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  1. Wow Some friends are popping into town tomorrow so not sure if I will be present at 6......great to see people after the covid ..Really can't turn down these opportunities to catch up.
  2. After 40 years of custom fabrication of just about everything I am still at it E bikes have been my new kick the year here is 1 of 2 getting assembled after batteries finally showed up 1000 watt mid drive
  3. I am fine with any changes you make to improve things you have been working long and hard on missions and I would like all possible improvement brought into WW1 maps only 1 1/2 months left till I will be back indoors looking forward to learning more on discord
  4. Can anybody else get on stats server
  5. I updated stats server as I was behind one update Please try and let me know if you can log in. Also addressed some issues in Fokker map we found and I believe fixed all the balloons in the D7 Gota map but have not checked it yet. I was wondering what info I can put on server to direct people to Discord , I am happy to turf SRS off the server things run better without it.
  6. Will check cannot fly tonight neck and back pain are taking me down
  7. Good work good results awesome Cephas
  8. Not sure what we are doing tonight, so if you have please bring it along.....the server has been a ghost town lately ..
  9. Sorry guys I will not be here this Sunday Bev required an MRI and it’s booked that day at 7 pm the hospital is a hour away.
  10. Best of Birthdays to you !!
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