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Leader WingMan Contract

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A refresher course in what is expected of a section leader and his wingman.

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Leader/Wingman Contract

There can be only one leader at a time. The role may change several times in a leader/wingman pairing and responsibilities must be handed off using radio call and/or maneuvers.

Leader Responsibilities

  • Kill the bandit as quickly as possible. Fly best BFM.
    Clear the Wingman to engage if he is in a better position.
    Keep the Wingman informed of bandit position and keep informed of any future plans.

Wingman Responsibilities

  • Keep a tally on bandit and visual on the leader.
    Watch for other bandits
    Maintain energy and position to be able to engage when able or called upon.
    Maintain overall SA for the section (fuel, area orientation, etc).
    Advice leader of additional threats and engage these when they become a threat.

Flight Leader Responsibilities (Non-Combat)

  • Navigate the flight accurately
    Keep flight informed of known threats at given waypoints.
    Maintain overall tactical awareness and more importantly maintain overall command of the flight.

Wingmen Responsibilities (Non-Combat)

  • Maintain formation with flight leader
    Watch for enemy air/ground threats (the flight lead is navigating and focusing on mission objectives, so its your job to keep the flight safe)
    Follow all orders of the flight leader

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