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SE Tunis Campaign Mission #2 AAR


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(placing this here, so it's available for the folks outside WW to read)

Air-started as lead of a Me-109E flight, tasked with escorting our Zerstorer group (Me-110's) on a ground attack mission. My flight made a couple lazy circles over the airfield while the 110's got airborne, then weaved our way over them as they proceeded towards enemy turf. I was just thinking I ought to get out in front of them a ways to be able to sweep any enemy fighters out of the way when "tally bandits" calls started erupting over the radio.

I ordered my flight to attack, and tried to decide which target to go after... there were suddenly quite a lot of them around! I saw A-20's in a line astern formation low, and Hurricanes high. I wanted those A-20's, but knew the Hurricanes had to be dealt with first. Diving in I saw a 109 with a Hurri on it's tail, so I latched onto the Hurri and got some solid hits on it. I broke off and cleared my own tail, then found another 109 in the same predicament: Hurricane on it's tail. I had to chase this one around a bit, but soon got a solid shot on it's wing, tearing it off.

The sky was suddenly devoid of enemy aircraft, so I called my flight to regroup, intending to go back and cover the 110's again. By this time the 110's had already attacked their targets and damaged Zerstorers were egressing. One of them (Sensei) called out that he had an A-20 to his rear, at low alt. I soon spotted Sensei's plane but still couldn't see the bandit. Finally it came into view, and I ordered an attack on this lone enemy bomber.

I watched a couple of my pilots get good hits on the A-20, then came in for my own run. I got good hits on it, broke high and came around for another pass. Just as I was lining up, I heard the tell-tale rattle of m/g bullets striking my plane, and the windscreen instantly filled with oil and bullet holes.

I quickly turned off from my attack run and tried to asses the damage. The engine was already starting to sound rough, so I tried to figure out where I was at. Being over the sea, it took me some time to figure out where I was at... stupid me, I should have simply pointed my ship west and tried doing the map work later. As it was, I wasted a bunch of time flying the arong way. When I finally got my bearings and got my nose pointed the right way, it was almost over. I was down to less than 1000m with a dieing engine, over enemy water.

With all the oil on my windscreen, it was difficult to judge how high over the water I was (I don't trust altimeters in such situations). Just as I was thinking I would need to start dropping flaps to make a gentle ditching, my prop caught a wave and in I went. It was a relatively smooth ditching, despite (or because?) not being fully ready for it. I managed to climb out of the plane before it sank, and floated in the water waiting for rescue or death.

Turned out it was to be a rescue. But it was an enemy who rescued me. Well, alive and a prisoner is better than dead. I hope...

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lol... just watched my track of that, and I have some CRS problems. ;)

Anyway, for WW's use, I've uploaded the track of my flight to the 10June05 folder of Bard's ftp, edited to end the track after I ditch. (originally had a bunch of stuff where I was panning around and watching stuff on land... unfair advantage kind of stuff for recon purposes).

That track is available HERE for anyone else interested in seeing it.


The first enemy I fired on had already been hit by my AI. I shot down two other enemy Hurricanes by taking their wings off (one AI and Firetender). My mistake in attacking that A-20 was simply sitting on it's tail blazing away for too long. Watching the track I can see the flashes of enemy gun hits on my own plane, but I don't recall seeing those at all while actually flying the mission. Oh well...


The detailed mission stats for this run are available HERE.

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Clicking your supplied link downloads a track file that results in a :NULL error when trying to view...

However downloading the file from Bard's F.T.P. - I was able to watch that file with no issues. I've also added my track file to the same location on Bard's site as well.

...and I completely understand the cathing of details when reviewing tracks. Watching mine a third time I clearly went to a view that briefly gave me a glimpse at the A-20 below me that I completely missed during the mission. My attention was high in the sky when looking back, trying to locate my other flight element.

I can't believe how easily I missed this with no scan low while looking back. ( its a minute or two after my flight downed the biplane )

I also cant believe I missed the two Hurri's over the water heading East. Watching the track from external they are clearly there. But watching from *MY* inside cockpit perspective and they are nowhere to be seen. Can spot the flak shooting at them, but no aircraft -- and I looked pretty hard too.

Amazing how easily some things can be missed...

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Yep... Like when I sawed Gangter's tail off, I had no idea his wingman was about 200m off my 6... He never fired at me though. /applications/core/interface/imageproxy/imageproxy.php?img=%7BSMILIES_PATH%7D/icon_rolleyes.gif&key=1e8c06ab12fb541f5359109fc2a9aa78454b8063e7aa8862e992af3163d7b4b4">

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