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  1. Well, if the nails through the carpet into the wood? floor is nearest to bottom of the fix list, without me looking for other youtube fixes, I would try some heavy duty self stick hook side velcro on as much of the rudder base/pads as you can find a flat spot for. 

    One problem is that the hooks will pull out carpet fibers if you pull the pedals loose very often. With the hooks clogged with pulled carpet fibers, they loose their advantage. You can pull out the carpet fibers captured in the hooks when you have the pedals off the floor,  its tedious, but you can. If the pedals can stay put, and its not house rules that they have to be picked up off the floor for the vacuum cleaner to get in that space, you might get velcro to work . 

    Or......, honey, did I hear you pounding on something with a hammer in the flight room?

    > "OH, I was just fixing MY desk". 😉

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  2. I had to call DHS CS last week over a Ebay package. I used the 1 800 805 9306 number, went through the crappy, "say what info you want to know" recording I got, so Istarted to just say, "agent" when I was to say what my problem with them was, for the automated phone crap to finially say "do you want to talk to an rep?", or something like that. Good luck with those idiots. 

  3. Good thing they didnt go through a world neighbor county France, that country works something like a 25 hour week, get 2 hours for lunch, and are on strike every Thursday, because the Gov't wants to cut their 2 months a year vacation to 7 weeks.

    Croatians make good rudder pedals, and damn fine guns. 

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    To see if someone is a singer, have them sing sit down in a chair, and play an intro for them, and see how they do. I put this up on youtube 12years ago, as Willey Nelson wrote, "Funny how time slips away", would be my second on the play list. 

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  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lhlt3QoTStI&ab_channel=TestingGames

    Inconclusive amateur video, comments say mining cards should be undervolted, (some wont be), to save on electricity costs, which will prolong the transistors on the GPU die, and that the used card just needs new thermal paste applied, (no easy job if you can even do it, some cards may have the HS glued to the GPU chip with thermal expoxy and even if its paste, cleaning and reapplying aint a 10min job to do correctly. Besides the hardware to remove to get to the GPU die ).  A well used mining card for $375 instead of a new one for $775?, if thats the case, I will pass. 

  6. Ive been doing some reading on this, and I agree with Cephas, the 2060 Super is another choice, not sure about buying a used video card on Ebay, you never know if the seller just wants to upgrade, or if they have overclocked it,  with a voltage increase, and shortened its remaining lifetime, or the card has artifacts, and seller doesnt accept returns. If you can find a new 3060ti, at the $300 price, following Cephas's recommendations above, it's a better performing card than the founders edition 3060. 

    Still chugging along with my nearly free GTX970, after getting some money back from Nvidia? for them advertising a 4gb memory card, when it can only really use 3.5gb, compared to how other cards memories are advertised and used in real time gaming. 

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