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  1. Thanks, Zed. Just finished "Chesty". Timely info S!
  2. S! Belated Birfday Greetings Jay!
  3. WOW! Where do you find this stuff, Spar!! Great!!
  4. RIP Gunny! Say hello to Gunny Grealish for me! S!
  5. WOW!! Found out from my doc that the entire "burn your eye out of its socket" because of acid eye drops IS CAUSED BY DRY EYES!!! Just blink your eyes until they water before using drops. NO BURN!!!
  6. Man! Look out for the eye drops!! Liquid iron flowing all around!!!
  7. Welp, My first eye successful surgery this morning. Dec 19 for the next one. No pain and I feel like I'm doing ok!!
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