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Gonna try the free trial for this....anybody have any experience with it?

My son has wanted this game for months. But his parents weren't too keen while he was still in school. He has done well in school (first year of high school) so when the 14 day trial came out we let him go for it. (it really is a 14 day free trial - no strings attached) When he bought the game he got another 30 days free. (after Dad supplied the credit card info - just screw up once and it gets yanked - OK Dad - Yes Dad)

He loves the game and has really enjoyed it. He tells me that each `planet' has an area equivalent to 15km x 15km to explore. I look over his shoulder occasionally - looks pretty cool.

He says they are changing the way(s) you can become a Jedii ...

He's just turned 13 so his tastes may differ but as I said it looks pretty cool. I'm sure he'd love to answer any questions you might have.
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Played SWG 6 months or so. Very interesting at 1st but turns into a massive time sink if you want to advance. Was a doctor/pistoleer. At master doc you can make meds that will enhance anyone physical abilities by 3x for several hours. Got rich doing that. But had to travel the entire galaxy to find the proper ingredients. Got involved in some massive PVP battles where I'd run around plinking some people and healing others. Fun till someone on the other side notices that you're a doc, then it's run for your life or die. Hell, give it a shot. It'll probably take longer than the free trials to decide if you REALLY like it or not. But there's absolutely no prob shutting your account off if you decide that it's not really your cup of tea. The galaxy is a huge place and there's alot to see, but in the end I decided that the almost total commitment to the game required to be elite in some form was just to much.

You start off with 250 skill points and every advancement or entry into a new trade cost some of them. Mix and match as you like. Enough to master a couple classes and have parts of others.

hehe sitting in the med center for weeks healing and crafting meds to advance or the constant find an animal or bad guy, kill, rinse, repeat, for combat advancement got old after awhile. Had a lively guild system in place when it first started but after they announced the requirements for jedi(you must completely train in 3-5 trades in a certain order, deleting skills as you gain new ones to even have a chance) the guilds kind of died on the vine while everyone hunted holocrons to find out which skill they'd have to train next.

Hell, give it a try. You'll no doubt be enchanted at 1st anyway.

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Tooled around in the trial version yesterday. Gonna take time to get used to the rather "clunky" interface system (of course..actually having the manual would help in a lot of things I'm sure). Kinda wandered around more or less lost yesterday...LOL.

Not too impressed with the combat system. Basically you tell your guy to attack something and watch him go to town. You can move him around, or change to a special attack (which you don't even know happened or not since there isn't anything to say "yes, he did this" graphically) but I'd like to be able to aim myself...take the shot when I want, etc...more like FPS.

Gonna give it some more time and see what the final word is...

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