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  1. I've been to Gettysburg 4 times and Antietam once. Gettysburg is my favorite place in the country. Stayed at a B and B that was on the battlefield at the time on one trip. Incredibly powerful place. Discovered Yeungling at the McClellan (not that Mclellan) bar in a hotel we stayed at right downtown. Have ridden my motorcycle through there a couple of times and got to play tour guide to my group. You can cut the history with a knife. The new visitors center is amazing. p.s. Now this would be an awesome place for a WW get together. : )
  2. Mike you know my abilities so well.....
  3. You guys are freaking me out with the flight model complexity.....๐Ÿ˜’
  4. Thanks all. Build is complete (ish) box is a screamer but I'm learning Windows 10 amongst other details.
  5. Understood Griphos. Feel kinda odd I guess coming back after being relatively proficient in the game to a total rookie. New game new controls. Would like to get functional with new peripherals and then I'll "join the fun". Appreciate the encouragement.
  6. Thanks Ron, thatโ€™s great to hear my friend. (The help part, not the donuts) ๐Ÿ˜„
  7. Update: New box build is on schedule to happen this weekend. (Feb 16-17) I have all peripheral hardware but Track IR (which arrives tomorrow) . I did purchase the Thrustmaster 16000 so if anyone has any fav profiles for this equipment don't be shy. I hope to be able to work with the new IL-2 game offline by later in the week. I also imagine that I'll need a ton of offline seat time before I'm even able to taxi safely with you guys again so suffice to say I know that we're looking at a couple of months before I darken a hanger door in here again. Thanks in advance to Chunk , Sandy and Dub as I'll be annoying the beejeebers out of them to get this new machine up to WW code.
  8. Looking forward to your impressions after your trip Geezer. Enjoy!
  9. You'll love the trip. I have visited Gettysburg 3 times during various motorcycle trips and Antietam once. The rolling hills of PA and the history of those Battlefields are amazing. Gettysburg is one of my favorite places in the country. We did a spring break in DC when the kids were in High School and I thought they'd love it. No such luck, but I thought it was tremendous. I echo Chunk, my favorite places were the Iwo Jima memorial, Vietnam Wall, and Arlington. Seeing Kennedy's grave gave me goosebumps. The Korean War memorial is sneaky impactful as well.
  10. Just watched this amazing tribute to Happy. Thank you WW's for continuing to be who you are. This was such a fitting testimony to who Happy was and would have pleased him so much. He was so proud to be part of this group and as I told Sandy earlier, he brought such a joy to the WW's. Some squads are simply functional and dry...but Happy brought depth, life , and character to our barracks. He was one of those people, that if he knew you at all...you were his good friend. He had that gift of engagement and warmth that is so rare anymore. The WW's wouldn't be who they are today without WWHappy. Thanks to all of you. S!
  11. Perfect. Thanks guys, and thanks Griphos for the offer. I think I'm going to go ahead and pull the trigger on these today. I appreciate the input. S! p.s. Order placed!
  12. Looking to purchase a new stick/throttle setup. (Chunk has already pointed out the best pedals out there) I am looking for recommendations. I had a Cougar in my past life which I loved of course. I don't want to plunk down the big $$ for the Warthog HOTAS......yet. Please send along your setup if you love it and it's fairly easy to map for a pilot who has been disconnected for a while. I'm not a detail guy, more plug and play. Can I get away with the Thrustmaster T16000 Flight pack (includes pedals) @ $170 until I decide to sink $800 into Warthog and Croatian pedals or is it a waste of money? I am going to invest in my first Track IR. Thanks in advance!
  13. Sure has Dub. Glad to see you're still around my friend......
  14. Wouldn't be the first time I've received Goobers "best". Now that I've got both kids in college I have some discretionary time again. No money....but time. My son the cyber-security major is hot to build me a new gaming box which we should have by the middle of February. So...baby steps, let's see how gearing up goes and hope I don't auger any of your pretty new machines I see out here. This really pushes the Once/Always motto......
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