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My First attempt at a .wmv movie for the fun of it.

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You know, if you're a good Axis pilot, you'd take a 109 against the Spitfire, if you're a good Axis gunner, you take the 190.

Versus the Spitfire, you get good FLYING practice in the 109, but in a 190 it's all head ons...you get good GUNNERY practice in the 190.

So being much weaker in gunnery than I am in flying, I took an FW 190 up - this is me getting some FW190-A4 practice in against a Spit V...

Needless to say, I snipped out the four or five head-on passes it took to get to this part...

But the title says it all.


( Just under 7 MB in size )
( will be removed in 7 days )

CAUTION: Clip contains music with adult language


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Nice movie. Think we all had fun, dogfighting for dessert, last night.

Practice breeds familiarity, and familiarity produces results.

Everyone should be familiar enough with QMB that they can pop into their best or worst plane and df a vet. ai, or better, in QMB, even if they only have 1/2 hour to do so. Its all about watching the sight picture, and repetitive eye to hand coordination, thats how many of us learned the other activities we got good at, billards, trap or skeet shooting, puting in golf, etc.

Knowing lead (sight picture, whether you use the sight or not) based on targets speed and our speed is only imprinted on the brain by repetition.

My personal goal in successful deflection shooting is based on having it be no more difficult to do than anything else, on the "to do" list, lets me think 1 or 2 steps ahead, when I'm "in the zone", ie: "to do" list is, working from #4 to #1, is:

4. Kill this bandit the first time I get him where I want him.
3. Check six.
2. Get altitude.
1. Check SA and my lead/wingman SA and rejoin if necessary.

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QMB has become my best friend with this new release. I'm jumping in as many planes as I can to get a feel for each of them. I certainly have to take Sensei's word re: realism of rudder usage, but all I know is that the more I fly the more I like it. Having to kick the rudder hard to get the plane to roll quickly seems a bit more natural and as you say Plague, the more you do it the more it becomes second nature.

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Brian............what convergence setting were you using?

My convergance for dogfighting is 300 for MGs 350 for cannons.

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