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  1. turd gun ,........I don't need no stinking turd gun.............................
  2. I like the idea of some missions with limited planes I am really hoping for some early year action as FC develops . The harder it is the better for me in WW1 WW2 not so much. But the hardest part is coming up with ideas for myself sometimes it flows other times I struggle. I am happy with anything and very much appreciate the efforts of all .
  3. This is how I spent my Birthday with my new girl Tami I am feeling like a lucky 66 year old..........Ain't she a dish !
  4. ya Geezer you been hangin around here !
  5. Tonight I will run the Central practice arena hope we can break into groups and do some formation flying into battle situations, maybe even break into groups on TS . I added two more rings to challenge us a 3 on 1 and a 4 on 1 hope this is ok for tonight . Hope to see you there.
  6. Sorry I am also AWOL tonight my sweetheart is rolling into town this afternoon and well no offence but I want to hang with her tonight.
  7. Can I ask a dumb question ..... is the game even designed for such an effect or are the bombs just acting as if they hit the ground. wouldn't the skip part have to be programed into the game?
  8. https://fb.watch/7AbOnFqSD-/
  9. I whipped up a quake style battle area on the Rhineland map hope it runs smooth. 12 enemy patrol randomly , for the golden boys Targets will pop up as they are taken down ,some are defended by ground but air attacks will be about time and place. Bombing targets pop up from one side to the other . We will fly Entente so Gold can perhaps try the DH4 in some attacks. See ya there WWBiker 2021_8_21__23_32_35.bmp
  10. I have updated practice maps and took the liberty of putting them up on server 3 hope this is ok.......will leave them running as long as there not in the way or using too much BW ...Salute Hope you enjoy the new planes cant wait to shoot rockets at balloons again.
  11. Here is entente version Entente practice arena.zip
  12. Entente practice arena.zipEntente practice arena.zipEntente practice arena.zipWith talk on team practice in the furball arena ,this might be the time to try the practice arenas I have been tinkering on for awhile. Not being a member for long I relish the opportunity to do formation and wing man practice with you all in a less pressured environment, and I really need something like this to work on my WW2 skills. OK onward I will have nav. icon on for this practice. Each Arena is 90 minutes for tonight. there is no wind tonight. 1....There is one air base it is surrounded by 10 rings each with a different opponent at varied altitudes Just enter the ring .....also there are balloons they are respawning. And the obstacle course is a challenge I piled hay bales into arrows to follow S is start F is finish must fly under or between all objects but the is no set line ,arrows are bread crumbs. 2....at about 2 o'clock is an 11th ring this is a bomb and strafe area Tanks ,Trucks, Factory building's....................close to it is a High altitude spawn (10.000 ft) a chance for Gold to practice with out all the flying time I suggest the ships they are too nasty to approach from the deck. 3....The gunnery range is a place to fool around with rear gun in the bombers 4...Race track is just a small pylon course just follow barbed wire and go between the towers 5...And lastly the Grudge match area is a 4 faction airport.....each faction has all planes so 4 can dance with no friendly fire even in the same planes......King of the hill would be fun to spectate. All you WW are miles ahead of me in flying discipline and tactics looking forward to learning and really hope that maybe once a month the WW can go raid the flugpark on a Sunday . Central practice arena.zip
  13. Sorry to miss Tuesday whole Province is burning and we got one in our back yard ...... View is from my porch.
  14. Yes indeed my bass boat would be at home there for sure.
  15. Thanks Fella's it is truly a pleasure to be a member of this legendary squad I will do my best to help and participate all I can. You are all a great bunch of guys and I look forward to future events.
  16. Have an awesome Birthday !
  17. No worries forgot my lights, I owe sorries to someone as well was trying to get a bogie of there six and had a little too much borrow and dropped a few bullets on them. OOps
  18. salute friends If anybody wishes to fly the new planes in a furball type arena , I have uploaded 2 missions to my folder in the hanger browser. 1 Bad Neighbors...... two close bases lots of bang bang 2 Flatlands furball ......bigger area some hunting at times. Both are updated with new planes to fly as well as AI ....S Biker
  19. Hello my friends received a clean bill of health today after my alien probing . Quite different this time being awake and got to see what I look like on the inside weird shit for sure.....so with that stress gone I am ready to rock and roll again see you all soon. Biker
  20. Sorry will be absent tonight I've been so busy with life after this move but its all good Dogs back for second kick at can and I will be over with my Alien Probing on Tuesday, after that I plan to make some time for fun again God willing . S Biker
  21. I uploaded a couple of missions in the hanger browser if that helps c u there
  22. Happy Birthday Geezer all the best
  23. Just got set up today , won't be too active as still got a bit of stuff to move but lookin good real pleased with my new place. Hope to fly Sunday night Salute my friends...................................after living out of my truck for 2 weeks it is so good to have a home again.
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