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  1. I'll try to make it. Have to figure out teamspeak and see if I can find my old comm gear.
  2. Thanks gentleman. I'll start with FC1 ans see how that goes to work out the kinks.
  3. I am currently dl'g flying circus 1. will that get me up in the air.....or do I have to also have IL2 Sturmovik Great Battles?
  4. I'm just surviving. retired almost 5 years ago. Dealing with old age, health issues from abusing myself for a lifetime, grandkids etc. Was looking forward to getting msfs2020 and decided to get back to flying. Dug out my pedals, joystick etc from 20 years ago and hoping I can get everything to work so I can blow myself up on takeoff like I did last time I tried!
  5. Downloading Rise of Flight. Salute gentleman, great to see you again.
  6. Its been almost 20 years since I stopped flying. Lots has happened and sadly I see a lot of lost WW pilots over the years. But, also see a LOT of names still familiar to me... Anyway, just got a new PC, pulled out and dusted off my flight gear(hope it still works after all these years) and reading about which games you guys are involved in. Salute~ WWRhythm
  7. Can I change mine to WW? I use WWPerc as a login to EA.
  8. I'll add ya to my buddy list Brian. I use "Perc" I heard about the EA server problem, but mine is drop outs here that I can see. Comcast has never ack. a problem. I drop out and it lasts for a few minutes. Happens several times an hour. I'm hoping to get time Saturday night to hop online and play some BF. Meanwhile, I put my name on the "notify me" list for Verizons FIOS when it becomes avail.
  9. Cool, as I mentioned I don't think it actually hurts anything. It just caused me to look to see if my post did make it into the thread.
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