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  1. Got a new router which meant i needed to connect my cell phone and after doing that I tried to connect to Wingwalkers.org and got a certificate warning, name of site doesnt match name on cert. issued to ukweekly UNA the ukranian weekly UTN-USERfirst-hardware the user trust network http. www. usertrust.com 2/24/2011 3/27/2012
  2. Around here, thats a $1000 vw beetle just as it sits, (plants would cost extra). I know its early in the year, but Im possibily gonna win the prize as the worst thread hijack this year. This guy on youtube lives in New Hampshire, and is pullng vw's out of barns and fields, for a couple of hundred each, gets them fixed and sells them for much more than a couple of hundred. New Hamshire state, cant believe there are so many used vw's up there. Here is one with a $1500 paint job sitting in a field.
  3. Oh noes...... My seeds looked small like cucumber seeds. Not like the big pumpkin size seeds in the video. Time will tell, I just started my seeds indoors, nothing sprouted yet.
  4. No I didnt. Go for it, you get the gift card, and get a chance to ask "how's the weather right now in India?"
  5. Your airplane? >"When we get home I want you to shove the hose in all the way, and fill me up with every drop of avgas you've got"? I have the trial version on my gaming computer, but VoiceA say it cant understand what Im saying. I will spend more time with it, now that I see there is that additional bonus you just mentioned......................
  6. I forgot about ShopKo Sandman. The store parking lot had 4 cars in it during week days. Now the store is closed. After the 2 real electronic stores in town closed 10 years ago, (dont fix that radio, buy a new one), I would hit Radio Shack to pickup magnet wire, diodes and transistors. Now that RS got rid of that stuff, its Mouser online, or Ebay and spending $8.00 for shipping 2 tiny 89 cent transistors.
  7. Ive lost track of how many computers Ive built, looking for the right CPU to overclock, best ram timing, etc. I used to wish I had a Fry's in town, guys woud go in and sort through the trays of OEM CPU's to find a certain fab number or factory code to get a good overclocker. The last 2 gaming computers Ive owned were used ones I bought off Ebay, at 1/2 what an exact new pre-built one would of cost me. I couldnt of built either of those 2 for what I paid for each of those used ones. 5 years ago I used to not have to look up my password for Newegg online, I could remember it from how often I was buying parts for a new build. Havent bought anything but a video card lately, and that was 4? years ago. Fry's may go the way of Wards and Sears.
  8. Good pictures. I read that after the 17 pounder gun was modified, and put into the Sherman, they became the "kill them first" target of the Panzers, who could identify them by the flash from the hugh powder charge in the round. I read that's how they got the name firefly. Their gun barrel was so much longer than the later non modified Sherman factory barrel, that crews painted the last few feet of the barrel with camo, to make it look like a Sherman, and not a Firefly. Interesting in the pictures that the firefly didnt have armor plate welded on the side where the ammo box was, maybe they had wet ammo storage, or, those massive 4ft? long rounds would no longer fit there and were more internal. EDIT: toward the end of the vid, you see a firefly with a camo'ed barrel. This model, what year/mod I dont know, has a ammo rack plate welded on.
  9. https://venturebeat.com/2019/03/25/oculus-founder-luckey-rift-s-lenses-wont-fit-30-of-users/
  10. http://paramprojects.com/website/faq/detection/webmasters-call-it-iframe-virus-why
  11. Opera browser, Version:58.0.3135.79 green padlock, no message.
  12. Griph, you can extend the life of a good HWH by replacing the anode periodically. Anodes can be hard to remove after 3-4 years, Not only do they get mostly eaten up, the threads rust and its almost impossible to break them loose after 5 years.
  13. Take care of your sister, best wishes to her and you.
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