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  1. I found with the extra wing-mounted stuff a SLIGHT lessening of the roll rate, but it is still better than anything it goes up against. In terms of the FW-190C, the massive scoop under the fuselage (or is that a bomb rack?) would cause horrendous drag, so your performance would decrease significantly even with the better engine. Remember, the FW is an energy fighter, not a turn-fighter, the extra punch in the wings makes that first pass much more deadly, lessening the need for a re-attack (implied turn). Completely diffeent mind-set than the 109 (says the guy who incessantly turn fights with the FW... )
  2. I think I only bought it because it completes the collection of aircraft (ie I have them all). Only the 2 collector tanks left and I have the entire IL2 collection.
  3. I don't disagree with the mid-war version assessment. However, the A3 doesn't have cowl shutter control, 1 less thing to worry about, and it still packs a punch if you add the 180 round wing mounted 20mm
  4. The "boost" is only on the A5, 6 and 8 as follows: A5: only with the U17 Strike mod, below 1000m and 100% throttle, 10 mins at 2700RPM and 1.65ATA A6: only with the G3 strike mod, below 1000m and 100% throttle, 10 mins at 2700RPM and 1.65ATA A8: below critical altitude for supercharger 1st or 2nd gear (the altitude where the supercharger kicks in is when you see the ATA "burp", it is completely automatic with no pilot input available) . 10 mins at 2700RPM and 1.58 S low gear, or 1.65 S high gear On the ATA burp, be careful with extended high power runs with increasing altitude, you will notice your ATA suddenly goes quite high, and you find yourself (sometimes to your COMPLETE surprise) in the combat or emergency regime of flight, each with its own timer until the engine eats itself MW is also available on the D9, 10 mins at 3250RPM and 1.8ATA ...I mess up a lot...
  5. I don't disagree with the Spit gouge (although it is slightly discounted from $19.99 to $15.99 USD), didn't they do that with the G6/G6 late? Or the La5 / La5FN, or the FW-190A3?
  6. Sigh, had to buy all of them(Spit, Snipe, Siemens, IAR). Apparently, I already purchased the C-47 last year. Still didn't get the Churchill and Stug though, I'll wait for those I think.
  7. Butcher-bird Still my fave ride I have all the specs if you want them
  8. How about a CSAR mission? I like having to get the "downed pilot" in the Tusani Hurricaani, so something similar? Maybe something specialized not generally for release on the public server? I was thinking of a night mission involving the sqn actively protecting/distracting/decoying enemy AI cap away from a small, un- or lightly armed plane (U2VS?) that has to land, at night, on a dimly lit airfield that only activates its lights when the pickup plane gets close, allowing it to land. The "spy/downed pilot" who has been hidden by friendly citizens/patriots/whomever is brought out as the plane taxis in close proximity to a specific building, and "gets in". Due to him having been "interrogated" before he was busted out by the friendlies, he is unable to act as a gunner. The pickup plane now has to take off, and get back to base, avoiding enemy fighters all the while. The sqn, meanwhile, can either close escort, or draw enemy away. During the trip to the pickup airfield, the enemy will have been made aware that there may be some sort of snatch attempt, and will have a significant amount of searchlights out, but they don't know the whereabouts of the prize. The friendly airfield itself may be enemy that is unused (I think the Kuban map has a few decent choices on the SE coast). The enemy AI will be primed to look for the pickup plane, but will mix it up with anyone who attacks them.
  9. Found an error on one of my skins... WWDarkdiz - FW-190A8 can safely be deleted, as I will be replacing it with WWDarkdiz - FW190A8. Notice there is no "-" between the FW and 190 on the correct file. It has been uploaded to both HSD and the vault, and has been corrected in the catalog
  10. Added FW190 A3, 5, 6, 8, 9 winter versions WWDarkdiz - FW-------Winter Uploaded to HSD, in the vault and cataloged
  11. Good chance I will not be able to attend this evening...
  12. Just got off the server, seemed normal, except when I fired my guns (US/Rus 46). Heard the sound, but no bullets that I could see, no tracers, nothing. Went off line, tracers normal. Typically, when that happens, it is a network thing, but my net seems fine (932D, 107U). There were no server messages that I could see. Moltke, who I was flying with, said he saw my tracers, but he has also seen some folks that have had this prob on PVE servers occasionally.
  13. So, here is how this saga ended: ASUS ended up replacing the MOBO with a brand new board, which I picked up this morning, I already sold it In addition, because of the wait, they sold me a GPU (ASUS TUF GAMING GTX 1650) for $200, reg $289. Replaced the GT 720, so far, so good Now we wait and see what else will screw up
  14. Kiss your retirement fund good by
  15. WWDarkdiz - IL2M41 added to the vault, catalogued and uploaded to HSD
  16. Updated my WWDarkdiz - La5FNs2, added WWDarkdiz - La5s8. Both in the vault and catalog, will upload to HSD tomorrow (had to ask to have my orig La5FN removed, so will upload both at the same time)
  17. Gunning for Sandy, targeting Craven, Biker, and the factory bomb drop. Now if we only didn't die on landing...
  18. Well we certainly cleaned up all the red stuff off of the map, now only if we stop hurting ourselves on landing...
  19. ...is available on demand, has SRS autoconnect, and for the JTF-191 folks will log your hours on the main website. If there are any specific mission requests, AC types, skins etc let me know, I'll add it to the main mission
  20. IL2's can be quite fun to fly, was one of my faves in IL-2 1946
  21. Uncage the cat... Cox'n, 15 lashes if you please
  22. Oh yes, please... Wing Walker Court of Reckoning and Appeals where you get to plead your case in a non-judgemental, kind, and overly fair manner!!! March in the guilty bastard, negative head dress!
  23. Oh yeah @WWBiker be careful who you engage wearing WWDarkdiz skins on the WW1 server... There are many imposters out there, would be a "shame" if the individual aircraft you engage wearing WWDarkdiz attire turns out to be none other than the real McCoy, especially when I add you to my personal kill board... Just sayin'
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