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  1. Bears are nothing to mess with, (Grizzly Man), but at least if with another person and you encounter a hungry or mad bear, remember you dont necessarily have to out run the bear, (you cant), you only have to out run your companion.
  2. Vid 1, reminds me of a Chinese pilot in WWII Burma, called "won hunglow". Vid 2, I could never leave the joystick still when shooting with that much zoom. I zoom to get PID, but then back out when its time for the "eat hot lead" part. Helps me not spend time being precise, but evaluating the overall sight picture and a broader SA view. You make me want to share some vids, but without a youtube account IDK how to share. Maybe put a raw .trk (or whatever its called) up to download and put in a BoS stock folder and run.
  3. Of course, thats right, many countries, especially Canada, contributed to defeating the Axis with full honors, and great sacrifice, and loss of life. All I ever see on the US news was the US soldiers making trips back over there, so I tend to have that in mind first.
  4. Yes. Probably the last full blown event planned to commemorate the anniversary of D day. Touching to see towns in France and other countries still remembering on each anniversary of D day, that Americans came over to fight and die, so that they could be rid of the Axis invaders.
  5. I like the paint scheme. I see one door on the port side. Non turbo engines? Slower, but you dont use all that fuel just on taxi-ing. I guess not a big deal at a smaller airport, no waiting 10 min for your turn, after departures and landings. Fadec engine control?
  6. https://phatwalletforums.com/topic/16437/national-geographic-chain-of-command-season-1-digital-hd-4-99-amazon For Amazon Prime users. Click the link in the link above.
  7. Happy Birthday! Remember, cake and ice cream builds strong muscles, mostly in the belt area, but YOLO, so dig in, you deserve it.
  8. Happy Birthday Brinson.
  9. Wow, Ive never seen a bad lcd like that. Bummer.
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