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  1. Well, I ended up with pants on until 9pm CST, waiting until 7PM PSDT, OMG, MYACHINGTESTICLELOL.
  2. Whew..... glad we got the stairs thing solved. Just because Im old, and forget to zip up sometimes..... anyone seeing me leaving the stairs and my zipper is down....., it dont mean I did it. Same with the funny smell in the hall, pretty sure it was Goober, just because I get the walking farts, it dont mean they smell......, not that bad............, anyway.
  3. Id like a #2 please Thanks.
  4. I see some conflicting info on Steam as which content is free. https://store.steampowered.com/app/544810/KARDS__The_WWII_Card_Game/ https://store.steampowered.com/app/1869350/KARDS__US_Starter_Pack/
  5. Kitty in the tub. Also a young Jack Lord. Doc's Reward SEASON 3, EPISODE 14 James Arness had a serious leg and foot injury from being in the Army in WWII. Caused him great pain through out his life. He was also a natural blonde! In a previous episode, some fancy pants from Washingtion got Marshall Dillon to outlaw the wearing of guns in Dodge. Very interesting episode.
  6. Nice memory items, Geezer. A local TV channel has been running the complete Gunsmoke Box Set episodes starting in 1955 to the 70's. The early ones were 1/2 hour, and black and white. They show 2 of the consecative 1/2 hour shows from noon to 1pm. Even back then the shows were well writen and produced. Sam Peckingpaw wrote some shows in the 50's. Interesting to see the characters change over the early years. Doc was wearing ratty clothes at the beginnig, and Kitty was sporting lot of cleavage. They had a shot of her in a 1800's 'tub', a back shot, nude down to the waist. Oh, and Chester and his coffee making ideas as a running gag. Sets changed too, Marshalls office and the bar Matts 6 gun and horse, evolved over the years. Even in 1955, no blood or bullet holes in bodies. I think the networks had all adopted the guide lines of 3? shootings per western episode, that Congress set after holding 'excessive violence on TV' hearings in the early 50's.
  7. It could be that one man's 'wonky', is another man's 'COOL'.
  8. 'Twas fun, I saw a plane behind me as I tried to line up on the trucks in the convoy, I was thinking "one more truck kill and we complete our primary, then, maybe just one more", so I didnt break off to defend myself. I did get to eject, but 20ft off the tree tops was a mite too low. I did get to respawn back at our base sooner than having to fly home, so I got back to the convoy sooner.
  9. NO thanks, on the snow offer. Our winter starts Jan 1 every year and hopefully is over by the end of March. I have memories of needing to put my "ice creepers" on my shoes to go out to get the snow off the vehicle. Cute doggie, is she checking to see if you are holding her booties for paw protection outside? Happy Christmas back at ya, to you and yours.
  10. Thanks Fawlty. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Happy Holidays to all the Wing Walkers.
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