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  1. I am sure it was me running around naked last night I am sorry for my ignorance on so many squad proceedures I will try to get a handle on things as quick as possible. I did really injoy the WW2 plane last night quite alot to learn but thats the fun part to me.
  2. You guys are all so swell to me I thought you might like an extra place to fool with the canvas crafts. I have my server running as World War 1FC-Roadhouse same fishy password. There are two practice arenas that provide lots of pick a fight areas, a obstical course, bomb and strafe area with high alt. bomber launch, balloons, ships, and a grudge match area for PVP it offers four coalations with all planes so a last man standing (flying) is possible. Watch for the CO driving around the base he is a butt head. Also is my famous (not really) furball arena BAD NEIGHBORS so if y
  3. Your all a great bunch of guys to fly with glad I could entertain you all with this mission , now to come up with some more perverted missions for next time. S DB
  4. RGR that I will name it WW1FC Sunday Roadhouse it should appear down at bottom password will be bass again,
  5. Hey all , Due to lack of particapation and interest I have decided to abandon the 20th project and go back to solo, With the Damage model as it is there is not alot of interest in flying Entente balsa planes and I dont blame anyone for that just a look at the numbers joining the central squads says it all and Flugpark is starting to resemble War Grounds IN ROF. Sometimes we just have to make our own fun....with that said I still plan to host every other Sunday if thats ok with the WW , I am hoping we can use your TS3 as I do not have that running ATM. Tommorow nights adventure will be all
  6. I been building these for my constant trips up shit creek , always carry a tune no matter what happens lol.
  7. Had a great time last night with you guys flying and chatting afterwards . I will be more than happy to host next Sunday not sure what mission yet but I have a few to choose from , Not sure of our turnout either but I will be there and flying some of the missions on central is cool in a way because I never have lol. Thanks for welcoming me to fly along with you all. S
  8. Just wondering when your next WW1 event might take place, Hope you keep us posted...........I almost joined in on Tues. but being so limited on WW2 flying time didn't want to slow things down I will try to get some flight time in , If I was bombing what two planes would you fly mostly Axis and Allied ?
  9. You guys are very welcome and it pointed out many areas I could improve things a bit that I would not have thought of without your participation . The 20th thanks you for joining in and look forward to more fun in the future. Salute
  10. I will reboot and have Sunday Invite up around 5:30 so we can get teams organized I will start mission timer when both teams are on field and ready . See you there. S Terry
  11. Good Day WW, Well we are set to host on Sunday night the 14th at 6 pm, we are looking forward to it. I don't think we have ever had more than 10 on the server so I am praying it runs ok, but finding out is important. The Domination mission has been made a little harder it's probably the biggest stretch in mission building I have attempted. The mission starts on the mud and is all about the ground war covering your bombers and attacking there's is the key to moving the lines, each line has 14 objects , MG will trigger by damage but field guns must be destroyed. 12 of 14 will make the
  12. I just signed up for this forum WOW what a great squad environment you all have here We 20's have really enjoyed our first contact so to speak lol ,and hope we can share some virtual sky time in the future to come. By the way we chatted about Sunday after next for our server but that is Valentines Day so pass it by your boss if you have one we might have to wait another week.....Salute McGoun
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