every other dynamic thing seemed to be updating normally, just the controls were not responsive. 2 - It seemed to occur when I hit the PTT switch on TS. Since that data stream is also going out over the net, it may have contributed to overloading the connection somewhere along the line between me and the server. 3 - Expanding on the last point, it also seemed to occur when I was pressing multiple buttons concurrently (lean to gunsight which I have mapped to an alternate view). I know there is a 6-button limit, but I was nowhere near pressing 6 buttons simultaneously. I tried it off-line, the controls seemed to work fine. As well, over the past several days, my rig has been randomly freezing, no BSOD, but just stopping, pic on the monitors frozen, mouse frozen, keyboard frozen. This seemed to cause my TM drivers to shit the bed, I spent an hour trying to troubleshoot, finally did a complete re-install of all of my Thrustmaster software... drivers, GUI, everything. Finally got it to work once again. Maybe the rig freezing was as a result of the brown-outs? They seemed pretty random, and not repeatable. For the life of me, I could not find a reason why. Anyone have any thoughts? I HATE when shit like this happens...
  20. WWDarkdiz - Yak7Bs36 is in the vaults, should be on HSD in the near future
  21. Skin was updated, new one in the vault, and should be up on HSD tomorrow
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