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  1. It was a great time every time I went to leave the base there were enemy there I dont think I have ever fought that much with a full bomb rack before was cool grabbed a SE5a to finish up. IT was a blast Thanks Fawlty. I hope I can run somthing for next week I would like it if maybe we split up and had a little war between us I have a few maps for that ready to go.
  2. Awesome to attend my first meeting and airshow was a blast and I love the fact there is more than fighting in this group you all are always looking for new ways to make virtual flight fun and interesting. Thanks for the welcome I have recieved. As real life has it I am closing a deal by mid month and moving by months end, so if I am AWOL from any events this is why and by no means does it mean I won't back as soon as I can get a connection established. I will do my best to be in attendance as long as possible. I am honered to be part of this squad S! WWBiker_
  3. no stage but i play them constantly in search of inner peace,
  4. From one old raggy ass to another this bass is for you !!!!
  5. Finally found the right label for my 2 string bass l
  6. I have not been able to produce anything new as I am in the middle of buying a new place and packing stuff up , but I do have some missions [tried and tested lol} or if you guys want to shoot at each other for fun I have a couple of differant furball arenas with AI and we can blast away with abandon........My server is available till end of month and after that I am not sure what my service will be like but unfortanatly it won't be fibre anymore were I am going.
  7. If any of you VR guys like a co op zombie game try SURV1V3 on steam My friend and I play it alot there is an open world enviroment in the survival mode and its a blast with friend we are in there a few nights a week 4 players can join, a bit of a learning curve but we would be happy to help and show anyone around the maps. Just a thought and am not sure how many of you game beyond flight sims . But using a baseball bat wrapped with barbed wire is sure a hoot. S!
  8. RGR that Duck great somthing else to keep me up at night lmao
  9. Thanks SandMan and all you WW's for letting me join the fold your a fun bunch of guy's and have me in stitches alot (And what about visability? he asks.......Well I'd like to see ....was the reply) I chuckeled at that for 10 mins. too funny. And SittingDuck a big thanks to you for sponsering me. Looking foward to learning all I can from this squad. P.S to make my new handle work in game and here It will be WWBiker_ S! .
  10. WOW MAN look at all the colors Thats awsome info Thanks Fawlty
  11. Hi guys , I hope you don't mind reliving my last mission I fixed the ALB spawning loop I made by mistake and it should work fine. The recon might be attacked a little sooner maybe 2 scouts required. RL has left me with little time this week I had started a continuation of the spy story Fawlty created but didn't have time to finish it....sorry. But it would be nice to see this mission run to completion. S DB
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