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  1. I found no posts about replacing the pot with some other type of variable resistor. A few posts about mechanical mods to the springs, etc. New pots available here https://www.digikey.com/en/products/detail/ch-products/REPPOT604/9490875
  2. Thanks Cephas, off to find some spray accelerator. "next gen magnetoresistive sensors" hmm... I will check those out, I bet there will be many applications being developed, maybe replace the pot in the CH pro pedals. Ive got some Hoffman F!6 rudder pedals, sounds like a good replacement for the hall sensor it uses. Ive got a spare set Cougar joystick with the evenstrain mod, but the stock pot in the throttle, with the magnetoresistive sensor in there, it might get it up in price when I sell it.
  3. Cool Tell me about the All Ive heard about is the the getto method of using baking soda to quick set super glue, and my attempts of that were not so good.
  4. Nice. Doesnt look like a Maverick, what mssile is that?
  5. https://phatwalletforums.com One of the many reader posted 'deals' out there on the interweb. You might want to hide this link from the female, to keep her from buying an expensive 1/2 price couch to replace your comfortable recliner, or seeing a 'deal' on the fluffy damn toilet lid covers, that wont let the toilet seat stay up by its self, when you need to stand there and pee. NO, woman, I ain't sitting down to pee, quit asking!
  6. Stop the Russian tanks, suppress the enemy airfield, and kill the Russian General as he leaves his headquarters, map is one of those along the coast with 2 bays, airfield is on the coast at the bay. 109's for the Axis.
  7. I 'toss' bombed to sink the ships at the dock in the last mission. One 250 bomb each.
  8. https://phatwalletforums.com/topic/33751/samsung-870-evo-1tb-2-5-sata-6gb-s-solid-state-drive-mz-77e1t0b-69-99-fs-dell-exp-unk OOS
  9. In the verbal pre attack brief, a "forking" river was indentified on the coast on the way to the Naval Base, for Nav. references. Gold took off first, followed by a mixture of Red and Blue. I was in a P38, was late taking off. I asked to be able to attack the ships, by listening on the comms, I heard Blue flight engaging a bandit or 2, Red was first attacking some AAA ships at the mouth of the harbor, and then the ground AAA and flak at the mouth of the base. I arrived, sunk the 2 ships off loading at the piers, Gold comms indicated they followed the "swing around" attack profile, and when were no longer able to see the coast, were unsure when to turn North to spot the Harbor. While waiting for Gold to arrive, and with most AAA and flak suppressed, some Red pilots chose to drop their remaining bombs on the Oil storage tanks at the mouth of the harbor. Gold got to the Harbor and bombed from high altitude, base was suficiently destroyed to the point that we were then tasked with attacking the air bases North of the Naval base. Some sporadic enemy planes attacked our base as we were re-planning and re arming to head to the enemy bases. Great mission.
  10. https://www.tomshardware.com/news/gigabyte-releases-statement-on-exploding-psus
  11. Bummer about the smoke, we have some here too, hope you get some clearing tomorrow. No price protection for .org https://www.wingwalkers.org/topic/7128-org-domains/?tab=comments#comment-47608 Ajit Pai is no longer in charge of the FCC, hopefully net neutrality will get some CPR and Ajit will get called before Congress to account for the 9 billion dollar fund he was in control of . https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2021/07/ajit-pai-apparently-mismanaged-9-billion-fund-new-fcc-boss-starts-cleanup/
  12. singing....... "'cause we will put a boot in your ass....." Good poster picture.
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