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Hello's to WW and others

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Hello WW,

I'm looking for another team to join that are
elite IL-2 FB AEP PF players. Bugger where do I start
haha. Well the other team I am in is FPS but are not
into IL-2. So I'm trying to find a team who are good
guys and have a laugh but at the same time take things
seriously. Ok a little about myself, I'm 31 originaly from
the UK been living in the USA for over 3 years. My
internet connection is 8Mb768Kb. I am a beginner at
IL-2 Been playing it for some time now but never
really took it to the next level b4. I play IL-2 FB AEPPF, I also enjoy FPS RPG games to. Don't generaly enjoy TVTDF type games but IL-2 seems like it's got my attention. I've already put in for a application as well. If there's anything else you or any of you like to know please feel free to ask.

Thank You


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Hi AsRock, welcome to the WW forum. Happened to notice in your application that you had played a bunch of the Nova Logic FPS's. Messed with them a bit myself, especially DF2. Wonder if we might know each other from that game. Ever play on the Tubetti World servers?

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Hi WWKat

Df2 Nope no chance. Dun get me wrong i played DF12 BUT online was not good in that game with ppl sitting on spawn spots and stuff hehe. Never realy play Dalta Force cos all the lame ass cheats were about for that game. Other wise loved it as a sp game at that time hehe. COOP teamplay is my game and DF's dun hit that mark any were close ;). BUT if any of ya have S.W.A.T 4 i be more than happy have a few games of that with ya. I say a few cos of the long ass loading times hehe.

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