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  1. HaHa. Ok, this box has thongs named for every day of the week, unless you open a box containing Cuban cigars, dibs on the thongs, said Geezer never. Or ? Merry Christmas Tom.
  2. Thanks for letting us know what its like to try to get things done in California. I lived there 17 years until late '80s, and packed my bags when 2 cycle outboard engines were banned, and left when charcoal lighter fluid was banned for use to light your grill. Glad to hear you are working from home. LA county is like some third world country now, as far as experiencing a pandemic . Sad to see what has happened to California government, with all the positive things it has to offer as a beautiful state, and so many ways to make a good living before government decided to tighten oversight on
  3. Tom, thanks for the work you do behind the scenes. A small job, done well, skillfully as we know how, with the tools that we have to work with, is a job well done. Trying times for all Americans and people in other countries who wish they could do more, be more, plan more, see the future more, but are in some cases. are inconsolable because it just doesnt seem to be enough. Peace to you, sleep the sleep of those who understand that what they do, although not stopping the 'bad guy', they do their part as they can, and will be thanked for what they do, even if they feel others are doing more.
  4. Id like a skin with #2 on it, when you have time. The number 2, in blue number paint not the other meaning of #2. Thanks
  5. The plan at most covid care faucility is to give the first of 2 doses to 1/2 or 1/3 of the employees , and then the others get their first dose 2 weeks later. Its expected that side effects in some of them that would keep employees, doctors, nurses, etc could make a number of the ones who just started the vaccine to miss a day or week of work One of my nephews wife is a RN, I heard through the grape vine that she has accepted a $50,000 bonus to sign a contract to go work in Illinios for 3 months. Nurses getting around $190 an hour in hazzard and 'overtme' pay here in the midwest. Lots o
  6. Good to hear from you again Cephas.
  7. Im thankful for family and friends, being verticle when I want to be, sunrises and sunsets, grabbing devices that let you pick things up that you drop on the floor, all the tasty animals, and honey bees.
  8. Cool, Sandman. Be careful when a ball or two are out in the sun, they could start a fire while they are out.
  9. Happy anniversary of first slap on the bottom day.
  10. Bad stress out there, too much for everyone, especially for working people. We had a proposal on the the last ballot to limit payday loan interest rates to 36%, I think it was. I have a long time friend saying, "If you are stupid enough to not manage your money and need a loan to pay your rent, etc, then I have no smypathy for them". Hes a friend who wont listen to other opinions, so I just change the subject. His parents left him 100k when they died, so he's not hurting for money, he is in the end stages of COPD, so has his own stress, but no empathy for others. Many reasons to have to go to
  11. Thank you veterans, past and present.
  12. Condolences to you Tom, losing a good friend is like losing family, sometimes worse, especially a close friend like you had. We are here for you. We try to honor our members, well friends really, with a missing man formation. Pretty sure you have seat reserved in the flight if it feels right for you.
  13. He had a 'man card'. Died too soon. RIP
  14. I havent seen one of these pots, usually the wiper is in a metal or plastic can, so dont know how you are getting compressed air in there. Walmart sells CRC contact cleaner that would clean the wiper and metal wire or film it rubs on. Very important that you use a product that is a cleaner only, some products also contain a lube, which is not what you want in there. To work without spiking, there must be good wiper to the film, wire, surface contact to work properly to vary the resistance, as a pot is a variable resistor. If compressed air works then a good fix, but if not, then time for a cle
  15. Hoping you have a speedy recovery Griph.
  16. I remember the origina "jerker" post.
  17. Goody! more ice cream and cake! Happy Birthday Craven!!
  18. Oh boy, real bummer. Hope you begin to feel better tomorrow.
  19. Anyone shooting down 5 "air gangsters" while defending the factories, will be rewarded a Iron Cross like our leader, "fatty" wears. Run to the best fighters in the world!
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