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  1. OK well after seeing the server jump up and down during the Bigger maps I have split both maps in half North and South Sectors for both also addressed some other issues pointed out to me. Bonus is we got 12 WW1 maps in rotation now....
  2. You have done a lot of work Cephas and like any artist need fresh motivation ,I kinda get it WW1 is just as dry for me I still long for 1914-15. But this cowboy thanks you for your work and for sharing it with me it has changed alot for me in mission building and organizing my builds. S!!!
  3. The 2 new WW1 planes are out for preorder I got mine. Have to build a “LastDance mission” for the planes that came out at the last minutes of the war.
  4. JG1 Flyboy requested the WW1 server for there practice again in which I am perfectly fine with but also throws an invite to join them. I am posting this because we also have a Thursday gig as a norm. What do you guys think?
  5. Great turnout and everything ran well I couldn't be more pleased, Thanks for the great time and real nice to mix it up with JG1Flyboy hope you will fly with us again.
  6. I have not planned anything for tonight If anyone has a request just let me know otherwise I was thinking an Se5a & Bristol map cleanup.
  7. After last Sunday in this map I fixed AA in trees by rail yard. A wrong name on a icon I noticed, and the broke spawn link Cephas noted ,thanks there were 2 of them . I think that was it map is updated on server for JG1 to use tonight.
  8. I want it I need it I must have it right now!!!!!
  9. In mean time you could make two SDS and alternate running sandbox and battles on a regular basis
  10. Might I suggest all mission questions asked on outside forums be replied to. with a link to our forum, and a polite request to ask there questions here in our house.
  11. I do set my gunners on high he sounds like he has the idea that AI level pertains to intelligence rather then amount. I think also that he would like option for ground starts as well as air starts I have that option for Gotha Pig
  12. Yes well done thanks for great cover and AAA disposal
  13. Did not have time to build a new mission for tonight , But I would like to run the (DE)Arras map and bomb the 4 targets in Amiens from the south base want to see how much of the town burns. This is just an suggestion and open for Ideas .
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