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  1. This pretty much explains software development as well. I go back and look at code from 20 years and think "WTF!?" and then see I wrote it. I was a moron 20 years ago.
  2. I like this. Going to use this in a conversation soon. As in I'm going to steal it....
  3. Thanks Guys! "...Make it a good one, and give all those assholes your always complaining about a piece of you mind..." I think its more like me complaining that everyone keeps calling me an asshole....or maybe I'm an asshole who's always complaining about people...likely both.
  4. Been a steam member since 2004. I just use it for game library and not any of the social stuff they throw out there. I'm just anti-social that way. Biggest advantage to me is save games going to the cloud so even if I switch systems I can pick up where I left off.
  5. I'm the Boscoe one playing Red Dead this morning...
  6. I watched this and it was great!
  7. You can hang onto the .org. Since we've had it we always get dibs on it when it renews. You might want to grab one of the others (.info or .co) and start to use that. Eventually, repoint .org to it and wait for some group to want to buy .org from you for a few thousands of dollars....or maybe just offer $1.50. The whole .org thing is just taking off the price protection, it isn't mandating new prices. Keep it renewed and you won't have to pay any outrageous fees. No more than any other domains that have never had protections.
  8. I have a set of CH pedals that I actually modded a bit by adding springs since real rudder pedals need a lot more force to simulate reality. I haven't used them in at least 8 years. I'm open to passing them on to any WW that may want them. Just pay for shipping. Same for a CH joystick. Every so often I fantasize about getting back into simming but then reality sets in and I know, deep down, it isn't going to happen. Chronic kidney stones killing the real world flying and the ever looming threat of coming out of remission means I need to move on with the things I know just ain't gonna happen. It's kinda telling that the two guys who bought most of my equipment when I retired from the squad have both gone west. Ok, holy shit, that came across WAYYYY more depressing than I meant. The TL;DR version is "I got some CH shit for sale if you want." By sale I mean "pay for shipping". By shit I mean a CH joystick and rudder pedals.
  9. I didn't know any of the Nine-O-Nine crew. Our Mitchell wouldn't make the flight to Connecticut without 10 maintenance stops along the way. These old birds are a risk to fly. My heart goes out to the victims....
  10. Dayton was a great trip. Very fond memories.
  11. Because, at heart, I'm still 12. "That's what she said...."
  12. I hear Sandy excels at that! (points at Dub).
  13. Dub, I think if you and I were to left/right seat a bomber in full VR someone, likely us, would get hurt....but the squadron would get a kick out of it.
  14. Which one has the built in tracker rather than the extra detector mounts. Computer isn't a place where I have room to setup a bunch of cables and extra cams. I think it's the Rift S isn't it?
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