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  1. Duck, I think the rest of us only dream of staying at 'hooker hotel'.
  2. Nice shots. Bear's lower half looks recently wet . Bears > humans, soft on the outside, crunchy in the center.
  3. HA HA Bayonet, Thanks for the wishes guys, Duck, I got a gift from Brinson, who went way beyond what I expected, when he said he had a twisty joystick he could send me. Thanks Brinson, you made my day, happiest Ive been with my pants on, in a while. Holding off on the party until Sunday night. Figuring I can get an OR release from the crossbar hotel if the neighbors complain of the nudity, and be back in my own bed early Monday morning.
  4. Impressive job of putting your collections together and displaying them.
  5. Severe thunderstorms with high winds and hail tonight, may not be on tonight if the lightning is flashing about.
  6. S! Tharn Guys, this is a guy who could drop a bomb down a house chimney in IL2 1946 at altitude.
  7. "Standing in the shadow of Motown" with Amazon Prime. Story of the various musicians known as the Funk Brothers who sat in Gordy's garage and arranged music and played on hit after hit. A little teaser of the content of the program. Groups or artists would come in with some lyrics, try to tell the Funk Brothers what they thought the 'groove' of the music for the song should be, and a record would be made. NO multi track then, just lay down a take on tape and move on. Here is a classic that is right up there with the best, performance a few years ago.
  8. this any good? https://www.bestbuy.com/site/dell-32-led-curved-qhd-freesync-monitor-with-hdr/6375331.p?acampID=614286&irclickid=Tyb21GW3MxyOWkA0MdV3iVCmUki1AXwRQ1hp080&irgwc=1&loc=Tyb21GW3MxyOWkA0MdV3iVCmUki1AXwRQ1hp080&mpid=437216&ref=198&skuId=6375331
  9. Designer space suits? Im sure they would be more comfortable with no pants. Is the US starting a space suit war? Russian replacements show up with the "David Bowie" inspired cosmonaut suits? Lady Gaga designing our next outfits? She may revive the "wear how you feel" outfit, ala the "a piece of meat" dress. Maybe US goes with "cold cuts" themed outfit, with a big dangling salami in front. Does K-mart still sell that "yard 'O beef" salami? Good luck and God Speed, you talented, sharp dressering adventurers.
  10. Out in left field solution, but find and download a password finder program and see if it lists stored passwords on your computer. Of course you would need to still be using the computer you had when you used the old email. I have a program, Ill put it on here if I can find it. Lots of password finders on the 'net are malware, sending passwords and address of computer back to the script kiddie.
  11. Duck, bad power supply? Disconnect the connector at the motherboard, with a paper clip bent in a U shape short out the any green wire to a black wire, and turn on the power supply switch, as see if the PS fan runs. Check the MB for electrolytic caps that have bulging or swollen ends or are leaking at the base.
  12. Geezer, I would hang on to the Power supply. We dont expect 'new parts' to ever fail, but if a couple of years down the road, your 'new' PS dies, you've got a temp. PS to put in until a replacement comes.
  13. Chunk, try different video card drivers, older or newer, to find a fix other than a complete re-install?
  14. Griph, it was Sandman and I "parked" on the runway, another way to describe it, would be we were waiting for a 3rd pilot to join us so we could take off in the proper direction, when a bomber was landing, coming the other way. We speculated that since it was a bomber pilot, and well, anything could happen with those guys, like not knowing which way to land, it would be a good idea to remove ourselves from the runway. "Parked on the runway", oh boy, always 2 sides of the story I guess. We did enjoy watching the 720 maneuver on the runway at the end. Ive noticed that you guys pract
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