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  1. If I can find my old trackIR4 I'm happy to send it to whoever may want it. May take a day or two to dig it up
  2. As I have gotten older my tolerance for aerobatics have significantly diminished. I was never a fan of negative gees to begin with but I have learned to become an expert at puking in a bag with one hand while recovering the aircraft in the other. Something about our inner ear fluid getting thicker etc. I'm flying MS Flight sim these days on the computer and thought about VR, but the best one out there is Oculus and they now require an FB account--which my years in computers tells me is a horrible, hrrible idea.
  3. In the old RB3D days I got really good at flying a beat to shit DR1. Mainly because I sucked so bad at it I usually pranged a wing or ripped off a landing gear on takeoff. Pretty sure the only time I didn't have damage was sitting on the runway waiting to takeoff. Pretty sure I have a few thousand hours of experience flying the tri-wing aircraft with only 2.5 wings.
  4. WWSensei


    Latest patch has really smoothed out performance for me. I can turn up the graphics and still keep 30-40 fps vs the 10-15 I was getting before. I was happy to see they even modelled the Icon A5 and even it's amphib capability.
  5. Thanks for the input guys. I did get replacement pots from digikey but also ordered the Hall sensors. Doing to try the hall sensor first and if they work I'll have a couple of extra CH Pots JIC.
  6. I'm watching it live but decided to go ahead and get wasted ahead of time just in case I'm able to make sense of any of it. Given 2020 to date, I'm pretty sure drunk decision making can't really fuck things up more.
  7. Got 2 ordered just in case. Playing with the new MS Flight Sim and have a Yoke for that right now but in trying the joystick found that instant 90 degree rolls weren't really a good thing despite the fun factor.
  8. Anyone know if you can replace the parts of a CH Combatstick? I have one but when going right the stick spikes something fierce. I think the pot is shot and not looking to buy a new one if I don't have too.
  9. Mover is a great channel to follow! One of the few to have flown both USAF and USN (Reserves) and be qual'd in the Viper AND the Hornet.
  10. Somewhat around. Don't fly anymore, don't even have the gear other than a PC. Just hang around and make fun of Dub and re-tell stories of my days gone by. I get better each time I tell them too.
  11. That is irrelevant. The important thing is what story are we gonna make up for it now?
  12. FWIW, I have a GTX 1060 3Gb if someone is interested.
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