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  1. https://www.amazon.com/Rowin-Rechargeab ... ess+guitar Here Bay--- now that you've got your stage legs and might want to move around a bit.. I use the xvive wireless but these are 50$ cheaper and do the same thing... these are truly wireless.. plug one into your guitar and the other onto your amp- or pedal board.. older wireless systems still have a cord you run from the powered transmitter-- that tech is old school. ive seen these for 85$ - rechargeable.. very easy to use..
  2. under 'open GL- theres this section: HardwareShaders=1 Shadows=2 Specular=2 SpecularLight=2 DiffuseLight=2 DynamicalLights=1 MeshDetail=2 VisibilityDistance=3 I believe you can change this all the way up to 14... now- this may or may not be what your looking for-- but its the only thing I know of that allows you to see further.
  3. Taco said: And that...my friends..... Explains//// Everything!!!!!!! /applications/core/interface/imageproxy/imageproxy.php?img=%7BSMILIES_PATH%7D/icon_flamed.gif&key=f25e47e372ab51108ffa6b6d3f65deb14586309f75140492b2ddb0b1c99b2d52">
  4. I can understand where your point is coming from Sandman. But I'm putting this in the sense of computer games- you have arcade games and simulations. Where the fps unreal tournament is an arcade game- arma tries to be a simulation.. same go's for the old cinemaware classic ww1 (arcade) game on the Amiga which was awesome btw- Rise of flight tries to be more of a simulation. So they dont have mechs 'yet- but some day they will probably have something close...lol and yet- I'd rather drive one with a simulation difficulty than an arcady difficulty... first thing is first though-- the reason why were all fired up in the first place.. check out this video of the next version of mechwarrior-)(mech warrior 3015- this, they are trying to make as close to a simulation as possible.. and that is what its all about for us I think. http://www.gametrailers.com/video/debut-trailer-mechwarrior/52619 after watching this about 5 times and pausing screens- I can tell they are really putting in that 'tank' simulation feel. anyway just watch and try not to get fired up. http://www.piranha-games.com/MechWarrior.html <--- is the company trying to pull this off for the free release of mech warrior 4 go here: http://www.mektek.net/projects/at1/promo/ you get it through mektek X program- mech 4 isnt available just yet- but you'll need there client to install it when it is... right now they have 'assault tek 1 battletech' available. its not too bad- go out and duke it out with other meks- up to 20 meks or more I think. on teams.. so if you can install that and run it (178 megs) then you should have no problem for mech 4 when its here- Id say by the end of next week at the latest.
  5. got my joystick controls settled a bit- and i have to say- the at1 program that they have out right now is an interesting sim- I remember mw 2 and 4 being more arcady.... this isnt that easy/// and thats good. if you ever played a turn based mech game before you know that terrain and speed has a huge impact on how accurate you are. this really takes that into account- no fps pointing with the mouse.. your reticle moves with every bump.. what a nifty program- cant wait for the mek 4 release and better yet cant wait for mw 3015... of course this isnt turn based-its a mech sim..
  6. I will look for you sir, in the mean time put some ice on that bruise.
  7. I arrived home real late last night and missed my flyin time... anyone doing anything online- im jonesin here Maaaaannn..
  8. Bah!! one night of binge drinking and a wrong choice of duds- and now I have to explain myself... I knew you couldnt resist taking that snapshot of my pink flamingo... :P
  9. yep- just plugged er in tonight and looks very nice- not 1 dead pixel that i can detect- workin like a charm right outta the box./.. My 9 year old is happy too -now that he has my crt to replace the one that was fritzin out on him... all is quiet on the northeastern front...
  10. Played the tutorial- and then got whomped on a skirmish- I really need to use the pause key until i get more used to this- and for some reason my print screen/scroll lock and Pause break keys dont work on this keyboard... Problem fixed- switched keyboards with the old comp upstairs...
  11. Just Checked Best Buy website and its true- It's only 19.99... thats nuts for such a new title.... is this going to be the norm for future releases-- lets hope. Ill pick it up tomorrow after work... /applications/core/interface/imageproxy/imageproxy.php?img=%7BSMILIES_PATH%7D/icon_clap.gif&key=b3c3b69dc821e094f8e6a428b61d77ca8c19db84efe7e1e7ef7215326ff9b4bd"> :sniper1: /applications/core/interface/imageproxy/imageproxy.php?img=%7BSMILIES_PATH%7D/thwack.gif&key=32ceb27943c5b7e303d4697fb5d1c6d7fc2bf883ec1b57511e3141351b1b64ff"> #-o
  12. Wow-What an amazing procedure.. 20/13 already! And Wringer.... I'm having a bit of a hard time with a lower back pain.... *holds out glass*
  13. What color was Bonds Hair in the Fleming books?>
  14. Well- news stories abound with violent happenings around the country where people have lined up to purchase one of the first Ps3's. I'm wondering if some of these people actually hold down a job when they can wait outside of a store for 5 days... And to top it off- most of the first titles released for this over hyped system actually blow pretty bad... I saw a review for the 'gundam' title this morning where they showed the official game footage released early this year compare to the Actual game and Sony should be hung for the outright false advertising on this one...Ouch! Boy am I glad I never followed the masses.
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