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Found 6 results

  1. This area will be updated with information regarding the Memorial Flight video for WWNatops.
  2. ~~Salute!~~ On Tuesday evening, December 8th, the Wing Walkers virtual Squadron invite you and/or your squadron's representatives to participate in the WW's Memorial Service event honoring Tim "WWIcy" Owens. Tim's rather macabre choice of nick-name (originally "WWIcyTheDead") is now a sad reality. While he's likely laughing at our discomfort over how to address him (we've decided to shorten his call-sign to "WWIcy") since he's passed at far too young an age (due to complications from the loss of a cancerous kidney) the WW Memorial Team is proud to honor his selfless and inspired service to the Wing Walkers. The Memorial Service will be recorded and made into a video that will be available on these forums. Your attendance will be greatly appreciated. More details to follow soon, including TeamSpeak info, game server info and required aircraft skin packs. Also please note the latest version of IL-2 Great Battles will be required to be at the airfield. If you or your squadron representatives are willing to share your desired custom aircraft skins, we can ensure those appear correctly in the final video. If you have any questions, please ask here. Thank you, and hope to see your squadron represented. Update: Skins Package: Download Link (contains A-20 and Bf-109G2 skins the memorial flight will be wearing, as well as custom skins on several of the static aircraft representing WW members who are now part of the Heavenly Flight - members who have previously passed.) Directions for installing the skin package: Use whatever un-zip program you use, extract the folders in the zip file to: "<your IL-2 installation>\data\graphics\Skins" Update: WWDubya has completed and posted the Memorial video. Thank you, Jay. Well done!
  3. ~~Salute!~~ Replacing the original thread, lost somehow in various site software moves, showcasing the memorial flight for H. Ian Smuck - WWWringer. Wringer, we still miss you and think of you often. ... and a second one, seen entirely from my perspective as flight lead. Those wishing to hear the frustration in Dubya's voice when Happy's AI gunners opened up on him, fast forward to about 13 minutes in ...
  4. ~~Salute!~~ With great sadness... the Wing Walkers wish to express our respect and admiration for Rebecca "WW WhiteLily" Watterson, with a public display of the Missing Man formation. Watch this thread for further news on sim platform, date and time. For now, the Wing Walkers virtual Squadron is in mourning at the loss of Rebecca. We, as a squadron, wish to offer our heartfelt condolences to Rebecca's family. She had become a well respected member of our family as well. While our pain cannot match that of her real-life family, we share the sadness of her passing. Edit: The finished video of the memorial flight:
  5. ~~Salute!~~ Here's the video rendition of the Memorial Flight honoring Tom "WWHappy" Madron. Once and Always, Hap.
  6. It is with great sorrow that I must be the bearer of bad tidings. Art (WWKat) passed on this morning. I don't really have any great pearls of wisdom to post right now but I thought the WW should be advised of the loss of one of their own. Please fly the formation in his honor. Once, Always. WWPepe, Ret ~~~ Edit by WWSandMan: Links to videos of the Memorial Flight flown in honor of WWKat: http://www.wingwalkers.org/vault/wwkat/wwkat.wmv <-- Video by WWSensei (preferred version to watch) http://www.wingwalkers.org/images/wwkat/sandmans_wwkat_memorial.wmv <-- video by WWSandMan
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