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  1. @Screamer Can you tell me how a person would go about getting a nylon plastic part scanned to get a CAD file, is that what a 3d printer uses?. I want to replicate a part to have some spares ifthe original breaks. The piece is a little smaller than an old match book, remember those? and not quite as thick as the thickest thickness of the match book. Thanks.
  2. Rubber banding sounds like poor internet speed at that time. www.speedtest.net would tell you that if you have that situation again. Quit the game go to speedtest, choose your test server, closer the better, and see if the internet speed is what you get when you test it at any random time. Are you wired from the modem to your computer or wifi?
  3. For me, its practice. If I cant see the enemy that is under or behind my cowling, I just give a short 1 second burst at him, and then stop my turn ever so little, to let the enemy come back into view. If Ive done my shooting correctly, that is, the proper 'guess' of him and my bullets being at the same place at the same time, he will be smoking. In my experience hitting him usually makes him do something else that allows me to get into a more straight on firing solution. Most of the time blind deflection shooting I miss. I see that Ive misjudged the very slight height difference between him and I, because when I allow the enemy plane to come out from the blind area he was in, he is ever so a bit lower or higher than where I put the 1 sec. burst. Id say I miss at least 50% of the time, so 1 sec burst doesnt waste my ammo on "I hope" shots. In the real world we would break out of the circle fight and climb, before he makes us bleed off our speed in the turn fight. Instead of turning we break, and we climb a little, re-aquire him, and plan another attack that usually includes some chasing, unless he is dumb enough to still be turning circles just a litle bit below us. Another way to say what I do when blind deflection shooting, is pulling lead for a "snap shot". If my confidence is high, that it seems to be a easy kill, I will fire a whole 2 seconds of ammo, and pull just a bit of extra lead while doing it, because I tend to not lead enough in many cases.
  4. Do your run a hardware monitoring program like CPUID Hardware Monitor? There are others out there too. Are your CPU, GPU temps all ok?
  5. I fly 109's, so since Red flight is designated as 190's, which is appropiate, then Ill be a Blue flight pilot. I prefer to be a follower now days
  6. Sounds like something Tigerdirect would pull back in the day. Hate those jerks.
  7. I read it to say you can change drive letters > your goal. OR partitions, thought you wanted to change drive X to drive C among the physical drives.
  8. https://www.diskpart.com/help/change-drive-letter.html
  9. I wonder if he plays Arma3? Frustrating tho, how easily the commies can shoot down a drone in that game.
  10. Wow, good find. No contact since San Diego 2012.
  11. When faced with removing insulation from wires, in these circumstances, the insulation is almost always vinyl based, and I always burn it off with the soldering iron. With iron hot, knowing the length of bare wire you need, go to that point and twist the wire/insulation on the tip of the hot iron. Sometimes you cant do that, so in that case, use the tip of the iron to circle around the radial of the insulation to do the same thing. You just need to soften the insulation and not burn it down to bare wire. With the insulation hot/warm, use your opposing finger nails to pull the softened insulation off down the length of the wire towards the cut end. Easier to do with a chisel point iron tip, but works with the pointed tips also. Downside is the ragged bit of insulation left on the wire where you pulled it off, upside is there is no chance of cutting the wire inside like there can be using wire cutters, exacto knife etc. This wont work on teflon insulation, but doubt that expensive wire type is used on most consumer products.
  12. Well, at least one person reads my posts, lets have a 'bro hug'. I cant imagine what there would be in my posts that people dont want to see. Oh, maybe they are afraid of seeing a picture of me sitting in my 'cock-pit' while flying.
  13. The boy IL2 puts his sausage into the fun hole of the mommy IL2, and another IL2 shows up in the hanger in a month.
  14. What? I posted a link, am I on the "dont read his posts list again"?
  15. If you feel lucky, (no returns), here is a used trackir 5. I bought a used tir3 years ago and it was DOA, suspect they can be killed by improper handling that will let a static charge enter the USB cable connector when the usb plug is not connected to the PC, and damaging the chip inside the tir unit. https://www.ebay.com/itm/NaturalPoint-TrackIR-5-Head-Tracker-for-Simulation-Games/265004366912?hash=item3db37dbc40:g:uyoAAOSwjqFf9kYh#rpdCntId
  16. https://www.amazon.com/Reflector-Infrared-Tracking-Bracket-Tracker/dp/B08L54RMH2/ref=sr_1_47?dchild=1&keywords=TRAKCIR\TRACKNP+Track+Clip+Active+Infrared+Tracking+Bracket+Head+Tracker&qid=1610061996&sr=8-47
  17. What keeps them from sliding on the floor? the weight?
  18. HaHa. Ok, this box has thongs named for every day of the week, unless you open a box containing Cuban cigars, dibs on the thongs, said Geezer never. Or ? Merry Christmas Tom.
  19. Thanks for letting us know what its like to try to get things done in California. I lived there 17 years until late '80s, and packed my bags when 2 cycle outboard engines were banned, and left when charcoal lighter fluid was banned for use to light your grill. Glad to hear you are working from home. LA county is like some third world country now, as far as experiencing a pandemic . Sad to see what has happened to California government, with all the positive things it has to offer as a beautiful state, and so many ways to make a good living before government decided to tighten oversight on peoples lives. Good job guiding, and coordinating a potentially life saving project.
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