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  1. I can't run EQ2. My rig just isn't strong enough. It bearly meets the requirements for EQ. The quests in EQ are okay, but there aren't as good as I thought they would be. Maybe it's just because I'm a newbie at it. ~Shrug~ Well...thankyouverymuch. Now I need to clean the monitor off from the soda that came out my nose. Sheesh!!! LOL!
  2. What?! Your body doesn't get looted after you reach a certain level and end up dying?!?!?!?!!? Everquest is losing a lot to WoW and from what I've heard it's not buggy or anything. It's actually pretty good. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....my computer can bearly handly EQ so I know it couldn't handle WoW.
  3. You are kidding Dub? The last rebate I got was for a set of computer speakers I bought. This was probaby 4 or 5 months ago. Only took two weeks to get the rebate.
  4. I have the Miranda software installed and it seems to work fine for me. It's WAY less buggy then Trillian.
  5. Haven't used it, but it looks good. The other chat programs aren't working in Trillian anymore. Well...expect for IRC, but that should end soon if they keep "fixing" it.
  6. I wouldn't trust a webpage that had big old X marks for pixs. Their graphics just ain't pulling up for me. Hahahahahahahahahahaha!
  7. The only two things I'm actually looking for is the My First Leappad for Kira and the DVD player for the girls room. That is....IF it's a full list for Wal-Mart. If not I'll probably be looking at a bunch more. ~Snicker~ Of course I WILL have my coffee that morning if I have to get up at 4am. :lol:
  8. Dee will be thanking you by smacking you upside the head on Friday. I'm going to go shopping on Black Friday. Never done it before, but there are a few things that I've been looking for and "oh honey...they will be on sale now." :lol:
  9. Hold it you smuck! I didn't get to kick your a$$ yet. Oh wait...I'm sorry....you might enjoy that. /applications/core/interface/imageproxy/imageproxy.php?img=%7BSMILIES_PATH%7D/icon_wink.gif&key=940dab18e6395dabf49383a0bb376331df53e6f1880bab3f9e4e80745a8cc9ca">
  10. You can just share the futon with Sensei and Dee since they both are always in trouble. /applications/core/interface/imageproxy/imageproxy.php?img=%7BSMILIES_PATH%7D/icon_twisted.gif&key=76870aa9df6931b692ccc9ef4c7472a7834d1d9dfc6a76eccadd1fa39c0df891"> Check on Ebay and NewEgg.com. Both of them seem to have good prices. I have an ATI Radeon 7000 that I got for Christmas last year. I'm pretty sure you can pick up a 9000 pro for not too much money. I'm pretty stuck with my card because I don't have an AGP slot.
  11. 50 swats with my leather belt for you Weasie. /applications/core/interface/imageproxy/imageproxy.php?img=%7BSMILIES_PATH%7D/icon_twisted.gif&key=76870aa9df6931b692ccc9ef4c7472a7834d1d9dfc6a76eccadd1fa39c0df891">
  12. I knew a Schwann in RB many moons ago. I wonder if it's the same person? ~Shrug~
  13. I'm always confused. :lol: Welcome aboard.
  14. Cows?!?!? You said cows!!!!!!!
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