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  1. I suspect that nothing changed on the site itself, but Google scanning it, finding something it didn't like and then blacklisting it. I reached out to my Google contacts but they were useless in helping, but I did find and pass on to Sandy how to contact them to get more info and request a rescan. Sandy would have to fill us in on what he learned of it that was the issue.
  2. Sandy, could be false positive but the site is triggering malware warnings. if you need some help get me at mike dot couvillion at gmail
  3. YouTube is a time machine. Go to watch a 5 minute video and BOOM, you are 3 hours in the future.
  4. Just remember, forward to make the houses get bigger and back to make them get smaller.....
  5. Followed the bread crumbs and found my way here.
  6. It's looking great, but I think Goober is thinking about making racing stripes on the new carpet by dragging his ass...
  7. Sandy pulls out all the stops... [attachment=0]23316776_10212483746383562_8731596430327594940_n.jpg[/attachment]
  8. I've said it before, that's one of those "sports" where there are only two levels. "Master" and "Splotch On A Rock".
  9. Excellent series based on these outdated aircraft and the Night Witches that flew them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFK9wAOatGE
  10. I'd say bone fragments from the back of his skull were probably the last thing....
  11. This thread disappointed me in two ways... 1) I clicked on the title expecting a totally different subject matter... 2) I actually got more excited it was pictures of P-47s ...not sure which one of those makes me feel more sad and old....
  12. Yeah, but you never mastered the art of snapping off your own wings and still stick the landing as the final exam. Credit where it's due though, you did master the "left engine is on fire, it's ok for now cus the engine fell off anyway" procedure on the B-25.
  13. Read through the whole thread, took some notes and have an opinion. I know I don't fly anymore but I still think my opinion matters. Here is one point I'd like to address... "...take off and emergency landing procedures taught by Training Guru, WWDubya..." <--How'd that happen!? Then again, considering how often Dub has had to bring back his crate with no wheels, missing elevator, bent prop, flat tire and a shattered windscreen....and that just from taxiing--I can see how emergency landings could become an area of expertise... This concludes my annual "bash Dub unfairly" post. ;-)
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