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  1. Pretty sure if I caught the Rona and they gave me Viagra as a cure the wife would just pretty much hire a hooker to keep me outta her business. "I swear to God, baby, it's doctor's orders!" So if any of you guys got an old positive test and can fake a prescription just slide on into my DMs...
  2. You keep this up Sandy and you're gonna end up old as shit like me.
  3. Been following Sidewinder along time. He's really good. Operator Drewski is another good one.
  4. Tried the VR headset HP Reverb G2. TL;DR: 100% Full immersion from a visual context, -110% in everything else. Long version: From feeling like you are sitting in a pit and looking around it works great. As actual immersion in GA aircraft, it's a bust. Here's why. If you are doing a fighter sim HOTAS where you don't move your hands much then it would work well. DCS was fine with full VR as long as I had all primary functions mapped to a keys. In GA aircraft, however, using something as simple as a G1000 Garmin is an exercise in futility that completely takes you out of the immersion. The main reason is you have to use the mouse for everything--and twisting knobs by click, hold and drag is iffy at best. Simply taking off in a C-172 is 3X harder than in real life because you are like a blind man reaching for your flaps and throttle, tuning the radio, etc. I find using a trackIR for GA aircraft to be far superior. When I look down I can see my hands, I see the controls etc. You don't get that in the VR helmet. You look down and you have no body, no hands, little relation to your layout and God help you if you need to hit a key combo on your keyboard for anything. So, the G2 goes back tomorrow. Looks like I'll pick up another monitor for the new simpit.
  5. I can confirm that a Cessna 182 and a T-6 Texan operate the way Cephas said. The 182 isn't a warbird by any stretch but is a "complex" aircraft. The T-6 is actually WW2 era. Then there is whatever the fuck Mooneys do which seemed to be designed to maximize the number of times you have to drop the bottom cowling to get to the damn oil filter. Not that I'm bitter...
  6. These are great! A really cool, free series on YouTube called Night Swallows is a pretty decent fictional mini-series about the Night Witches. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFK9wAOatGE&t=1s
  7. Early on a Block 15 and then Block 25 for my first tour. Most of the tour was Block 25. Second tour was mostly Block 30 Big Mouths. Right at the end I got a couple of hours in what would become the Block 40 with FLIR.
  8. I'll try and get it in the mail tomorrow. Going on a mini-vacay tomorrow for a long weekend getaway and the wife is promising to wear the va-va-voom, sexy red dress for date night--so I might be distracted and then it will have to wait till Monday.
  9. I have one. It's about 5 years old. You pay the shipping and it's yours. Nvidia card, GeForce GTX 1060 3GB
  10. If your HOA complains sandy then just send it down my way. MY HOA would probably be more willing compared to what what me and my neighbor Joe usually do. After the giant pink hippos on the roof and lifesized blow up Godzilla on my roof I'm thinking the Spitfire might go unnoticed.
  11. Somehow missed this thread. Those Replikas are sweet looking and probably a good thing I didn't see it because WANT NOW. Chunk, sweet pedals man! Griph, let me know how you like the Honeycomb throttle. I'm waiting on mine to come at the end of April.
  12. Understand your point Griphos. The 93% number comes from ERCOTs own data and webpage. They produce a high of 60% of all power in the summer time (it fluctuates week to week) and between 16%-25% in winter. 23% comes from the "average" over the last 5 years. I took all the data from ERCOT's own page and the EIA. ERCOT is claiming to be a non-profit, non-state agency but that isn't how they operate when there isn't a crisis. I spent enough time in the RRC and with ERCOT to understand what I am talking about. They wield all sorts of "authority" until they are held accountable and then suddenly it's all blame shifting. They sure as hell had authority to require Austin Energy to do bi-annual rate examinations--the question is why didn't they do that with the other players like Griddy? They are the sole authority for power distribution. That' a big area where Abbott failed on his job--no one was double checking their decisions. They are the Energy Reliability Council and if they have no power, ability, or authority to provide the words in the title then it should be disbanded. As the cliche' says, "They had one job..." What will come out of this is that the "Council" was a political reward for cronyism and not really considerate of Texas power needs. I'm betting good-ole-boyism played a bigger factor than reg vs de-reg. The winterization I was talking about was comparing to what a state like, North Dakota, might consider routine isn't what is needed here. We don't need tons of windmill de-icing equipment for the same reason we don't buy tons of snowplows. It doesn't happen often enough. They are supposed to have a backup plan to crank up the coal nd NG plants, but their own decisions on the distribution as well as the failure to maintain those offline resources they are chartered with did not work. That being said, what would be considered "normal" for Texas wasn't even done. I don't blame ERCOT for not winterizing for North Dakota standards, but a lot of them didn't winterize to Texas standards. I totally understand your being in a situation where your patience is short. My point is that there isn't any problem but a collection of them. Regulating might solve one problem and create others. Having lived in La where regulation is rampant and CLECO rules all doesn't solve the problem as their issues are twice as bad as we have in Texas. It requires a balanced mix and knee-jerk reactions out of frustration or panic isn't going to solve anything.
  13. What Griphos says is true but one reason they had to lift it was the rates have been suppressed so low because of the incentives on the "green" energy--the energy producers can't compete because the feds subsidize the wind farms and solar--neither of which were maintained for this rare event. Usually the variable rate plans work because rates don't change that dramatically and it take as catastrophic event (chaos theory and how things bifurcate when an output is treated as input is a whole math model on what not to do in an event like this). The deregulation isn't the sole source of blame (just like saying wind energy failed was the sole source) just that some cronyism was in place to not have the caveats of rate changes needing to be reviewed. The number of citizens in Texas under these plans is relatively small compared to the population. It's a problem, but not as widespread as the media is leading everyone to believe. Griddy type companies need better rules in place (like quarterly rate reviews like all the other power producers rather than Uber-like instant changes). I worked in an energy BI tools company as their CTO for 5 years and we provided the data to the EIA on energy production. Talking to my friends in that world it seems the following was a chain of events: 1) Contrary to some ERCOT claims wind and solar did fail. As of today 93% of them are still offline. 10% went offline by 5PM Feb 15, While the amount they produce varies throughout the year they do represent about 23% of the total energy during normal winter. While it may be fun to claim "they should winterize" this was a once a century storm. The cost of doing so would have been outside of most Texans budget. Hard to complain about high rates in winter if you always pay high rates. 2) Natural gas is currently running about 350% of it's normal output. It's supposed to be 400% capable but the remaining 50% failed to come online. That's due to negligence. The plants weren't ready. ERCOT's job was supposed to see that they were. 3) The biggest cock-up was what power was allocated where. At the height of the weather ERCOT diverted remaining natural gas feeds to hospitals and emergency services--on the surface the right decision--but, they did so by cutting power to the natural gas generation plants--dooming the grid to fail by cutting off their primary source of power. It was a death spiral at that point. Nuclear and hydro produce only marginal power in the state. Sure, dumping your fuel into the afterburner can speed you up, but if you ain't hooked to a tanker you are going to run out of gas. ERCOT ran out of gas. It's being investigated but I bet they are going to find plain old fashioned human error on this one. 4) Many natural gas power producing plants failed to perform routine maintenance and normal Texas winterization so they failed when called upon. Straight up incompetence here and directly to blame on ERCOT. It's the law, it's their job to see that it's done and they failed. 5) ERCOT is going to get shaken up. Big time. It's already come out that 5 of the 15 members don't even live in Texas. This is where Abbot screwed up big time and will likely get the biggest black eye. It's fair for him to call them out on the failing of their job, but he failed to watch them. My personal .02 is that we should ditch the useless wind farm off Corpus. It's ROI is crap for what it produces and it has devasted the wild life in that region. We should build a couple of more nuclear plants to add actual power and start shutting down coal plants. The wind farms in the northwest actually get enough wind to be productive, but as has been seen, susceptible to weather. Solar is a complete joke. We are a sunny state and it should work but solar is so inefficient even with the subsidies the payoff is 30+ years. It should be ditched until they improve by orders of magnitude.
  14. Something seems amiss about the story. My lights stayed and my bill was $104...least amount its been for a few months. I'm not on a pre-paid plan. Either his utility company is screwing him over with accounting run amok or it's a scam.
  15. So last night was birthday dinner with Iara, Mari, and Javier, and of course the wife. Iara and Mari are our friends from Brazil and Javier is from Puerto Vallarta and is the recently new husband Iara. None of that, of course, to any of you cuz you have no idea who these people are. What it does mean is that I had a nice, quiet dinner surrounded by close friends, unbelievable food and my wife looking smoking hot as usual. A good day. A good day all around. The wife's birthday present to me--wearing the leather pants and heels. Iara and Javier with me and the Ms Sensei.
  16. Death is afraid to not give them to me.
  17. If I can find my old trackIR4 I'm happy to send it to whoever may want it. May take a day or two to dig it up
  18. As I have gotten older my tolerance for aerobatics have significantly diminished. I was never a fan of negative gees to begin with but I have learned to become an expert at puking in a bag with one hand while recovering the aircraft in the other. Something about our inner ear fluid getting thicker etc. I'm flying MS Flight sim these days on the computer and thought about VR, but the best one out there is Oculus and they now require an FB account--which my years in computers tells me is a horrible, hrrible idea.
  19. In the old RB3D days I got really good at flying a beat to shit DR1. Mainly because I sucked so bad at it I usually pranged a wing or ripped off a landing gear on takeoff. Pretty sure the only time I didn't have damage was sitting on the runway waiting to takeoff. Pretty sure I have a few thousand hours of experience flying the tri-wing aircraft with only 2.5 wings.
  20. WWSensei


    Latest patch has really smoothed out performance for me. I can turn up the graphics and still keep 30-40 fps vs the 10-15 I was getting before. I was happy to see they even modelled the Icon A5 and even it's amphib capability.
  21. Thanks for the input guys. I did get replacement pots from digikey but also ordered the Hall sensors. Doing to try the hall sensor first and if they work I'll have a couple of extra CH Pots JIC.
  22. I'm watching it live but decided to go ahead and get wasted ahead of time just in case I'm able to make sense of any of it. Given 2020 to date, I'm pretty sure drunk decision making can't really fuck things up more.
  23. Got 2 ordered just in case. Playing with the new MS Flight Sim and have a Yoke for that right now but in trying the joystick found that instant 90 degree rolls weren't really a good thing despite the fun factor.
  24. Anyone know if you can replace the parts of a CH Combatstick? I have one but when going right the stick spikes something fierce. I think the pot is shot and not looking to buy a new one if I don't have too.
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