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  1. A belated happy birthday to you Chunk and many more !
  2. Got NP here with what you see running
  3. you guys are weird..........................OH YA that's why I am here
  4. S! Happy Birthday and many more .
  5. turd gun ,........I don't need no stinking turd gun.............................
  6. I like the idea of some missions with limited planes I am really hoping for some early year action as FC develops . The harder it is the better for me in WW1 WW2 not so much. But the hardest part is coming up with ideas for myself sometimes it flows other times I struggle. I am happy with anything and very much appreciate the efforts of all .
  7. This is how I spent my Birthday with my new girl Tami I am feeling like a lucky 66 year old..........Ain't she a dish !
  8. ya Geezer you been hangin around here !
  9. Tonight I will run the Central practice arena hope we can break into groups and do some formation flying into battle situations, maybe even break into groups on TS . I added two more rings to challenge us a 3 on 1 and a 4 on 1 hope this is ok for tonight . Hope to see you there.
  10. Sorry I am also AWOL tonight my sweetheart is rolling into town this afternoon and well no offence but I want to hang with her tonight.
  11. Can I ask a dumb question ..... is the game even designed for such an effect or are the bombs just acting as if they hit the ground. wouldn't the skip part have to be programed into the game?
  12. https://fb.watch/7AbOnFqSD-/
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