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Maybe a good opportunity to hawk your He-111 bombing guide?

SimHQ thread "IL-2 Online Manual (IL2CCM)".

To give it its full title:

The IL-2 Community Created Manual

Based on an idea by Blacklion and suggestions from II./JG2_Oesau the IL2CCM is intended to be a full and comprehensive online manual for IL2,FB and PF.

It is intended to cover all aspects of installation, patching, mission building, skinning etc as well as comprehensive guides on flying, tactics, on and offline gaming.

This guide will be available to the community to add to edit and update, making this a manual that will never be out of date!

Some content is already available to view:
Main page
Community links

If you are interested in submitting material to the guide or wish to learn more about the guide please visit us in the IL2CCM Forum

The guide will also cover the use of Third party Applications. CrazySchmidt has already offered to add a guide on using his Mission mate Utility. I'm sure many other developers will follow.

Unofficial Community FAQ - Airwarfare Forums - Posting Etiquette - Install & Patching Guide

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Nah. Not worth the trouble. First, I'd have to update it for 4.0.1. Not a lot but there are some things missing. It also needs things like single engine procedures etc added to it.

BUT, the real reason I won't bother is that the signal to noise ratio when dealing with the community at large is just too big a PITA. For every "Thanks" I end up getting about 15 "You did this wrong". Even got accused of "plagirism" when, in fact, they had used my work in their doc...

Yes, I *could* just ignore them but it's even easier not to even attract them in the first place.

Same thing for my devicelink code. I wrote it for my needs but designed it as an open library others could use or add to. Had 4 or 5 people use it and like it and about 200 send me emails whining that I hadn't done it in .Net or VB. Of course, they were clueless that they could compile it as a DLL and still use it in their VB or .Net apps, but it ain't my job to teach programmer wannabes who just whine about their ignorance rather than do something about it. Don't tolerate it at work where it's my job so ain't gonna tolerate it in my sandbox.

So, my days of "freely contributing to the community" are done. For the squadron, no problem, happy to help and even select few outside the squadron, but that's it. Just don't have the naviety or energy to put up with the bullshit anymore.

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He's all ours, boys.


When we add up all the talent and brains here, we're some lucky SOB's. Everyone has something to add to the party. We might not always pass out the "well dones" in porportion to the amount of time and effort that individual members put in to share and teach, but I think each of you know we appreciate it.


I started to make a mental list of who I could thank, but surely would forget someone or some event, so risking looking like I'm taking the easy way out, I just say:


We, the WW's are what you guys, the members make it.

We have those who help us to keep pulling in the same direction, but I think they would be the first to say, they couldnt do their job without the support and help of the members who step up and take a place in a 'rowing seat'.


Warms my heart to see guys OFFERING to take on jobs at our 'home'. Anyone wanting to help, when reading about this war, or that war, or our needing to check out plane sets, etc, to prepare, dont be shy to offer to help. I'd love to see you get a highly 'up front' job, where its easy to get the thank you's you deserve, but it could be some offline, single player testing in your spare time, that is just important as the first, but is less glamorous and probably wont get much more than 'thanks bud!' from the guy who needs the info, but no one should think of themselves as not qualified to be of any real use.


Thanks to all who work in sometimes 'up front' projects, and to those who willingly take the less glamourous jobs of keeping the 'tools' sharp, and the 'nuts and bolts' up, to keep our flying online smooth and enjoyable.


Bard has, and continues, to put in hours on his WW Battles Server. Maybe your talents dont match up with his needs, at this point, but never hurts to ask. For example, I thought learning FMB would be way beyond my ability. Let me tell you, if you can install a game on a computer, you can learn FMB. We dont need everyone to be an 'expert' with FMB, but we sure could use some back up to the ones we have. Just one of many examples. Cephas and Bard, Gangster, (here I go forgetting and leaving off names), are involved in SE. I know those guys would like to have guys learning this stuff in parallel with them, so they can take vacations and even have some time off when they tire of having to be the only ones who can move the pieces on the chessboard. It does get to be a PIA sometimes, after initially taking the full load of responcibilty on ones shoulders, and fun turns into just another 'must do' job with no one who can give them a break.


S! All

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