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Upcoming SE Kuban campaign

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The event has officially been delayed for at least one but most likely a few weeks. In its stead the other squads have proposed a rotating hosted Friday night informal dogfight until the campaign is ready. It looks like the second week will be the WW's choice of server/map so I am going to "pimp" Bard's WW Battles server and TS for that week.
Here is a quote from the latest e-mail.

S! Klaiber,
Sounds excellent to me. I don't believe it was /our/ issues which drove
the project into the ground, but rather I feel as though the only thing
really holding us back is the technical aspects. I have no doubt we'd be
able to work /something/ out for the war if everything was running the
way it was supposed to.


II./JG1_Klaiber wrote:

>S! All,
>I’ll announce to JG1 today that both Thursday and Friday have been
>postponed indefinitely while we all sort out both the technical and
>organizational details regarding the tournament.
>I'm sorry that everything seemed to fall apart at the last minute, but
>I'm confident that we'll be able to work things out.
>If we organize a weekly dogfight for Fridays, we should all try and get
>together on TeamSpeak to work out the details.
>My suggestion for the dogfights is that we make them as informal as
>possible. Basically, we just get together and fly for the fun of it.
>This way, we can try and put this disagreement behind us and get back
>the heart of the matter: fun.
>JG1 has a dedicated server, and we would be happy to host some of the
>Regarding settings for the dogfights, I'd like to borrow and idea from
>Cardinal and expand it a bit.
>Would everyone be interested in having a “Round Robin” style setup? In
>other words, if a Unit makes the dogfight map, they get to pick the
>settings. This way, all groups have the chance to fly what they prefer.
>And we get the opportunity to test out different settings for the SE
>If this sounds good, how about this for a schedule:
>Week 1: RAF74 map / RAF74 settings choice
>Week 2: WW map / WW settings choice
>Week 3: 92nd FG map / 92nd FG settings choice
>Week 4: JG1 map / JG1 settings choice
>Dedicated servers can be worked out on a week-to-week basis.
>And after 4 weeks, we then try again for the SE tournament.
>What are everyone’s thoughts?

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