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  1. That should limit the bases they can marshall at and take off from. Send blue to the base(s) Axis have left at some point the next mission, (after we see they had a few deaths at all one time frame, and arrive just as those same pilots 20 minutes are up), and strafe them on the ground or just after takeoff. I died from strafing after touching down at my base.
  2. https://boingboing.net/2019/12/05/save-dot-org-dot-org.html Fake news? or another example of the new wild west with Ajit Pai at the helm of the FCC? EDIT: maybe the title of the above link could of been titled "Prepare for caulk" see below https://boingboing.net/2019/11/14/private-equity-company-acquire.html Maybe the "caulk" is intended for new .org domains, renewals shouldnt be re-charged for having a .org domain.
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  4. https://joytokey.net/en/
  5. Dub, exposure therapy is slowly training our brain that we arent really going to die when think about flying IN a plane. Getting ON a plane, well, you probably would die on the take off, so exposure therapy would just be a waste of time. In exposure therapy, they take people to the airport and sit in the parking lot and listen to their favorite music. When they can relax in the parking lot, then they take them to sit in front of the terminal and listen to the music until they can relax while being just that little bit closer to even seeing the plane that someday they want to get INTO. Anyway you see the progression of training the brain that nothing scary here, lets just take small steps as the brain learns it doenst have to protect us from basic survival fears. So, watch videos, tracks, while touching the joystick, holding the joystick, pay attention to the nasuea feeling, and take time to work through the first warning feelings. Can you wear the VR gear even if just on top of your head while doing something fun? or music?. Dis-associate the fear of nausea with changing the physical motions you go through, until the brain says, shit, this aint what Im supposed to keep the meat sack away from, and maybe over time this "see a snake, faint" feeling will subside.
  6. You're right about if its too good to be true.... Amazon does not require sellers to verify that the seller is not guilty of copyright infringement or that the product is not counterfit. If I wanted to make some easy money I would get ahold of some copies of win10 provided to students at a discount, $50?, put them on a $2 thumb drive and list them on Amazon. No online help from microsoft on these student versions, but thats ok for some people.
  7. Happy Thanksgiving all. Im thankful I live in America.
  8. "The wheels on the bus go round and round..... the wheels on the...." But they go around without Fawlty, because he's retired! Happy Birthday Fawlty!!
  9. Spitfire TPTSTW is on Amazon Prime too. So is T34.
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  12. Happy Birthday Sandman! Enjoy the day, hope its one of the days you're upwind from life. 🐑💨
  13. He plays Arm3 and is on OldFokkers TS sometimes on Wed nights.
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