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  1. And to think some Generals in the Air Force who still need to step aside, wanted to end the A10's, because "we dont fly slow airplanes in the Air Force, F35 can do the job". The only thing that will replace an A10, is another upgraded A10 with a pilot that currently is too young to drive, but has 4000 hrs in a A10 thanks to a computer sim.
  2. WWPlague

    A-10C II

    Ya Griph, thats what I thought, somebody at the design dept at Lockheed Martin did some 'shrooms in the desert over the weekend, and saw that in a dream, and so next Monday morning, back at work....
  3. WWPlague

    A-10C II

    Whats the dark hole in the under nose area in the in flight belly picture?
  4. Oh well, glad you found that out. Maybe the seller of the Hall sensor mod would be able to help you now that you verified that you have 5v on the pot, and his hall sensor isnt working. Cool that he wants to work with you, just tell him now, you think you have a bad hall sensor, ( it never had 10v applied to it), and you need his help. Did he tell you you had to "center" the shaft on the hall sensor to get the proper results? I get no sound in this video, but I see him acting like the HS shaft needs to be "centered" be before you put it in.
  5. Im curious now, that throttle is USB powered?
  6. WWPlague

    FC Sunday

    Heh, who doesnt want a little more horsepower?
  7. Duck, its his bare foot, he's waiting to kick the USPS employee who shows up with the missing ram.
  8. Oh yeah, very cool. How many people have those? Someone wearing that kit flew along side an airliner in restricted air space and with all of 15? people owning this, they cant figure out which one? Hey dude, provide an alibi or you're under arrest. "Oh, I loaned mine to my boss at work". Like you can just strap one on and fly it.
  9. Great pictures! History of the area was interesting too.
  10. Thanks Duck, but I I ordered a Asus 1200 that will be here tomorrow.
  11. Mine crapped out, no wifi or wired will work now. Netgear 6230 lasted a little over a year. Bought another exact one, I have my reasons, and after getting it setup, it worked for 3-4 minutes then no wifi or wired. Eevn 2 1/2 hours on the phone with a tech he couldnt get it start working again. So, I got a new modem from the ISP, set up the new Netgear router with the new modem and same thing as I had with the other modem, router worked for 3-4 minutes, and then nothing worked, same as before. Would like to stay away from Netgear, 90 days only for free tech service direct via phon
  12. WWPlague


    iphone instead of Tir, just need to use your $999 iphone. https://www.pcgamesn.com/microsoft-flight-simulator/head-tracking-app
  13. Icy, do you have a spare power suppy from Ducks old unit that will work in your rig? Ive seen a bad PS voltage cause boot issues. Also, your MB is old enough to have the bad electrolytic capasitors, look for bulging tops and or leaking where they sit on the MB. Something to check before blaming the HD. Hope you get it working again.
  14. Sorry to hear about your dog Icy, RIP Lucky
  15. Pretty sure the National Guard was there in the late 60's, when Ronald Reagan was Govenor.
  16. But if there is even the slightest chance the fruit will look like saggy boobs, Im planting. Ive got volunteer plants coming up in my garden from the boob seeds I planted last year. I cut one open, hardley any flesh, mostly seeds, smells like a cucumber inside.
  17. Flip him with a plea deal. Suspended sentence if he works for Homeland Security. Shouldnt be too hard to flip, after he been licking cling-ons out of his prision room mates ass for a couple of weeks. Seems to be a gross lack of talent and motivation in cyber security dept of HS. If I ran the Cyber security side of HS, my guys would of already have broken into many many US corps. and then told the companies, "put these doors and blocks in place" or be fined out of existence. Sure, something new is written every day to get around the blocks, but my guys are countering them and arent too far beh
  18. I get it. Nice to be able to escape from the deadly shit storm going on outside our front door, and spend some alone time, in another world, for a brief time.
  19. "Johnson of the Seattle Seamen, just scored a goal with that hugh shot that came from just outside the goal. He's had quite a dry spell of of late, but when he looked and saw that the goalie Bush, was gone from the goal crease, he instantly let loose with a shot that hit the back of the net as hard as Ive ever seen in the modern era." "Thats right, Joe, after he scored, he slowly headed to the bench, and when he got there, he nearly colasped, and had to be helped by his cheering teamates over the wall. What a relief he must feel after a shot like that. It must of been quite the surprise t
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