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  1. Spar, thank you for the lesson on the vagaries of Vegas-speak. I heard the contraction "comp" a lot more than I heard refund. I assumed they were synonyms. In any case there was a credit on my M/C bill for $475 cdn when I checked it online today. I immediately went to yelp and reported it, and changed the Flamingo's rating to 3 stars from 1 (maybe none.....can't remember the lowest rating)
  2. I hate avoiding problems without solving them, (isolating the "thing" in PGs computer that's causing this), but this has been chosen as the solution: https://www.shaw.ca/internet/highspeed-300-2yvp/ I was against it until I learned I can keep my e-mail address for $2/month. OTOH, a new start isn't that scary. O DO have to sort too many e-mails.
  3. Yeah, that's what I suggested. PG has a techie. He did all that stuff last week.
  4. My internet comes from my tenant Peter Gordon who has a company called Cascadia Consulting which subscribes to Telus, formerly BC Tel. The contract calls for 15 mbps down and 1mbps up. This has worked well in the past, but lately I have been unable to stream Crave TV, (netflix clone) and Peter has been complaining about sloth in his computer. The picture shows speed readings over the last few days.(no horizontal scale). We have eliminated everything but PGs computer. The data hog is operating when his computer is on or sleeping. Turning it off completely seems to eliminate the problem.
  5. Master Card bill came in. The Flamingo did not remove the room charge.
  6. It's pretty cool to watch an asteroid move through the starfield night by night.
  7. I beat the odds in Vegas. The day before we left. (Monday) Ross and I went out for breakfast, then we went back to our room to plan our afternoon. I was sitting at the desk by the window, and Ross was lying on his bed. There was a pop and a hiss, and suddenly the room was filling up with smelly water. One of the two sprinkler heads had failed in service. Google tells me the odds against this are sixteen million to one. Not that much of a payoff, though. We did get our room comped, so they said. I'll know for sure when the next credit card bill comes in. We did get to ride the big wheel after w
  8. I saw him at my first airshow. I couldn't believe an Aerocommander could do that.
  9. I'll dig the pic out. I think I have my back turned. You really charmed that guard.
  10. A fellow from Edmonton is coming to pick it up on Saturday. I switched the license from the other one a couple of weeks ago. I was hoping to drive it for longer. If I hadn't run into Thanksgiving and stayed in the states an extra 10 days, I would have about broken even, the profit on the car paying for the trip. Thanks again all for your hospitality. I just might do this again. I will see some of you in Las Vegas.
  11. Well.........OK then.... I posted the URL on my FB page.
  12. um......I'm standing right here. Is it because Spar has a degree and I don't? I thought I was doing so well.....
  13. Is it here for flight simulation? Is it on the horizon?
  14. I suppose, English being Rupp's second language, that he might get his tos mixed up. Chapter 4, page 4 (He is not above tampering with an aircraft if our Hauptmann asks him too.)
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