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  1. So glad you enjoyed it. Another one I liked was the "20 feet from Stardom" focusing on some of the best back up singers in history. I'm sure you've watched the Eagles doc....that was fantastic as well. Stay Safe!
  2. Let me know what you think Sandman.
  3. Just watched a Netflix Doc..."Searching for Sugarman" Amazing. I cannot recommend it enough. It is not off topic from this thread.
  4. Happy B'day Tomka! Did I see that you guys are flying WW I again on FC?
  5. Beautiful, I really want to get the wife out to Vancouver sometime soon.
  6. Watching him from his early days until cancer had taken it's toll on him was fascinating. Have seen many interviews now, (especially cool one on the Nashville Network with Bobby Bare along with Rambin' Jack Elliot, another genius I'd never heard of) He was low key and the epitome of cool. He was a song writers/song writer and I am soooo glad to have him in my listening repertoire now. Thanks for the appropriate tributes to him here WW's. Another reason to just love the camaraderie here. Not only similar hobbies but similar hearts.....has always made this place special.
  7. I am absolutely embarrassed that I did not "discover" John Prine until his passing. I had heard his name mentioned as an artist before but had never put the name and the works together. I have been watching anything I can get my hands on nearly daily since his passing. I cannot believe his talent in poetry/song writing. Absolutely amazing. Very Dylan like, but he stuck to his roots throughout his career it appears. Trying to learn Travis picking pattern now. His guitar playing was also sublime. So very sad. Watching the tributes from other music artists as well as Colbert, Seth Meyers.. shows the breadth of his appeal.
  8. I got you on FB Pierre but this seems like the appropriate place to wish you the happiest of birthdays my friend. Please stay safe.
  9. Just watched a fantastic documentary on Netflix on the Spitfire. Amazing interviews and footage. Title is Spitfire, the Plane that Saved the World. Well worth your time!
  10. Awesome picture Sandy! Means a lot to have these.
  11. Wow Chunk, you really know how to choke a guy up. These two pics are priceless.
  12. Just read through every message on the WWDayton thread. 10 pages of planning and coming together. It was such a great trip. Thanks for the absolutely great memories WW's.
  13. The battle scenes are worth the price of admission alone....can't wait.
  14. I've been to Gettysburg 4 times and Antietam once. Gettysburg is my favorite place in the country. Stayed at a B and B that was on the battlefield at the time on one trip. Incredibly powerful place. Discovered Yeungling at the McClellan (not that Mclellan) bar in a hotel we stayed at right downtown. Have ridden my motorcycle through there a couple of times and got to play tour guide to my group. You can cut the history with a knife. The new visitors center is amazing. p.s. Now this would be an awesome place for a WW get together. : )
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