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  1. Really appreciate the birthday wishes from my old friends! I am still hoping to join you all back in the skies when I have more time.
  2. There was a story about it in PC Pilot magazine a couple years back but it said there were working on new titles and updating some favorites. It was the Sep/Oct 2019 issue.
  3. Are you guys aware that Microprose is making a comeback?? Im wondering if thats why the steam sale is being offered.
  4. Great pictures as always Sandman, and thanks for sharing...........the comment about you guys joining the Army in '81 for some reason made me think of the movie - Stripes!! .............."Thats the fact Jack!!"
  5. I am guys thanks for the birthday wishes!
  6. Glad I finally read this post. I sent CH a pissed off email this morning saying that the CH manager wasnt seeing the trim in109.............too funny. I wasted several days trying to figure what was wrong and now I read this post, that the planes dont have it. Requiems tutorials mentions using the trim wheel, but I just assumed it was the elevator trim function and not a different one.
  7. Yep, I agree, that is sweet. Love my Walleye when I can get them.
  8. Wow.........this is a surprise. Great to see you Cephas! It may be time to resurrect your WW Battles events. I've got cherished memories of flying those with everyone.!!.
  9. I think I finally have the CH issues figured out and I am SLOWLY working to even take off and land without issue. Its been a long time, but I hope to be proficient soon. I cant believe how rusty I got.... but I will say a newer rig and having my gear mounted properly would sure help my efforts.
  10. I ended up just ordering the pots from digi key.......I can confirm that the one listed fit my Fighterstick and Pro Pedals. I think the pro throttle uses one of them as well, but havent gotten to it yet.
  11. Awesome, thanks for sharing as I may just make that upgrade. I think my USB Pro Pedals use the same pots as the Fighter stick.
  12. I've been watching these pots and the inventory is down to 7,,,,,,,,,,,,,lots of people seem to be repairing the trusty old CH gear My pedals need fixed, so I will gets some POTs soon too.
  13. even better sales price than what I got in June. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/64548-real-virtual-pilots-fly-combat-sale-is-on-now-66-85-savings/
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