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  1. There's some inside baseball......
  2. Wow.....my first CO as well. Great to see you again Perc. Good luck getting back up to speed with all things WW.
  3. I would venture to posit here that next to Orville and Wilbur, he was the most important aviator in US history, possibly the world. Certainly in the discussion. Sam Shephard's portrayal of him in The Right Stuff was epic. Godspeed General Yeager. S!
  4. Hey Cephas! Long time my friend. Congrats on winning the race...I can see light at the end of the tunnel myself (about 3 years I'd say). Enjoy your new season and getting back in the cockpit. I'm strictly a lurking non flyer for the near future but enjoy checking in. Good luck getting back up to speed.!
  5. My condolences for your loss WW's. The other side of the coin of this close cyber squad is that when loss occurs it is exceptionally painful. My prayers are there for you and for his family during this time. Chuck
  6. Hope you have an amazingly awesome day Ron!
  7. Yeah, that was a real bummer. Unlike the last couple of years that ended with near photo finishes. Still was an enjoyable race with some exciting restarts. Great to see what Roger Penske and his new ownership team has done with the brickyard.
  8. Unfortunately Conor Daly's car ended up in the pit road wall after this crash. This pic was taken just before the crack up. Seeing the Thunderbirds flyover a couple of times prior to the race was an additional awesome treat yesterday.
  9. LOL...that's a really good observation. The full windscreen I believe is new to this year's design. Makes them look even more badass.
  10. I'm not a huge race fan, but growing up in middle Indiana for part of my life I fell in love with the Indy 500. Will be watching the "Greatest Spectacle In Racing" Sunday afternoon with an eye on my favorite paint schemed car in a while.
  11. I have a fairly stocked humidor. Romeo and Juliette Cuban Churchill's are the best smoke I've ever had. Was fortunate to have a half dozen of those. Current fav is Macanudo 1997 Vintage. Awesome smooth smoke.
  12. Sorry Monte....my bad. It's not much of a spoiler but I will "curb my enthusiasm".... Hope you get time to enjoy it soon.
  13. Loved the movie. Instinct and combo of tech and human senses. He insisted his window be clear so he could "see" what he needed in that choppy, dark morass of an ocean. And this was his "first" crossing. Training must have been pretty stinkin' good. I also liked big helmet guy, who looked like he was 12. How even time to sneeze could be the difference between life and death. You wonder why, or what the writers may have read to feel the need to put that in there. Best Navy combat movie I have seen.
  14. I couldn't believe he was 83. Man am I getting old.....
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