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  1. Ohhhhh Honey.................. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RMONGMDEerI
  2. To see if someone is a singer, have them sing sit down in a chair, and play an intro for them, and see how they do. I put this up on youtube 12years ago, as Willey Nelson wrote, "Funny how time slips away", would be my second on the play list.
  3. Lagg3 Ill be so high on pain pills I wont remember it sucked, the next day.
  4. What Sandman said. Crypto wont die even if its down to $500 from the current 30-50k a piece price. Nvidia says more anti mining measures may be implemented in new cards coming out, but that remains to be seen, and where there is money to be made, miners will work to hack the fix.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lhlt3QoTStI&ab_channel=TestingGames Inconclusive amateur video, comments say mining cards should be undervolted, (some wont be), to save on electricity costs, which will prolong the transistors on the GPU die, and that the used card just needs new thermal paste applied, (no easy job if you can even do it, some cards may have the HS glued to the GPU chip with thermal expoxy and even if its paste, cleaning and reapplying aint a 10min job to do correctly. Besides the hardware to remove to get to the GPU die ). A well used mining card for $375 instead of a
  6. Question I have is what does crypto mining do to the cards? I would buy a used one if they havent had too much N material migrate to the P side. I think I saw a link to an article about that or not, Ill see if I can find it.
  7. Haha. Hope you are having fun Cephas. We missed you while you were absent for a while completing your career at Boeing.
  8. Ive been doing some reading on this, and I agree with Cephas, the 2060 Super is another choice, not sure about buying a used video card on Ebay, you never know if the seller just wants to upgrade, or if they have overclocked it, with a voltage increase, and shortened its remaining lifetime, or the card has artifacts, and seller doesnt accept returns. If you can find a new 3060ti, at the $300 price, following Cephas's recommendations above, it's a better performing card than the founders edition 3060. Still chugging along with my nearly free GTX970, after getting some money back from Nvi
  9. Smith Wesson MP compact 22lr Im going to investigate buying a follower kit that will let me put more than 10 rounds in the magazine. Checking some kits out on the internet.
  10. I checked your link Cephas, but no one is making the one I need for a Smith Compact 22lr. Close, but for a Ruger https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3627995
  11. Nice work. Wish I could find local business who would scan a plastic piece for me so I could pay someone to print some spares for me out of nylon or other slick material. Not exactly like this, but simular. Size of a matchbook cover. Links that Duck posted wont work for me to use the software and my phone to take the pictures to input to the software.
  12. @Screamer Can you tell me how a person would go about getting a nylon plastic part scanned to get a CAD file, is that what a 3d printer uses?. I want to replicate a part to have some spares ifthe original breaks. The piece is a little smaller than an old match book, remember those? and not quite as thick as the thickest thickness of the match book. Thanks.
  13. Rubber banding sounds like poor internet speed at that time. www.speedtest.net would tell you that if you have that situation again. Quit the game go to speedtest, choose your test server, closer the better, and see if the internet speed is what you get when you test it at any random time. Are you wired from the modem to your computer or wifi?
  14. For me, its practice. If I cant see the enemy that is under or behind my cowling, I just give a short 1 second burst at him, and then stop my turn ever so little, to let the enemy come back into view. If Ive done my shooting correctly, that is, the proper 'guess' of him and my bullets being at the same place at the same time, he will be smoking. In my experience hitting him usually makes him do something else that allows me to get into a more straight on firing solution. Most of the time blind deflection shooting I miss. I see that Ive misjudged the very slight height difference between him
  15. Do your run a hardware monitoring program like CPUID Hardware Monitor? There are others out there too. Are your CPU, GPU temps all ok?
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